Linton / Lettin / Lynton

Richard LINTON born 1587, died 1/30/1665  age 78, removed from Watertown to Lancaster 1645, with Watersone one of the first settlers of Lancaster

Spouse: Elizabeth HOWARD born 1591 London, married 1611, died 1665 age 74

Children: Ann/Anna born circa 1615, fined for dancing; Daughter married Samuel Bennet, their son George was killed in Monoco's raid 8/22/1675 ; Daughter


Ann LINTON born circa 1615, died Charlestown 2/6/1680 age 66

Spouse: Laurence WATERS carpenter, born England circa 1602,  died Charlestown 1687 age 85, one of first settlers of Lancaster (Nashaway) 1645

Children: Mary born 1/27/1637-8 maried Samuel Davis; Laurence born 12/14/1634-5 Watertown married Hannah; Samuel  born 1/14/1651, married Mary Hudson, ancestors of Grover Cleveland; Stephen became responsible for parents when father became blind, born 1/24/1642-3 married Sarah; Sarah born 12/7/1636 married John Skeath; Rebecca born 1639 died 1640;   Rebecca born in April 1640 m Josiah Whitcomb; Daniel born 2/6/1641-2; Adam born 1645 died 9/15/1670; Joseph born 4/29/1647; Joanna born 3/26/1653; Ephraim born 1/27/1655; Jacob born 3/1/1649; Rachel born 3/1/1649 died 3/31/1649. 


An address in commemoration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the Town of Lancaster:  Lands had been laid out very early but at what precise time or by whom nowhere appears. The first associates several of whom had expended labor and money such as Prescott, Linton, Waters, Garrett, and Day may have made some division among themselves. Laurence Waters, who was a carpenter, had a tract of seventeen acres given to him by the first undertakers bounded southerly on the north branch of the Nashaway river. The railroad passes over this land and the station house is upon it. Here Waters built a house, the first dwelling house I am inclined to believe that was erected in Lancaster. Linton was not far off. Whether Prescott first lived on the east side of the neck or on the Cowdall purchase I am at a loss to discover. The probability that they would wish to be near one another in this part of the town would tend to the former conclusion. /// They entered into an agreement to appear and begin the plantation at a certain time and as an evidence of their determination sent up three Watertown husbandmen Richard Linton, Laurence Waters his son in law, and John Ball to whom they assigned land to make preparation for the general appearance of the Company. These three men, who it would seem came here two hundred and ten years ago, were the first inhabitants. Waters afterwards built a house on the pleasant slope in front of us near the entrance of the centre road.

Suffolk Deeds: Richard Linton of Watertowne granted unto Robert Sanderson of the same for valueable consideration received his dwelling house & lott in Watertowne & this was by an absolute deed of sale dated 7th month 1645. Testifyed uppon Oath by Lawrence Waters his sonne in lawe & one of the witnesses by order from the said Linton 6th 10 1646 before Increase Nowell.


The early records of Lancaster, Massachusetts. 1643-1725 : The Lott of Richard Lenton Containing 20 accors is the 2d Lott and Lyeth on the North side of the Lott of Edward Brek butteth on the High way westerly & Penecuck Riuer on the East Ralph Haughton vppon an exchange made is planted vppon the East end thereof.

The Tucker Genealogy: Marvins History of Lancaster pg 54 - Ann Linton married Lawrence Waters // In 1654 Richard Linton, John Whitcomb, Lawrence Waters and others petitioned the General Court to appoint men to lay down the boundaries of Lancaster. 

The Tucker Genealogy: LAWRENCE1 WATERS settled in Watertown Mass about 1634 where he made a purchase in 1636-7. He married Anna Linton daughter of Richard1 Linton. Lawrence Waters was a carpenter and in 1653 was one of the first settlers of Lancaster Mass where he built the first house. He and his wife were warned for having danced. He was a soldier in the garrison at Lancaster in 1675 and earlier. He received a grant of a homestead of eight acres, four acres of plow land, four acres of meadow, twenty five acres of upland, twelve acres of upland, and a farm of 105 acres of upland. He was blind in 1676. Removed to Charlestown where he died Dec 9 1687 aged 85 years. CHILDREN 1 Lawrence born Feb 14 1634-5. 2 Sarah born Dec 7 1636. 3 Mary born Jan 27 1637-8. 4 Rebecca born in 1639 died in 1640. 5 Rebecca born in April 1640 m Josiah Whitcomb. 6 Daniel born Feb 6 1641-2. 7 Stephen born Jan 24 1642-3. 8 Joseph born April 29 1647. 9 Jacob born March 1 1649. 10 Rachel born March 1 1649 died March 31 1649. 11 Samuel born Jan 14 1651. 12 Johanna born March 26 1653. 13 Ephraim born Jan 27 1655. Reference Watertown Records Land Grants and Possessions pp 42 and 43. The Birth Marriage and Death Register of Lancaster Mass 1643 to 1850. HS Nourse (1890) p 10. 

The Early Records of Lancaster: In September 1645 Richard Linton deeded his house and lot in Watertown to Robert Sanderson. About that date or perhaps earlier he and his son in law Lawrence Waters began life with their families upon the Nashaway having been induced by the first proprietors to undertake the task of preparing the way for further settlement. He died March 30 1665 and by his will it would seem that his wife Elizabeth outlived him. His house stood upon the west side of the present street somewhere between the residences of Miss Levantia Bradley and Henry M Latham but he owned the land along the opposite side of the way for sixty rods including the ground upon which the public buildings stand. His daughter Anne Waters received ten acres of this in trust for his grandson Joseph Waters. The other lands he left to another grandson George Bennett who being slain in the massacre August 22 1675. Samuel Bennet his son succeeded to possession. 

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