Christopher PAKEMAN

Spouse: Ciciley _____

Children: Susan baptized 3/8/1597 Nacton Suffolk


Susan PAKEMAN married 8 April 1616 Nacton, Suffolk,  daughter of Christopher;  she married (2) Samuel Greenfield 3/26/1639

Spouse: Humphrey / Humfry WYTHE / WISE of Woolverstone, Suffork ENG, born by 1591, settled Ipwich MA 1635, died by 4 March 1638/9

Children: Margaret baptized Nacton 19 Jan 1616-7, buried 9 June 1626 Woolverstone;  Mary born circa 1618, died 29 May 1706 Hampton age 88, married Abraham Perkins; Susanna  born circa 1620 married Isaac Perkins brother of Abraham below; died 1699 Newcastle DEL;  Abigail baptised 5/30/1622 Woolverstone married Thomas Jones & Thomas Chadwell; Emme baptised 9/30/1624 Woolverstone, buried 9/28/1625 Woolverstone; Sarah married David Wheeler 5/11/1650; Ann baptized 10/18/1632 Woolverstone, married William Taylor & George Pearson; Benjamin baptized 12/15/1626 Woolverstone, 1639 apprentice of Abraham Perkins; Joseph baptised 9/4/1634 Woolverstone

The Great Migration: Humphrey Wythe. Origin: Woolverstone, Suffolk. Migration: 1635 (based on landholding at Ipswich in 1635 [ITR[). First Residence: Ipswich. Estate: In the October 1635 record of land granted at Ipswich, "Thomas Booreman" held 50 acres abutted by "Mr. Wythe on the southeast" [ITR]. The town of Ipswich granted to "Humphrey Wyth in the year 1636, a houselot, one acre of ground, lying on the south side the Town River ... also si acres of planting ground on the south side of Heartbreak Hill ..., also for a farm one hundred acres of land, more or less, as it lyeth on the south side of a creek called Labor-in-vain" [ITR].  On 4 Mar 1638[/9], "whereas Samuell Greenfield now of this town of Ipswich, husbandman, being lawfully possesed of all the lands formerly granted to Humphry Wyth, deceased, by marriage of Susan late wife of the said Humphry Wyth, now the said Samuell Greenfield, together with the consent of his said wife, hath sold unto Thomas Emerson of this town of Ipswich, also husbandman, all that parcel of land formerly granted the foresaid Humphry Wyth for a farm, lying on the south side of the great creek called the Labor-in-vain ... being one hundred acres more or less" [ITR[.  On 13 Mar 1638/9, the "court of Ipswich had order to examine & settle all things belonging to the estate of Humfrey Wisse, & also for the land, sold & unsold" [MBCR 1:254].  On 26 Mar 1639, "whereas Humfry Wise died lately at Ipswich inttestate and Samuel Greenfeild late of Salem hath since married with his widow and taken into his possession the lands, goods and chattels of the said Humfry Wise deceased, & that without any legal order for his so proceeding, information hereof being given to the General Court at Boston, and that he had sold the land & some of the goods, the said court declared the said sales to be void and by order of court full power was given to the court here at Ipswich to hear & determine all things concerning said estate, to grant administration of the goods and chattels to whom they saw cause, to sell the land & divide it in portions to the widow & children of the said Humfry Wise, as in their discretion they thought meet. Whereupon this court caused the said Samuel Greenfield & Susan his wife to deliver into court an inventory of the lands, goods & chattels that the said Humfry Wise died seized of, and it doth appear thereby that his whole estate (his debts being paid) amounted to the sum of about one hundred and forty pounds & that he left a wife & five children, Benjamin, Joseph, (Em[me], Sarah and Ann, besides some that were married and had received their portions, hereupon this said court granted administration of the said goods & chattels to the said Samuell Greenfeild and (with his consent) sold the said home & houselot of an acre and a planting lot of six acres with the appurtenances to William Fellows, for the sum of twenty pounds, as also the farm of one hundred and twenty acres of land more or less to Thomas Emerson for the sum of fourscore pounds and sch other sales of cattle & goods that the said Samuell Greenfeild had made this court allowed of, grnating him to enjoy all the money that he hath received for whatsoever he hath sold in consideration whereof the said Samuel Greenfeild hath bound himself in the sum of one hundred & twenty pounds to bring up the said five children ... till the sons shall attain the age of one and twenty years & the daughters of eighteen years of age and to give the eldest son a cow calf when it shall be weanable & which is already calved & twenty pounds in money when he shall be one & twenty years old, to the second son he is to gibe twenty marks at the same age & to the three daughters ten pounds apiece when they shall severally attain the age of eighteen years ... and for the further securing the children's portions, the said Samuel Greenfeild hath made over & delivered to George Gittings & Richard Lumpkyn (who are chosen overseers for the children) 2 cows ... and whereas there is thirty pounds (being part of the money the farm was sold for) yet remaining in the hands of Thomas Emerson, at the request of the said Thomas and wth the consent of the said Samuel, it was ordered that the said thirty pounds should remain in the hands of the said Thomas Emerson till the first of the third month in the year 1640, who is then to pay in the said money to the overseers ... the principal to be preserved for part of the children's portions. And it is agreed that Benjamin the eldest son shall have ten pounds thereof to be paid him when he shall be one & twenty years old & the remainder to be equally divided betwixt the other four. And further it was agreed aat the said court, with the consent of the said Samuel Greenfeild and Susan his wife, that Benjamin Wise eldest son of the said Humfry Wise deceased shall be with Abraham Perkins of Hampton as an apprentice, and him to serve for the space of seven years from the 20th day of September last past" [ILR 1:1-2; EPR 1:11].  /// Birth: By about 1591 (based on date of marriage).  Death: By 4 Mar 1638/9 [ILR].  Marriage: Nacton, Suffolk, 8 Apr 1616 Susan Pakeman [TAG 68:217, 224]. She married by 1639 Samuel Greenfield {1637, Salem} [GDMNR 288].  Children:  i. Margaret Wythe, bp. Nacton 19 Jan 1616/7 [TAG 68:217]; bur. Woolverstone, Suffolk, 9 June 1626 [TAG 68:217].  ii. Mary Wythe, b. about 1618 (d. Hampton 29 May 1706 aged eighty-eight years [HampVR 1:121]); probably m. by about 1637 Abraham Perkins {1639, Hampton} (two eldest known children, not described as twins, bp. Hampton 15 Dec 1639 [HampVR 1:3]; seee Comments below).  iii. Susanna Wythe, b. say 1620; m. by an unknown date John Bursley of Hampton and Exeter [GDMNH 122-23] (see Comments below).  iv. Abigail Wythe, bp Woolverstone 30 May 1622 [TAG 68:217]]; m. (1) by 1639 Thomas Jones {1637, Newbury} (only child bp Hampton 29 Oct 1639 [HampVR 1:3]) [GDMNH 388, 773]; m. (2) after 1666 Thomas Chadwell [GDMNH 134].  v. Emme Wythe, bp. Woolverstone 30 Sep 1624 [TAG 68:217[; bur. there 28 Sep 1625.  vi. Benjamin Wythe, bp. Woolverstone 15 Dec 1626 [TAG 68:217]; on 26 Mar 1639, the court ordered that "Benjamin Wise eldest son to the said Humfry Wise deceased shall be with Abraham Perkins of Hampton as an apprentice, and him t serve for the space of seven years from the 20th day of September last past" [ILR 1:2; EPR 1:11] on 27 May 1649, "Samewell Grenfeld, late of Exeter sold to Edward Colcord of Hamton, all his upland, marsh, meadow and commonage granted to him or due to him from the town of Hamton, except that part which said Grenfeld had sold to Thomas Joones or Benjeman Wiss" [EQC 2:378]; no further record.  vii. Emme Wythe, born say 1628; on 26 Dec 1649 "William Howard and Mary Perkins deosed that a bill was due to Em Wise or Wyth, daughter of the wife of Samuell Greenfeld, that Greenfeld altered it, putting in his name instead of that of his daughter-in-law, and assigned it to Joseph Armitage. Continued to the next county court at Boston in charge of forgery, the court being informed that he was in the prison at Boston" [EQC 1:182]; possibly m. Richard Carle of Dover and Kittery [GDMNH 128] (see Comments below).  viii. Sarah Wythe b. say 1630; m. Newbury 11 May 1650 David Wheeler, son of John Wheeler [Annis Spear Anc 133-35].  ix. Ann Wythe, bp. Woolverstone 18 Oct 1632 [TAG 68:217]; on 25 March 1648, "Ann Wise" witnessed a document made by "John Busly" of Exeter [Aspinwall 212]; m. (1) by about 1654 William Taylor ("she deposed in 1714 about her first husband 60 years before" [GDMNH 537, source not cited]) [GDMNH 685]; m. (2) Exeter 2 Apr 1677 George Pearson [NHPP 40:440; Putnam's Mag, New Series, 5:134].   x. Joseph Wythe, bp. Woolverstone 4 Sep 1634 [TAG 68:217]; perhaps the "Jo, -yfe" who witnessed for Samuel Greenfield on 24 Apr 1639 [EQC 1:167]; on 26 Mar 1650, "Joseph With being committed to Georg[e] Gittens for his disposal the court orders that if Edward Gillman doth not within one month make it appear that he hath a right to him, then the said Georg[e] Gittens to bind him forth to some trade in this town" [EQCD 9:19; EQC 1:188 (abstract of original)]; no further record.  /// Associations: Humphrey Wythe and his family resided in the late 1620s and early 1630s in Woolverstone, Suffolk, where the minister was Timothy Dalton [1637 Dedham] [GDMNH 180-81].  /// Comments: The evidence for the marriages of some of the daughters of Humphrey Wythe is not as strong as we might like. The probate proceedings for Humphrey Wythe stated on 26 Mar 1639 that "he left a wife & five children, Benjamin, Joseph, Em[me], Sarah, and Ann, besides some that were married and had received their portions" [ILR 1:1], implying that we are looking for at least two children, in addition to the five named here, who had already married by 1639. We note first that the two sons named above left only a handful of records in New England, and evidently died young, unmarried and without issue. Furthermore, there is no evidence for any older sons of Humphrey Wythe, so we are searching for two or more daughters who had married by 1639.  Our strongest records for tying this family together come from one of thesse oldest daughters, Abigai, who first married Thomas Jones and then Thomas Chadwell. That Humphrey Wythe had succh a daughter was demonstrated in 1993 by the publication of the record of her baptism at Wolverstone, Suffolk, on 30 May 1622 [TAG 68:217].  On 14 March 1666-7, upon the "complaint of [worn] Chadwell his wife," "the examination of John Simple aged [bland]" was conducted. On the same day, "Sarah Bursly aged about 13 years sayeth that on Wednesday night last about eight a clock John Simple without speaking to her she having a candle in her hand he took her by the arms & threw her upon the ground upon her back & put up all her clothes & lay upon her unbuttoning his britches, and by violence thrust his member into her body  ... & she was & now remains sore & that he made the blood to come from her which is apparent & evident to her aunt, she likewise sayeth he had several times told her he would lie with her but never did until the last night & then he begged of her that she would not tell her aunt." "Tho[mas] Chadwell binds himself in the bond of twenty pounds for Sarah Bursly's appearance at the General Court or else at the next Court of Assistants" [SJC Case #814].  

Collections for a History of Staffordshire Vol. 15: On the Quindene of Easter 27 Elizabeth. Between John Pakeman and Christopher Pakeman complainants and William Copwood gentleman and Jane his wife deforciants of a messuage, a garden, an orchard, 12 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 6 acres of pasture, an acre of wood, and common of pasture for all cattle and common of turbary in Forsbrooke and Dylron. William and Jane remitted all right to John and Christopher and to the heirs of John for which John and Christopher gave them 40. 

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