Robert BARTLETT, born by 1604, a wine cooper, passenger on Anne 1623, died Plymouth between 9/19/1676 (date of will) and 10/29/1676 (date will proven) perhaps the son of Robert & Alice (Barker) Bartlett, freeman 1733,  5/1/1660 summoned and convicted for speaking contemptuously of singing of psalms

Spouse: Mary WARREN born England circa 1610,  died between 2/13/1677-8 and 1683, married by about 1629

Children: Benjamin born Plymouth say 1629, died Duxbury between 8/21-28/1691. (He was a freeman 6/6/1654 & must have been at least 21 years old) married Susannah Jenney born Plymouth after 5/22/1627 died there before 8/18/1655 daughter of John & Sarah (Carey) Jenney [relationship to Smith/Glidden through another daughter], he married (2) after 4/4/1654 Sarah Brewster daughter of Love & Sarah (Collier) Brewster a descendant of Pilgrim William Brewster [see Davis line], he married (3) before 1/21/1678 Sissilla _____ (perhaps Covel or Nickerson); Rebecca born Plymouth circa 1631 died there between 6/2/1657 & 7/15/1658 married Plymouth 12/20/1649 William Harlow of Plymouth; Mary born Plymouth circa 1633 died there 9/26/1692 married (1) Plymouth 9/10/1651 Richard Foster & (2) Plymouth 7/8/1659 Jonathan Morey/Mowry son of Roger & Mary (Johnson) Mowry, Jonathan married (2) circa 1693/4 Hannah (Pincen) (Young) Witherell; Sarah born Plymouth circa 1636, died before 6/14/1680 (2nd m.), married Plymouth 12/23/1656 Samuel Rider baptized All Saints Parish, co. Northampton, ENG 11/25/1632 son of Samuel & Anne (Gamlett) Rider, Samuel married (2) Taunton 6/14/1680 Lydia Tilden; Joseph born circa 1639 (based on age on gravestone); Joseph born Plymouth circa 1639 died there 2/18/1711-2 in 73rd year married Plymouth circa 1662 married Hannah Pope born Plymouth 1639, died there 3/12/1709-10 in 72nd year daughter of Thomas & Ann (Fallowell) Pope [relationship to Thomas Pope through 2nd wife Sarah Jenney); Elizabeth born Plymouth circa 16413 died Hingham 2/17/1712-3 married Plymouth 12/26/1661 Anthony Sprague son of William and Milicent (Eames) Sprague; Lydia born Plymouth 6/8/1648 died there 9/11/1691 in 44th year married (1) probably Plymouth before 6/14/1670 James Barnaby (2) probably Plymouth shortly after 10/30/1677 John Nelson son of William & Martha (Ford) Nelson, John married (1) Sarah Wood & (3) Patience Morton;  Mercy born Plymouth 3/10/1650-1 married Plymouth 12/25/1668 John Joy of Boston perhaps son of Thomas & Joan (Gallop) Joy


Rebecca BARTLETT born  Plymouth before 12/1634 died there between 6/2/1657 (last child) and 7/15/1658 (2nd marriage)

Spouse: Sgt. William HARLOW born probably England circa 1624 died Plymouth 8/25/1691 in 67th year married 1649; he married (2) Mary Faunce daughter of John & Patience (Morton) Faunce & (3) Mary Shelly daughter of Robert & Judith (Garnett) Shelly, Mary married (2) 1692 Ephraim Morton & (3) Hugh Cole

Children: William born 10/5/1650 died 10/26/1650; Samuel, cooper, born Plymouth 1/27/1652 died there between 2/17/1724-5 & 11/17/1727 married (1) circa 1677 Priscilla ? (2) probably Plymouth circa 1682 Hannah ?; Rebecca born 6/12/1655 Plymouth died 9/1727 may have married circa 1675 Isaac Cushman son of Thomas & Mary (Allerton) Cushman a descendant of Pilgrim Isaac Allerton;  William born Plymouth 6/2/1657 died there 1/28/1711-2 married probably Plymouth circa 1/1682-3 Lydia Cushman daughter of Thomas & Mary (Allerton) Cushman 

The Great Migration: Robert Bartlett. Origin: Unknown. Migration: 1623 on Anne. First Residence: Plymouth. Occupation: Wine cooper. Church Membership: On 1 May 1660 at Plymouth court "Robert Bartlett appeared, being summoned in answer for speaking contemptuously of singing of psalms, and was convict of the fact ..." ]PCR 3:185-86].  Freeman: In the "1633" Plymouth list of freemen in proximity to those admitted on 1 Jan 1632/3 [PCR 1"4]. On list of 7 Mar 1636/7 [PCR 1:53].  In Plymouth section of lists of freemen of 1639 and (apparently) 1658 [PCR 8:174, 197].  Education: Signed all deeds by mark. Inventory included books valued at 7s.  Offices: Committee to lay out highways, 2 May 1637 [PCR 1:58]; Plymouth petit jury, 6 June 1643, 28 Oct 1645, 7 June 1648, 6 Mar 1649/50, 4 Oct 1653, 7 Mar 1653/4, 3 Oct 1654, 3 May 1659 [PCR 2:126; 7:35, 41, 47, 67, 70, 72, 93]; Plymouth grand jury, 5 June 1644, 2 June 1646, 17 May 1649, 7 June 1652, 8 June 1655 [PCR 2:71, 102, 3:9, 78; PTR 1:28j].  surveyor of highways, 4 June 1645, 4 June 1661 [PCR 2:84, 3:215]; committee to lay out land, 24 May 1660 [PTR 1:41]. In Plymouth section of 1643 list of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:189].  Estate: In the 1623 Plymouth land division granted one acre as a passenger on the Ann [PCR 12:6]. In the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle "Robert Bartlet" was the twelfth person in the tenth company [PCR 12:12].  Assessed 9s. in the Plymouth tax lists of 25 Mar 1633 and 27 Mar 1634 [PCR 1:10, 27]. On 1 July 1633 it was ordered that "Mrs. Warren & Rob[er]t Bartlet mow where they did last year ..." [PCR 1:15]. On 28 May 1635 "Thomas Litle came bfore the Governor and acknowledged that he had given unto Robart Bartlet a parcel of land at the end of his lot beyond Eel River," and describes himself as brother-in-law to Bartlett [PCR 1:34].  On 14 Mar 1635/6 it was ordered that "Mrs. Warren, Rich. Church, Tho. Litle, & Rob[er]t Barlet mow where they did last year ..." [PCR 1:41]. On 20 Mar 1636/7 it was ordered that "Richard Church, Rob[er]te Bartlet, & Thomas Little, [have] hay ground where they had the last year, and to take further supply where they can find it, in places not granted to others, and Rob[er]t Bartlet to have the swamp or pit at the head of Mr. Bradford's ground. [PCR 1:56]. On 5 May 1640 "Richard Church, Rob[er]te Bartlett, Thomas Little, & Mrs. Elizabeth Warren are granted enlargements at the heads of their lots to the foot of the Pine Hills ..." [PCR 1:152].  On 7 Feb 1637 "Mrs. Elizabeth Warren of the Eele River widow for and in consideration of a marriage solomnized betwixt John Cooke the younger of the Rockey Nooke and Sarah her daughter" granted to the said John Cooke "eighteen acres or thereabouts and lying on the north side of Robert Bartlett's lot formerly also given the said Robert in marriage with Mary another of the said Mrs. Warren's daughters" [PCR 12:27]. On 11 Nov 1637 John Cooke exchanged this eighteen acre parcel with Robert  Bartlett for a "lot of land of like quantity lying on Duxborrow side betwixt the lots of Thomas Morton and Jonathan Brewster" [PCR 12:28].  On 9 Apr 1649 Richard Church sold to Robert Bartlett for 25 a "house and housing and land with all the meadow ground with the addition that he had of Goodman Kemton at the Eel River" [PCR 12:165-66]. On 7 Mar 1652 Robert Bartlett held a full share as a purchaser of Dartmough [MD 4:185-88, citing PCLR 2:1:106-7]. On 30 Jan 1653 Samuel Hicks of Plymouth, planter, sold to Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, cooper, for 18 eleven acres of upland on the south side of Plymouth [MD 5:94-95, citing PCLR 2:1:97].  Robert Bartlett appears in a Mary 1651 Plymouth town list of those "that have interest and proprieties in the town's land at Punckateesett over against Road Iland" [PTR 1:37].  On 22 Mar 1663 the lots at "Puncateesett" were described, Robert Bartlett sharing the 24th lot with James Cole Sr. [PTR 1:67]. On 8 Mar 1668/9 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, cooper, sold to John Almey of Portsmouth RI, merchant, for 3 his share in land granted by the town of Plymouth in 1649 "lying over against Rhode Island aforesaid, at the place commonly called and known by the name of Punckateesett" [PCLR 3:328]. On 27 June 1659 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, cooper, engaged to pay to Benjamin Foster, the son of Richard Foster, 8 when he reaches the age of twenty-one, on the condition that Bartlett would have the use of Richard Foster's land for the term of ten years; and "Mary the wife of the said Richard Foster deceased" engaged to bring up the said Benjamin Foster, who is now four years old [MD 14:15-16, citing PCLR 2:2:28].  In 1660 the town of Plymouth granted to Robert Bartlett fifty acres "lying between the sea and the fern swamp between the Eelriver and Mannomett ponds" [PTR 1:43]; the bounds of this grant were described on 20 Feb 1662 [PTR 1:54]. On 26 Jan l663 the town of Plymouth granted to those living at Eel River a quarter-mile extension on their lots, towards the pine hills [PTR 1:59]. On 21 Feb 1663 the town of Plymouth granted to Robert Bartlett 8 acres of meadow that had been in dispute [PTR 1:61, 62]. On [blank] July 1667 the town of Plymouth granted to Robert Bartlett "a piece of swamp ... to make meadow of lying adjoining to his meadow at the Eelriver [PTR 1:89].  On 14 July 1670 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, wine cooper, gave to "my son-in-law James Barnabey, cordwinder" of Plymouth and "my daughter Lydia Barnabey his wife" twenty acres "by me purchased of the said my brother-in-law Richard Church,' and four acres of upland meadow added to it [MD 3:1122, citing PCLR 3:297].  On 17 Feb 1670/1 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, cooper, sold to Thomas Burge Jr. of Newport RI for 50 half his share of land at Acushena in Dartmough and half his share of land at Pascomansucke in Dartmouth (reservving one-third of the last named share) [MD 3:112, citing PCLR 5:118; RILE 1:140].  On 14 July 1673 "Robert Bartlett of the town of Plymouth ... wine cooper" granted to "my son Joseph Bartlett" for love and affection "all that my farm, messuage, tenement and seat, which I now live in and am possessed of, in the township of Plymouth aforesaid, situated and being at a place or river commonly called Eel River: viz: all that my house and land there"; four acres of marsh meadow there; and two acres of fresh or upland meadow; to be entered upon by his son on the death of the grantor and his wife [MD 3:112-12, citing PCR 3:301].  On 19 Sep 1676 Robert Bartlett made a nuncupative will, bequeathing to "my wife all my estate yet undisposed of whether it be in lands or moveables, goods, chattels, debts. I give all unto my wife to be absolutely at her dispose among my children" [MD 3:114, citing PCPR 3:2:87].  On 6 Mar 1676/7 "Letters of administration is granted by the Court unto Mary Bartlett & Joseph Bartlett to administer the estate of Robert Bartlett, deceased" [PCR 5:220].  On 13 Feb 1677 "Mary Bartlett widow and late wife unto Robert Bartlett deceased" sold to "my son Joseph Bartlett" for 300  all the estate which was reserved to her use for life in the deed of gift from her husband Robert Bartlett to the said Joseph Bartlett, as well as 50 acres of upland "near a place commonly called the salt marsh ... between the Eelriver and Mannomett Ponds," 50 acres of upland lying between the land of Ephraim Morton Jr. and the land that did belong to James Barnabey deceased, a parcel of meadow on the Eelriver, and all personal estate given her by husband Robert Bartlett in his will [MD 3:115-16, citing PCLR 4:223].  Birth: Born by about 1604 based on estimated date of marriage. Death: Plymouth between 19 Sep 1676 (date of will) and 29 Oct 1676 (date of probate). Marriage: By about 1629 Mary Warren, daughter of Richard Warren (on 7 Mar 1636/7 Elizabeth Warren, widow of Richard Warren, was made a purchaser in his stead, in part because "of the lots of lands given formerly by her unto her sons in law, Richard Church, Robert Bartlett, and Thomas Little, in marriage  with their wives, her daughters" [PCR 1:54], and this was confirmed on 5 Oct 1652 [PCR 3:19]) she died between 13 Feb 1677/8 [PCLR 4:223} and 1638 [PLR 1:132].  Children (all born Plymouth): i. Benjamin, b. say 1629; m. (1) by 1654 Susanna Jenney, daughter of John Jenney (in her will of 4 Apr 1654 Sarah Jenney, widow of John Jenney, bequeathed to "my son Benjamin Bartlett," and to Mr. Thomas Cushman "the bible which was my daughter Susanna's" [MD 8:171-75, citing PCPR 1:17-21]); m. (2) after 4 Apr 1654 Sarah Brewster, daughter of Love Brewster [MFIP Warren 10-12, citing PCR 4:80, 173-4]; m. (3) before 21 Jan 1678 Sissilla ____ (named in his will of 21 Aug 11691 [MFIP Warren 10-12, citing PCLR 4:281; MQ 51:131-34]).  ii. Rebecca, b. say 1631; m. Plymouth 20 Dec 1649 William Harlow [PCR 8:8].  iii. Mary, b. say 1633; m. (1) Plymouth 10 Sep 1651 Richard Foster [PCR 8:13]; m. (2) Plymouth 8 July 1659 Jonathan Morey [PCR 8:22 (marriage contract dated 27 June 1659 [MD 14:16, citing PCLR 2:2:28a[).  iv Sarah, b. say 1636; m. Plymouth 23 Dec 1656 Samuel Rider [PCR 8:17].  v. Joseph, b. about 1639; m. by about 1663 Hannah Pope, daughter of Thomas Pope [MC 19:4, citing PLR 1:84] "March the 12, 1710 My dear wife Hannah Bartlet died being near 72 years of age, myself being six months younger that she when she died ..." [NEHGR 101:279 (from family Bible)].  (If the date given for the death of Hannah is 12 Mar 1710/1, then she was probably born in the first half of 1639, which would place her husband's birth late in 1639.)  vi.  Elizabeth, b. say 1641; m. Plyouth 26 Dec 1661 Anthony Sprague [PCR 8:23].  vii.  Lydia, b. 8 June 1648 [PCR 8:4, 291 (despite the fact that this is published as a birth of 1647, it is clear from the sequence of the records that it should be for 1648)]; m. (1) by about 1670 James Barnaby [PCLR 3:297]; m. (2) shortly after 30 Oct 1677 John Nelson as his second of three wives [TAG 56:33-34; MFIP Warren 16-17]; she d. Plymouth 11 Sep 1691 [PVR 135].  viii. Mercy, b. 10 Mar 1650/1 [PCR 8:11]; m. Plymouth 25 Dec 1668 John Joy of Boston [MFIP Warren 17; PCR 8:32 (not Ivey)].  Comments: Discussion of Baartlett being from Puddletown - no proof. Discussion about determining the birth dates of the children. Bibliographic Note: Most complete treatment of Bartlett and his family is George E.. Bowman in Richard Warren MD 3:105-17.

Mayflower Families Through 5 Generations Vol XVIII Part 1 Richard Warren:  Pg 1On 3/4/1673-4 Mary Bartlett, the wife of Robert Bartlett, ack. she had received full satisfaction for her share of the estate of Mistris Elizabeth Warren, deceased; and John Cooke in  behalf of all her sisters testified to the same. The court settled the remainder of the estate on Joseph Warren. pg 3 ...perhaps the son of Robert & Alice (Barker) Bartlett. /p/ Robert Bartlett arrived on the Anne in 1623 and received 1 acre in the 1623 Division of Land. He was unmarried in the 1627 Division of Cattle. He was in the 1633 list of Freemen. /p/ On 7/1/1633 Mrs. Warren and Robt. Bartlet were to mow where they did last year, implying a marriage to Mary by 1632 or earlier. /p/ On 6/27/1659 Robert Bartlett took a lease for 10 years of the lands of his late son-in-law Richard Foster. /p/ On 3/4/1673-4 Mary Bartlett the wife of Robert Bartlett owned she had received full satisfaction for her share of the estate of Mistris Elizabeth Warren Deceased. /p/ On 7/14/1670 Robert Bartlett, wine cooper of Plymouth, deeded land to son-in-law James Barnabey, cordwainer, and dau. Lydia Barnabey his wife. /p/ On 7/14/1673 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, wine cooper, gave son Joseph Bartlett all of his farm. /p/ The will of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, dated 9/19/1676, proved 10/29/1676, gave all his estate to his wife to dispose among his children. /p/ On 3/6/1676-7 letters of administration were granted unto Mary Bartlett and Joseph Bartlett to administer the estate of Robert Bartlett, dec. /p/ On 2/13/1677 ack. same day, Mary Bartlett, widow of Robert Bartlett, sold all the estate to her son Joseph Bartlett. In 1683 ( no date mentioned) Benjamin Bartlet Sr. of Duxborough and Joseph Bartlet of Plimouth, yeomen, confirmed that their father Robert Bartlet of Plimouth in his will made a bequest to William Harlow Jr. of Plymouth his grandson, 50 acres of land in Plymouth and that their mother Mary Bartlet now deceased did during her widowhood affirm the gift.

Gen Register of Plymouth Families, Page 15-22: Bartlett, Robert, came in the Ann 1623 and m 1628 marry d of Richard Warren by whom he had Benjamin 1638; Joseph 1639; Rebecca m William Harlow; Mary m Richard Foster & Jonathan Morey; Sarah m Samuel Rider; Elizabeth m Anthony Sprague; Lydia 1647 m James Barnaby & John Nelson; Mercy 1651 m John Ivey of Boston. Benjamin m Sarah Brewster d of Love. Joseph m Hannah d of Gabriel Fallowell.

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE pg 27: BARTLETT, ROBERT, Plymouth 1623. Davis, Morton's Memo. 385.

Pioneers of MA 36: Bartlett, Robert, cooper, Plymouth, came in the Anne in 1623; frm. 1633, juryman and town offecer. He m. Mary, dau. of Richard Warren; her marriage portion confirmed to him 7 Marach, 1636. Ch. Lydia b. 6/8/1647; Mercy b. 3/10/1650 (m. 12/25/1668 John Ivey of Boston); Rebecca (m. 12/20/1649 Wm. Harlow of Plymouth); Sarah (m. 12/23/1656 Samuel Rider of Plymouth); Mary (m. 9/10/1651 Richard Foster of Plymouth); Elizabeth (m 12/26/1661 Anthony Sprague of Plymouth). /P/ He d. in 1676; will prob. 10/29/1676; beq. whole est. to wife.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 153: SPRAGUE, ANTHONY, Hingham, eldest s. of William of the same, m. 26 Dec. 1661, Eliz. d. of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, had Anthony, Benjamin, John, Eliz. Samuel, Sarah, James, Josiah, Jeremiah, Richard, and Matthew, as in the Sprague Geneal. rank.; but some d. young, and his w. d. Feb. 1713. In his will of 21 July 1716, pro. 12 Oct. 1719, in our rec. XXI. 245 are nam. Anthony with Anthony his s. and other s. Richard, James, Samuel, Matthew, Josiah, and Jeremiah, beside d. Sarah Bates, w. of Caleb. He d. 3 Sept. 1719. His house was burn. 20 Apr. 1676 by the Ind. in Philip's war. Of this branch, of Anthony, thro. Jeremiah, the seventh s. is the celebr. poet, Charles, descend. 

NE Historic & Genealogical Register: 2 MARY WARREN Richard1 was born in England and accompanied her mother to New England in the ship Ann arriving at Plymouth in July 1623. She married in 1628 Robert Bartlett a fellow passenger on the Ann and they became the ancestors of the well known Bartlett family of Plymouth Colony. Mr Bartlett died in 1676 aged seventy three and his wife survived a few years. Children born at Plymouth i BENJAMIN BARTLETT m 1st 1656 Sarah only daughter of Love Brewster by his wife Sarah Collier 2d about 1678 Cicely settled in Duxbury where he was selectman collector of the excise 8 June 1664 and representative to the General Court of Plymouth in 1685 He d in 1091 inventory of his estate taken 28 Aug 1691 His grandson Samuel Bartlett Jr was an officer at Louisburg and died in 1750 aged 59 ii JOSEPH BARTLETT b 1638 m Hannah dau of Gabriel Fallowell b 1638 d 12 March 1710 He died at Plymouth 13 February 1711 iii REBECCA BARTLETT m 20 Dec 1649 as first wife Sergeant William Harlow one of the most prominent and public spirited citizens of Plymouth many years selectman and a deputy from Plymouth to the General Court of the Colony in 1673 and 1675 He d 26 Aug 1691 aged 67 years He was the progenitor of the Harlow family of the United States. She died about 1657 8 iv MARY BARTLETT m 1st 10 Sept 1651 Richard Foster of Plymouth 2d 8 July 1G59 Lieutenant Jonathan Morey of Plymouth who d 19 May 1708 aged 75 v SARAH BARTLETT m 23 Dec 1656 Samuel Rider Jr of Plymouth vl ELIZABETH BARTLETT d Feb 1713 m 26 Dec 1661 Anthony Sprague of Hingham He d 3 Sept 1719 Through them descends the poet Charles Sprague whose father Samuel Sprague was one of the party that threw the tea into Boston Harbor ft vil LYDIA BARTLKTT b 8 June 1647 d before 1693 m 1st James Barneby of Plymouth 2d as second wife John Nelson of Ply month viil MARY BARTLETT b 10 March 1650 m 25 Dec 1668 John Ivey of Boston.

New England Families: The Bartlett Line I Robert Bartlett immigrant ancestor was born in England and came to this country in the ship Anne in 1623 He was a cooper by trade and settled in Plymouth He was admitted as freeman in 1633 and served on a jury and as a town officer His will proved October 29 1676 left his whole estate to his wife He married in 1628 Mary daughter of Richard Warren the Pilgrim Warren came in the Mayflower and was one of the signers of the famous compact He settled at Plymouth and had a large share in the trials and troubles of the early days Warren's wife and children came in the ship Anne in 1623 also In the division of cattle in 1627 Warren had shares for himself wife Elizabeth children Nathaniel Joseph Mary Anna Sarah Elizabeth and Abigail He died before 1628 and his wife October 2 1673 aged about ninety The marriage portion was confirmed to Bartlett March 7 1636 Children of Robert Bartlett Rebecca married December 30 1649 William Barlow Benjamin born 1638 mentioned below Joseph 1639 Mary married September TO 1661 Richard Foster second Jonathan Morey Sarah married December 23 1666 Samuel Rider of Plymouth Elizabeth married December 26 1661 Anthony Sprague Lydia born June 8 1647 married December 25 1668 John Ivey II Benjamin of Robert Bartlett.

The Signers of the Mayflower Compact: Robert Bartlett the Plymouth ancestor was born at Gloucestershire England about 1606 and came to New England in 1623 in the Ann the third ship which left the old country for Plymouth lie was the progenitor of WI Ashmead Bartlett who married the Baroness Burdett Coutts. Robert Bartlett was a prosperous farmer and settled in and around what was subsequently known as the Warren farm near the Pine Hills in a district called Earl River Plymouth Mass and he probably owned the whole domain of the second parish of Plymouth called Manomet Ponds and gave it to one of his sons. The old colony records contain his nuncupative will dated Sept 19 1696 and an inventory of his estate of the same date which was also the year of his death. He married Mary daughter of RICHARD Warren of the Mayflower twelfth signer of the Compact Robert Bartlett by his wife Mary Warren Bartlett had issue Joseph and Benjamin. 

Founders and Patriots of America: Bartlett, Robert (c. 1606-1676) m. ... Mary Warren MASS XV, 30.

White Swirled Line

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