Thomas WALKER born circa 1614 ENG died 8/11/1659 [7/2/1659 another source] 

Spouse: Hannah ___ born circa 1618 ENG married circa 1642, died 1675 (see will below), of London

Children: Thomas; Hannah baptized 5/5/1635, married Paul Strange; William born 9/18/1632; Mary baptized 5/2/1638; Sarah baptized 10/4/1640; all baptized at St. Antholin Parish, London 


Thomas WALKER born 1643 Boston Suffolk MA, died 1696-97 Sudbury Middlesex MA, innholder Sudbury 1672

Spouse: Mary STONE born 3/22/1644 Boston Suffolk MA died 1704 married circa 1660; she married 2nd Capt. John Goodennow

Children: Thomas born 5/22/1664 Sudbury died 8/25/1717 Framingham married Martha Howe; Mary born 8/9/1661 married Rev. James Sherman; William born 7/22/1666 Sudbury died 10/3/1732 Wooster MA married Sarah Goodennow; Hannah born 11/26/1668 Sudbury died 12/14/1668; Hannah born 1/10/1669 Sudbury died 12/18/1704; Daniel born 11/2/1672 Sudbury died 11/8/1672; Daniel born 2/10/1673 Sudbury died 5/13/1755 Sudbury; Sarah born 7/25/1677 Sudbury; Abigail born 10/29/1679 Sudbury; Elizabeth born 3/4/1680 Sudbury died 1681-83; John born circa 1682 died as an infant


Thomas WALKER born 5/22/1664 Sudbury Middlesex MA died 8/25/1717 Framingham

Spouse: Martha HOWE born 10/9/1669 Sudbury Middlesex MA died 11/24/1721 Shrewsbury Worcester MA, married 12/7/1687 Sudbury

Children: Samuel born 9/24/1689 Framingham married Hannah Jennings; Thomas born 9/23/1688 and died 9/25/1688 Sudbury; Martha born 4/7/1690 Lynn Essex MA died before 1/1761; Obadiah born 1691 Sudbury; Mary born 1696 Framingham died 1716 Framingham; Thomas born 1700 Sudbury died 1723; Asa born 6/7/1702 Sudbury died 1723; Hannah born 6/17/1705 Sudbury died 2/22/1749 Framingham; Jason born 10/28/1708 Sudbury died 2/13/1787; John born 2/1/1713-14 Sudbury


Samuel WALKER born 9/24/1689 Framingham Middlesex MA

Spouse: Hannah JENNINGS born 3/11/1690 Framingham Middlesex MA, married 11/3/1715 or 12/3/1715

Children: Samuel born 1718 of Framingham Middlesex MA married Mary Carlisle born circa 1722 Castine ME; Mary; Hannah; Lois; Azariah


Samuel WALKER born 6/4/1718 of Framingham Middlesex MA

Spouse: Mary CARLISLE born circa 1722 Castine ME married 9/28/1738

Children: Mary born 6/23/1739 of Boston MA died circa 1817 at 78 years; Hannah; Lois; Vashti; Sarah; Lydia


Mary WALKER born 6/23/1739 of Boston MA died 12/14/1816 age 78 years, buried in Old Burying Ground, Orland ME, removed to Orland ME around 1766-7 with John and children, Mary and Nathan

Spouse: John HANCOCK, the first town treasurer of Orland ME, was a second cousin to Gov. Hancock, born 6/21/1738 MA, married 2/26/1761 Boston, New North Church Records

Children: Mary born 10/29/1765; Thomas born 3/5/1782 married Sarah/ Sally Stockbridge 1/12/1806 Hancock Co. [ME Marriages]; Nathan born 12/17/1762 Orland  died 10/1/1823 married 6/17/1784 Sarah Craige, had daughter Lydia born 8/19/1798 per LDS ; John born 1/19/1770 died after 1813 married Abigail Curtis; William born 4/3/1775 age 18 or 19 left for Boston where he married on 9/26/1794 Susan "Sukey" Smith had daughter Sophia; Frances ( Fanny) born 11/16/1767 died after 1813 married Rogers Lawrence 9/30/1780 Hancock Co. [ME Marriages]; Prudence born 11/1/1771 Orland Civil Hancock ME died 1860 per LDS married Jonathan Gilpatrick 8/15/1791; Sarah born 6/1/1773 married 7/8/1789 Joseph Viles; Lydia born 4/12/1777 East River Orland per LDS died 11/3/1840 married 1/28/1796 Asa Turner; Nancy born 3/17/1785 married 9/25/1803 Samuel Downs; Samuel born 8/31/1779 downed in childhood

Boston, New North Church Records, 1714-1799: John Hancock & Mary Walker married 2/26/1761. Nathaniel Hancock & Betsy Wellsh married 5/7/1791 (BRCR - 5/17). Mary Hancock & James Percival  married 5/25/1796. Elisabeth Hancock adm. 1/26/1766. Miriam Hancock bp. 11/19/1786 parents Ebenezer & Miriam. Ann Hancock bp. 8/23/1795 parents Ebenezer & Miriam. Richard Bradden & Lucy Walker married 8/30/1795. John Snelling & Louise Walker married 8/2/1764. Susanna Walker adm. 11/22/1772. William Walker bp. 7/14/1728 parents Patrick & Sarah. Lucy Walker bp. 1/1/1764 parents Ezekiel & Abigail. Lucy-Bradford Walker bp. 3/23/1766 parents Ezekiel & Abigail. Nathan-Coollidge Walker bp. 12/11/1768 parents Ezekiel & Abigail. Elizabeth Walker bp. 8/9/1772 parents Ezekiel & Abigail. Edward-Boylston Walker bp. 1/10/1773 parents Richard & Susanna.

Gen Reg of First Settlers of NE: WALKER, THOMAS, Boston, d 11 Aug 1659, leaving sons, John, b 1652, and Samuel b 1656.

Pioneers of ME & NH: WALKER, SAMUEL, Exeter, signed the combination in 1640; town officer 1643; on a com to distribute corn to the needy 1644. Took oath of freemanship at Pisc. Court 17 (2) 1644. Compare with Samuel Walker of Woburn MA who had m the widow of Arthur Alger of Scarborough; also with Samuel Walker, mariner, of Boston, who petitioned Andros in 1688, jointly with Benj. Blackman, of Saco, for confirmation of title to land there.

Pioneers of MA 476: Walker/Waker/Woaker, Thomas, brick-maker, Boston, 1650. Wife Anne: ch. Thomas, Elizabeth b. 18 (6) 1650; John b. 3/15/1652; Anne b. 1654 d. 1655; Samuel b. 6/26/1656; Anne b. and d. 1659. /P/ He d. in 1659. Admin. 9/1/1659 gr. to widow Anne and son Thomas. [Reg. IS, 347.]

Vital Records of Sudbury: Abigail d. Thomas & Mary 10/29/1679. Daniel ch. Thomas & Mary 11/2/1672. Daniel ch. Thomas & Mary 2/10/ 1673. Elizabeth ch. Thomas & Mary 3/4/1680. Hannah d Thomas & Mary 11/26/1668. Hannah d. Thomas & Mary 1/10/1669. Sarah ch Thomas & Mary 7/25/1677. Thomas s Thomas & Mary 5/22/1664. William s Thomas & Mary 7/22/1666. Samuel s Thomas & Martha 9/24/1689. Thomas s Thomas & Martha 9/23/1688.  Marriages: WALKER: Thomas & Martha Howe 12/7/1687. Samuell of Framingham & Hanah Jennins 11/3/1715. DEATHS. Daniel s Thomas 11/8/1672. Daniel, Ens. 5/13/1755. Hannah d Thomas & Mary 12/14/1668. Thomas s Thomas & Martha 9/25/1688. William 10/3/1732. 

NE History & Gene. Register: Hannah Walker of London, widow, 10 April 1675, proved 2 November 1675. I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Walker of Sudbury in New England, in the parts beyond the seas, merchant, the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds of lawful money of England, to be paid to him or his assigns within twelve months next after my decease. In case of his death before it becomes payable I give the said sum to his wife Mary for the use of their children, if she be then living, but if dead then to the Executors of my son Thomas, for the use of the children &c. To my son in law Mr. Paul Strange five pounds to buy him mourning. A writing as to the disposition of goods &c. deposited in the hands of my dear daughter Hannah Strange, wife of the aforesaid Paul Strange. To my loving friend Mr. John Jackson of London merchant three hundred pounds, to be paid from time to time to such persons as my daughter Hannah may direct and appoint; and if she die before her husband then I give two thirds of the said three hundred pounds to the aforesaid Thomas Walker in New England, or to his executors for the use of his children, if he be dead. The other third I give to my said son in law Paul Strange. But if my daughter survive her husband then it shall be all at her dispose, living or dying. My friend Mr. John Jackson to be executor and Mr. John Smith of Lambeth, Surrey, gent., to be overseer. Wit: John Ward, Hester Ward.

Who Beget Thee?  Thomas Walker d 1697. Was a resident of Boston in 1661 and not long after this date settled in Sudbury where he went it appears to take charge of a free school He was innholder at Sudbury in 1672 His daughter Mary married Rev James Sherman He died at Sudbury in 1697 The first bequest in his will is to my wife Mary Walker all my moveables and negro Sambo to be solely at her disposal His widow Mary married about December 1705 Capt John Goodenow gv By a document dated Feb 17 1707 and recorded June 16 1719 she gave her negro Sambo his freedom at her decease She died at Sudbury Nov 4 1731 William .. - 1666 1732 Son of Thomas Born at Sudbury July 22 1666 Married May 6 1686 Sarah daughter.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Walker, Thomas (....-c. 1697) m. a. 1661 Mary .... MASS XXX, 212

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