Billings, Billing, Billine, Billin

John BILLING, fisherman, Braveboat Harbor, arrived in the "Speedwell" 4/26/1635; employed Richmond Island 1635; removed to Piscataqua (Kittery Point) by 1639; land from Georges 1645; born circa 1616, died before 7/6/1646

Spouse: Elizabeth _____  married by circa 1641. Elizabeth married (2) before 3/26/1647 Rice Thomas(no known children)

Children: John

John BILLINGS born by 1641, lived Braveboat Harbor, possibly the J. B. whose inventory of estate was taken 12/3/1690

Spouse: (1) Anne ANDREWS married before 5/23/1671

Children: Elizabeth; John; Joseph apprenticed to Capt Gerrish in Dover

Joseph BILLINGS apprenticed to Capt Gerrish in Dover

Spouse: Hannah WILSON married 11/29/1716

Children: Elizabeth; John baptized 7/21/1718; Joseph baptized 5/5/1718 married Joanna Norton & Sarah Cox; Benjamin ; Mary married John Hutchins 5/5/1748; Rebecca; Samuel married Sarah Hicks & Hannah Hughes


Elizabeth BILLINGS

Spouse: Ichabod AUSTIN baptized 3/29/1717-8 Saco ME; died 10/5/1748; Icabod & Elizabeth admitted Biddeford church 11/21/1742

Children: Susanna married Joshua Maddox; Rebecca born 1738 married William Rumery

The Great Migration

Gen. Dictionary ME & NH pg 92-3: John Billings came in 1635 to the Trelawny plant., ran away and settled on Kittery Point, fisherman; was an equal partner with John Lander and with him sold 8 a they had cleared next Spruce Creek to Joseph Miles last of Feb 1639. He lived on "the further point of all - from Braveboat Harbor. He sued John Winter in 1640 and d bef July 1646 when his wid Elizabeth sued Robert Mendam. Lists 21, 321. She m 2nd Rice Thomas who in Dec 1647 bot from Thomas Crockett the land her 1st husb had sold to Miles. Ch: John. 
pg 93: John Billings b by 1640. Aug 12 1661 he deeded land and cattle to his mo Elizabeth Thomas for life to revert to him and confirmed the deed 23 June 1680; successfully sued his stepf for meadow in 1664. Lived at Braveboat Harbor. Lists 298, 30, 292. He m by 1671 Anne Andrews (9), who was liv 1689. Inv 3 Dec 1690, Capt Hooke adm. Anne, his wife, had been whipped in 1684 for slandering Mrs. Hooke. Ch: Elizabeth ment. in 1687; John dsp 1740; Joseph appren to Capt Gerrish in Dover. As plf in a suit 1744 he named self and br John as the only surv ch of whom John had dsp. Lists 291, 196, 197. He m 29 Nov 1716 Hannah Wilson. Will 1748-1764. 7 ch.

Pioneers Maine Rivers pg 205: BILLINGS, John, fisherman, arrived 4/26/1635 in the "Speedwell"; Stratton's Island 1636; Kittery Point 1639; died 1646; widow Elizabeth married Richard Thomas; son John born 1635.

Pioneers of ME and NH: BILLINE, BILLINGS, John, fisherman, Pascataquack, Kittery, equal partner of John Lander in house, land, swine, shallop, etc 1/10/1639. [York De. I.] His son John made over to his mother, Elizabeth Thomas 8/12/1661 all his right and title in land and cattle for her life; then to return to himself; deed confirmed 6/23/1680. [York De. III.] Perhaps this son is the J. B. inventory of whose estate was taken 12/3/1690. [York De. V.]

Gen. Register of the First Settlers of New England pg 33: BILLINGS, JOHN Portsmouth 1640. Belknap, i. Hist NH 47.

Old Kittery & her Families: BILLING 1 John Billing was in the employ of John Winter at Richmond's Island in 1635 and owned the end of Kittery Point in 1639. He is mentioned in the records of Portsmouth in 1640. He had a gift of land from Gorges in 1645 and died in 1646. His widow married Rice Thomas. Later generations spell their names Billings 2 John Billing son of the above lived at Braveboat Harbor. He married 1 before 23 May 1671 Ann dau of John and Joan Andrews (2) Rebecca dau of Humphrey and Elizabeth Scammon. Bought land of Francis Champernowne in 1686. Inv of his estate rendered 3 Dec 1690. Children ELIZABETH mentioned in 1687 3 JOSEPH m Hannah Wilson.  /P/  THIRD GENERATION 3 Joseph Billing married 29 Nov 1716 Hannah dau of Joseph and Hannah Endle Wilson. Will 1748 1764 Children: JOHN bapt 21 July 1717 pub to Sarah Sellers of York 14 Aug 1742 Sarah Sellers m Wm Mitchell 9 May 1756, 4 JOSEPH bapt 25 May 1718 m Joanna Norton 2 Sarah Cox, BENJAMIN pub to Ann Hidden 2 Oct 1742 Dau Hannah bapt 31 July 1743, MARY m John Hutchins Jr 5 May 1748 ELIZABETH m Austin, REBECCA Unm in 1748, SAMUEL m Sarah Hicks and had dau Eunice bapt 1 Oct 1749 2 Hannah Hughes 12 Oct 1758 

White Swirled Line

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