Ward, Warde

William WARDE named in 1524 Filby Court Roll possibly father of Roger (Possibly Father)

Spouse: Margaret ____

Children: Roger


Roger WADE of Filby, co. Norfolk, yeoman, born circa 1520, buried Filby 7/4/1579

Spouse: (1) Katheryn _____ buried at Filby 1/30/1572 (2) Cycely ____  Baldry married at Great Yarmouth 10/28/1573, buried Filby 1/28/1598

Children: Robert born circa 11543. Thomas born circa 1548, died 1616, married 1/27/1572 Dyonyse Corpe. John buried Filby 4/25/1600, married (1) Anne (2) Agnes Larwood. Lucy married 6/18/1564 Henry Church.  Margaret married 11/24/1575 Henry Norwich.  William buried 2/6/1561-2. Grace buried 7/11/1566. Roger (perhaps) buried 7/4/1599. William married Anne ___ 


Robert WADE of Filby was born circa 1543, buried at Filby 1/2/1598-9, will dated 12/12/1598, proved Great Yarmouth 1/23/1598-9

Spouse: Alyce _____ Pixton, widow with 2 or 3 children, married Stokesly-with-Herringby, Norfolk 11/18/1566; will dated 2/12/1603-4, proved Great Yarmouth 3/28/1609

Children: Roger, baptized 12/27/1567, buried 2/26/1618-9, married Elizabeth _____.  Anne (Agnes) baptized 3/20/1569-70, married Thomas Filby. Katherine baptized 4/30/1573 married John Arnold. Richard baptized 9/8/1575, perhaps died young. Dorothy (twin) baptized 2/8/11576-7, buried 2/8/1576-7. Cycelye (twin) baptized 2/8/1576-7, buried 2/8/1576-7. Elizabeth baptized 3/23/1577, buried 4/8/1578.  Francys baptized 10/25/1579


Francis WARDE baptized at Filby 10/25/1569, died Great Yarmouth late 1647 or early 1648; of Filby, South Walsham, and Great Yarmouth

Spouse: (1) Susanna BROWNE at Filby 6/1603 (2) Margaret (Denton) Holle 8/23/1627

Children: Children:  Lucy baptized 3/13/1604-5 Filby, died 11/12/1665 Hampton NH. Susanna baptized Filby 9/20/1606. Marie baptized Filby 9/4/1608, died young. Francis born circa 11610, living 1669 in Great Yarmouth, married Rachel ____.  William living 1645. Perhaps Thomas born circa 1520 MARRIED mARGARET sHAW . Anne born circa 1622, died Hampton NH 1/24/1688-9, married Edward Colcord circa 1640, came 1635 as a servant with Robert Page and sister Lucy


Lucy WARD  age 30 in 1637, married St. Mary's church, South Walsham 10/8/1629

Spouse: Deacon Robert PAGE of Ormesby St. Margaret, County Norfolk; born circa 1604, died Hampton NH 9/26/1679

Children: Margaret born Ormesby circa 1630, died 7/13/1699 Hampton, married (1) William Moulton (2) John Sanborn; Francis born Orrmesby circa 1633 married Meribah Smith; Susanna born Ormesby circa 1635, died young in NE; Rebecca baptized Salem MA 9/1/1639, died Hampton 5/27/1673 married William Marston; Thomas baptized Salem 9/1/1639, died Hampton 9/8/1686, married 2/2/1664 Mary Hussey;  Hannah born Hampton circa 1642, died Hampton 8/6/1704, married Capt. Henry Dow; Mary baptized Hampton circa 1644, died Hampton 3/8/1700-1, married as second wife 10/28/1665 Samuel Fogg

Early Settlers of Hampton, New Hampshire.  ...  Robert Page who died in July 1617, the son of Robert and Martha Page of Acle. The history of the Page family of Hampton, NH is well documented in "The English Ancestry of Robert Page of Hampton N.H." by George Walter Chamberlin, in the Register (66 [1912]:180-183), and elsewhere. Robert's birth date has been given as about 1577, but this is an estimate and may be a few years off the mark. The couple's last child was born in 1610.  The family resided at Ormesby St. Margaret, Hemsby and Ormesby St. Michael. In his will dated 1 July 1617 and proved 23 July following, Robert Page asked to be buried in the churchyaard of Ormesby St. Margaret, and left "unto Margaret Page my wife my house ... in Acle ... after her decease to Robert Page my son ..." He directed Robert to pay "to Thomas Page my son 5" within 2 years of the decease of "Margaret my wife,"" "to Rebecca my daughter 5" four years after Margaret's decease, and "unto Henry Page my son 5" six years after. He left "unto Francis Page my son 7," to be paid by the widow Margaret beginning when Francis reached the age of twenty-one and completed when he "accomplishe the age of 24 years," (Register 66 [1912]:181), Margaret's date of death is unknown, and she left no will.  Children (surname Page): i. Francis, b. ca. 1600; d. at Ormesby, 1666, unm, leaving a will (ibbid.), bqueathing his land in Ormesby to his sister Rebeckah Rix.  ii. Robert, b. ca. 1604; d. at Hampton N.H., 26 Sep 1679; m. at St. Mary's church, South Walsham 8 Oct `619, Luxy Warde (q.v.).  iii. Thomas, bp. at Hemsby, 1 May 1605. iv. Rebecca, bp. at Ormesby, St. Michael, 16 May 1608; m. ____ Rix. In 1667 she inherited the estate of her brother Francis. v. Henry, b. ca. 1610; living 1617. 
The WARDE Family: ... Research at the Norfolk Record Office, City Library, Norwich, England (hereinafter cited as NRP), into the records for the Flegg region has with certainty answered this question. The wife of Robert Page was Lucy Warde, the daughter of Francis and Susanna (Browne) Warde of Filbys. She had a younger sister Anne, born about 1622, who emigrated to N.E. as a servant of the Robert Page family in 1637 and later married Edward Colcord there. Another of the founding fathers of Hampton NH was a Thomas Warde, who may have been a brother of Lucy and Anne, although this remains unproven.  1.  Roger Warde of Filby, co. Norfolk, yeoman, was born perhaps about 1520, and was buried, as Roger Warde, the elder, at Filby, 4 July 1579. He was possibly a son of,  William Warde who is named in a 1524 Filby Court Roll (Public Record Office, London, hereinafter PRO, SC2:193/36), and his wife Margaret. Roger married first Kateryn, who was buried at Filby, 30 Jan 1572. He married second at Great Yarmouth, 28 Oct 1573, Cycely (___) Baldry, the widow of Edmund Baldry. She was buried at Filby, 28 Jan 1598, as Cycely Huggen, "sometyme the wyef of Roger Warde." Roger Warde is named in subsidy rolls at Filby in 1546, 1551, and 1552 (PRO, E179: 151/348, 152/380,383). A 1563 rental roll for Ormesby LISTS his name, confirming his holdings there (ibid., SC12:22/24). In his will, dated 8 May 1579 and proved at Norwich 26 Aug 1579 (Norfolk Consistory Court, hereinafter NCC, 276 Woodstock), Roger Ward of Filby, yeoman, requested that he be buried within the parish church of Filby and left 20s. for reparation of the church and  "to Sir Robert Stele, parson of Filby, 3s. 4d. for tithes forgotten ... to Thomas Ward my son my head messuage wherein I dwell in Filby sometimes Symon Garrard's which I purchased of Henry Marsham, by bond tenement caled Bykerton's, my dovehouse with the barn and the yard and a building commonly called Makin's yard which I purchased of Thomas Whyte of Marsham, and all other lands, tenements, pastures, feedings and breweries ... in Filby, Ormesby and Mautby, etc., except my messuage and tenement in Thrykby which I purchased of John Skott ... and except others hereinafter bequeathed to John Ward my son ... to my son John Ward my said messuage in Thrykby ... if either Thomas or John wish to sell their property the other to have right of first refusal ... To Margaret Norwich my daughter 20 ... I do forgive unto Henry Church of Runham, my son in law, all he oweth me ... to Lucy Church my daughter the wife of th said Henry Church 40s. ... to each of my godchildren 12d. ... at their ages of 21 ... to each of the children of my son Robert Ward 20s. at age 21 ... ro rhw roqnahip of Filby two milch neat [cattle[ to use of the poor ... son Thomas to have his legacy immediately after my decrease ... Cecilye now my wife shall have her dwelling in the south parlor of my said head messuage with free and peaceful egress and regress at all times, sufficient meat and drink, for one month after my decease, then she to have five combs of wheat and five combs of malt and one of my milk neat [cattle[ at the said months end when she shall depart, conditional that my executors shall quietly and peacefully receive to dispose of as they see fit all such household things as I have a Yarmouth ... Sons Thomas and John to be executors, they to pay that 100 which is to be paid to my wife Cycilye after my decease ... residue of household goods to her and her children in performance of the last will of her late husband Edmund Baldrye.  Witnesses were Thomas Skurrye, John Speede, William Maryote, John Watson, clerk and William Thhirkill. Children (born probably at Filby):  22. i. Robert, b perhaps ca. 1543. ii. Thomas b. perhaps ca 1548, d. 1616; m. at Filby 27 Jan 1572 Dyonyse Corpe, who was buried there 22 Apr 1622. His name appears on subsidy rolls for 1597 and 1611, and he is named in a 1605 deed of feoffment at Filby (PRO, E179:153/509, 253/36).  Both he and his wife left wills (Archdeaconry of Norfolk Wills, hereinafter ANW, 127 Veeping and 3 Hill).  Children ....  iii. John buried 25 Apr 1600; m. (1) Anne ____; m. (2) Agnes Larwood, who was buried 1616/7. He died testate (NCC, 36 Force). Children ...  iv. Lucy m. 18 June 1564 Henry Church of Runham.  v. Margaret m. at Filby, 24 Nov 1575 Henry Norwich.  vi. William bur. 6 Feb 1561/2.  vii. Grace bur 11 July 1566.  viii. (perhaps) Roger bur. 4 July 1599, not named in father's will. ix. William named in a deed of feoffment at Filby dated 16 Apr 1612, in the will of his brother Thomas, 1616, and in Filby subsidy roll, 1623 (PRO, E179:153/603); m. Anne ___. The names of his wife and child are given in indentures dated 1644 and 1646 .... 2. Robert Warde of Filby (son of Roger) was born perhaps about 1543 and was buried at Filby 2 Jan 1598/9. He married at Stokesly-with-Herringby, Norfolk 18 Nov 1566, Alyce ____ Pixton a widow with 2 or 3 children. She was robably the widow of Thomas Pixton, and was herself buried at Filby, 23 Mar 1608.  Robert Warde's name is foound in the 1593 and 1597 subsidy rolls for Filby (PRO, E179: 152/448; 153/509) and on the Ormesby Rental Roll (SC12: 12/52). The will of Robert Ward of ffylbey, yeoman, was dated 12 Dec 1598 and groved at Great Yarmouth, 23 Jan 1598/9 (ANW, 272 Lynidre) After the customary religious preamble, it reads: I give  and bequeath to Alice my wiffe all and singular my utensills and inner household stuffe and implem'tes  of household whatsoever excepte the beede wthe the beedsteede and all as yt standeth wherein I now doe lye and one brasse potte some time Elizabethe Isabelles wch I give to my youngeste sonne ffrances Warde ...  to Alice my sayd wieffe two milch [cows] one neate one colour redd shade the other colour blacke with a whittface, three combes of barly wheate, three combes maulte all and singular my Butte and cheise ... fodder or lowe for the winteringe of the foresayd two milch neate to be payd by mine executor hereafter named .. To Anne ffilby my daughter tenne pounds ... to Katherin Arnolde my daughter tenne pounds ... to ffrances Warde my youngest sonne fyve pounds .. and one milche cowe or fourty shillings to be delyv'ed unto him ... at the day of his marriage. ... [and] three acres three rodes by yt more or lesse being cople holde holdin of the manor commonlly called ffilbey Cleares in ffilbey late John Pyxton the sonne of Thomas Pyxton ... together with one horse or fourty shillings ... I will and my full mynde ys that Johan ffylbey the daughter of Thomas ffilby shall have twentye shillings at her age of five yeares. I give twenty shillings unto the childe be yt man chylde of woman wherwith my sayd daughter Katherin Arnolde ys now wyth at her age of fyve yeares ... [if the aforementione child] shall depart this lyfe before ... fyve years ... that parte or portyon of hyr or the other so departed shalbe bestowed and given to Elizabethe and Johan Larwood the daughters of Willm Larwood of Ormesby ... to Katherin Harbacke my s'vant ix shillings eight pence within one yeare next after my decease ... unto Willm Anthony my s'vant three shillings foure pence when he shall accomplyshe his age of one and twenty yeares ... to Roger Warde my eldest sonne one tenement wth the appurtement  commonly called Cettwoodes being Copie holde of the manor of Holmehalle in fylbey aforesayde and two acres and one roode lying in three ser'all peices holden of the manor of fylbey Cleares ... the sayd Roger shall pay and discharge all and singular the legacies and gifts in this my present last will and testament .... All the residue ... to my eldest sonne Rogger Ward whom I doe ordayne and make my sole executor of this my p'sent testamente & last will and I desyre and ordayne Thomas Ward my brother to be Sup'visor of this my p'sent testament ... for whose paynes takinge therein I give unto him twentye shillings to be payd within one yeare next after my decease AND IF MY sayde executor do not prove this my p'sent last will and testament within one quarter of a yeare nex after my decease then I doe ordayne and make ffrancis Warde my second sonne executor. ...  Witnesses were Thomas Scurrye, Willm Prior, John Mathews and "me John Thornill Clarke."  Alice Ward "of ffilby, wyddowe the Relict of Robert Warde, being aged and feable and weake in body, but sstrong in mynde," made her will 12 Feb 1603/4 and it was proved at Great Yarmouth, 28 Mar 1609 [ANW, 162 Reare]  Her will is lengthy and minutely concerned with both household goods and grandchildren. She left 3s. 3d. to the parish church of Filby, and to her son Roger Ward "all those ymplements of household the which I left uppon the ground or in the house where my saide sonne Roger now dwelleth at my departing and removing from thence st the ffeast of St. Michaell the arch angell in the yeare of or Lord 1600." These implements included a cheese presse, a great chaire, two trundle bedsteads, a pair of malt quearnes, ale tubs, a long chest, a bedboulster, one pillow, and one stand, "left in his custady at my removing from thence." To Roger she left also his choice of one of three spits, which after his death was to go to "Willm Ward my grandchilde unto whome alsoe I bequeathe and give a brass posnytt to be delivered unto hym ... when he shall accomplish the age of xxi  yeares." To her son John Pixstone she left a cow and a cupboard "standing in the parlour where I now dwell" for his lifetime, and then both cow (or her full price) and cupboard were to go to his son William Pixston, or if William did not survive his father, to "Alice alias Ales Pixton his daughtr my grandchild and goddaughter." She left to her daughter Margarett, wife of Wm Larwood, a little featherbed that was her father Pixston's, which after her decease was to go to one of Margaret's children, first to grandson Thomas Larwood, or, in order of survival, to Edmund Larwood, then to Elizabeth Larwood, then Johane Larwood; to Margaret also went her mother's best petticoat and best cloak. To daughter "Ann or Agnes, wife of Thomas ffilby," she left her best gown and sheets and pillows which after her death were to go to Ann's daughter Johane ffilby, or if Johane died first, to the rest of the children of Thomas and Agnes, to be divided. Agnes ffilby was to divide with her sister Katheryn, wife of John Arnod, all "my best lynen that belongeth to my head and neck attire." She also left to Katherine Arnold a cow "to be delivered unto her after the death of the saide John her husband,: and "my best hatt." To her grandchild Johane ffilby she left "my little posted bedstead" when she reached the age of 21, and to her grandchild and goddaughter Suzan ffilby a sum of money and a Danish chest. To the "youngest daughter of my sonne pixton borne in or about the month of Sep 1603," 2s. 6d. at the age of 21 .. to grandchild Willm Ward a brass posnytt at 21. She left to her daughter Agnes ffilby a bearing sheet and a spreading sheet, on condition that Agnes and her hysband "whosoev" for the tyme being shall lend the saide two sheets unto any of my other daught[er]s or daughters in lawe for ther affaires and busyness of childbirth onely." To each of her following named grandchildren, she 2s.6s. at age 21. William, Alice, John, and Nicholas, children of oldest son John Pixston; Elizabeth, Johane, Thomas, and Edmund Larwood, children of William Larwood and daughter Margaret; Johan ffilby, daughter of Thomas and Agnes ffilby, Elizabeth Arnold, daughter of John and Katheryn Arnold, and Will[ia]m Ward, son of Roger Ward. She left a new sheet and pewter platter to her goddaughter Alice Malliatt, and to her servant Katheryn Harbert a little cupboard and pair of sheets.  All the rest of her goods were to go to her youngest son ffrances [sic] Ward, who was to be executor. Witnesses were Godfride Pendleton (the scribe who wrote the will), Robert Clark, Thomas Pixstoan, Richard Malliott and William Mallott. Children baptized at Filby: i. Roger bp 27 Dec 1567, bur 26 Feb 1618/9; m. Elizabeth ____; named in 1611 subsidy roll (PRO, E179:253/36); left will (ANW, 143 Pull), Child: 1. William, bp 1600.  ii. Anne (Agnes), bp. 20 Mar 1569/70; m. Thomas Fillby. Children (named in wills of their grandparents), surname Filby: 1. Johan, under 5 yrs in 1598. 2. Susan. iii. Katherrine bp 30 Apr 1573; m. John Arnold. Child (mentioned in wills of her grandparents), surname Arnold: 1. Elizabeth b. 1598/9.  iv. Richard bp 8 Sep 1575; perhaps d. young. v. Dorothy (twin) bp 8 Feb 1576/7; bur 8 Feb 1576/7. vi. Cycelye (twin), bp. 8 Feb 1576/7; bur 8 Feb 1576/7. vii. Elizabeth, bp 23 Mar 1577; bur 8 Apr 1578. 3. viii. Francys, bp 25 Oct 1`1579.  3. Francis Warde (Robert, Roger) was baptized at Filby, 25 Oct 1579, and died at Great Yarmouth in late 1647 or early 1648. He. married first, at Filby, in June 1603 Susanna Browne, posssibly a daughter of Edmunde and Elleyne Browne of Filby. He married second, 23 Aug 1627, Margaret (Denton) Holle, the widow of Robert Holle of North Walsham. This family appears to have left the parish of Filby shortly after the death of Francis' mother in Feb 1609. They are next found in the parish of Soouth Walsham, and eventually moved to Great Yarmouth, where he died. In his will, dated 6 Sep 1645 and proved 29 Jan 1647/8 at Norwich (ANW, 345 Disney) Francis Warde of Great Yarmouth, yeoman being weake & sicke in body, left to his son Francis Ward of South Walsham all his housess, messuages, lands and tenements in Great Yarmouth, formerly held by Henry Hal; to his son William 10 and to his daughter Susan 15 to be paid to them by their brother Francis, specifying that if Francis should default on the payment, William and Susan were to "enter in uppon the mesuages or tenemts now in ye occupation of Hester Gressse widow & Williaj[m]  Hast." To his wife Margaret he left the things which had been hers before marriage, and also the residue of his own household goods, which after her death were to go to his daughter Susan. He named as executor Nicholas Lacking[ton] of Great Yarmouth. The children who had not remained in Norfolk were not mentioned. Children by first wife Susanna Browne: i. Lucy, bp at Filby 13 Mar 1604/5; d. at Hampton NH 12 Nov 1665; m. at St. Mary's parish of South Walsham, 8 Oct 1629 Robert Page of Ormesby St. Margaret, who d. at Hampton NH 26 Sep 1679, aged 75 years. The Page family left Great Yarmouth in April 1637 (J.C.Hotten, Original Lists of Persons of Quality, Great Britain to America 1600-1700 [NY, 1931], 291).  They sailed on the ship Rose and arrived in Boston on 8 June following. After spending 1637-9 in Salem MA, the family removed to Hampton, where they were among the original settlers. Children, first three born at Ormesby, others in NE, (surname Page):  1. Margaret b. at Ormesby, ca. 1630; d. at Hampton 13 July 1699; m. (1) William Moulton; m. (2) John Samborne. 2. Francis b. at Ormesby ca 1633; d. at Hampton 15 Nov 1796; m. at Hampton 2 Dec 1669 Meribah Smith. 3. Susanna b. at Ormesby ca 1635; apparently d. young in New England. 4. Rebecca bp at Salem MA 1 Sep 1639; d at Hampton 27 May 1673; m. William Marston. 5. Thomas bp at Salem 1 Sep 1639; d at Hampton 8 Sep 1686; m there 2 Feb 1664/5 Mary Hussey. 6 Hannah, b at Hampton ca 1642; d. there 6 Aug 1704; m there Capt. Henry Dow. 7. Mary b at Hampton ca 1644; d there 8 Mar 1700/1; m there as his second wife 28 Oct 1665 Samuel Fogg. ii. Susanna bp at Filby 20 Sep 1606; living 1645. iii. Marie bp at Filby 4 Sep 1608; d young.  iv. Francis b ca 1610; living 1669, when named on a list of freemen as a shipwright at Great Uarmouth (H. LeStrange, Norfolk Official Lists [Norwich, 1890] m. Rachel ___ Children ....v. William, living 1645. vi. (perhaps) Thomas b.. ca 1620. vii. Anne b ca 1622; d at Hampton NH 24 Jan 1688/9; m probably at Hampton ca 1640 Edward Colcord b ca 1615 possibly in Devon (Noyes, Libby and Davis, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, 154) d at Hampton 10 Feb 1681/2. She immigrated in April 1637 as a servant of her brother-in-law Robert Page (Hotten, Original Lists, 291). Edward Colcord sometime of Teighnmouth Devon came to NE early and was in Dover, Hampton, and Exeter NH. He was an interpreter to the Indians, a landowner and controversial figure known widely in NE. See Joanna C. Colcord "Edward Colcord, Rebel," The American Genealogist 16 (1939):65-81. Children: ....

Gen. Dictionary of ME & NHPage, Deac. Robert, Hampton, s. of Robert and Margaret (Goodwin), reached Boston from Ormesby St. Margaret, co. Norfolk, 8 June 1637, ag. 33, with w. Lucy, ag. 30, 3 ch., and servants Wm. Moulton and Anne Wadd, aged 15, supposed to have been his wife's sis., and went to Salem. N.E. Reg. 66: 180; see also 69: 342. Hampt. by the 2d summer. Selectm. 8 times 1644-1671. Allowed to build sawmill at Taylor's River 1656; Rep. 1657, 1668; marshal of co. of Norfolk; deacon 1660 to death; moderator 1667-8. Ag. 58, also +/-59 in 1660; +/-75 in Nov. 1676. His w. Lucy d. 12 Nov. 1665,  ag. 58. His will, 9 Sept. (d. 22 Sept. ag. 75) 1679, names all ch. but Susanna and many gr.ch. Ch: Margaret m. 1st William Moulton, m. 2d John Sanborn. Francis b. +/-1633. Susanna came with parents. Thomas bp. at Salem 1 Sept 1639. Rebecca bp. with Thos., m. Wm. Marston. Hannah m. Capt Henry Dow. Mary b. +/-1643 m. Samuel Fogg.

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