Thomas PAGE origin London, born circa 1606, gentleman, tailor from All Saints Staynings Markland, London; came on the "Increase" 7/1635 age 29; resided Saco ME; died by 10/21/1645, church member at Saco

Spouse: Elizabeth FELKIN born circa 1607 died 1645, came on "Increase" age 28; married 8/20/1628 St. Martin Ludgate, London

Children: Katherine baptized St. Gabriel Fenchurch, London 2/13/1628-9 died soon (unless she is same as Katherine below per Great Migration); Thomas baptized St. Gabriel Fenchurch 8/1/1631, sailed on "Increase" no further record; Katherine born circa 1634, sailed with family, no further record; Mary born circa 1636, apprenticed to John Smyth for 5 years; Christopher born circa 1638, apprenticed to Henry Waddocke for 10 years, died before 6/20/1667; Sylvester born circa 1640, apprentices to Thomas Williams for 13 years, no further record after 8/1655; George born circa 1642, married 1664 Mary Edgecomb daughter of Nicholas


Mary PAGE born circa 1636, apprenticed to John Smyth for 5  years

Spouse: Anthony LITTLEFIELD born circa 1621; baptized 10/7/1621; died 1662 Wells ME; married circa 1652

Children: Edmund born 1653 died 4/9/1718 Braintree MA married Elizabeth MOTT; Samuel; Caleb born circa 1659 married Lydia Mott; James

The Great Migration Immigrants to New England 1634-1635:  Thomas Page.  Origin: London.   Migration:  1635 on the Increase (on 13 Apr 1635, "a tailor, "Tho[mas] Page," aged 29, "wife & 2 children," "Elizabeth Page," aged 28, "tho[mas] Page," aged 2, and "Katherin Page," aged 1, and "2 servants," "Edward Spark's," aged 22, and "Kat[herine] Taylor," aged 24, with a certificate of conformity from "All Saints Staynings, Marklane," were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the Increase [Hotten 58].   First Residence:  Saco.   Occupation: Tailor (in England) [Hotten 58].  Made free of the Drapers' Co. of London on 3 Sep 1628, his master having been Christopher Felkin, tailor, of Fenchurch St. [TAG 71-217].   Church Membership:  On 7 Sep 1636, "Tho[mas] Page" was listed for 1 10s. in the "book of rates for the minister" of Saco [MPCR 1:1xii].   Offices:  Saco grand jury, 25 June 1640 [MPCR 1:43].  Petit jury, 25 Jun 1640, 8 Sep 1640 [MPCR 1:44, 47, 64, 69-71].   Estate:  On 21 Oct 1645, "Silvester Page was] put an apprentice to Thomas Williams by this Court for thirteen years.  Mary Page [was] put an apprentice to John Smyth by the Court for the term of five years.  Christofer Page [was] put an apprentice to Henry Waddocke by this Court for ten years" [MPCR 1:90].   Birth: About 1606 (aged 29 on 13 Apr 1635 [Hotten 58].  Death: By 21 Oct 1645 [MPCR 1:90].  Marriaage: St. Martin Ludgate, London, 20 Aug 1628 Elizabeth Felkin, daughter of Christopher Felkin [TAG 71:216-19].   Children:  i. Katherine Page bp St Gabrel Fenchurch, London, 13 Feb 1628/9; d soon (unless she is the same as iii below.   ii.  Thomas Page bp St. Gabriel Fenchurch 1 Aug 1631 (aged 2 on 13 Apr 1635 [Hotten 58]); sailed for New England with family in 1635; no further record.  (Noyes, Libby and Davis have an entry for a Thomas Page who they cautiously state was "apparently" son of the immigrant Thomas Page [GDMNH 523].  The only evidence in favor of this identification, other than the identity of name, was the residence of the younger Thomas in Maine, not far from Saco, and his use of the name George for a son.  However, no record for this Thomas earlier than 1681 was presented, and his known children were born about the same time, when the son of the immigrant would have been about fifty years old.  Furthermore, Thomas Page, the son of the immigrant, would have been about fourteen years old at the time his father died, and yet he was not apprenticed to anyone, as were his younger siblings, suggesting that he may have died prior to 1645.)   iii.  Katherine Page b about  1634 (aged 1 on 13 Apr 1635 [Hotten 58].  sailed for New England with family in 1635; no further record.   iv.  Mary Page b say 1636, apprenticed to "John Smyth ... for the term of 5 years," 21 Oct 1645 [MPCR 1:90]; m by about 1652 Anthony Littlefield, son of Edmund Littlefield {1638, Unknown} [GDMNH 437; Annis Spear Anc 78-82 (evidence not provided in either source)].   v.  Christopher Page b say 1638; apprentices to "Henry Waddocke ... for ten years," 21 Oct 1645 [MPCR 1:90]; on 20 June 1667, the goods of Christopher Page at Stratton's Island were appraised at 35 5s. 6d. [MPCR 1:322].   vi.  Sylvester Page bsay 1640; apprenticed to "Thomas Williams ... for thirteen years," 21 Oct 1645 [MPCR 1:90]; on 29 June 1654, "Sylvester Page, servant to Thomas Williams of Winter Harbour," was presented at York Court "for emptying a canoe that was laded with dressing for ground on the Lord's day & for carrying the said canoe to the side of Richard Moore's boat" [MPCR 2:31]; on 17 Aug 1655 "Sylvester Page of Sacoe is to be attached to make his apperance at the next Commission Court to answer his former presentment of his breach of the Sabbath" [MBCR 2:46]; no further record.   vii. George Page b say 1642; m Sep or Oct 1664 Mary Edgecomb, daughter of Nicholas Edgecomb {1638, Richmond Island} [GDMNH 215, 522; Charity Haley Anc 36-37]].  On 22 Mar 1640[/1], "Thomas Page of Saco in the Province of Maine, gent., bound to Robert Lucar in 80, conditioned that if forty pounds be truly paid according to certain bills of exchage drawn by him upon Mr. Christopher Phellin [sic Felkin] of Fanchurch St London to Mr. John Huxton of Wapping, shipwright, then &c" [Lechford 381].  

Gen Dictionary ME & NH pg 522-3: Thomas Page, gentleman, tailor, Saco, from All Saints Stayning, London, arriv at Boston in the "Increase" the last of July 1635 ag 29 bringing w Elizabeth ag 28, 2 ch and servants Edw Sparkes ag 22 and Katherine Taylor ag 24. Taxed in Saco Sep 1636; sued John Richmond 1637; both tr and gr j 1640. In Mar 1640-1 he drew a bill of exchange for Lb 40 on Mr. Christopher Phillin of Fanchurch St, London, payable to Mr. John Huxton of Wapping. Lists 242, 22. Dead 21 Oct 1645. Ch appear: Thomas ag 2 and Katherine ag 1 in Apr 1634; Mary bound to John Smith for 5 yrs in 1645 m Anthony Littlefield; Christopher bound to Henry Waddock for 10 yrs in 1645. His est on Stratton Isl apprais 20 Jun 1667 incl a boat and clothing; Sylvester bound to Thos Williams for 13 yrs in 1645 and with him in 1654, liv Aug 1655; George b +-1641-2.

 Topographical pg 98: PAGE, Thomas; All Hallows Stayning London; "Increase"; Saco ME; Ref Banks Mss.

 Pioneers of MA pg 339: PAGE, Thomas, tailor ae 29 with wife Elizabeth ae 28 and ch Thomas ae 2 & Katharine ae 1 & servants Edward Spurks ae 22 & Kath Taylor ae 24 cert from All Saints Stayning (London) came in the Increase in April 1635. /P/ We note that Thomas, gent, Saco ME gave bond 22 (1) 1640-1[L].

Pioneers Maine Rivers pg 188: PAGE, Thomas born 1606; tailor from All Saints Stayning; sailed from London in the "Increase" 6/20/1635; wife Elizabeth born 1607; Saco 1636; both parents died in 1645 leaving children, born in England, Thomas 1633, Catherine 1634; born at Saco, Christopher, George born 1641, Mary, and Sylvester.

Pioneers of ME & NH: PAGE, Thomas, tailor, age 29, with wife Elizabeth age 28 and children Thomas age 2 and Katharine age 1 and servants Edward Spurks age 22 and Kat: Taylor age 24 cert. from All Saints, Stayning, (London) came in the Increase in April 1635. Thomas, gent. Saco (Maine) had suit in Maine court 5/2/1637; gave bond for payment of money 22 (1) 1640-1. [L] Grand juryman in 1640. Gave bond for John Winter in 1641.

History & Genealogy of the Page family: Record also mentions a Thomas Page who came to this country in 1636 from the parish of All Saints Staynings, Mark Lane, London. He was a tailor aged twenty nine, With him came his wife Elizabeth and two children Thomas and Katherine also two servants.

 See Ships for passenger list for Increase. See Thomas & Ann Lydes Page parents of Thomas & sibling

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