Related through 2 children - Joane & Anne

John ANDREWS born 1600 in England, lived in Kittery by 1640, 1648 moved to Braveboat Harbor, died by 4/4/1671, farmer

Spouse: Joane ? born 1621 (Joane married (2) Philip Atwell, soon kicked him out)

Children: Daughter married Robert Winchester; Robert married Susannah; John born 1652 married Margaret; Sarah born 1653 married Christopher Mitchell; Joane married John Ford; Anne married John Billings; Elizabeth married Thomas Mannering; James born about 1660 settled at Casco Bay

(descended from both Joane and Anne see Andrews 2 for Ann)


Joanna / Joane ANDREWS of Kittery

Spouse: (1) John Seale (2) John FORD married 1676

Children: Susannah; Samuel born circa 1679 married Agnes Gage; Lettice married by 1704  John Whitney; John married Hannah Tidy; Peleg; William; Mercy [per MA & ME Families]; possibly Catherine

Family 2: (see John & Joane above for parents)

Anne ANDREWS, whipped 1684 for slandering Mrs. Hooke; 7/4/1671 the court at York took notice of "several complaints...concerning Ann Billine's misbehavior towards her husband by frequent absenting of herself from her home and husband," and ordered that if she continued in this way "she shall be forthwith sent to the House of Correction

Spouse: (1) John BILLINGS  born 1635-1640 lived Braveboat Harbor, possibly the J. B. whose inventory of estate was taken 12/3/1690 (2) ? married by 1671

Children: Elizabeth; John; Joseph apprenticed to Capt Gerrish in Dover, married Hannah Wilson 11/29/1716



Gen. Dictionary ME & NH pg 65: John Andrews b 1600, Kittery, 1640, farmer. Lived in Eliot until 1649 when he sold and became the first settler at the head of Braveboat Harbor. Jury 1651; grand jury under MA 1663-64. Lists 281-283, 298. He paid many fines for his strenuous wife Joane, b 1621, and himself was in court for threatening to beat Gov. Godfrey and Mr. Withers. July 4. 1671, she was granted adm on the estate of her husband "who by a common fame is deceased" and within a few months m Philip Atwell, but soon put him out and called herself Andrews. In 1688 Edmund Gatch beat the aged woman. Ch. daughter, m by 1665 Robert Winchester; Robert by 2 dep b 1652 dsp aft 1678. List 306a.; John by dep app twin with Robert; Sarah b 1653 m Christopher Mitchell; Joane perh m John Searle, fisherman, brother-in-law of Christopher Mitchell; Anne m by 1671 John Billing.

Pioneers Maine Rivers pg 118: ANDREWS, John, born 1600; planter at Pascataqua 1636; Kittery Point 1640; Brave Boat Harbor 1649; died 1671; widow Joan, born 1621, married Philip Atwell 1672; children Ann (Billings), Elizabeth (Manwaring), Joanna, John, Robert & Sarah (Mitchell)

Pioneers of ME & NH pg 5: ANDREW, ANDREWS, Joh, Kittery, one of the inhabitants who attended court there 6/25/1640. With wife Joan sold house and land adjoining that of John Simmonds 3/21/1648. Took oath of allegiance to MA Bay govt. 11/16/1652. Deposed in the Gunnison case 4/24/1654 ae about 54 years. [Bax. MSS. I.] The wife Joane deposed 2/25/1660, ae about 40 years. [York De. II.] Ch. Sarah, Joane and John. He died before 7/4/1671, when the court made the widow Joane admx. After his death she m. 2, __ Atwell, and with son John Andrews, sold land 4/8/1675.

Genealogical & Family History of ME: John Andrews immigrant ancestor was born in Eng and settled in Kittery ME as early as 1640. His descendants are numerous in York Co. ME. He was born according to his own disposition about 1600. He signed the submission of 1652. He died in 1671 and his widow, Joan, married in 1672 Philip Atwell. She was doubtless much younger than Mr. Andrews. Children of John Andrews: John, Sarah married Christopher Mitchell, Joanna, Ann married John Billing, Elizabeth married Thomas Mannering.

Old Kittery & Her Families: The southern part of the boundary between Kittery and York is a shallow stream that winds through marshy lands and has several small branches At high tide one narrow channel connects it with Kittery harbor. The main channel is not deep and is difficult of entrance especially at low tide when the surf is rolling in. Perhaps for this reason it has been called from as early as 1645 Braveboat Harbor. Its salt marshes were granted in small lots to the early inhabitants of Kittery for here fodder could be cut for their cattle. At the head of the harbor the earliest settlers were John Andrews, Christopher Mitchell, and James Foye.  /P/ It has been shown that there were no permanent settlers in old Kittery earlier than 1631 at what is now South Berwick and a few years later at Kittery Point and at what is now called Leighton's Point in Eliot. Soon there was felt the need of courts and a duly established government. The first court for the Province of Maine was held at Saco in 1636. Its proceedings contain nothing that pertains to the history of Kittery. At the session held in Saco 25 June 1640 there were present from Kittery James Treworgy. Edward Small. Nicholas Frost. John Heard. Philip Swaddow .William Everett .John Pickes. Andrew Heifor. and Peter Wyer. The following from Kittery are mentioned as not appearing Francis Champernowne, Stephen Crufford, John Lander, William Wormwood, John Andrews, Thomas Withers ,John White, John Ugrove, Abraham Conley, Samuel Haynes, Edward Starbuck, John Hall ,Thomas Sp encer, Humphrey Chadbourne, and Thomas Brookes. Some of these names are never mentioned again as inhabitants of Kittery and Champernowne Starbuck and Hall were then living in Dover NH. It seems as though all the known inhabitants of the Province were required to make their appearance at Court on the 25th day of June every year. The functions of the Court were legislative as well as judicial. It made laws appointed officers and rendered decisions in cases civil and criminal .  /P/  ANDREWS John Andrews born in 1600 as shown by a deposition was at Kittery in 1640 and signed the submission of 1652. He died in 1671 and his widow Joan married 1672 Philip Atwell. Andrews children were JOHN m Margaret SARAH m Christopher Mitchell JOANNA mentioned in 1653 ANN m John Billing ELIZABETH m Thomas Mannering. John Andrews Jr born in 1652 had wife Margaret.He and his mother sold land at Braveboat Harbor in 1688. In 1694 administration was granted to Robert Andrews on the estate of his father John Andrews late of Kittery. Robert Andrews had wife Susannah who administered his estate in 1719. They had children SARAH m John Varrel Ch John Solomon Samuel and Hannah who m Paul Williams all named in a deed in 1766 York Deeds XLI . 35 WIL LIAM pub to Margery Walker 21 Nov 1737 Ch Henry and William named in same deed MARY m William Trickey of York before 5 March 1730. Edward Andrews sold land Thompson's Point.

Old Eliot, a magazine: Nov 18 1723 Sarah Mitchell of Kittery widow to son and daughter Samuel and Elisabeth Johnson deeds land that came to her from her father John Andrews 

Descendants of Edward Small of NE by Underhill: John Andrews was born in 1600 as shown by a deposition In 1640 he was settled at Kittery on the river. This house and land he sold in 1648 and removed to the head of Braveboat Harbor. In 1649 the Court ordered that a highway the first in Kittery a mere bridle path since there were then no carriages should be laid out from Rogers Cove to the head of Braveboat Harbour and cut unto a Cove neare unto Jo Andrew's. In 1652 John Andrews signed the submission to Massachusetts. He died in 1671 the following year his widow Joan married Philip Atwell .The son and sons in law of John Andrews settled at Braveboat Harbor. Issue by first husband I John2 Andrews mar Margaret he d before 1694 II Sarah 3 Andrews b 1641 mar to Christopher Mitchell III Joanna2 Andrews mentioned in 1653 IV Ann2 Andrews mar to John Billings V Elizabeth2 Andrews mar to Thomas Mannering t Early Records of Maine vol 3 26. /P/   The wife of Christopher Mitchell whom he married before 1665 was Sarah2 Andrews b about 1641 daughter to John1 Andrews and his wife Joan. At a Court held at Wells April 2 1672 letters of administration were granted to Philip Atwell upon the estate of John Andrews whose widow Joan Atwell had married provided he bring in suretys sufficient to respond to all Legall Rights due to bee pd out of y sd estate. Christopher Michell & Ephraim Crockett stand bound in a bond of j 3OO to ye County Treasur that y6 sd Phillip Attwell shall make a true accop1 yrof after one Twelve Moenth. On Ephraim Crockett's request to be relieved from his bond John Billings was chosen in his stead.

History of Barnstead NH by Jewett: We present Joane Andrews the wife of John Andrews for selling a furkin of Butter to Mr Nicholas Davis which had two stones in it containing fourteen pounds 2 oz in weight. This presentment is owned by Joane Andrews and John Andrews her husband is bound in a bond of five pounds that Joane his wife shall stand in a Towue meeting at Yorke and in a towne meeting at Kittery till two hours bee expired with her offence written upon a paper in capctall letters pinned upon her forehead. This injunction f ullilled at Yorko according to order and utt Kittery in the same manner.

Many of the first settlers at Kittery who were there as early as 1623 were fishermen, hunters, and trappers and workers in timber, which was easily shipped to England or the West Indies... Among the other early settlers were John Andrews, Philip Babb, Mary Baylie, John Bursley, Humphrey Chadbourne, William Chadbourne, Nicholas Frost, Charles Frost, William Everett, Thomas Withers, Edwin Small, John Heard, John Edgecomb, John Fernald and Peter Wyer.

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