Spouse: ___

Children: Thomas; Anthony came with Winthrop


Thomas NEWALL of Olney, Buckhamshine, came in 1630 with Winthrop, settled in Lynn, farmer, died 5/25/1674

Spouse: Mary ____ died 9/25/1665

Children: Susannah  b England about 1624 died 2/7/1682 m Richard Haven and had twelve children;  John  b England married Elizabeth Laighton & Sarah Flanders;  Thomas  born c. 1630 first white child born in Lynn,  married Elizabeth Potter, had 10 children, died 3/1687; Mary born c. 1637 m Thomas Browne born c. 1628, died 8/28/1683.


Mary Newhall born Lynn c. 1637 married c. 1652-3 daughter of Thomas and Mary Newhall

Spouse:  Thomas BROWN, Sr. of Lynn MA, born c. 1628 England, died 8/28/1683

Children: Thomas born Lynn 1/1654; Daniel born Stonington CT 10/9/1696 died 8/30/1771 married Mary Palmer Breed & Prudence __;  Jersuha born 12/25/1688 married Thomas Edwards; Thomas; Sarah born 8/20/1657 died 8/16/1858; Mary born 2/10/1655 died 5/18/1662; Joseph born 2/16/1658 married 1680 Sarah Jones; Sarah born 9/13/1660 died 4/2/1662 ; Jonathan born and died 4/12/1662; John born 1664 married Elizabeth Miner; Mary born 7/26/1666 married Thomas Norwood; Jonathan born 2/11/1668; Eleazer born 8/4/1670 married Ann Pendleton; Ebenezer born 3/16/1672 died 1700; Daniel born 4/24/1673 died young; Ann and Grace twins born 2/4/1674 died 2/7/1674; Daniel born 2/1/1676 of Lynn


Thomas (T. R..) BROWN born Lynn 1/1654, died 12/27/171723, removed from Lynn to Stonington CT

Spouse: Hannah COLLINS married 2/8/1677

Children: ElizabethSamuel born 12/8/1678; Hannah born 12/5/1680; Mary born 5/26/1683 married Thomas York Jerusha born 12/25/1688; Sarah born 7/11/1689; Thomas born 2/14/1692 married Deborah Holdredge; Daniel born 10/9/1696 died 8/30/1771 married Mary Breed; Priscilla born 1/30/1699; Humphrey born 9/16/1701 married Tabatha Holdredge

See "Brian Pendleton & His Descendants 1599"

Brown genealogy of many of the descendants of Thomas, John, and ..., Volume 2: The Newhall family was prominent among the early settlers of Lynn and came with Winthrop and company in 1630. Thomas Newhall who came from England and landed at Salem with his brother Anthony settled in Lynn soon after. Thomas was a farmer and owned all the lands on the eastern side of Federal Street as far north as Marion. His house stood on the east side of the former street south of where the brook crosses. In the division of lands in Lynn in 1630 he received thirty acres. His was one of the fifty families in Lynn in 1630 there being but five in 1629. Thomas Newhall is known to have had the following children: I Susannah Newhall b England about 1624 m Richard Haven and had twelve children. Several of his sons were among the first settlers in Framingham Mass. Note A great family gathering of the descendants of this Lynn settler was held in Framingham a number of years since at which some fifteen hundred were present. Many eminent persons appear in the family line. II John Newhall b England m 1 Elizabeth Laighton m 2 Sarah Flanders. III Thomas Newhall b about 1630. The most notable circumstance regarding this individual is that he was the first white child born in Lynn. He m Dec 29 1652 at the age of twenty two Elizabeth Potter. There were ten children. Thomas Newhall d Mar 1687 his wife having d a few weeks before. She was buried Feb 22 1687. For many years the Newhall family were very numerous in Lynn and elsewhere and are even at the present time. Thomas Newhall aged fifty seven the first white person born in Lynn was buried in the old burying ground near the west end of Lynn Common Apr 1 1687. IV Mary Newhall b about 1637 m Thomas Browne b about 1628. He d Aug 28 1683. Her name first appears in records as wife of Thomas Browne in 1658. His widow Mary was appointed administratrix Oct 9 1683 on the same day the non cupative will of Thomas Browne was taken down on file in the office of the Register of Probate in Salem. He names his eldest son Thomas and his sons Joseph. John. Daniel and Ebenezer and dau Mary who m Thomas Norwood/ In this connection is given the will of Thomas Newhall Sr who m Mary/ .She d Sept 25 1665/ He lived until May 25 1674/. The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Newhall signed 1st April 1668 was received in court 30 4 1674. Some of his bequests are as follows/ I bequeath my twelve acres of salt marsh to my son Thomas Newhall and my son John Newhall the six acres that my son Tho shall have is three acres in Runney Marsh nere the Hand and the rest is a pcell lying in the Town marsh caled Gaines his neck and another pcell lying in the Towne marsh adjoyning to my brother ffarington/ They seldom used the capital F using instead two small fs/ And the six acres that my son John shall have lyeth in the last devission in Runney marsh but if my son John should have noe child before he dieth then the six Acres I give to my son John to returne to my son Thomas and his heires forever but if my son John should have a child or children then the said six acres to be at his owne dispose forever/ I bequeath to my son Richard Hauen his children twenty pounds to be equally devided amongst them namely betweene Joseph Hauen spelled also Haven Richard Hauen Sarah Hauen Nathaniel Hauen 13 and Moses this not to be pd till they come to the age of twenty one yeares I bequeath to my son Thomas Brownes his children twenty pounds equally to be devided betwene them and the sixteene pounds which he hath already of mine in his hands is to be pt of his twenty pounds I give to his children I bequeath to my two daughters Suana Hauen and Mary Browne each of them a pr of sheets and each of them two pillow beers/ Alsoe I constitut and make my lawfull and sole executor and to pform this my last will and testament my son Thomas Newhall I doe alsoe bequeath to my son Thomas Newhall his children thirty pounds and this is my true will and testament I have sett to my hand this first of aprill 1668 witnesses Thomas Laighton the T mark/. But as the document was executed just before his death. it is reasonable to conclude that infirmity rather than ignorance was the occasion of his signing in that suspicious manner. A facsimile of his signature is preserved in the records of Lynn. His estate appraized 25d 4 0 74 by Oliver Purchas and Robert Burges and amounted to 173 01s o7 d Robert Potter f I Thomas Newhall sen 11. 

 The Newhall Family of Lynn, Massachusetts, Part 1, Volume 18 By Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters: 1 Thomas Newhall married Mary. She died 25 Sept 1665. He lived until the 25 May 1674. His last Will and Testament signed 1 April 1668 was received in Court 30ll 4iao 1674, 2 Anthony Newhall brother of Thomas died in Lynn 31 11 Jan y 1656 and his will of 14 Jan y 1656 was proved in Court 31 March 1656 7. He mentions grandchildren Richard Hood and Elizabeth Hood. To his datter Mary he bequeaths the third part of the entrest of his orchard for seuen years. He also gives her that pcell of ground that lys one the other syde the brook at the north end of my hows lott uppon condittyon that her hussband doe build a dwelling hows oppon it. Then follow certain legacies to dafter Mary and son John. The remainder of his estate he divides between his two children,  two parts to John and one part to Mary, son John to have my hows and land that I now live in bounded from the brook att the north end upp to the land of Gorg ffrayll at the south end, Mary to have that left lying betwixt the land of John hawthorne and John Ramsdell,  Of the land lying by Jonathan Hudson's, John to have four acres and Mary two acres. John to have twenty acres and Mary ten acres of the oupland lying oup in the Country Sundry, other parcells of meadow and marsh lands are divided in the same proportions. He appoints Nathaniel Kertland, Matthew Farrington and John Fuller overseers. The inventory taken 6 12mo 1656 shows that the homestead consisted of house and barn and five acres of land and an orchard, it mentions fowr akers of opland by John Hawthorn's house. 3 Susanna Thomas1 married Richard Haven and died in Lynn 7th Feb y 1682. Her age is shown in the following deposition: Essex Co Court Papers B VI L 96.  The testimonye of Susanna Haven aged about thirtye seuen years sworn saith that the wife of Will Longlye came to my husbands house, it was the weeke of boston county court last and I asked her what news at boston she said John Hathome was cast and the bulls were recouered from him and that the magistrats said they might charge him the said Hathorne with fellony but sayes she that which is worse then all this is that John Hathorne had put more into a writing then should be & that it was forgerye and that the magistrats did very much check him for it & further saith not. Sworne in Court at Salem 1661. But in a deposition made 5 Nov 1678 she calls herself about fifty six which would place the date of her birth at about 1622. She died in Lynn 7th Feb y 1682. Her husband who is said to have come from the West of England and to have been in Lynn as early as 1645 made his will 21 May 1701 in presence of John Burrill jr, Joseph Burrill, & Sarah Ballord. It was proved 14 June 1703. In it he mentions son John, son Nathaniell, grandson Joseph son of son Richard Haven dec d, son Moses, dau Hannah Gooddell, son in law John Tarbox, dau Sarah Whitney, grandson Westol Cogswell, grand dau Hannah Parker, gr dau Hannah Gooddell, son Moses Haven's children, dau Hannah's children. The homestead which he left to his son Moses except that part of it where his daughter Hannah's house stood lay North of Mill Street and next East of the lot which William Longley sold to Thomas Browne in 1663. It embraces all those house lots lying West of the extension of Federal Street and running from Mill Street back to the Rocks or to the road leading to Fresh Marsh. Moses Haven in 1704 after his removal to Framingham sold it to Joseph Hart and his sister the widow Hannah Goodale of Sudbury together with her brother Moses sold to Samuel Hart her dwelling house and land 4 Jan y 1705 6. The Haven house which Joseph Hart bought he conveyed 24 April 1728 to his son Samuel Hart and has ever since been known as the Sam Hart house until its recent demolition by the order of its last owner the Hon James R Newhall. 4 Thomas Thomas1 said to have been the first white child born in Lynn 1630 but according to his own depositions born about 1631-2 married Elizabeth daughter of Nicholas Potter 29 Dec 1652. She was buried in Lynn 22d Feb y 1686-87. In the March Term of 1663 he was tried before the Quarterly Court on an action of Battery for striking the wife of Willm Longley when the following deposition was taken. The testimony of Elizabeth Newhall y wife of John Senier and Mary Haven whoe saytu y Thomas Newhall Junier was desiered for to howld a poole for to rone a line between Will Longley and John Newhall ye say Thomas Newhall stode one ye land of John Newhalls then came ye two dafters of ye sayd Longley namely Mary Longley & Anna Longley and threue stons at ya sayd Thomas Newhall afterward y sayd Anna toke up a peace of a pulle & stroke ye sayd Newhall severall blows with it & presently after ye wife of ye sayd Longley came with a broad axe in hir hand and cam to y sayd Newhall and violently stroke at ye sayd Newhall with ye axe but ye sayd Newhall sliped aside & soe ye axe mised him orwise wee cannot but thinke but y hee had bine much wounded if not killed then presently after ye wife of Will Longley layd howld upone ye poole with hir two dafters to pull yc poole away from ye sayd Newhall but ye sayd Newhall pulled ye poole from yn. All this time ye sayd Thomas Newhall did stand upon ye land of John Newhalls. Taken upon oath 28 lmo 63. It is but fair to say that there was another side to the story according to the testimony of Mary Longley who deposed that she with her mother and sister Anna was striuing to get a poole from Thomas Newhall Junior that he was holding up as I conceiued to runne a line he hauing hold on one end we on the other and the said Newhall being on one side of our orchard fence and wee three on the other side of the said fence within our orchard wee had almost pulled the poole out of his hands but his brother John came and helped him and pulled it from us and after the said Newhall had got the poole againe he strucke my mother seuerall blows with the poole so that one of her hands was black and blue severall dayes after. There may be found in the Court Files other interesting depositions concerning the death of his daughter Elizabeth some of which are here given. The testimony of the wife of Robert Potter1 and the wife of John Newhall .Testineth and saith we seinge the wife of Thomas Newhall Juner in a graite fright for her Chilld we went to hellpe her looke for her Chilld and we founde it drounded in a part of watter a littell below the house of Thomas Newhall Juner. We Robart Potter and John Newhall understandin by Too Testimonies That Thomas Newhalls chilld was drounded in a pett which pett we heard George Kesar says he digged farther we doe Testifie that George Keser had a Tanfatt in that pett I. John Newhall doe furder Testifie that George Keser did take up his fatt and left the pett open. Sworne in Court 29 9 65. The deposition of Thomas Morris agede therten or fortenn years testifyeth that when goodman Newels childe was drowned I askede his sonn Thomas whear the childe was drownede & he saide in that holl that we rakede out the durtt & put watter in to keep alwifes to go a fishing & he went dowen & showed me the holl & I have sen durt pulled out of that holl & I have senn John Newell & Thomas Newell & Joseph Newell put watter & fish into that holl as they say the childe was drownd in & further sayth nott. The Report of the Jury of Inquest in this case is as follows, Wee under written being warned by Thomas Wheeler Constable of Lynn to enquire of the death of a child of Tho Newell Junyr Upon ye 13th of this prsent month meeting at ye dwelling house of ye aforesd Newell wee saw there a dead child which we were informed was drowned in a pitt of water which pitt or hole of water we were at where did appeere to us two woemen ye wife of Robert Potter & ye wife of John Newall y did say to us y in yl pitt they found ye said child swimming or floating upon top of ye water & tooke up ye sd child being dead when they found it we alsoe asked ye mother of ye sd child how long shee mist the child whoe said to us it was betweene half an hower & an hower & y ye sd child went from her well r last yl she saw it living & upon further inquirye we find noe other cause of ye death of r said child being about two years of age but ye said pitt being neere two foot deepe of water & mudd being neere to ye highway before ye doore of ye said Newall & the said pitt being six or seauen foot ouer & being faling ground neere to ye said pitt a child playing neere aboute there any small slip or stumble of a child would ocasion his fale into ye aforesaid pitt, Then follow the signatures of the jurors, The Lynn Records inform us that Thomas Newhall Senr was buried the first of April 1687, He probably left a Will for on the 14th of April 1687 an Inventory of Ensign Thomas Newhall of Lynn late deceased appraised 8th of April 1687 by John Fuller Senr Ralph King and John Burrill was presented by John Newhall one of the Executors and is recorded in Suffolk County but no record of the Will appears and neither Wrill nor Inventory has been found in the Files. The Record of the latter shows that he was possessed of property valued at nearly 700. Of furniture he had inter alia a long table and two forms, a cupboard, cupboard cloth, and cushion, a table, chair, a livery, cupboard with cupboard cloth, and cushion and glass case, a table, six joined stools with a carpet, and a joined chair and cushion. There were found five guns for fowling and training at four pounds, two swords at twenty shillings, and books at twelve shillings. Of live stock he had a mare and a colt, two horses, thirty eight sheep and fourteen lambs, four oxen, two at Josephs, six cows besides numerous calves, yearlings, two year olds, four year olds, and swine. In the inventory of Real Estate we find The Dwelling house and mault house & mault mill and house over it with all appurtenances belonging to the mault house and other prviledges with the Conveniences to the well as also a six acre Lott adjoyning to the Dwelling house and an orchard appertaining and an old Barne with all prive ledges nOMW OOV 18 acres adj the house of John Newhall Blood's neck marsh 7 J acres 3 acres of marsh at Burch Islands 3 acres at E side of Great Island in Rumney Marsh 6 acres in Battie's lot 2 acres in Ramsdell's neck 1 J acre in Town marsh 7 acres at Fox Hill 30 acres in Reading two ten acre lots 30 acres possessed by Nath1 Newhall in the country and a six acre lot only some part taken off that fronts upon the highway The location of Ensign Newhall's homestead has been very carefully ascertained Mr Lewis had placed it on the present borders of Lynnfield but the probabilities seem altogether opposed to that theory The depositions made in the case of the death of his daughter Elizabeth show that in 1665 he was living near Geo Keser's Tannery which would be likely to be near the centre of the town Moreover the land in the Northerly part of the town he seems not to have bought until 30th Nov 1679 when Ezekiel and Sarah Needham made a conveyance to him of threescore acres bounded easterly with the dividing line between Salem and Lynn westerly by the commons northerly by a certaine farme comonly caled Mr Humphries but now Major Rainsberry's farme and southerly by the commons which land the said Needham purchased of Daniel King Senior of Lynn deceased No houses are mentioned and a proper inference would be that Ensign Newhall bought this land for a farm with which to portion off his sons Joseph who was then recently married and was afterwards certainly in possession of some of this very land and Nathaniel another son who appears in possession of another portion The eldest son Thomas it is well known removed to Malden This leaves John and Samuel one or both to inherit the paternal homestead John's home as will appear in a deed of gift to his son Jacob 1734 was next to the Great Bridge while Samuel as will also lof Benjamin Potter northerly with the common and southerly with the Country Road or Highway From the fact that a malt house is mentioned we may conjecture that this last described place was the homestead of Ensign Thomas Newhall and from its bounding on the estate of his brother John deceased we may also infer that it formed a part of the farm of the first Thomas Newhall The parentage of his wife Elizabeth is shown in a Deed of Nicholas Potter of Salem bricklayer to his son Robert Potter of Lynn in which he mentions his daughter Robert's sister Eliz h Newhall wife of Corporal Thomas Newhall 26th of May 1675 ater appear died in 1718 possessed of a homestead consisting of a dwelling house two barns one malt house and about twelve acres bounded easterly with the land formerly of John Newhall Senr deceased westerly with the land 5 John Thomas1 married 3d 12mo Feb y 1657 Elizabeth Laighton as the Lynn Records have it but the Salem Records give it Paton She died 22d 8mo Oct 1677 thirteen days after the birth and death of her only child He again married 17th July 1679 Sarah daughter of Stephen Flanders of Salisbury Mass mentioned in her father's will 4th Feb y 1683 4 Their deaths are not recorded The 4th of Feb y 1711 12 administration at large on the estate of his son Joseph Newhall was granted to him he signing the bond as John Newhall Se with Joseph Jacobs and Nathaniel Hathorne as sureties and he presented the Inventory 7th Feb y 1712 Among the charges was one To Sarah Newhall for mourning 9 In 1718 as already shown he is referred to as deceased Besides the child of his first wife already spoken of he had by wife Sarah 6 Mary Thomas1 born in Lynn about 1637 m Thomas Browne of Lynn who was born about 1628 according to his own deposition taken l 5mo 1668 Essex Co Court Papers B XIII L 62 when he calls himself aged flburty years or thereabouts He departed this life the 28 of August 1693 and his widow Mary was appointed administratrix 9th Oct 1693 her sureties on the bond of administration being John Newhall Senr her brother and Ebenezer Browne her son On the same day was taken down in writing from the lips of the witnesses the nuncupative will of Thomas Browne Senr commencing as follows Memorandum about two years since though in ye last sickness of Thomas Browne thereafter named he declared ye following sentences as his last will & testament who dyed about 6 weeks agoe In this will which is not on record but remains on file in the office of the Register of Probate in Salem he mentions his wife his eldest son Thomas sons Joseph John Daniel and Ebenezer and daughter Norwood and consti tutes his brother John Newhall and Robert Potter Senr overseers The witnesses to this will were Jeremiah and Mary Shepard and John Newhall Senr The widow rendered an account of administration 26th August 1695 when distribution was made among the children viz Thomas Joseph John Eliezer Ebenezer Daniel and Mary Norwood alias Browne The age of Mary Browne is shown in a deposition made in the case already referred to on the preceding page as follows The deposition of Mary Browne aged about thirty one years whoe testifieth and saith That her cousin John Haucks being at my brother John Newhal his house whoe was ye constable at a tyme when shee this deponant was there & did heare ye said John Hawckes say y Daniell Hutchens said that hee would deliuer up all the cattle y ye constable had attached and then this deponant opposed y saying and asked him whether hee did not say yl hee would deliuer up all his right y hee had in them then John Hawckes said yea hee did speake such words & further saith not Sworne in Court at Salem 1 5mo 68 Attestes Hillyard Veren Clerics In Book VI Leaf 96 Essex Co Court Papers the following deposition may be found The testimony of Mary Browne aged about fower & tewenty years of age sworne saith that speaking with the wife of William Longlye about John Hathorne shee tould me many things but this amoungst other things that sayes shee if he had nameing John Hathorne attached a cow or see it had not bin much but to attach all that they had it was more then he need to haue don I sayd to her I suppose he esteemes his name more then all your estate shee sd againe to me his name is his name so good or what is his name worth has he redeemed his name spaking in a slite derideing waye to my understanding and spaking further to mee about that which Andrew Mans feild had said against the sd Hathorne saves she what was that a great peece of busienes of his name and reputation & further saith not ye aboue written is sworne to in Court at Salem ye 25 4 61 as atestes Hilliard Veren Clerics These depositions seem to show clearly enough that she was born abou t 1637 while her husband was about nine years older and may have had some of his children born to him by a previous wife but Mary was undoubtedly the mother of all his children from and after 1658 when her name as his wife first appears on the records Her husband was a dish turner and was said to be o f Graw ton Middlesex in June 1663 when he bought of Wm Longley of Lynn his houselot six acres bounded E with land of Richd Haven W with land of John Newhall S on Mill Street and N on the common It was doubtless over the fence separating this very lot from John Newhall's lot that ye two dafters of goodman Longley threue stons at ye sayd Thomas Newhall a few months before and then with the help of their mother layd howld upone ye poole to pull ye poole away from ye sayd Newhall Of her children Thomas John and Eliezer removed to Stonington Conn as appears on Record of Deeds for Essex Co B 18 L 181 in which deed the widow Mary Browne makes her last appearance on the Records 21 April 1701 39 Thomas bm Hannah Collins 8 ll no i677 40 Mary b 10 1 2mo i 655 d 18 3 1662 41 Sarah b 20 7 1657 d 1 7 1658 42 Joseph b 16 11 1658 m Sarah Joanes 22 10 w 1680 43 Sarah b 13 8 1660 d ll 2mo_ iG62 44 Jonathan bd 12 7 1666 45 John b removed to Stonington 46 Mary b 28 6 1666 m Tho Norwood 24 Aug 1685 47 Jonathan b 24 1 1 68 not mentioned after the father's death 48 Eleazer b 4 6 70 removed to Stonington 49 Ebenezer 3 b 16 1 1671 2 d probably in 1700 50 Daniel b 29 9 73 d young 51 Ann b 4_U_ 74 d 7 llmo 74 53 Grace 53 Daniel b 1 12 76 

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Newhall, Thomas, Sr. (.....-May 25, 1674) m. ... Mary ... MASS VI 28; XVIII, 55

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