___ ROLFE born about 1515

Spouse: ___

Children: ___ Rolfe born about 1545, married Alice, will 1604; John born about 1550, will 1624, married Honor ___ died 1619


John ROLFE of Whiteparish, born circa 1550, will dated 1624/5

Spouse: Honor ___ died 1619

Children: Mary; Henry baptized 1585, removed to NE, married Honor Rolfe born circa 1593; John baptized 1589, removed to NE, married Joane Coles; Joane born 1579, married William Halloway


Mary ROLFE born 7/16/1582 Whiteparish ENG

Spouse: Richard WHITTIER born ENG

Children: Thomas born circa 1620, removed to NE; Richard; John

Essex Institute Historical Collections: Thomas1 Whittier of Salisbury and Haverhill, born about 1620 22 m Ruth Green not Rolfe and left many descendants. He was apparently younger than 1 John and 2 Abraham but he was not the son of either. Recent researches in England Gen Reg 1912 p 251 prove that he was the son of Richard Whittier of Sarum Salisbury Wilts and his wife Mary Rolfe sister of John Rolfe. Thomas Whittier was therefore the nephew of John Rolfe of Salisbury and Newbury with whom he came to this country as his servant. Three generations of the descendants of Thomas Whit tier are given in The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury. Elizabeth and Abraham Whittier in the third and fourth lines of the note on p 358 of that work should be Whittaker.

The New England Historical & Genealogical Register: The Rolfe family is of great antiquity in Wiltshire. At a manor court at Urchfont held 7 May 10 Richard II [1387] in a list of twenty five tenants that delivered oaks from Coukwod, appears William Rolfe, credited with one trunk [Wilts Notes and Queries vol 4 p 450] Downton Whiteparish, Plaitford, Landford, Redlinche, Wellow etc are close together in the extreme southeastern corner of Wiltshire and about eight to ten miles southeast of Salisbury. With only the data now at hand all the persons in the foregoing wills and register entries cannot be grouped together but it is certain that Henry Rolfe baptized in 1585 and John Rolfe baptized in 1589 sons of John Rolfe of Whiteparish, the testator of 1 624 5, were the brothers who settled in New England about 1 638, and it is also certain that their sister Mary Rolfe, wife of Richard Whittier of Sarum or Salisbury England, was the mother of Thomas Whittier who was born about 1620, came to New England in 1638 with his uncle John Rolfe, and became the progenitor of the Whittiers of America. It is evident that it was Henry Rolfe born in 1585 and not John Rolfe as erroneously recorded in the Whiteparish registers who married in 1621 a kinswoman Honor Rolfe, the latter was apparently the daughter of Richard Rolfe of Downton the testator of 1598 by his wife Agnes Rolfem daughter of the widow Alice Rolfe the testator of 1604, This Agnes Rolfe married secondly John Rice, Thomas Rolfe the testator of 1629 and Henry Rolfe whose estate was administered in 1617 were probably brothers of this Agnes Rolfe. It is clear that the mother of Richard Rolfe the testator of 1598 married secondly William Sanders perhaps this Richard Rolfe was son of the Richard Rolfe whose estate was administered in 1567 the latter being son of Henry Rolfe the testator of 1558. The following tentative pedigree shows the connections as suggested above

White Swirled Line

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