Spouse: Elizabeth ___

Children: Patience


Patience JAMES married 7/1/1628 Tewksbury, Gloucester; baptized Tewksbury 10/20/1603, died Charlestown 11/15/1690 age 87

Spouse: Barnabas DAVIS Origins Tetbury, Gloucestershire, born circa 1599, died 11/27/1685 Charlestown about 86;  tallow chandler, came on Blessing 1635; First residence CT, settled in Charlestown 1639, owned part of Bunker Hill; died 11/27/1685; returned to England twice and settled in NE permanently in 1639; tallow chandler, was a soldier against the Pequids 1637

 Children: Samuel; John born about 1631, died Charlestown 7/5/1687 near 57, married Sarah ____, James baptized Tetbury 10/17/1633 married Elizabeth Randall by 1673, lived in Scituate;  Patience baptized Tewksbury 12/21/1636, married William Ridland of Charlestown by 1633; Barnabas born circa 1638, living in 1662; Nathaniel born about 1644, married first Mary Converse 1675 second Mary Edmunds, was a glazier in Charlestown; Hopewell born circa 1646, died Charlestown 2/25/1717-8, a soldier of King Philip's war married Sarah Boynton Davis and Mercy ____ 

The Great Migration

Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine, Volume 4: Barnabas Davis immigrant ancestor of a prominent family bearing this name was born 1599 in Tewksbury England, with his wife Patience and son Samuel he sailed for America in the ship Blessing and arrived at Boston in 1636. He settled in Charlestown where he owned several parcels of real estate including a part of Bunker Hill. By trade he was a tallow chandler and probably followed that trade. He died November 27 1685 and was survived almost five years by his wife who died November 15 1690. Their children were 1 Samuel further mentioned below, 2 Barnabas, 3 Patience born 1641 married William Ridland of Charlestown, 4 Nathaniel married first Mary Converse second Mary Thomas was a glazier in Charlestown, 5 Hopewell a soldier of King Philip's war married Sarah Boynton Davis, 6 James married Elizabeth Randall and lived in Scituate II. Samuel eldest child of Barnabas and Patience Davis was born in 1630 in England and settled soon after his marriage in Groton Massachusetts where his children were born. He was a prominent man of his time and active in the struggles with the savage foes surrounding his home. By one authority it is stated that he was killed in Groton by the Indians in 1704 others say it was his son Samuel. His son John was slain near his home in Groton. Samuel died December 28 1699. He was married in 1656 to Mary Waters who was born January 27 1638 a daughter of Laurence and Ann Linton Waters of Watertown Lancaster and Charles town. Their children were 1 Elizabeth, 2 Mary married first Isaac Lewis second Thomas Pratt, 3 John born March 10 1664 lived in Groton where he was killed by the Indians in October 1704, 4 Sarah, 5 Samuel mentioned below, 6 Barnabas who died 1690, 7 Patience wife of John Green

Groton historical series: A collection of papers relating to the history of: It was John Davis who was killed by the Indians near his own door at Groton on October 25 1704 and not Samuel as incorrectly stated in Groton during the Indian Wars page 89. John was the eldest son of Samuel and Mary Waters Davis and born at Groton on March 10 1664. His house stood a short distance below the Groton School where Walter Dickson lived when the Map in Mr Butler's History was made. His father was the eldest son of Barnabas and Patience Davis who came from England in the summer of 1635 and settled at Charlestown. Samuel and Mary Waters Davis had eight children as follows Marie born at Lancaster on January 26 1657 and presumably died young as another Mary soon appears; Elizabeth born at Charlestown on November 11 1658; Mary born at Groton on January 31 1662 3 married Isaac Lewis of Boston on May 25 1680 and had six children; John born at Groton on March 10 1664 killed as above stated married Mehitabel and had five children; Sarah born at Groton on August 12 1667; Samuel born at Groton on January 10 1669; Barnabas born at Groton on April 17 1672 and died in August 1690; and Patience born at Groton on April 10 1674.There is some reason to think that John Davis's wife was Mehitable daughter of Ellis or Elias and Anna Barron though Barron in his will made on December 31 1711 mentions his daughter Mehitable Parker. She may have married a Parker for her second husband.  

New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the ..., Volume 2:  Barnabas Davis immigrant ancestor was born in England and came to this country from Tewkesbury England in July 1635 in the ship Blessing. He gave his age at that time as thirty six years. He settled in Charlestown Massachusetts and was in the employ of John and William Woodcock making several journeys to Connecticut. The records show that he brought suit against his employers for wages in 1640 41. He mentioned his father James and a brother Reade in England.  He deposed April 4 1659 that he was aged about sixty years. He was a tallow chandler by trade. Elizabeth Davis perhaps his first wife was admitted to the church in Charlestown January 8 1635. His wife Patience died November 15 1690 aged eighty two years. He owned Lovell's Island and considerable other real estate. He died at Charlestown November 28 1685. Children: Samuel died at Groton December 28 1699; Barnabas aged twenty eight in 1662; Patience; Nathaniel aged forty in 1682; James mentioned below

White Swirled Line

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