Ayre / Ayres

Ayres, Ayer, Eyres


Susanna AYRE / AYRES born 1635 MA died 6/2/1676 Sudbury

Spouse: Jonathan/Johan STANHOPE born 1632 ENG died 10/22/1702 Sudbury Middlesex MA, married 4/16/1656 Sudbury Middlesex MA; took part in 4/21/1676 Sudbury Fight, 150 Indians lying in ambush, wounded but recovered; Jonathan's wife (2) was Abigail died a widow Sudbury 9/17/1722

Children: Hannah born 1660 Sudbury Middlesex MA married Stephen JENNINGS born circa 1666 in Hatfield MA died 9/3/1701 Framingham Middlesex MA married 4/1/1686 Sudbury Middlesex MA; Jonathan born 2/2/1656-7 Sudbury married Sarah Griffin 5/11/1674; Sarah born 3/25/1658; Joseph born 9/13/1662 married Hannah Braddish 1/1/1684-5; Jemima born 6/24/1665 married Thomas Rutter 10/15/1689; Mary born 1/29/1667; Rebecca born 10/29/1670

Cemetery Transcription from NEHGS: Stanhope, Jonathan Born 1632 Died 22 Oct 1702 , married 16 April 1656 Susanna Ayre; Wayland Middlesex Co. MA US, Ewyland (East Sudbury)

Vital records of Sudbury: Stanhope: Rebeccah, d. Jonah & Susanna 10/29/1670. Mary d. Jonathan & Susannah 1/29/1667. Jemima d. Jonathan & Susanna 6/24/1665. Joseph s. Jonathan & Susanna 9/13/1662. Sarah d. Jonathan & Susanna 3/25/1658.  Stanhop Jemimah and John Walker 5/27/1717; Stanap, Jonathan & Susanna Ayre 4/16/1656; Stanhop Hannah and Stephen Jennings 4/1/1686; Stanhop Jemimah & Thomas Rutter 10/15/1689; Stanhope Joseph and Hannah Braddish 1/1/1684-5; 

??Soldiers in King Philip's war: being a critical account of that war: Brookfield after the Attack. Capt Wheeler relates that soon after his own return from Brookfield the inhabitants of the town also men women and children removed safely with what they had left to several places either where they had lived before their planting or settling down there or where they had relations to receive and entertain them, and the Honored Major Willard stayed several weeks after our coming away. A small garrison was undoubtedly maintained at the fortified house some time after the withdrawal of the inhabitants probably up to the 12th of October and it is likely that widow Susannah Ayres [John Ayres was slain in the fight.] remained during that time as is indicated by her petition and account presented the Court in October 1677 which charges supplies to soldiers under Ephraim Curtis Major Willard and Capt Poole but some time before November l0th the place was vacant for the Council on that date instructs Capt Appleton in his march homeward from Connecticut River if he comes by way of Quaboag to drive down some of the cattle and swine which they have heard have gathered about the house as a relief to the poore people that are concerned therein. There is much material preserved in the Mass Archives bearing upon this point of the withdrawal of the garrison from Brookneld in numerous letters and orders of the Council to various officers all giving evidence of the complete desertion of the town about Oct 12th. See especially correspondence with Capt Apple ton and Lieut John Ruddock etc also petition of John Ayres's sons Mass Arch vol 10.

Those who came before May 1692: Stanhope Stanafe or Stanup. Jonathan Sudbury m at Charlestown 16 Apr 1656 Susanna Ayer had Jonathan b 2 Feb foll, Sarah 25 Mar 1658, Hannah, Joseph 13 Sept 1662, Jemima 1665, Mary 1667, and Rebecca 1670, and he d 25 Oct 1702 aged 70. Jonathan Sudbury s of the preced m 11 May 1674 Sarah Griffin had Isaac b 1675. and Jonathan d young. Joseph Sudbury br of the preced m 1 Jan 1685 Hannah Bradish prob d of Joseph had Susanna b 1685. Jonathan 1687, Jemima 1691, and Isaac 1696.

Founders and Patriots of America:  Stanhope, Jonathan (....1681) m. Apr 11, 156 Susanna Ayer Mass XXIX, 71


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