Allerton, Alderton, Ollerton, Alerton

_____ ALLERTON from London, Eng

Spouse: _______

Children: Isaac; Zarah / Sarah married Jan Vincent, Degory Priest & Godbert Godbertson; She arrived on the Anne with Godbert in 1623


Isaac ALLERTON born circa 1586  possibly Suffolk Eng; died between 2/1/1658-9 (when he appeared in court) and 2/12/1658/9 (date of inventory) New Haven CT, will proved 10/19/1659;  was called from London in the marriage rececord; came in Mayflower 1620 from Leiden, Asst Gov. Plymouth Colony; merchant, made frequent trips to England; first in Plymouth with removes to Marblehead, New Amsterdam & New Haven; freeman 1633 Plymouth

Spouse: (1) Mary NORRIS from  Newbury Berkshire ENG married 11/4/1611 Leyden Holland died Plymouth 2/25/1620/1 (2)  Fear Brewster born England married  circa 1626 died Plymouth before 2/12/1634 daughter of William & Mary Brewster of the Mayflower (see Davis/McDowell) (3) Joanna Swinnerton married before 2/17/1644-5  probably New Haven CT, living New Haven 5/19/1684

Children of Mary: Bartholomew born circa 1613 Leyden, Holland; returned to England & becameminister at Bamfield, died probably Bramfield, Co. Suffolk between 10/15/1658 & 2/19/1658-9, married (1) Margaret ___ (2)  Sarah Fairfax probably Co. Suffolk ENG; Remember born circa 1615 Leyden Holland, passenger on the Mayflower, died between 9/12/1652 & 10/22/1656, married Moses Maverick he married 2nd Eunice (Cole) Roberts; Mary born circa 1617 Leyden married Thomas Cushman; child bur 2/5/1620 St. Peters Leyden; son stillborn 12/22/1620 Plymouth Harbour on the Mayflower; Children of Fear (2): Sarah born circa 1626 Plymouth no further record; Isaac born between circa 1630 Plymouth, died Westmoreland Co VA,  AB Harvard 1650,  married (1) Elizabeth ___ & (2) Elizabeth (Willoughly) (Overzee) Colclough.


Mary ALLERTON born circa 1617 Leyden Holland, died 11/28/1699 Burial Hill, Plymouth, last survivor of those who came on Mayflower

Spouse: Thomas CUSHMAN baptized St. Andrew Parish, Canterbury ENG 2/8/1607-8, died Plymouth 12/10-11/1691 "near the end of the 84th year of his life", married circa 1636 Plymouth

Children: Thomas born circa 9/1637 married (1) Ruth Howland (2) Abigail (Titus) Fuller; Sarah born circa 1641 married (1) 4/11/1661 John Hawks (2) Daniel Hutchings; Mary born circa 1643 married Francis Hutchingson; Rev. Isaac born 2/8/1648-9 married circa 1675 possibly  Rebecca Harlow ; Elkanah born 6/1/1651 married (1) Elizabeth Cole (2) Martha Cooke; Feare born 6/20/1653 died before 10/22/1690; Deacon  Eleazer born 2/20/1656-7 married Elizabeth Coombs; Lydia born circa 1662 married William Harlow; all born Plymouth

The Great Migration: Isaac Allerton. Origin: Leiden, Holland. Migration: 1620 Mayflower. First Residence: Plymouth. Removes: Marblehead, New Amsterdam, New Haven. Return Trips: Frequent trips to England, especially in the 1620s and 1630s, on personal and colony business. Occupation: Merchant. Church Membership: "Mr. Alderton" admitted to Salem church 21 Mar 1646/7 [SChR 12]. Isaac Allerton and his wife were assigned pews in New Haven meeting house, 10 Mar 1646/7 [Small Gen 815]. (The Salem record may refer to a different man, as the records come so close together, and Allerton had not lived at Marblehead for some time.)  Freeman: In "1633" Plymouth list of freemen, immediately after Councillors, and well before those admitted on 1 Jan 1632/3 [PCR 1:3]; in Plymouth list of 7 Mar 1636/7 [PCR 1:52]. Education: Although there is no direct evidence of Isaac Allerton's education, and nothing written in his own hand, he must have beel well-educated to engage in business, political and diplomatic activities as extensively as he did.  Offices: In early 1621, after the death of John Carver, William Bradford was chosen Governor, and "Isaac Allerton was chosen to be assistant unto him who, by renewed election every year, continued sundry years together" [Bradford 86], Chosen Assistant, 1 Jan 1633/4 [PCR 1:21].  Estate: In the 1623 Plymouth land division "Mr. Isaak Alerton" received seven acres [PCR 12:4; MZ 40:10]. In the 1627 Plymouth cattle division Mr. Isaac Allerton, his wife Feare Allerton, Bartholomew Allerton, Remember Allerton, Mary Allerton and Sarah Allerton were the first six persons in the second company [PCR 12:9].  Assessed 3 11s. in Plymouth tax list of 25 Mar 1633 and  1 16s in list of 27 Mar 1634 [PCR 1:9, 27].  Assigned mowing ground for year, 1 July 1633 [PCR 1:14].  On 6 May 1535 the MA Bay General Court noted that "Mr. Ollerton hath given to Moses Maveracke, his son-in-law, all his houses, buildings, & stages, that he hath at Marble Head, to enjoy to him & his heirs forever" [MBCR 1:147].  On 27 Oct 1646 "Isacke Allerton" of New Amsterdam in the province of New Netherlands, merchant, confirmed to son-in-law Thomas Cushman of New Plymouth a debt of one hundred pounds owed to Isaac by John Coombe [PCR 2:133].  In his "will," undated and proved 19 Oct 159, "Isaac Alerton, late of New Haven, deceased," devoted most of the space to a list of debts owing to him, and then ordered "my son Isaac Allerton and my wife, as trustees to receive in my debts, & to pay what I owe, as far as it will go & what is overplus I leave to my wife and my son Isaac, as far as they receive the debts to pay what I owe." he inventory, taken 12 Feb 1658/9, totalled  118 5s. 2d., and included "thee dwelling house, orchard & barn with two acres of meadow,"  75 [MD 2:155-57; Small Gen 818-24].  Birth:  About 1586 (deposed 26 Sep 1639  aged about  53 [Lechford 189-90, MD 4:109-19].  Death: New Haven between 1 Feb 1658/9 (court appearance) and 12 Feb 1658/9 (date of inventory. Marriage: (1) at Leiden 4 Nov 1611 [New Style] Mary Norris "single woman from Newbury in England" [MD 7:129-30]; died Plymouth 25 Feb 1620/1 [Prince 289].  (2) At Plymouth between 1623 and 1627 Fear Brewster, daughter of William Brewster, she died not long before 12 Dec 1634, presumably at Plymouth [MD 30:97-98; WP 3:177].  (3) By 1644 Joanna Swinnerton, probably the "Mrs. Swinnerton" who received a  grant of lad at New Haven on 17 Mar 1640/1 [NHCR 1:50; NEHGR 124:133; MD 442:124[.  Children: With first wife - i. Bartholomew, b. say 1613; he returned to England, became minister at "Bamfield," Suffolk; m. (1) Margaret ___; m. (2) Sarah, dau. of Benjamin Fairfax; an had at least four children [MD 40-7 10]. ii. Remember, b. say 1615; m. by 6 May 1635 Moses Maverick [MBC 1:147] son of Rev. John Maverick [MD 5:129-41; NEHGR 96:358-61; Small Gen 669-80].  iii. Mary, b.. say 1617; m. by about 1636 Thomas Cushman [MD 4:37-42]; a late annotation to Bradford's 1651 list noted that "Mary Cushman the daughter of Mr Allerton" was still alive in 1690 [Bradford 448]; she d. Plymouth 28 Nov 1699 [MD 6:63], the last of the Mayflower passengers to die.  iv. Child, bur. St. Peter's, Leiden, 5 Feb 1620 [NS] [Dexter 601].  v. Son, stillborn aboard the Mayflower 22 Dec 1620 in Plymouth Harbor [Mourt 41].  With second wife: vi. Sarah, b. Plymouth about 1626, no further record.  vii. Isaac, b. Plymouth say 1630; Harvard 1650 [Sibley 1:253-56]; m. (1) about 1652 Elizabeth ____ [NEHgR 124:83-84 argues that she was a daughter of Joanna Swinnerton, third wife of Isaac's father]; m. (2) Virginia about 1663  Elizabeth (Willoughby) (Overzee) Colclough, dau. of Capt. Thomas Willoughby and widow of Simon Overzee and George Colclough [Wakefield, Isaac Allerton of the Mayflower ... (Plymouth 1990) 4-5]; all modern authorities agree that the Isaac Allerton born at New Haven in 1655, son of  this Isaac Allerton by his first wife, died without issue, and some other origin must be found for the Allertons who appear in New Haven late in the 17th century [MQQ 45:23; MD 42:117].  Associations:  Brother of Sarah Allerton, wife successively of John Vincent, Degory Priest and Godbert Godbertson. On 2 Dec 1633, as part of the settlement of the estate of Godbert Godbertson, it was noted that "the greater part of his debts are owing to Mr. Isaack Allerton, of Plym., merchant, late brother of the said Zarah" [PCR 1:20].  Comments:  In his list of Mayflower passengers Bradford included "Mr. Isaac Allerton and Mary his wife, with three children, Bartholomew, Remember and Mary. And a servant boy John Hooke [Bradford 441]. In his 1651 accountig of these families, he reported that "Mr. Allerton his wife died with the first, and his servant John Hooke. His son Bartle is married in England but I know not how many children he hath. His daughter Remember is married at Salem and hath three or four children living.  And his daughter Mary is married here and hath four children. Himself again with the daughter of Mr. Brewster and hath one son living by her, but she is long since dead. And he is married again and hath left this placce long ago. So I account his increase to be eight, besides his son's in England [Bradford 444-45].  Isaac Allerton was one of the busiest and most complicated men in erly New England, and no attempt is made here to cover his career comprehensively. A full-scale biography would be needed for that, and an outline of what is available is given in the next section below. Records for Allerton may be found in virtually every colony on the Atlantic seaboard and in the Caribbean, including Newfoundland, New Netherland, New Sweden, Virginia, Barbadoes, and Curaco.  Although some records of Allerton in New Netherland describe him as "of Suffolk," it is not certain that this refers to his place of origin in England, as some have claimed.  In noting his various residences above, we do not estimate years of removal, as he seems to have maintained residences simultaneoously at more than one location. Also, the attempt made above to describe the estate of Allerton does not come close to showing the magnitude and intricacy of his business activities. No one has yet tried to survey comprehensively this, the major part of Allerton's life.  Since Mses Maverick, the husband of Remember Allerton, received Isaac Allerton's estate at Marblehead, and Isaac Jr. received his father's estate at New Haven, it is likely that Thomas and Mary (Allerton) Cushman were at some time given Allerton's property at Plymouth (assuming that there was more at Plymouth than the debt assigned by Allerton to Cushman in 1646 [PCR 2:133]).  ...

Mayflower Increasings pg 11: Isaac Allerton was born prob Suffolk Co Eng c1585-6 and died between 2/1 - 2/15/1658-9 New Haven Ct. He married 1st 11/4/1611, Leyden Holland, Mary NORRIS of Newbury Eng who died 2/25/1620-1 Plymouth (two months after the birth of her stillborn child). Isaac married 2nd between 1623 (in the 1623 allotment of land Fear is single) - 1626 (she is included in the 5/22/1627 Cattle Division as Isaac's wife with mention of a Sarah Allerton who is now thought to be their first child, Fear Brewster (dau of Elder Wlm & Mary). Fear died not long before 12/12/1634 Plymouth. Isaac married 3rd between 1635 - 1644 poss Marblehead Joanna Swinnerton who died between 5/14/1680 - 3/10/1682-3. Isaac had 5 children by 1st wife Mary and 2 children by 2nd wife Fear. Bartholomew bc 1612/3, Leyden; Remember bc 1614-5 Leyden; Mary bc1617 Leyden; child bur 2/5/1620 Leyden; son stillborn 12/22/1620 Provincetown Harbour; Sarah b betw 1625-5/1627 Plymouth d pre 1651; Isaac b betw 5/1627-1630 Plymouth

Pioneers of ME & NH pg 4: Isaac ALLERTON, of Plymouth MA, prominent member of that colony, also traded at Machias, then the eastern trading-post on the Maine coast, in 1633. Pg 214: Mr. Richard Vines (Vynes), ent. in company with John Oldham, received a patent of land in Maine, issued 2/12/1629; possession given 6/25/1630. This he sold 10/20/1645 to Dr. Robert Child. 12/1/1631, he was appointed one of those who should give possession of the Goodyear and Trelawney tract in ME. Gave possession in 7/1632. Was attorney for similar purposes several other times. Resided at Saco. He and Isaac Allerton and others traded along the coast; "landed goods at Machias and there he set up a small wigwam, and left five men and two murderers, [small cannon] to defend it, and a shallop," in 1633; the goods were soon after taken, two of the men killed, and the rest sent as prisoners to France by La Tour, and his men.

Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families pg 6: Isaac ALLERTON of London m in Leyden 1611 Mary Norris of Newbury Eng and came in the Mayflower with wife and three children Bartholomew, Remember m Moses Maverick of Salem, and Mary m Thomas Cushman. He m 2d 1626 Fear d of William Brewster and had Isaac who moved to New Haven. He had a third wife Joanna and a child, Sarah, by one of the wives. Isaac, New Haven, son of the above had Elizabeth m Benjamin Starr and Simeon Eyre; and Isaac.

Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England pg 15: ALLERTON, ISAAC, one of the first pilgrims at Plymouth 1620, was an assistant in 1621, lost his wife, 21 Feb 1621.  Hutchinson says the male posterity of this pilgrim settled in MD.  There appears to have been an Isaac Allerton in Marblehead in 1648 [Dana] and one in New Haven in 1650 [Dodd]. Isaac Allerton, the graduate of H.C. in 1650, was probably son of the assistant, or of John Allerton, who was at Plymouth in 1620. 2 Coll. MA Hist Soc x. Index. Davis, Morton's Memo.

Pioneers of MA pg 16: ALLERTON, ALDERTON; Mr. Isaac, tailor, of London, adm frm of Leyden Holland Feb 7, 1614 m. Nov 4 1611 Mary Morris of Newbury ENG who d Feb 25/1620-1; he m 2 about 1626, Fear, dau of elder William Brewster who d in 1634; he m 3 Joanna _____.  He was a man of great enterprise, active in the affairs of the Pilgrim chh and colony. Came in the Mayflower; signed the Compact; was Asst 1633; agent for the Colony in Eng etc. He desposed 24 (7) 1639 ae. about 53 years. [L.] Carried on trade at Machias [Washington County ME] and Kennebec in Maine, and at other coast points. Resided at Plymouth till about 21 (1) 1639 when he desired acommodations of Salem, near his son-in-law, at Marblehead. Adm. Chh Sal 21 (1) 1647. Rem to New Haven.  He was a brother of Zarah, wife of Godbert Godbertson. Ch. Bartholomew, Remember (m Moses Maverick), Mary (m Thomas Cushman), Sarah; these came in the Mayflower and had shares of cattle in 1627; Isaac. Bartholomew ret to Eng [B]. He d at New Haven about Feb 12, 1669. Son Isaac had the est subject to the widow's life interest. [Reg VIII 265 et als].

Complete Book of Emigrants pg 81/82: 18 January. Isaac Allerton ships goods in the White Angel of Bristol, Mr. Christopher Burkett, bound from Barnstaple to New England. (PRO:E190/947/5). 1 February. Isaac Allerton and William Palmer ship goods in the Eagle of Northam, Mr. Edward Myller, bound from Barnstaple to New England. (PRO:E190/947/5).

Mayflower Families through 5 Generations, XVII, Isaac Allerton - Isaac Allerton & his 1st wife came on the "Mayflower." Bradford said: "Mr. Allerton his wife died with the first, and his servant John Hooke. His son Bartle is married in England but I know how many children he hath. His daughter Remember is married at Salem and hath 3 or 4 children living. And his daughter Mary is married here and hath 4 children. Himself married again with the daughter of Mr. Brewster and hath one son living by her, but she is long since dead. And he is married again and hath left this place long ago." /p/ In 1621 Isaac Allerton was chosen as an Assistant and continued in that position for a number of years. In 1626 I.A. went to England to negotiate a new agreement with the Adventurers. He returned to Plymouth in 1627. /p/ In the 1623 division of land I.A. received 7 acres. In the 1627 division of cattle he is listed with wife Fear and children Bartholomew, Remember, Mary and Sarah. /p/ Under the year 1631 Bradford wrote "Mr. A. doth in a sort wholly desert them [the people of Plymouth Cology] having brought them into the briars, he leaves them to get out as they can ... and sets up a trading house beyond Penobscot to cut off trade from there also." /p/ On 5/6/1635 it was recorded in the MA Bay Colony Records that Mr. "Ollerton: had given to Moses Maverick, his son-in-law, all his houses, buildings and stages at Marblehead. /p/ On 9/26/1639 I.A. desposed at Boston calling himself of New Plimouth aged about 53 years. /p/ On 5/19/1643 Albert Cuyn conveyed a house and two lots at New Amsterdam to Isaac Allerton and Gover Loockerman and on 6/2/1643 A. and Loockerman received a grant of land in New Amsterdam from the West Indian Company of Amsterdam, Holland. /p/ Under date of 2/17/1644-5 Gov. Winthrop recorded "Mr. A. coming from New Haven in a ketch, with his wife and divers other persons, were taken in a great storm at northeast with much snow, and cast away at Scituate, but the persons all saved." /p/ I.A. was called "of Newhaven Merchant" in a 10/13/1646 letter of attorney. /p/ On 10/27/1646 Isacke Allerton of New Amsterdam in the province of New netherlands, merchant, confirmed to son-in-law Thomas Cushman of New Plymouth a debt of one hundred pounds owed to Isaac by John Coombe. /p/ The inventory of Isaac Allerton, late of Newhaven, take 2/12/1658-9 was presented in the New Haven court 4/5/1659, his son Isaac being away at the time. Isaac produced his father's will on 7/5/1659 and was appointed to settle the estate, but he relinquished the trust. The will is little more than memoranda of debts due him and owed by him, but names his wife and son I.A. as trustees and they were to receive "what is overpluss." It mentions "brother Breuster." /p/ On 10/4/1660 I. A. (the son) granted to his mother-in-law Mrs. Johanna Allerton the house in New Haven where she now dwells during her life and then to his daughter Elizabeth Allerton and her heirs.  The deed was not witnessed, so on 3/10/1682-3 I.A. confirmed the deed.

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE: ALLERTON, JOHN, one of the first pilgrims at Plymouth d in 1621. Prince, i. Annals, 86.

Gen. Dictionary of NE: ISAAC ALLERTON, one of the pilgr. in the Mayflower, at Plymouth, 1620, at one time the richest of the Co. was an Assist. 1621, the sole officer for three yrs. under the Gov. He brot w Mary, three ch Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary. His w d 25 Feb after land and he m 1626, Fear, d of Elder William Brewster, by wh he had Isaac, H. C. 1650; and prob. no more. This w. d. 1633, and when he liv. at New Haven, 1646, he had third w. Joanna, wh. is honor. after d. of her h. as having giv. shelter to the regicides, Goffe and Whalley, tho. with the usual felicity of tradit. the merit was ascrib. to her gr. d (then a small ch.) and liv. to 1684. As agent for the Co. he went to Eng. three or four times, but gave not satisfact. in the latter visit; and on his private busin3ess was oblig. to go, more than once, of all wh. large statem. is seen in the Hist. of Bradford. In 1643, the Dutch, whith wh. he had passed some yrs. having lost the confid. of his early friends bef. 1631, would employ him, with Underhill, to raise form the Eng. a force for this protect. against the Ind. but soon after he was sett. at New Haven, and there d. 1659, insolv. Largely he had speculat. at the Eastward and soon after dismiss. from the Plymouth agency, had a trading-house at Machias, destroy. 1633 by the French, met various disasters by shipwrecks of his fishing vessels, in prosecution of wh. business he sometime was engaged at Marblehead, and join. Salem ch. 1647; but seems almost always unlucky. His eldest s. Bartholomew m. and liv. in Eng. as Bradford first taught us; Remember m. Moses Maverick of Salem; and Mary m. Elder Thomas Cushman and d. 1699, the last surv. of the blessed band of the first ship, for wh. we may feel suffic. esteem without accept. the report of her being "over 90 yrs. old." Sarah was the name often ascrib. to Maverick's w. and Young's Chronicles of the Pilgrims, Russell's Guide to Plymouth, the accos. of Judge Davis, in his Ed. of Morton's Memor. of Dr. Bacon in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 243, and of Cushman in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 265-70, are all subject to no little correction since the contempo. Hist. of Bradford has been brot. to light. ISAAC, New Haven, s. of the preced. and the only ch. nam. in the will of his f. tho. as the testator had not a shilling to give, the omiss. of other ch. need not be regret. For his f's wid. Isaac purchas. the portion of the domicil that the law would not give, and bestow. it on her for life, remain to his eldest d. Eliz. b. 27 Sept. 1653. His only other ch. was Isaac, b. 11 June 1655, wh. d. prob. bef. his f. and without issue. The f. is thot to have rem. shortly after 1660, and Hutch. in his Hist. II. 461 speaks, as if there were male off-spring in Maryland, at his day. The w's name is not heard of, but the d. m. 23 Dec. 1675, Benjamin Starr, and next 22 July 1679, Simon Eyre the third.

NEHGR LXXXIX 7/35 pg 280: Reports by soldiers in the Pequot War at Quinnypiac seem to have directed Theophilus Eaton and Rev. John Davenport in 1638 to settle at New Haven. Isaac Allerton followed them in 1646.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Allerton, Isaac (1583/5-a. Feb 12, 1659) m. 1626 (2) Fear Brewster MASS XVIII, 44, 69.

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