Susanna / Susan Tidd / Teed she married (2) Samuel Greenfield 3/26/1639

Spouse: Humphrey / Humfry WISE of Salisbury Wiltshire ENG settled Ipwich MA 1635 died 1638

Children: Mary; Susanna married Isaac Perkins brother of Abraham below; died 1699 Newcastle DEL;  Abigail married Thomas Jones & Thomas Chadwell; Em; Sarah married David Wheeler 5/11/1650; Ann married William Taylor & George Pearson; Benjamin 1639 apprentice of Abraham Perkins; Joseph

New England Marriages Prior to 1700 By Clarence Almon Torrey, Elizabeth Petty Bentley: Wise/Wyeth? Humphrey (-1638) & Susan/Susannah (Tidd)? m/2 Samuel Greenfield; b. 1626, b. 1634, b. 1610; Ipswich

Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire: Wyeth, Mr. Humphrey (Withe, Wise), Ipswich 1635, d. soon leaving a wid. Susanna whose 2d husb. Samuel Greenfield (1) took over the prop. without authority bef. Mar. 1638-9; Essex Prob. i: 11. George Gidding and Richard Lumpkyn were named overseers for the ch. Married ch. who had their portions incl: Abigail, m. 1st Thomas Jones (42), m. 2d Thomas Chadwell(3 jr.), and appar. Mary, w. of Abraham Perkins(1). Susanna, not named with minor ch., m. John Bursley(4), but poss. had an earlier husb. as unlikely she m. B. by 1639. Minor ch: Benjamin, apprent. to Abraham Perkins for 7 yrs. from 29 Sept. 1638; Hampt. gr. 1644; List 392a. In May 1649 his step-fa. deeded Hampt. land except what already sold to Thomas Jones and B. W. Joseph, poss. the wit. paid fees in Apr. 1649 (Essex Q. Ct. Rec. i: 167), was claimed by Edw. Gilman in Mar. 1650, but turned over to G. Gidding who was to bind him out in Ipsw. Em, unmarried in Dec. 1649 (Essex Q. Ct. Rec. i: 182), poss. m. Richard Carle(1). Sarah, m. David Wheeler(1). Ann, wit. a Bursley deed as A. W. 25 Mar. 1648, m. 1st William Taylor(24), m. 2d George Pearson(2).

The probate records of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume 1:  Estate of Humfry Wise of Ipswich. The General Court held at Boston 13:1:1638-9 ordered the court at Ipswich to examine and settle all things belonging to the estate of Humfrey Wisse including the land sold and unsold. (Mass Bay Colony Records vol 1 page 254) Humfry Wise of Ipswich died intestate and Samuel Greenfeild late of Salem married his widow and took into his possession the lands and goods of the said Humfry without legal order. The Court held at Ipswich 26:1:1639 caused them to deliver an inventory of the estate which amounted to about 140li. Wise left a wife and five children Benjamyn, Joseph, Em Sarah, and Ann besides some that were married and had received their portions. Samuel Greenfeild was appointed administrator and with his consent the Court sold the house and house lot of an acre & a planting lot of six acres with the appurtenances to William ffellowes for 20li, also the farm of about 120 acres to Thomas Emerson for four score pounds and such other sales of cattle & goods that the said Samuel had made the Court allowed. The money was given to Samuel Greenfeild he giving bond for 120 li to bring up the five children until the sons were twenty one years and the daughters eighteen at which time each to receive a certain portion of the estate, If any die before such time the said portions to be equally devided among the survivors. George Gittings and Richard Lumpkyn were chosen overseers for the children. As there was yet 30li being part of the money for which the farm was sold remaining in the hands of Thomas Emerson at his request and with the consent of Samuel it was ordered that it should remain in his hands until 1:3:1640 then he to pay the money to the overseers and to give such recompence to Samuel Greenfeild as he shall think equal. It was further agreed that with the consent of Samuel Greenfield and Susan his wife that Benjamin Wise eldest son of Humfry Wise should be with Abraham Perkins of Hampton as an apprentice to him for seven years from Sept 29 last past. (Ipswich Deeds Vol 1 leaf l)


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