Thomson, Thomsone

Elisabeth THOMSON / Thomsone baptized 3/3/1688 Scotland, marriage intentions published 7/30/1709, married 8/19/1709

Spouse:  John GREENLAW baptized 12/1/1689 Scotland, died1750

Children: Elspeth born 6/17/1710; William born 3/9/ 1712 died 1776;  Robert born 5/16/1714; Helen born 1/11/ 1717; Margaret born 7/8/1719;   James born 3/1/1722;  Elspeth born 3/30/ 1725; Janet born 1731; 

Loyalists to Canada: The 1783 Settlement of Quakers and Others at Passamaquoddy: pg 135-6 The St. Andrews Grantees - Greenlow/Greenlaw, Alexander, Ebenezer, Jonathan.  Pg 168-9 Greenlow/Greenlaw, Alexander, Charles, Ebenezer, Jonathan and William. The ancestors of these Revolutionary War Loyalists were David and Joan (Wordy) Greenlaw, of Leberton Parish, Midlothian Co. (formerly Edinburgh or Edinburgshire Co.) in southeast Scotland. David Greenlaw and Joan Wordy were married in Scotland on June 22, 1688. They had a son, John Greenlaw, who was baptized on December 1, 1689. His marriage intentions with Elizabeth Thomson (baptized March 3, 1688), were published in Scotland on July 30, 1709. John Greenlaw and Elizabeth Thomson were married in Scotland on August 19, 1709. One of their eight children, all of whom were born in Scotland was William Greenlaw (b. March 9, 1712, baptized March 14, 1712).  He married Jane (---).  //P// William and Jane Greenlaw migrated from Grenock, Scotland, to America in the summer of 1753 on the sailing ship Dolphin. Before leaving Scotland, the family probably moved to a seaport near the coast. After landing in America, they may have stayed, for a brief time, at Piscataqua Plantation (Kittery, Maine), with other Scotch immigrants . The Dolphin, with the Greenlaw family and its other passengers, then sailed in a northeasterly direction along the coast of Maine to the St George's River, and landed near Warren, Maine. Eventually the family settled on Deer Isle in Penobscot Bay. To this day, parts of the island - Greenlaw Road, Greenlaw Neck, and Greenlaw Cove - bear the family's name. Although the exact number of their children is not known, there were six sons: Alexander, Charles, Ebenezer, James, Jonathan, and William, all of whom were born in Scotland.  //P// Records show that, during the Revolutionary War, Alexander, Charles, Ebenezer and Jonathan, sons of Wiliam and Jane Greenlaw, were Loyalists. They were suspected of carrying information to the British, were captured, became prison-ship victims, and were treated cruelly by the Patriots.  It is believed that they were taken prisoner by the Rebel brig Pallas. Charles Greenlaw was forced to climb to the top of the ship's mast, and the Rebels entertained themselves by shooting at him "to see how closely they could miss, causing him to become "at times bereft of his sences".  In 1783 the Loyalist brothers, Alexander, Ebenezer and Jonathan, emigrated to St. Andrews. Charles Greenlaw may hae moved to St. Andrews later. Alexander, Ebenezer and Jonathan were grantees at St. Andrews. They submitted claims to the British government for their wartime losses, and each was allowed 50 pounds. Jonathan died at St.. Andrews in 1818 at the age of eighty. Jonathan Babbage Greenlaw,, a son of the Loyalist, Jonathan, was a ship-master who lived at Eastport, Maine. He was born at Deer Island, New Brunswick, on July 9, 170-. He married Abigail Ann (---) who was born at St George NB on August 5, 1793. Their children were: Julian Greenlaw, born at Eastport ME on Nov 14, 1818; Sophronia Carpenter Greenlaw, born on Oct 23, 1821; George William Greenlaw, born on Sep 21, 1823; and Mary H. Greenlaw, born on Sep 10, 1826.  //P// The Loyalist brother, Ebenezer died at St Andrews around 1810 at the age of 70. Eben Greenlaw's name is recorded in a 1789 account book of the Porter family store at Ferry's Point, now Calais ME.  //P// The brother, William Greenlaw, lived at his farm on the St. George's River, in Maine, during the Revolutionary War. He married Elizabeth Fossett  on June 10, 1759 and died at St. George in 1814. Silliam and Elizabeth (Fossett) Greenlaw had seven children. Their son, Thomas, (b Deer Islae 1770, d June 17, 1847), married Jane Elizabeth Davis at St. Andrews, NB.  Jane Elizabeth Davis was the daughter of Honor Davis, one of the 1784 Penobscot Association grantees at St. Andrews.


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