Tolman, Tollman, Turner

Thomas TOLMAN of Salcomb Regis Devon buried 8/24/1622

Spouse: ___

Children: Thomas


Thomas TOLMAN baptized 12/9/1607-8  Salcomb Regis, came in Mary & John 1630 (family tradition), settled in Dorchester, wheel wright, died 6/18/1690 age 82

Spouse: (1) Sarah  married by 1633 (2) Katherine  married by 1677, died 11/7/1677 

Children: Thomas born 1634, died 9/12/1718 married Elizabeth Johnson, lived Bridgewater; in King Philip's War; John born 1642 married Elizabeth Collins & Mary Paul; Sarah married Henry Leadbetter 3/18/1659; Rebecca married James Tucker; Ruth married Isaac Royal; Hannah born 5/27/1642 married Peter Lyon & William Blake; Mary married Henry Collins


Mary TOLMAN  born c. 1640 Dorchester MA, died 2/14/1723, married circa 1659; dau. of Thomas & Katherine

Spouse: Henry COLLINS born 10/29/1629 died 10/14/1722

:Children: Hannah; Henry born 10/2/1651; John born 8/19/1662; Sarah born 11/9/1665; Rebecca born 6/9/1668 died 2/3/1743 married John Newhall; Sarah born 8/18/1669, married 1685 Jonathan Hudson;  Eleazer born 10/9/1673 died c 1725


Hannah COLLINS of Lynn born 2/1/1669 Lynn

Spouse: Thomas (T. R..) BROWN

Children: Elizabeth;  Samuel born 12/8/1678; Hannah born 12/5/1680; Mary born 5/26/1683 married Thomas York Jerusha born 12/25/1688; Sarah born 7/11/1689; Thomas born 2/14/1692 married Deborah Holdredge; Daniel born 10/9/1696 died 8/30/1771 married Mary Breed; Priscilla born 1/30/1699; Humphrey born 9/16/1701 married Tabatha Holdredge

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the ..., Volume 3 edited by William Richard Cutter, William Frederick Adams: The Collins family of New England whose progenitor was Henry Collins came from England and settled in Massachusetts in the pioneer days as documentary evidence clearly shows.  I Henry Collins as recent research has developed resided on Tatcliff Highway in the parish of Stepney in the eastern part of the city of London and worshipped at the old parish church of St Dunstan in that place. The church records show that several of his children were baptized in this church among them being his son John at the age of eight days January 22 1631. Henry Collins born in England in 1606 died in Lynn Massachusetts February 20, 1687 aged eighty one years. The passenger list of the ship Abigail of London contains the following record of June 30 1635. Vltlo Junij 1635. Aboard the Abigail Robert Hackwell;  Mr p eery from the Minister of Stepney pish of their conformitle I that they are no subsedy men (Yeres) Starchmaker Henry Collins 29;  Vxor Ann Collins 30; Children Henry Collins 5; Jo Collins 3; Margery Collins 2; Servants Joshua Griffith 25; Hugh Alley 27; Mary Roote 15; Jo Cooke 27; Geo Burdln 24.  Henry Collins settled in Essex street Lynn, Massachusetts where he remained until his death. In 1637 a town meeting was held in which Daniel Howe, Richard Walke,r and Henry Collins were chosen a committee to divide the lands or as it was expressed in the records. To lay out ffarmes. The land was laid out in those parts of the town best adapted to cultivation and the woodlands were reserved as common property called the Town Common and was not divided until sixty nine years afterwards. In a list of names about one hundred in number recorded in the town records in the year 1638 which follows the above extract appears the following. Henry Collins upland and meadow 80 acres and ten. The ten acres were a separate allotment and undoubtedly his village or town lot where he lived. In 1639. Henry Collins was a member of the Salem court. The facts of Henry Collins bringing servants and the references to him in the public records of Lynn show that he was a man of importance in the community. He was frequently called upon to perform duties of public trust and confidence and sometimes acted as an advocate in court trials. His wife Ann died at Lynn probably in 1690 as her will dated in 1690 was probated in that year. //P// The children of Henry and Ann were Henry, John, Margery and Joseph. II John, second son of Henry and Ann Collins, was born in London England January 14 1631 (O.S.) and was lost by shipwreck with his son John in 1679. In a list of names returned of Quakers in Lynn for the year 1703 appear the names of Samuel Collins, Samuel Collins Jr, and John Collins. The estate of John Collins was valued at 365 1s 6d and letters of administration were granted to the widow June 1680. John Collins married at Lynn Massachusetts Abigail Johnson daughter of Richard Johnson. Richard Johnson came over in 1630 and lived with Sir Richard Saltonstall at Watertown. He was admitted freeman in 1637. He came to Lynn the same year and settled as a farmer on the eastern end of the commons. He died in 1666 aged 54. Abigail Collins married second March 3 1681, Thomas Farrar. The children of John and Abigail Collins were sixteen, twelve of whom survived him. Mary died young, John died young, Samuel, Abigail, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Mary, Daniel, Nathaniel, Hannah, Sarah, Lois, Alice, and William. 

History of the Town of Dorchester, Massachusetts: Thomas Tolman was a member of the church in 1638 and was made freeman May 13 1640. The family tradition is that he came over in the Mary and John with the first settlers in 1630. His wife was Sarah. Had sons Thomas who died September 12 1718 aged 85 and John.  Daughters Sarah who married Henry Leadbetter March 18 1659, Rebecca married James Tucker, Ruth married Isaac Royal, Hannah born 27 5 1642 married Peter Lyon, Mary who married ___ Collins of Lynn. He first settled on Pine Neck and afterwards removed to what was denominated the Great Lots. His descendants now own and live upon some of the land which has been in the family since the first settlement of the town. Some of his descendants have furnished Dorchester with a Town Clerk for upwards of fifty years. Mr Tolman died in 1688.

Magazine of the Daughters of the Revolution 1895: Thomas1 Tolman was born in Salcomb Regis Devonshire two miles northeast of Sidmouth England. Thomas Tolman son Thomas was baptized Dec 9 1608 Salcomb Regis Parish Records. He sailed from Plymouth England March 20 1630 in the Mary & John Capt Squeb, arrived at Nantucket on May 30 following, settled in Dorchester Mass same year. He married 1st Sarah and 2d Katherine who died Nov 7 1677 Dorchester Records. He was made freeman May 31 1640. He was Selectman  in 1661 Blake's Annals of Dorchester. He owned a tract of land extending in length about seven miles. He was one of the of the signers of the covenant of the first church  in Dorchester made in 1636 his name is mentioned not only the church records but many on the earliest town records of place. He died June 18 1690 in his 82d year. His will is dated "The twenth fift of ye Third moneth in the yeare of our Lord one  thousand six hundred eighty eight.  Signed sealed & declared in the presence of us Peter Thatcher 29 8 88 & John Danforth 5 9 88 James Blake.  Present The Honble Simon Bradstreet Esqr Govr. Isaac Addington & John Smith Esqrs Assts.  Presented for probate February 5th (Suffolk Wills Lib 8 fol 41)  He had seven children. The oldest Thomas2 Tolman Jr born 1634 made freeman 1678 Dorchester Town Records, married Elizabeth daughter of Richard Johnson Nov 4 1664. "Tho Tolman and Elizabeth Johnson married 4 9 m 1664 in Lynn," Lynn Records.) They both joined the church at Dorchester May 17. She was born in Lynn 1638 and died in Dorchester Dec 14 1720. Thomas Tolman served in King Philip's war. He went to Plymouth Colony under the conduct of a Quartermaster Swift and a ply of horse as Major Gookin relates. These joined the Rehoboth men in the pursuit and battle with Philip serving under Capt Henchman Swift and his ply of horse were credited as follows Sept 16 1675 Thomas Toleman. 00 07 08 Soldiers in King Philip's War by George M Bodge p 52. He died Sept 12 1718 aged 84 Blake's Annals of Dorchester. His will is dated The first day of June Anno Domini One Thousand Seven hundred and eleven Suffolk Probate Lib 21 fol 56. They had four children. 

the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for the year 1860: TOLMAN GENEALOGY. Compiled from materials furnished by members of the family. Thomas Tolman was born in England in the year 1608 or 9. There is a tradition in the family that he came to Dorchester Mass with the first settlers in the ship Mary and John in 1630 and that he owned land extending from the seaside to Dedham line. He was the owner of lands also in what is now Canton, Stoughton and Sharon. The first mention of him on the Dorchester Town Records is under date of Oct 31 1639 as follows. It is ordered that Goodman Tolman's house be appointed for the receiving any goods that shall be brought in whereof the owner is not known. His name is appended to the Church Covenant made in 1636, freeman May 13 1640. He located near Pine Neck now Port Norfolk his house having stood within one hundred feet of Pine Neck Creek on the west side and on the north side within about two hundred feet the creek forming there an elbow shape. In 1852 the Old Colony Railroad Corporation removed the most of the cellar once belonging to this house. The land remaining is in possession of one of the branches of the family. The house in which his son Thomas afterwards lived between what is now Ashmont and Washington Streets was probably built by him. Some of his descendants now own and reside on land that belonged to him. It has remained ever since in the family. The first wife of Thomas was Sarah, his second wife was Katherine who d Nov 7 1677. He d June 8 1690 in his 82d year. An abstract of his will commenced May 25 1688 to which his signature and seal was placed October 29th of the same year will be found at the end of this genealogy. 1 Thomas Tolman had ch 2 Thomas f b in 1633 m Elizabeth dau of Richard Johnson of Lynn Nov 4 1654 was admitted with his wife into the Dorchester ch May 17 1674, was made freeman in 1678. His house stood about 100 feet from Ashmont street in Tolman's lane. He d Sept 12 1718 a 85, she d Dec 15 1726. 3 John made a freeman in 1678 m Elizabeth dau of John Collins of Lynn. She was the mother of all his children nine in number. She d Oct 7 1690. He m wid Mary Paul June 15 1692 who d Aug 25 1720. He was one of the Selectmen in Dorchester for the vears 1693, 1694 and 1695, d says Locke Jan 1 1724 5 a 82. 4 Sarah m Henry Leadbetter March 18 1659 d April 20 1722. 5 Rebecca m James Tucker had Experience b Aug 19 1676. 6 Ruth m Isaac Royal and d May 1 1681. He owned what was called the Dolbeare place. 7 Hannah b 27 5 1642 m George Lyon afterwards William Blake She d Aug 4 1729 in her 91st year. 8 Mary m ___ Collins of Lynn. 

Abstracts of Wills Thomas Tolman Senior. I Thomas Tolman senior of Dorchester being now entred into the Eightycth yeare of my Age but of good and sound memory do declare this my last will & Testament. Unto my eldest son Thomas Tolman I give my present dwelling house & barne with the half acre of land it stands upon as all the Land Meadow & Upland I gave him at his marriage & that his deeds make mention of. Moreover that six Acres I bought since his Marriage of Jonathan Birch to him his heires & Assignes forever provided that he my son Thomas his heires Executor administrators pay to my dau Sarah Leadbetter 15, to my dau Rebekah Tucker the like sum. My will is that my dau Rebekah be first paid because she may need it most, that my son pay 15 to the children of my dau Ruth Ryall deceased in silver or at money price if money be not to be had & to his Sister Hannah Lyon 6.10 in silver or at silver price the legacies to my dau Ruth Rials children & to my dau Hannah Lyon y first paym to be two years after my decease & the other four yeares after my decease. All legacies to be paid in 4 years one quarter each year. I give my son Thomas my great chub axe, unto my son John Tolman I give all the Meadow & upland that his deed from me makes mention of with the buildings thereon provided John, his heires, Executors or Administrators pay the summer following unto my dau Mary Collins 20, to my dau Hannah Lyon 10 one half in two years the other halfe at the end of four veares after my decease. My wearing apparel I give unto my two sons woolen and liuen equally to be divided between them but I will that my son John shall have my Iron hoopes & boxes that may be upon my wheels that shall be left for I have given my son Thomas a new sett of Iron hoopes heretofore and to my dau Hannah Lion I give my best bed I usually lye upon with the best paire of sheets & the best furniture belonging to it & bedstead & to my dau Rebecca Tucker mv second best bed with ye second best appurtenances thereto belonging. And I will that she my dau Rebecca shall have my lesser Kittle of Brass & Hannah my dau the biggest. As for my pewter my will is that my dau Mary shall have one of the biggest pewter platters & Sarah Leadbettcr the other biggest & Hannah my dau the third best & Rebecca my dau the fourth & the rest of my moveable household stuff to be lovingly divided between my three dau Sarah Hannah & Rebecca & an old brass pott I give my son John & my part of the Iron barr or crow. I constitute my two sonnes Thomas & John to be my Executors. My will is that there be no demanding of any Debt that any of my Children thinke I owe any of them or if any paper be found for what I have done for them be all qnitt this I write that peace & love may be continued amongst my dear children. Only if I dye before James Tucker pay me 10 in money of New England then my will is that he the said Tucker shall pay to Isaac Ryalls two oldest dau Ruth & Mary 5 apeice in currant money of New England if it be to be had if not then to pay in currant pay at money price as indifferent men shall judge if you cannot agree amongst yourselves & my will is ye said James Tinker doing thus shall have up his bond of 18 that I lent him & the remainder of what he borrowed I give to his wife Rebecca my dau in part of her portion beside what I have already specifyed I have set to this my hand & seale 29 Octo 1688. Peter Thachcr 29 8 88 Thomas Tolman & John Danforth 5.9 88. James Blake Present The Honbl Simon Bradstreet Esq Gov Isaac Addington & John Smith Esqrs Assist. Will presented for probate by Thomas Tolman Feb 5 1690-1. John Tolman the other Executor renounced his executorship when Messrs Thacher, Danforth & Blake deposed. Suffolk Wills Lib viii fol 41. Inventory of the estate taken July 23 1690 by John Breck, John Minot Amt 322.15 Mentions 8 Acres of land without the great lotts fenced 32. 26 Acres of land within fence 100. 6 acres of salt Marsh 42, dwelling house barne & orchard 100 Feb 13 1690- 1. Thomas Tolman deposed .

New England Families by Cutter: This surname TOLMAN TURNER originally le Tollere or 1e Toller the term applied to those employed in gathering the king's levy. Tradition asserts that the Tolmans are of remote German origin and that their Teutonic ancestors settled in England at a very early date In the year 825 AD during the reign of Egbert first king of the United Saxons. Sir Thomas Tolman was grand _almoner of that sovereign. The recognized head of the family in Eng_ land during the first half of the seventeenth century was Sir Thomas Tolman of North Lincolnshire and a nephew of the latter was a favorite of the ill fated Charles I. A Sir Thomas Tolman of the same period commanded a Puritan regiment under Cromwell at the battle of Marston Moor in 1644. The family coat of arms is thus described As a martlet ar between three ducal crowns or crest two arms in armour embowed wielding a battle axe all ppr I. The American descendants of the English Tolmans now being considered are undoubtedly the posterity of Thomas Tolman of Salcomb Regis Devonshire who according to the Parish register was buried there August 24 1622. II Thomas 2 son of Thomas 1 Tolman of Devonshire England was born in England December 9 1608 died June 8 1690, his will was dated October 29 1688. The family tradition says that he came to New England in the ship Mary and John in 1630 He settled in Dorchester and owned land extending from the sea to the Dedham line. He owned also land in what is now Canton, Stoughton, and Sharon. The first mention of him on the Dorchester records is "It is ordered that Goodman Tolman's house be appointed for the receiving any goods that shall be brought in whereof the owner is not known." He signed the church covenant in 1636 and was admitted a freeman May 13, 1640. He located near Pine Neck now Port Norfolk and his house stood within a hundred feet of Pine Neck creek on the west side and on the north side within about two hundred feet the creek forming an elbow there. In 1852 the Old Colony railroad removed the most of the cellar of the house. The land is still or was lately in possession of the family and some of his still reside there. He probably built also house in which his son Thomas lived what is now Ashmont and streets. He married first Sarah second Katherine who died November 7 1677. Children 1 Thomas 1633, died September 12 1718 aged eightyfive years, married November 4 1654 Elizabeth daughter of Richard Johnson of Lynn Massachusetts, she died December 15 1726. Thomas was admitted with his wife into Dorchester church May 17 1674, he made a freeman in 1678, his house about one hundred feet from street in Tolman's Lane; children Thomas, Mary, Samuel, Danie.l 2 John mentioned below. 3 Sarah married March 18 1659 Henry Leadbetter died April 20 1722. 4 Rebecca married James Tucker. 5 Ruth married Isaac Royal died May I 1681. 6 Hannah born July 27 1642 died August 4 1729 married first George Lyon second William Blake. 7 Mary married Collins of Lynn. III John son of Thomas 2 Tolman died January 1 1724 25. He was made a freeman in 1678. He was one of the selectmen of Dorchester for 1693 94 95. He married first Elizabeth daughter of John Collins, she died October 7 1690. He married second June 15 1692 Mary Paul widow who died August 25 1720. Children of first wife I Elizabeth born October 14 1667 married October 28 1692 Moses Hewse or Hewes. 2 John mentioned below. 3 Joseph born June 7 1674 4 Benjamin born December 6 1676 went to Scituate Massachusetts 5 Henry born March 13 1678 79 married Hannah by whom he had nine children all born in Dorchester; he afterwards removed to Attleboro Massachusetts where he died at an advanced age; his wife Hannah died November 11 1735. 6 Ann born February 1 1681. 7 Ebenezer born March 27 1683. 8 Ruth born January 1 1685 married Joseph Burt January 18 1711. 9 William born September 2 1687. 


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