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Robert LINCOLN born circa 1496 died 1543

Spouse: Joan COWPER born Hingham Eng circa 1503

Children: Robert born circa 1525; Rose born circa 1527; Elizabeth born circa 1529 married Hugh Baldwin; Ann born circa 1531; Margaret Rose born circa 1533; Christian born circa 1535; Rose born circa 1537; John


Robert LINCOLN born Hingham Norfolk ENG circa 1525 died 1556, will proved 1/29/1555-6

Spouse: Maragret ALBERYE born Hingham circa 1529; she married 2nd Roger Wright

Children: Richard born circa 1550; Katherine born circa 1551; Agnes born circa 1553; John born circa 1554 died 1593 married Elizabeth ?


Richard LINCOLN born Swanton Morley, Norfolk circa 1550 died 1620 Hingham ENG

Spouse: (1) ? Hobbs (2) Margery Dinham (3) Anne Smith (4) Elizabeth REMSCHING

Children of (4) Robert born circa 1578; Edward born 1580


Edward LINCOLN born 1580 Swanton Morely, Norfolk, ENG died ENG 2/11/1640

Spouse: Bridget GILMAN married circa 1600

Children: Richard christened 9/20/1600; Thomas "weaver" baptized 11/27/1601 Hingham, Norfolk ENG died 9/2/1675 Hingham MA married (1) Susanna ? (2) Mary ?; Sarah christened 4/13/1606; Edward born 1610 ENG; Robert born 11/19/1615 ENG; Daniel born 3/18/1619 died ENG 1644, "husbandman"; Samuel baptized 8/24/1622 ENG died Hingham MA 5/26/1690; Amy born 12/11/1625 died 6/17/1626


Samuel LINCOLN  weaver, mariner, probably came from co. Norfolk ENG 1635, apprentice of Francis Lawes, died 5/26/1690 age 71; settled Hingham MA 1637, lived some time at Salem 

Spouse: Martha LYFORD daughter of Rev. John LYFORD & Sarah Oakley [descent through Davis / McDowell line through Martha's sister Ruth married James Bates]; married by 1650; died 1693

Children: Samuel Cornet baptized 8/25/1650 died 1720-1, carpenter married Deborah Hersey; Daniel baptized 1/2/1652-3 died 4/29/1732 married Elizabeth Lincoln, daughter of Thomas "husbandman" Lincoln and Margaret Langer; Mordecai born 6/19/1655 died 7/9/1655; Mordecai born 6/14/1657 died 11/12/1727 married (1) Sarah Jones [great-great-great grandparents of Abraham Lincoln] (2) Mary Gannett; Thomas born 9/8/1659 died 11/13/1661; Mary born 3/27/1662 died 3/1752 married Joseph Bates; Thomas born 8/20/1664 died 4/2/1715 married Mehitable Frost; Martha born 2/11/1666-7 died 2/12/1740-2 unmarried; Sarah born 8/13/1669 died 8/30/1669; Sarah born 6/17/1671 died 11/28/1743 unmarried; Rebecca born 3/11/1673-4 died 2/4/1757 married (1) John Clark (2) Israel Nichols


Samuel LINCOLN 8/25/1650 - 1720-1, carpenter, soldier in Narraganset King Philip's War

Spouse: Deborah HERSEY born 1/1/1665-6 died 4/28/1706, daughter of William Hersey & Rebecca Chubbuck; married 4/29/1687

Children: Deborah born 6/15/1689 Hingham died 11/25/1711 married James Lincoln [son of Stephen Lincoln & Elizabeth Hawke]; Samuel born 2/1/1690-1 died 3/6/1758, carpenter, married (1) Ruth Cushing [daughter of Daniel Cushing & Elizabeth Thaxter] (2) Grace Stockbridge; Jedediah born 10/2/1692 died 1783, farmer & glazier, married Bethia Whiton; Mary born 9/18/1694 died 2/20/1714-5 married Nathaniel Fearing; Rebecca born 8/11/1697 married (1) Abraham Leavitt (2) Nathan Stephens; Elisha born 9/3/1699 died Cohasset MA 8/20/1783, carpenter, married Sarah Lewis; Lydia born 9/14/1701 married John Joy; Abigail born 1/11/1703-4 died 7/17/1767 married Matthew Linco0ln; Susannah born 4/18/1706 died 3/24/1760 married Deacon Josiah Lincoln, died 2/34/2775


Lydia LINCOLN born 9/14/1701 Hingham 

Spouse: John JOY born 2/7/1695 Hingham MA, married 12/17/1724

Children: Lydia born 10/5/1725 married Seth Edson; John born 6/4/1727 married Sarah Homer; Relief born 9/21/1729 married Nehemiah WASHBURN; Deborah born 6/23/1732 married Daniel Woodward; Mary; Benjamin born 7/13/1740 married Bethiah Sprague


Mary JOY born 5/9/1736 Hingham MA

Spouse:  Zechariah LORING, of Hingham MA

Children: Sarah baptized Hingham MA 4/11/1779; Peter; Hannah baptized Hingham MA 9/22/1771 died 12/6/1854 married Levi Corthell; Caleb baptized 7/2/1769 Hingham MA; Zaccheus baptized 11/21/1773; Isaac baptized 11/10/1776


Sarah (Sally) LORING of Perry Washington ME; lived in Cooper ME baptized 4/11/1779

Spouse: David HITCHINGS of St David NB

Children: Mary married Benjamin Henderson born 1786 NB

Per Jerry Gower Sarah Loring was bp Hingham MA 11 Apr 1779, dau of Zechariah & Mary (Joy) Loring per Hist of Hingham, and Charles Henry Pope, Loring Genealogy (1917). In Washington Co deed 6:373-4 Sarah & David Hitchings, heirs of Zecariah Loring, quit claim to her brother Peter their interest in Zechariah's estate proving her identity.

Washington: Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns: The inhabitants of Perry, Plantation # 1 East of Machias in the 1790 census were Samual Frost, Alex Patterson & Alex Hodges, probably the first settlers on St. Croix Bay, Moses & Jacob Lincoln, Peter Loring, John Frost, Wm. Morrison, Daniel Sweat, Samuel Tuttle, James Wood, Nathaniel Stoddard, Wm. Kilbey, Abiah Damons, James Chubbuck.] 

Early Pleasant River Families pg 113: Levi Corthell Jr. born 10/1/1770 married at Hingham MA 4/8/1792 Hannah Loring, bapt. at Hingham MA 9/22/1771 died 12/6/1854 age 83, daughter of Zachariah and Mary (--) Loring. 8 children: Levi; Deborah; Loring; Mary Loring; Hannah; Isaac; Sally Loring; Elijah C.

Pioneers of MA: Lincoln, Lincorne, Linkhorn, Linkum, Samuel, mariner, came from Hingham, Eng. as a servant to Frances Laws in 1635, and settled at Salem. Rem. to Hingham in 1637. Propr. 1649. Wife Martha; ch. Samuel b. 8/25/1650; Daniel b. 1/2/1652; Mordecal b and d 1655; Mordecal b. 6/14/1657 (the great-great-great-great-grandfather of President Abraham Lincoln); Thomas b 1650 d 1661; Mary b 3/27/1662 m. Joseph Bate; Thomas b 8/20/1664; Martha b 2/11/1666; Sarah b and d 1669; Sarah b 6/17/1671; Rebecca b 3/11/1673-4 m 1. John Clark of Plymouth 2. Israel Nichols widower. He d 5/26/1690 ae 71 years; the widow d 4/10/1693.

Will of ROBERT LINCOLNE of Hingham Dated 18 April 1540. To be buried in Hingham churchyard. To my daughters Margaret Rose the elder, Rose the younger, and Christian 40 shillings each at 1 8.  To my wife Johan kine. To my son Robert Lincoln my harness. To my nephew Thomas Lincoln a coat. To my godson Robert son of the said Thomas a blanket and a bullock at 18. To William son of said Thomas a bullock at 18. To Robert Bawd wen son of Hugh Bawdwen a bullock. To my nephew Robert Lincoln singleman. Elizabeth Bawdwin wife of said Hugh and my daughter Ann Lincoln 16 acres of corn in the close called Brockelle between them. To my daughters Ann and Elizabeth sheets. Executors my wife Johan and John Cowper junior tanner. Witnesses Thomas Pynchyn, John Barnewell tailor, Robert Lincoln my son, John Jessoppe, Robert Lincoln my nephew, Robert Wright and John Pye. Proved 5 September 1543 by the Executrix

Will of ROBERT LINCOLN of Hengham co Norfolk Dated 14 January 1555-6. To be buried in Hengham churchyard. To my wife Margaret my dwelling house land meadows and pastures till my son Richard is 21. If said Richard die before 21 without heirs said property to revert to his sisters not named and their heirs for ever. My executors to have the use of my tenement called Pyxtonnes 2 acres 1 rood land that was John Pytcher's, 2 acres land late Peter Cowper's ,1 rood land at Stumpe Cross in Hengham, 1 close called Broccles till my son Richard is 21. My wife Margaret then to have the aforesaid tenement and land for life with reversion to my child that is to be born if it be a son and his heirs for ever if it be a daughter said tenement and land to revert after my wife's death to my son Richard and he to pay the said child 30 at 21. Mentions Bartillimew Abell. To my daughter Katherine and her heirs a tenement in Thetford at 20. To my daughter Agnes and her heirs a tenement in Hengham sometime Frances Portmanne's late John Jessoppe's, at 20. To my son John 5 at 21. Residuary legatee my wife Margaret Executors wife Margaret and Robert Alberye of Hengham. Witnesses Sir Henry Goodram priest, John Baretloo, and John Alberye. Proved 29 January 1555-6 by the Executrix.

The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln: Concerning Robert Lincoln of Hingham, Richard's father we know little more than his will drawn on the I4th of January 1556 and proven on the 29th of the same month is capable of telling us. That he died a comparatively young man is certain for Richard the eldest of five children then being on lyve as they used so picturesquely to express it was still a minor when that untoward event occurred. Much in consequence devolved upon his mother Margaret Alberye. On her fell the maintenance of the family, the upkeep of the homestead, the oversight and cultivation of the lands until such time as Richard should come of age when he was to have the whole property absolutely. This is doubtless the ancestral estate with part of which he dealt on marrying Elizabeth Rem ching in or about 1574. How much other land if any his father settled upon him before the making of the will or how much upon his younger brother John we have no means of ascertaining but under the will itself Richard got no more while John's beneficiary interest was confined to the modest sum of five pounds. For there were others to be thought of and a dying man however keen his solicitude for those who are destined to survive him can do no more than his circumstances permit. Daughter Katherine must have the tenement in Thetford daughter Agnes that other tenement in Hingham known from of old as Portman's. Then most pathetic eventuality it is possible to conceive another child one who would never behold its father's face had to be provided for. To it if a son must go Pixton's and Pitcher's and Cooper's and Broccle's and divers other lands in Hingham including the one rood land at Stumpe Crosse as from the day of its mother's decease but if a daughter then Richard should again take the whole from the time indicated and pay to this his third sister thirty pounds as her child's portion. Here we quarrel with the records .They pique our curiosity but tell us no more. Nothing more that is to say about the little indeterminate stranger so soon expected in the bereaved household but about the mother herself a fact of much human interest. Left a widow while yet in the very prime of womanhood enjoying a secure life interest in a substantial portion of her late husband's estate it is little cause for wonder that she should have found favour notwithstanding her encumbrances in the eyes of her worthy neighbour Roger Wright. They accordingly made a match of it to all appearances a most happy one. Roger Wright not only regarded his wife's children with affection but left them gratifying tokens of it under his will. Richard was clearly first favourite. To him is devised a close of land and as a special mark of his stepfather's regard he shares the executorship jointly with his mother. This was in February 1571. How long his mother survived her second husband or when she died the records again with tantalising reticence abstain from telling us but the appointment goes to show that Richard her son was then of age a deduction in every way consistent with his marriage to Elizabeth Remching a few years later. On the 18th of April 1540 another Robert Lincoln of Hingham made his will but it unlike those already quoted relates only to his personal estate. No land is demised none mentioned indeed except a single close called Broccles and this we immediately recognise as part of the property afterwards settled by the second Robert of Hingham in the year 1556 upon his child then unborn. The will of 1540 is in fact the will of that Robert's father and it ignores the testator's lands because those lands had already been settled by means of the convenient surrender to uses in the Manor Court in accordance with his wish and intent In framing this his last will he saw no reason to disturb or vary that arrangement. This deduction tallies exactly with the view of the case advanced by Edward Lincoln when in the Chancery suit of 1621 he declares the lands that descended to his father Richard to have been the inheritance of Robert Lincoln father of the said Richard. Under the actual will Robert got only his father's harness His interest in the lands was already secure. 

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