Laurence WATERS carpenter, born England circa 1602, died 12/9/1687, of Watertown, Lancaster, and Charlestown, one of first settlers of Lancaster, he and wife were both warned for having danced [I'm so proud!]

Spouse: Ann LINTON daughter of Robert & Elizabeth of Watertown & Lancaster, born circa 1614, died Charlestown 2/6/1680/1

Children: Laurence born 12/14/1634/5  Watertown married Hannah ____; Sarah born 12/7/1636 married John Skeath; Mary born 1/27/1637;  Rebecca born 2/1639 died 3/1/1640; Daniel born 2/6/1641 no further record;  Stephen became responsible for parents when father became blind, born 1/24/1643 married Sarah Carter; Adam born circa 1643 died 9/15/1670; Rebecca born circa 1645 married Josiah Whitcomb; Joseph born 4/20/1647 married Hannah ____; Jacob born 3/1/1649 married Sarah Hudson;  Rachel born 3/1/1649 died 3/31/1649;Samuel  born1/14/1651, married Mary Hudson, ancestors of Grover Cleveland;  Joanna born 3/26/1653 died 4/21/1654; Ephraim born 1/27/1655 died 6/17/1659;


Mary WATERS, born 1/27/1638, married 1656

Spouse: Samuel DAVIS of Groton born 1630 England, died 12/28/1699

Children: Marie born 1/26/1657; Elizabeth born 11/11/1658 married a Church; Mary born 1/31/1662-3 married first Isaac Lewis second Thomas Pratt; John born 3/10/1664 lived in Groton where he was killed by the Indians in October 1704; Sarah born 8/12/1667; Samuel born 1/10/1669; Barnabas  born 4/17/1672 died 1690; Patience born 4/10/1674, wife of John Green

The Great Migration: Lawrence Waters - Origin: Unknown. Migration: 1635 (based on birth of child at Watertown on 14 February 1635[/6?] [WaVR 1:4]) First Residence: Watertown. Removes: Lancaster by about 1645, harlestown 1675 [ChTR 3:113].  Occupation: Carpenter [MLR 3:338, 342, 10:78]. Education: Signed his deeds. Officeholding: On 7 Oct 1662, "Laurance Waters of Lanchaster is released from all ordinary training paying five shillings per annum to the military company of the town where he dwells" [MCR 1/223].  ESTATE: On 25 July 1636, "Lawrence Waters" was granted twenty-five acres in the Great Dividend at Watertown [WaBOP 4].  On 28 Feb 1636/7, he was granted four acres in the Beaverbrook Meadows [WaBOP 8].  On 26 June 1637, he was granted four acres in the Remote Meadows [WaBOP 10]. On 10 May 1642, he was granted a Farm of one hundred and five acres [WaBOP 13].  In the Watertown Inventory of Grants, "Lawrence Waters" held six parcels: "ann homestall of eight acres"; "four acres of  plowland in the Further Plain"; "four acres of Remote Meadow by estimation & the ninety-four lot"; "twenty-five acres of upland by estimation being a Great Dividend in the Third Division & the tenth lot"; "twelve acres of upland by estimation beyond the Further Plain"; and "one acre of meadow in Patch Meadow" [WaBOP 96-97].  In the Watertown Composite Inventory, "Lawrence Waters" held six parcels: "an homestall of eight acres"; "four acres of plowland in the Further Plain & the 111 lot"; "four acres of meadow in the Remote Meadows & the 94 lot"; "twenty-five acres of upland being a Great Divident in the 3 Division & the 10 lot"; "twelve acres of upland beyond the Further Plain & the 14 lot"; and "a Farm of one hundred & five acres of upland in the 6 Division" [WaBOP 43].  An undated inventory of the first division of land at Lancaster includes "The Lands of Lawrence Waters"; "The houselot of Lawrence Waters part whereof lies in tat field he hath enclosed by his house there being six acres and half and nine acres of intervale in the field butting south upon the highway that lies between the carting place in the north river ...., more he hath a part of his upland lot lying on the east side of the Swan's Swamp being about thirteen acres and half or thereabouts ...., more he hath eleven acres of intervale lying on the east side of Penicook River ..., all which parcels of upland and interval lying for his upland lot and intervale lot and lying for forty acres" [Lancaster Records 260].  On 3 Mar 1659 [/60?], "Richard Linton of Lanchaster" deeded to "my daughter Ann Waters the wife of Laurance Waters of the same town ten acres of land of the north part of my house lot ... and also one acre more of land which is a part of my orchard adjoining into the house lot of the abovesaid Laurance Waters ..., [also] four acres of intervale land lying at the Plumtrees adjoining unto a parcel of meadow of the abovesaid Laurance Waters" [MLR 2:200].  On 15 July 1662, "Laurance Waters of Lanchaster ..., carpenter, for good and valuable consideration me moving, but specially for and in consideration of the settling of my son Adam Waters in this plantation, have freely given, granted & confirmed ... unto the aforesaid Adam Waters my son fourscore & five acres of upland, being part of my second division ... and also my first division of meadow being the 4th lot in number, in that division lying at the south meadow ..., my lot of meadow there as aforesaid being about eleven acres ..., also I hereby give unto the aforementioned Adam Waters common right belonging to fifty pound of my estate that is entered into the town book to draw land by ..., excepting four acres of meadow lying at the Broad Meadow, belonging to the forementioned meadow, bearing the name of allowance" [MLR 3:342].  On 11 Aug 1666, "Laurence Waters of Lancaster, ... carpenter," deeded to "Stephen Waters my son ... half of my second division land that lyeth upon the Four Mile Brook between Watajuadock Hill and Long Hill, the said brook running through it, and the said Stephen is to have that half in the east end according as it is already divided & laid out ... being laid out for eighty acres ... together with four acres and half of my second division meadow which lyeth upon the said brook within the said land in several parcels, as also common right so much as fifty pounds of my estate entered in the town book will draw" [MLR 10:78].  On 17  Mar 1668/9, "Laurance Waters of Lanchaster ..., carpenter, together with Ann his wife" sold to "Robert Harrington of Watertowne ... twenty acres of land lying & being in Watertowne ... which aforesaid parcel of land is in lieu of plowland and township land, and four acres of remote meadow ... and a farm containing one hundred and five acres ... and is the thirty-fourth lot, with all my town rights, dues & privileges whatsoever that either now is or hereafter shall be or heretofore hath been due to me in Watertowne, since the day that I sold the aforesaid Robert Harrington the aforesaid lands, rights & privileges which was on the first of June in the year of our Lord 1655, all which aforesaid lands, rights & privileges being granted the aforesaid Laurance Waters by the town of Watertowne" [MLR 3:338-39].  On 4 May 1688, "Laurence Waters of Boston ..., housecarpenter, son & heir of Laurence Waters, sometime resident of Lancaster ... late of Boston aforesaid deceased," sold to "Stephen Waters of Charlestowne ..., housecarpenter, and John Sketh of Boston abovenamed, cordwainer, ... all and singular the several tracts & parcels of land hereafter in deed named & described, whereof the abovenamed Laurence Waters deceased died seized ... within the township of Lancaster abovenamed, that is to say seven acres of upland & nine acres of interval land ... being the houselot, with thirten acres of upland ... the remainder of the houselot lying by Swan Swamp, also seventy-one acres of upland ... being his second division, also fifty acres of second division interval & swamp, also five acres of convenience & one acre of meadow adjoining, also three acres of meadow at Broad Meadow, also two acres of meadow at Watoopatuck Meadow, also five acres of second division meadow, also four acres & a half of third division meadow, also twenty acres of upland sometime the houselot of Adam Waters, also fourscore & five acres of second division upland, lying upon South Meadow Brook, also eleven acres of meadow or thereabouts lying at the South Meadow, also conveniences or privilege in town land unto two hundred pounds estate or thereabouts according to town grant & entered in the town book of records, also one acre of orchard land sometime the land of Richard Lenton, also ten acres of upland which was sometime part of the houselot of Rich[ar]d Lenton" [MLR 10:105-6].  /// Birth: By about 1609 (based on estimated date of marriage).  Death: Charlestown 9 Dec 1687 aged "near 85" [ChVR 1:139].  Marriage: By 1634 Anne Lintonn, daughter of Richard Linton (on [blank] Sep 1645, "Richard Linton of Watertowne granted unto Robert Sanderson of the same ... his dwelling house and ot in Watertowne ...; testified upon oath by Lawrence Waters (his son-in-law & one of the witnesses) by order from the said Linton, 6th (10) 1646" [SLR 1:79; see also SLR 1:85]". "Anna, wife of Lawrence Waters, late of Lancaster, now of Charlstowne," died at Charlestown on 6 Feb 1680[/1] [ChVR 1:66].  Children: i. Lawrence Waters, b. Watertown 14 Feb 1635 ]WaVR 1:4; NEHGR 7:159]; m. by 1663 Hannah --- (eldest  known child b. Boston 14 Oct 1663 [BVR 89]). (Given the arrangement of the early Watertown vital records, the resolution of the double-dating problem in January, February and early March can be difficult. Note that if the date of birth for Lawrence is interpreted as 14 February 1635/6, the interval between his birth and that of his sister Sarah would be less than ten months. This might indicate that the correct date of birth for Lawrence was  14 February 1634/5, but we leave the date unresolved).  ii.  Sarah Waters, b. Watertown 7 Dec 1636 [WaVR 1:4; NEHGR 7:159]; m. Weymoth 7 June 1658 John Skeath. (The marriage record as publishe gives the groom's surname as Shaw, but other records whow that the bride's surname was Skeath [MCF Folio #57; MLR 10:105-6]. The eldest known child of "John & Sarah Scate" was born at Boston on 14 April 1659 [BVR 68], and most later records at Boston give the surname as Skeath [BVR 74, 93, 101, 109, 134, 139, 147, 155, 204, 208, 228].)   iii. Mary Waters, b. Watertown 27 Jan 1637 [WaVR 1:5; NEHGR 7:160]; poaaivly m. by 1658 Samuel Davis (eldest known child b. Charlestown 22 Nov 1658 [ChVR 1:37]), son of Barnabas Davis {1635, Connecticut} [GM 2:2:286-92] (see Comments below).  iv. Rebecca Waters, b. Watertown [blank] Feb 1639 and d. there 1 Mar 1640 ("Rebecca the daughter of Lawrence & Anne Waters born (12) 1639 buried 1 (1) 1640") [WaVR 1:8; NEHGR 7:162].  v. Daniel Waters, b. Watertown 6 Feb 1641 [WaVR 1:9; NEHGR 7:282]; no further record (unless this birth record is actually for the son Adam, who would have been born by this date).  vi. Stephen Waters, b. Watertown 24 Jan 1642 [WaVR 1:10; NEHGR 7:283]; m. Charlestown 12 June 1674 Sarah Carter [ChVR 1:89]; daughter of Samuel Carter [Wyman 188-89].  vii. Adam Waters, b. say 1643 (but see Comments below); d. Charlestown 15 Sep 1670 ("Adam Waters, son of Lawrence Waters of Lancaster") [ChVR 1:76}. On 4 June 1671, "we whose names are hereunto subscribed do humbly and earnestly entreat the honored court to consider of the estate of our late deceased brother Adam Waters, our desires are to have our equal shares therein only our earnest desire is that the said estate may rest undivided in the hands of the administrators so long as our honored father and mother live namely Lawrence and Ann Waters to be wholly and entirely conferred upon them for their use and comfort"; signed by "Larranc[e] Waters Junior, Steven Waters, John Skeathe, Joseph Waters, Jacob Waters" [MCF Folio #57].  viii. Rebecca Waters, b. say 1645 (but see comments below); m. Lancaster 4 Jan 1644[/5] Josiah Whitcomb [LanVR 11], son of John Whitcomb [1635, Dorchester].  ix. Joseph Waters, b. Lancaster 29 April 1647 [LanVR 10]; m. by an unknown date Hannah ____ (on 3 Nov 1720, "Hannah Waters [is] this day admitted to administer to the estate of her late husband Joseph Waters late of Groton ... deceased intestate" [MPR Case #23198; Wyman 998]).  x.  Joseph Waters (twin), b. Lancaster 1 March 1649 [LanVR 10]; m. (1) by 1676 Sarah Hudson (eldest known child b. Charlestown 5 May 1676 [ChVR 96]), daughter of Daniel Hudson (on 2  Dec 1697, in the "division of the personal estate of Daniel Hutson late of Lancaster deceased," one share went to "Jacob Waters in right of Sarah his wife" [MPR 9:218; TAG 56:27]). m. (2) Milton 4 Nov 1709 Abigain Hudson (Mary Lovering Holman stated that the two wives of Jacob Waters were sisters [Stevens-Miller 97], but this would not have been the case, both because such marriages were not customary at the time and because Abigail, daughter of Daniel Hudson, was otherwise accounted for [TAG 56:27].  Abigail Hudson, second wife of Jacob may have been daughter of John Hudson of Milton, who had daughters Ann and Submit born there in the 1690s.  xi. Rachel Waters (twin), b. Lancaster 1 Mar 1649 [LanVR 10]; d. there 31 Mar 1649 [LanVR 12].  xii.  Samuel Waters, b. Lancaster 14 Jan 1651 [LanVR 10]; m. Lancaster 21 Mar 1672[/3] Mary Hudson (surname of bride not given [LanVR 14]), daughter of Daniel Hudson (on 2 Dec 1697, in the "division of the personal estate of Daniel Hutson late of Lancaster deceased," one share went to "Sam[ue]l Waters in right of Mary his wife" [MPR 9:218; TAG 5627]).  (In 1992 Roberta Stokes Smith and Mclinde Lutz Sanborn idetified the two wives of Josiah Waters, son of Samuel [NEHGR 146:57-58].)  xiii. Joanna Waters, b. Lancaster 26 Mar 1653 [LanVR 10]; d. there 21 Apr 1654 [LanVR 12].  xiv. Ephraim Waters, b. Lancaster 27 Jan 1655 [LanVR 10]; d. there 17 June 1659 [LanVR 12].  /// COMMENTS:  In the Watertown grand of land at the Beaverbrook Plowlands on 28 Feb 1636/7 and at the Remote Meadows on 26 June 1637, Lawrence Waters was granted four acres in each instance, indicating a household of four persons. These would have been Lawrence himself, his wife Anne, son Lawrence and daughter Sarah.  On 6 Mar 1637/8, "Lawrence Waters is bound in 10 for his wife's appearance at the next Quarter Court" [MBCR 1:219].  On 5 June 1638, "Laurence Waters his wife was enjoined to give John Finch 18d., & Nic[h]o[las] Theale to give Jno. Fince 18d., & Edw[ar]d Lambe to give him 2s, & Lambe was fined 15s, 6d. for his contempt, & all of them were admonished to avoid dancing" [MBCR 1:233].  On 20 Mar 1675/6, in a list of those who had taken refuge in Charlestown, the selectmen took note of "Lawrence Waters & his wife & Sam[uel] Waters & wife & 2 children. These are at Stephen Waters house. They came from Lancaster & are entertained upon the law to the relief of the distressed.  Steph[en] Waters doth also engage to the selectmen & their successors to secure the town from any charge by the said persons" [ChTR 3:113].  On 12 Oct 166, "in answer to the petition of Laurence Waters, of Lancaster, humbly desiring the favor of this court to order the payment of his accounts mentioned in his petition, of seven pounds, fifteen shillings & four pence, or thereabouts, due to him from the country, his rate of forty-two shillings being deducted, the balance may be paid him, being aged & blind, &c., it is ordered that the treasurer make payment to the petitioner the sum above mentioned, provided that if it is belonging to the old treasurer, & not charged in his account, that he pass it to the new treasurer" [MBCR 5:120].  There is a gap in the record of births for this family between 24 Jan 1742, when Stephen was born at Watertown, and 29 Apr 1647 when Joseph was born at Lancaster. As noted above under eldest son Lawrence, resolving the double-dating in Watertown vital records is especially difficult. However, if we interpret the record from Stephen as being 24 Jan 1642/3, then we have just over four years between Stephen and Joseph. At the usual two-year interval between births, this would suggest that there was room for one more child in this gap, born about 1645. We have, though two children born about this time for whom there is no record of birth, son Adam and the second daughter Rebecca. There might, of course, have been twins, as did happen in the family in 1649. Another possibility is that the birth record for Daniel on 6 Feb 1641 was actually the birth of Adam. At some point, the "dam" of Adam might have been interpreted as the "Dan" of Daniel. This would accont well with the 15 Jly 1662 deed of gift from the immigrant Lawrence Waters to his son Adam, for Adam would have been close to twenty-lne years old on that date. This would have the second daughter Rebecca as the child born about 1645.  Secondary sources state that Mary Waters, daughter of Lawrence, married Samuel Davis of Groton [Wyman 278, 997]; Stevens-Miller 96]. The evidence for this marriage is an item "From a Genealogist's Note Book"; "Samuel Davis of Groton, who had wife Mary, was called brother by Rebecca Whitcomb in 1664. She was aet. 22, and formerly of Dorchester" [GQM 4:29].  The following deposition was found in the Middlesex files: "Rebecca Whitcombe aged 22 years testified & sayeth that about the 22th day of Nov last Mr. Jno. Hoare was at the house of Lt. Richard Cooke & then there was an accoyunt or writing lent him the said Hoar by Mr. Cooke, which the said Jno. Hoar promised to deliver Lt. Cooke the next morning and further sayeth not, taken upon oath the 5th of 2th month [April] 1664 before me Anthony Stoddard Commissioner" [MCF Folio #36].  Aside from the daughter of Lawrence Waters who married Josiah Whitcomb, there was another woman of this name at the time, the wife of James Whitcomb of Boston, who would have been about the same age [NEHGR 112:160].  Since the action in this deposition seems to have taken place in Boston, the residence of both Cooke and Stoddard, we conclude that the deponent was the wife of James Whitcomb and not the daughter of Lawrence Waters.  The deposition does give the age of Rebecca as twenty-two, but says nothing about Samuel Davis of Groton or about Dorchester, implying that information from at least two documents has been conflated in this "Genealogist's Note Book." Research in the indexes of Middlesex Court Files, Suffolk Court Files and Massachusetts Archives has not revealed another deposition by a Rebecca Whitcomb.  A peculiartly of the will of Samuel Davis adds another twist to the puzzle. One of the witnesses to the will was given as "Martha Waters"; she signed by mark, as the "Waters" was written by someone else. When it came time to prove the will, the acknowledgement of this witness was given as "Martha Rogers" [MPR Case #6082, Stevens-Miller 96].  Further research on the identity of the wife of Samuel Davis of Groton is clearly indicated.  Bibliographic Note: In 1948 Mary Lovering Homan published an account of this family, with a line of descent through daughter Rebecca [Stevens-Miller 94-97].  

Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine, Volume 4: Barnabas Davis immigrant ancestor of a prominent family bearing this name was born 1599 in Tewksbury England, with his wife Patience and son Samuel he sailed for America in the ship Blessing and arrived at Boston in 1636. He settled in Charlestown where he owned several parcels of real estate including a part of Bunker Hill. By trade he was a tallow chandler and probably followed that trade. He died November 27 1685 and was survived almost five years by his wife who died November 15 1690. Their children were 1 Samuel further mentioned below, 2 Barnabas, 3 Patience born 1641 married William Ridland of Charlestown, 4 Nathaniel married first Mary Converse second Mary Thomas was a glazier in Charlestown, 5 Hopewell a soldier of King Philip's war married Sarah Boynton Davis, 6 James married Elizabeth Randall and lived in Scituate II. Samuel eldest child of Barnabas and Patience Davis was born in 1630 in England and settled soon after his marriage in Groton Massachusetts where his children were born. He was a prominent man of his time and active in the struggles with the savage foes surrounding his home. By one authority it is stated that he was killed in Groton by the Indians in 1704 others say it was his son Samuel. His son John was slain near his home in Groton. Samuel died December 28 1699. He was married in 1656 to Mary Waters who was born January 27 1638 a daughter of Laurence and Ann Linton Waters of Watertown Lancaster and Charles town. Their children were 1 Elizabeth, 2 Mary married first Isaac Lewis second Thomas Pratt, 3 John born March 10 1664 lived in Groton where he was killed by the Indians in October 1704, 4 Sarah, 5 Samuel mentioned below, 6 Barnabas who died 1690, 7 Patience wife of John Green

Groton historical series: A collection of papers relating to the history of: It was John Davis who was killed by the Indians near his own door at Groton on October 25 1704 and not Samuel as incorrectly stated in Groton during the Indian Wars page 89. John was the eldest son of Samuel and Mary Waters Davis and born at Groton on March 10 1664. His house stood a short distance below the Groton School where Walter Dickson lived when the Map in Mr Butler's History was made. His father was the eldest son of Barnabas and Patience Davis who came from England in the summer of 1635 and settled at Charlestown. Samuel and Mary Waters Davis had eight children as follows Marie born at Lancaster on January 26 1657 and presumably died young as another Mary soon appears; Elizabeth born at Charlestown on November 11 1658; Mary born at Groton on January 31 1662 3 married Isaac Lewis of Boston on May 25 1680 and had six children; John born at Groton on March 10 1664 killed as above stated married Mehitabel and had five children; Sarah born at Groton on August 12 1667; Samuel born at Groton on January 10 1669; Barnabas born at Groton on April 17 1672 and died in August 1690; and Patience born at Groton on April 10 1674.There is some reason to think that John Davis's wife was Mehitable daughter of Ellis or Elias and Anna Barron though Barron in his will made on December 31 1711 mentions his daughter Mehitable Parker. She may have married a Parker for her second husband.  

An address in commemoration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the Town of Lancaster:  Lands had been laid out very early but at what precise time or by whom nowhere appears. The first associates several of whom had expended labor and money such as Prescott, Linton, Waters, Garrett, and Day may have made some division among themselves. Laurence Waters, who was a carpenter, had a tract of seventeen acres given to him by the first undertakers bounded southerly on the north branch of the Nashaway river. The railroad passes over this land and the station house is upon it. Here Waters built a house, the first dwelling house I am inclined to believe that was erected in Lancaster. Linton was not far off. Whether Prescott first lived on the east side of the neck or on the Cowdall purchase I am at a loss to discover. The probability that they would wish to be near one another in this part of the town would tend to the former conclusion. /// They entered into an agreement to appear and begin the plantation at a certain time and as an evidence of their determination sent up three Watertown husbandmen Richard Linton, Laurence Waters his son in law, and John Ball to whom they assigned land to make preparation for the general appearance of the Company. These three men, who it would seem came here two hundred and ten years ago, were the first inhabitants. Waters afterwards built a house on the pleasant slope in front of us near the entrance of the centre road.

Ancestry of John Barber White and his descendants: LAWRENCE Waters Watertown 1634 m Ann Linton was a carpenter and one of the three sent up in 1645 by the grantees of the Nashaway Plantation to make suitable preparation for their own coming. In 1638 he or his wife or both are warned for having danced. He was assigned a lot by the proprietors of Nashaway now Lancaster upon which he built a house probably the second building erected by white men in Lancaster the truck house on George Hill being the first. After the massacre of 1676 he was in Charles town with his wife where his son Stephen became responsible to the authorities for them he being blind. He d in Charlestown Dec 9 1687 wife Ann d in 1680. Children 142 Lawrence Waters 3 b Feb 14 1635 m Hannah and lived in Boston 143 Sarah Waters 3 b Dec 7 1636 m John Skeath 144 Mary Waters 2 b Jan 27 1638 145 Rebecca Waters 2 146 Daniel Waters 2 b Feb 6 1642 147 Stephen Waters 2 b in Watertown Jan 24 1643 living in Charlestown 1678 with wife Sarah who joined the church June 26 1681 148 Adam Waters 2 b in Lancaster 1645 d in Charlestown Sept 15 1670 149 Joseph Waters 2 b in Lancaster Apr 20 1647 the first attested death in Lancaster 152 Samuel Waters 2 b Feb 14 1651 lived in Charlestown 153 Joanna Waters 2 b Mar 26 1653 154 Ephraim Waters 2 b Jan 27 1655 150 Jacob Waters 2 151 Rachel Waters 2 Mar 1 1649 d the same month. 

White Swirled Line

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