Cheney, Chine, Cheyney, Cheyne, Chenie, Cheiny

William CHENEY born circa 1604, early resident of Roxbury by 1639, will dated 4/30/1667, died 6/30/1667 age 63, militia of Roxbury 1647

Spouse: Margaret ___ she married 2nd Mr. Burge/Burgess by 16179, she was buried in Roxbury 7/3/1686

Children: Ellen born in England circa 1626 married Humphrey Johnson; Margaret born Roxbury, 4/1650 married Deacon Thomas Hastings; Thomas married June Atkinson; William married Deborah __ estranged at time of father's will; John born 9/29/1639 died young; John born 9/29/1639; entered Harvard College, drowned; Mehitabel born 6/1/1643 married Thomas Wright Jr.; Joseph born 6/6/1647 married Hannah Thurston & Mehitabel Plimpton


Ellen / Eleanor CHENEY  born in England circa 1623 married 3/20/1642,3 Roxbury, died 9/28/1678 Hingham; he married (2) Abigail (Stansfield) May widow of Samuel May 12/6/1678 Roxbury

Spouse: Humphrey JOHNSON, baptized Ware End, Great Amwel, Herfordshirel 11/5/1620, Sergeant, in Scituate 1651. served In King Philip's War under his brother Capt. Isaac Johnson, removed to Hingham 1673, died Hingham 7/24/1693,  had an uncommon inclination towards lawsuits - History of Scituate; came with Winthrop Fleet in 1630

Children: of 1st wife: Mehitable born Roxbury 9/1644, baptized 3/29/1646, died 8/4/1689, married Samuel Hinsdale, John Root & John Coleman; Martha baptized Roxbury 9/1/1647, died 1714, married Obadiah Morse; Deborah baptized Roxbury 1/20/1650 probably died 4/1/1669; John born Scituate 3/1653, baptized 5/8/1653, drowned Hingham 6/12/1674; Joseph / Josepth born Scituate 6/24/ 1655 died young, possibly Joseph who died 1676 below;  Benjamin born Scituate 8/27/1657, died Hingham 3/26/1707 age 50, married 6/11-12/1683 Rebecca Hersey daughter of William & Rebecca (Chubbuck) Hersey; Margaret born Scituate 12/1659, died Hingham 6/5/1739 age 80, married Josiah Leavitt;  Mary baptized Scituate 4/19/ 1663; Nathaniel born Hingham 1/19/1655[/6], died 5/4/1755 age 90 Pomfret CT,   married Abigail May daughter of step-mother & Samuel May; Isaac born Hingham 1/12/1667-8 or 2/18/1667-8, died West Bridgewater 5/27/1738 age 71, married about 1690 Abigail (Leavitt) Lasell;  Joseph died Hingham 9/5/1676 may be same as Joseph above.  Children by 2nd wife: John born Roxbury 11/17/1679; died Colchester CT 8/7/1775 married 1702 Mary Ramsey; Deborah born Hingham 2/19/1682-3, married Roxbury 12/19/1705 Isaac Davis


Margaret JOHNSON married 10/20/1676,  born 1659, died in Hingham 6/7/1739 age 80

Spouse: Josiah LEAVITT, cooper, farmer, born in Hingham 5/4/1653, died 9/14/1708 age 55

Children: Josiah born 7/28/1679 married Abigail Gill; Joseph 7/23/1681 married Judith Hobart; Margaret born 10/20/1683; Jeremiah 8/21/1685 married Jael Hobart; Joshua born 8/1/1687; David born 8/16/1691; Asaph 7/31/1695; Hezekiah born 9/17/1697 married Mary Beal & Grace Hatch; Mary born 10/7/1699 married Matthew Cushing

See Early New England Families 1641 - 1700 Humphrey Johnson.

New England Families: William Cheney the immigrant owned land adjoining Rev John Wilson's land in Boston Massachusetts We know no reason for thinking that John and William Cheney the immigrants were not the sons of John Cheney of Bennington a list of whose children has just been given But if it were proved that the Cheneys were of this old Lincolnshire family the English pedigree appears to be impossible to trace But few English pedigrees have been conclusively proved and established I John Cheney the immigrant ancestor was born in England John Cheney wrote John Eliot the famous Indian Apostle minister of Roxbury he came into the land in the years 1636 He brought 4 children Mary Martha John Daniel Sarah his 5th child was borne in the last month of the same year 1636 called February He removed from our church to Newbury the end of the nect su er 1636 Martha Chany the wife of John Cheny At Newbury John Cheney prospered His allotment of land was large He had a good stand in the old town and on shore and elsewhere He had three acres granted June 19 1638 at the westerly end of the great swamp behind the great hill on August 25 six acres of salt marsh then a parcel of marsh with little island of upland on it about twenty acres little river of the northwest formerly a part of the calf common assigned to him July 5 1639 Lot No 50 in the new town on Field street was granted him January 10 1643 He was a member of the grand jury April 27 1648 selectman often member of a committee to lay out the way to the neck and through the neck to the marshes on the east side of the old town November 29 1654 He was interested in public affairs and was one of the famous ten men of Newbury who took such interest in the campaign of Governor Win throp against Sir Harry Vane that they made a journey of forty miles from Newbury to Cambridge to take the freeman's oath They were admitted May 17 1637 He died July 28 1666 leaving a will dated June 5 1666 written in his own hand He provided liberally for his wife and family The will was proved September 25 1666 Children Mary born in England about 1627 Martha about England 1627 1629 John about 1631 Daniel mentioned below Sarah born in Roxbury Massachusetts February 1635 36 Peter 1638 Lydia born at Newbury Hannah November 16 1642 Nathaniel born at Newbury January 12 1644 Elizabeth January 12 1647 II Daniel son of John Cheney was born in England about 1633 He was a farmer and a man of great industry and wisdom He and his wife joined the church before 1675 and in 1688 he was a constable The rate list mentions him his brother Peter and Peter's son Peter at that time he owned about forty five acres of land He was made freeman May 7 1663 He was one of those who petitioned for the pardon or restoration of John Pike who had been lieutenant of the militia in Newbury and who had fallen under the displeasure of the general court for some reason On October 19 1654 the court ordered those who petitioned to give bonds in the sum of ten pounds for daring to petition to appear for trial The three men however received no punishment for asking for fair play for their officer He died September 10 1694 Joshua Bayley was appointed guardian for the four minor children Eleanor a daughter had married become a widow and married again before she was of age On December 22 1694 Daniel's widow Sarah wrote her refusal to administer on her husband's estate requesting that the son Daniel be appointed The inventory was dated September 20 1694 Daniel Cheney married in Newbury October 8 1665 Sarah born August 17 1644 died October 26 1714 daughter of John Jr and Eleanor Emery Bayley Children born in Newbury Sarah September n 1666 Judith September 6 1668 Daniel mentioned below Hannah September 3 1673 John July 10 1676 Eleanor March 29 1679 Joseph baptized April 9 1682 James born April 16 1685 

29 3 1648 Humphrey Johnson of Roxbury granted unto Willim Chenie of Roxbury twenty Acres of land in Roxbury bounded w 1 the high way that leads to die fresh meddow on the East the land of the heires of John Levens south the school lands & Richard Peacocks north west & Giles Pason & the high way Northerly & this was by an absolute deed of sale 2 r 1647 w u all priviledgs thereto belonging Humphrey Johnson and a scale Sealed & dd in psence of William Aspinwall Nicholas Butler 

THE WILL OF WILLIAM CHENEY of Roxbury Massachusetts 1667 M Being sick of body and of perfect understanding Gr memory according to my measure I doe make ibis my last will Gr Testament I doe commit t my soul into tbe Armes o tbe Ever lasting mercy of Cod my saviour Gr deare Gr blessed Redeemer Gr my body unto my friends Sr relations to be decently interred by tbem in bope of a blessed Resurection As for tbat Estate which it batb pleased tbe Lord to lend unto mee I doe dispose of as followetb Imp my will is tbat my deare Gr afflicted wife margaret Cheney bee Carefully Gr sufficiently provided for duringe tbe time ofber naturall life to tbat end my will is tbat sbee bave Gr Enjoy all tbe rents Gr profits yearely Gr Every yeare duringe tbe aforesaide tearme of all my Houses Lands Gr Orchards tbat 1 die possessed of Either in Roxbvry Boston or Elsewhere Except sucb part of my Lands or Estate which I shall bereafter in this my will dispose of to my children or otherwise which Estate bequeathed by mee unto my said wife it is my will sbee Enter upon Gr bee possessed of immediately after my decease to wit tbe present crop upon all tbe Land Gr tbe use of all my Household stuffe Gr goods my debts Grfunerall Expences in tbe first place being with all Convenient speed fully discharged Grfor my said wives more Comfortable being my desire is tbat one of my Executors may live in my bouse in Roxbury with her to Enjoy tbe bousing Gr Lands by tbeyeare which I bave as is aforesaid given unto my said wife upon sucb EquaU tearmes as my other Executors Gr overseers all of tbem to bee named hereafter shall agree with him for but in case botb my Executors see Cause to refuse to accept of this motion in answers to my desire berein then my will is tbat it bee let t out by my Executors or Overseers to tbe best advantage for my said wives Comfortable supply Gr maintenance ffurtber my will is tbat when all my debts Gr Legacies are discharged out of my stock Gr Husbandry utensils as Carts plomes Gr sucb like what remains of my stock afterwards my will is it bee left out or disposed of for my said wives use by my Executors with t be advice of my Overseers And my will is tbat all my moveables bee for my wives use duringe ber life Except what is before disposed And in case wbat is above Expressed bee not sufficient for tbe Comfortable maintenance of my said wife then my will is tbat tbe bouse at Boston bee sold Sr imployed Sr improved for berfîtrtber Sr better supply Item I doe will Sr bequeath unto my son John Cbeiney all tbat Land botb arable 6 pasture lying on tbe East side of tbe Great Lotis being twenty Acres more or less being now in tbe possession of tbe said John Also I give to my said sonn a par cell of meadow in tbe fresb meades being two Acres bee tbe same more or less as it lyetb on tbe outb of a ditcb made to dreine tbe said meadow Also I Give unto bim one Aeree of salt marsh bee it more or less as it lyetb bounded wifb a Creek next tbe marsh of John Bowles formerly Isaac Heatbes Also give unto bim Eight Acres of Land more or less lying neere bouse of William Hopkins au Sr Every of these parcells of Land my will is tbat my said sonn John bee possessed immediately after my decease Item I bequeath unto my sonn William Cbeiney all tbat lying Sr being in medfeld laily in tbe possession of my sai d son upon this condition or proviso that bee Sr bis wife Debo raV bee Reconciled Sr live together in mead feud or Bsewb ere to the satisfaction of John Wisewell of Boston & Deacon Williams of Roxbury but not in Providence or tbat Jurisdiction pro oided also tbat wbat either my self e or Deacon Williams have alrea dy or doe stand Engaged for to tbe Court ebalfe bee first repaya Sr fully discharged by b im or assignes but otherwise if said sonn neglect o accept it with these provisoes then my will is thai there bee paid to John Wisewall of Boston out of my Estate the re sidue I dispose of as followeth Item I will Sr bequeath to my sonn Joseph Cbeiney sixty pounds to witt my Land lying in tbe tbir being thirty seaven Acres more or less Sr twenty paid to my said sonn Joseph out of my stock Item my will is tbat my tbree daughters to witt Ellen Marga ret and mebittable bave Eacb of them Tenn pounds out of my stock After my said wives decease my will is first tbat Sr Lands in Roxhtiry undisposed of before by this my will be give n unto two sonns of my Eldest sonn Thomas Cbeiny bis sonn Thomas Sr bis sonn William to bee improved for their bennefitt by their ffatber untill they are twenty one then bee Enjoyed by them secondly what remaines of my Estate after my said wm e de cease eitler in stock or otherwise in bousing or Lands or otber Estate in any kind undisposed of by this my will is that tbe one balfe of it bee given to my sonn Joseph Cbeiney fr for tbe otber balfe thereof is tbat if divided into ffoure Equall parts And soe disposed of it to sonn Jobn Cbeiney & to my Three aforesd daughter to eacb of tbem an Equal Portion thereof Lastly 1 doe make my Loving sonns Tbomas Cbeiney fr Tbomas Hastings executors of this my will requesting my deare fr respected friends Jobn Elliot Deacon William Parke fr Edward Bugbee Overseers Aprill tbe last sixty seaven William V Cbeiney bis marke fr a seale Witnesses Jobn newell Samuell scarbarow jo of July 1667 Jobn newell fr Samuel scarbarow deposed ire 30 July 1667 Tbomas Cbeny 6 Tbomas Hastings Executors to tbe last will fr Testament of William cbeny n presented tbe inventory of tbe estate taken by James Everell and Joseph How 

THE WILL OF MRS MARGARET CHENEY SURGES l Margrat Burges widdow now living in Boston being at present of sound mind memory and reasonable understanding praised bey Lord do make tbis my last will and testamf in manner and forme following Tbat is to say First I give my precious soul into ibe bands of my beavenly father and dear Redeemer and my body to be decently buried according to y good discretion of my hereafter named Exef in hope of a blessed Resurrection at tbe last day Item I give & bequeatb to my son Joseph Cheney thirty pounds in moneys Item give and bequeatb to my daughter Mebitabel Wight all my eloatbs It I give and bequeatb to my grandson W Cheney five pounds And to bis two brothers Jif and Benjamin I groe to each of tbem fifty Shillings and I do make my son Joseph sole Exec of tbis my last will and testam1 all former wills being void as Witness my band and Seal tbis fifteenth day of may in tbe year of our Lord 686 Robert Sanderson sen Mary Emblin ЕН Sanderson witnesses ber Margaret M Bürge mark and a seal Presented Sept 33 1686 The will seems to be in the handwriting of Elizabeth Sanderson and the seal bears the stamp E S 

Suffolk Deeds: Know all men by these presents That William Cheney of Roxbury in the County of Suff in the Massachusets New England for & in consideration of a valuable Summe to me in hand paid by John Peirpoint of ye Same Towne hath given granted bargained Sold enfeoffed & confirmed & by these presents do give grant bargain  Sell enfeoffe & confirm unto the sd John Poirpoint His heires & Assignes One entire quarter or fourth part of a Water mill in Roxbury aforesaid And also one Quarter part of a peice of Marsh ground esteemed to be one Acre more or less being all that is his or that belongeth to his said part of the said Mill part whereof lyeth neer to the sd Mill on the South side of the said Mill & adjoining unto the River Wch dives the said watermill And on the north side of a Creek cut out there for the passage of the wast water And the other part thereof lyeth on the South side of the Said Creek being a rod in Breadth all along the sd Creek as it is Curt together with the Rights & appurtenances thereof which sd Quarter part of the said Mill & marsh ground as aforesaid the said William Cheney purchased of John Johnson, Joshua Hcwes & others agents for Hugh Pritchard late of Roxbury aforesd now resident in the Common wealth of England as by their Deed unto the said Cheney bearing date the thirtieth day of June one thousand Six hundred Fifty one appeareth To Have & to hold the sd Quarter part of the said Mill & also the said marish as aforesd with all the rights privileges & appurtenances thereof unto the said John Peirpoint his heires & Assignes to the only use of the said John Pierpoint his heires & Assignes for ever And the said William Cheney for himself his heires Execut and Adm doth covenant promise & grant to & with the said John Peirpoint his heires & Assignes by these presents That he the said William Cheney is & Standeth lawfully Seized to his own use of the set Quarter part of the said Mill & of the said Marish as is aforest with the appurtenance profits & priviledges there to belonging in a good estate of inheritance & hath in himself full power good right & law full Authority to grant bargain Sell convey & Assure the same in Manner & forme as aforesaid And that the said John Peirpoint shall & may for ever hereafter peaceably & quietly have hold & enjoy the said bargained premises with the said appurtenances thereof as aforesaid free and cleer and cleerly acquited & discharged of and from all former Acts & incumbrances whatsoever had made committed & done or suffered to be done by y said William Cheney his heires or Assignes or any other person or persons claiming by from or under him them or any of them or had made done or counted or to be done or counted by any other person or persons lawful ly claiming any Right title or Intrest to the same or any part thereof whereby the said John Peirpoint his heires or Assignes shal or may be hereafter molested troubled or lawfully evicted out of y possession or enjoyment thereof And lastly Margaret Cheney the wife of y set William Cheney doth by these presents fully freely & absolutly give & yeild up all her Right title Dower & Intrest of & into the S t bargained premises unto y set John Peirpoint his heires & Assignes for ever In Witnesse whereof ye sd Will Cheney & Margret his wife have hereunto put their hands & Scales y Sixt day of July in ye Year of our Lord One thousand Six hundred fifty Eight Signed Sealed & DcliuYt in Wm Clieny a Mark a Seal presence of Margret Cheny a mark a Seal William Parke Ita attest p Robert Howard Not Publ Feb 1 1683 Deacon William Park personally appearing made oath that he was present upon the day of the date of 145 these presents and Saw Wm & Margret Cheney Signe & seal this Instrument and that himself and Robert Howard then signed as Witnesses before William Stoughton Joseph Dudley Entred June 21 1684 Attest Is Addington 

The Cheney Genealogy: WILLIAM CHENEY was a very early resident of Roxbury in the colony of Massachusetts Bay in New England now included in the city of Boston The oldest records of that town which have been brought down to modern times are contained in a volume whose opening sentence says that the book was bought in lojc for the purpose of recording various matters relating to the inhabitants Its earliest entries are not dated One of these is a list of the men who owned land and lived in the town entitled Anote of the estates and persons of the Inhabitants of Rocksbury Seventy men are enrolled they range from Edward Pason possessor of 3 acres of ground to Mr Thomas Dudley with his 356 acres W Cheiney is the fortieth name with 24 acres showing that he was above the average in wealth This list is on a page where the year 1640 is given as the date of a preceding entry and 1642 is the date of the entry on the following page A number of circumstances indicate that the list was written near the close of the year 1640 On other pages of the old record book there are deeds of land recorded and in the bounds of two of these the land of Cheney and the meadow of Cheyney are mentioned both were made in 1640 These records demonstrate the fact that William Cheney was a land holder and resident in Roxbury before 164.0 and they do no more The settlement at Roxbury begun in 1630 a little  In the Roxbury Land Records there is a detailed descrip I tion of each settler's real estate with the names of the owners of adjacent tracts William Cheney's homestead lay in a bend of the old highway which is still a well trodden thoroughfare Dudley street on the southeast side near its junction with Warren st The other tracts of land were widely scattered WILLIAM CHEINEY his house barne Garden and land theirto about two aceres and a hälfe butting upon William Parkes south and east and upon the highway north and west And sixteene aceres in the great lotts more or lesse betweene the lands of John Johnson towards the west and the schoole lands towards the east And ten aceres of swampe neare the great lotts lying betweene Giles Pason and Ralph Hemingway and the heires of Sanraell Hagborae And six aceres of salt marsh in Gravelly poynt And six aceres of fresh meadow in the great meade upon John Stowe his heires east and Richard Sutton west with two rodds wide of upland at both ends and so upon the commons And seaven aceres more or lesse of errable land upon Richard Sutton north John Gorton west and upon John Turner south And in the first and third allottraent of the last devission being the fift lott lying betweene John Johnson and heires of George Alcocke threescore and sixteene aceres and a hälfe and ten rod And foure and twenty aceres and a hälfe within the thousand aceres neare Deddam And twenty aceres of land more or lesse lying in the great lotts bounded on the way to the fresh meadow on the east the land of the heires of John Levens on the south the schoole land and Richard Peacockes north west and upon Giles Paren and the highway northerly And three aceres and a hälfe of meadow lying in the fresh meadcs butting east upon my owne fresh meade and upon John Peirpoynt west And an acere of land commonly called the wolf trapp bought of Humphrey Johnson lying on the north of the land of John Gorton and west upon the highway And hälfe of sixteene aceres of woodland lately the land of Richard Sut ton but bought by him of John Johnson The deed of this Wolf Trapp is not on record though there are deeds recorded whereby lands adjoining this piece were conveyed and called Wolf Trap showing that the name applied to quite a large tract perhaps a valley where many wolves had been taken We find two deeds of William Cheney's one of land he bought the other of some he sold and we give them here 29 3 1648 Humphrey Johnson of Roxbury granted unto Wiffim Chenie of Rox bury twenty Acres of land in Roxbury bounded w 1 the high way that leads to die fresh meddow on the East the land of the heires of John Levens south the school lands & Richard Peacocks north west & Giles Pason & the high way Northerly & this was by an absolute deed of sale 2 r 1647 w u all pTiviledgs thereto belonging Humphrey Johnson and a scale Sealed & dd in p sence of William Aspinwall Nicholas Butler William Cheney of Roxbury and Margaret his wife sell to John Peirpoint One entire quarter or fourth part of a Water Mill in Roxbury and one quarter part of a peice of Marish ground esteemed to be one Acre more or less being all that is his or that belongeth to his said part of the said Mill part whereof lyeth neer to the sd Mill on the South side of the said Mill & adjoining unto the River wh dives the saied watermill And on the north side of a Creek cut out there for the passage of the wast water And the other part thereof lyeth on the South side of the said Creek being a rod in Breadth all along the sd Creek as it is Cutt together with the Rights and appurtenances thereof which said Quarter part of the said Mill & marsh ground as aforesaid the said William Cheney purchased of John Johnson Joshua Hewes & others agents for Hugh Pritcbard late of Roxbury afore said now resident in the Commonwealth of England as by their deed unto the said Cheney bearing date the thirtieth day of June one thousand Six hundred Fifty one appeareth Dated July 6 1658 attested by Dea William Parke Feb 1 1683 
William Cheney aged 63 yeares died June the 30 day 1667 and the hand of either Rev John Eliot or Rev Samuel Danforth wrote in the church book among the burials 1667 Moneth 5 day 2 Willian Cheany sen
"1673 24 3m Margaret Cheany widow having been long bound by Satan under a melancholick distemper (above ю or 1 1 yeares) wh made her wholy neglect her Calling & live mopishly this day gave thanks to God for loosing her chain & confessing & bewailing her sinful yielding to temptation. She thus appears to have recovered from that nervous prostration as we should call it to day six years after her husband's death. During that time her eldest son Thomas had left his Cambridge farm to the care of others and lived with her on the Roxbury homestead. A few years later the good widow married a second husband a Mr Bürge or Surges whose Christian name has not been found in any record associated with her so that we have no means of identifying him. Their wedded bliss could not have endured long for in a deed of some property in the latter part of the year 1679 she was described as a widow. Here we have the deed of the Boston property referred to in Mr Cheney's will MARGARET BURDGE of Roxbury to New England widow Relict of William Cheeny sometime of sd Roxbury Dece, Thomas Hastings of Watertown & Margaret his wife, Thomas Wight and Mehitable his wife, and Joseph Cheeny of Medfield the son and daughters of the aforenamed William Cheeny for and in consideration of the Sume of thirty pounds current money of New England unto the sd Margaret Burdge for her necessary use well and truely paid &c convey to Samuel Shrimpton of Boston merchant a Parcell of Land in Boston fronting upon a Laine leading from the Broad street neer the Town house unto the Town dock and is bounded upon the s Laine Easterly measuring in breadth fourteen foote more or less and upon the land of the widow Armitage Northerly the Land of John Usher westerly and Land of John Parker or his successors Southerly or howsoever otherwise bounded measuring in length or depth four and twenty foote more or less bearing the aforesa dj readth throughout its whole depth with all the Stones & bricks now upon the s Land theremainesof the Tenement or building late standing thereupon March 15 1679 80. Thomas Cheeny one of the Executors of the last will of William Cheeny consented to the deed.
CHILDREN OF WILLIAM AND MARGARET CHENETY I ELLEN b in England about 1626 m at Roxbury Mass March 20 1642 3 Humphrey Johnson a son of John and grandson of Isaac Johnson who was one of the chief men in the founding of Roxbury. Humphrey Johnson resided in Roxbury many years then removed to Hingham was a man of affairs a soldier in Capt Isaac Johnson's со in the war against King Philip in 1675 Children i Mehitabel Johnson bapt at Roxbury March 29 1646 2 Martha Johnson bapt Sept 12 1647 3 Deborah Johnson bapt Jan 20 1649  II MARGARET b m in Roxbury in April 1650 Dea Thomas Hastings one of the leading men of Watertown both In civil and religious affairs Thomas Hastings aged 29 years with his wife Susanna aged 35 embarked at Ipswich Eng April 10 1634 in the Elizabeth William Andrews master The I wife Susanna d Feb 2 1650 and he m 2d Margaret Cheney There is no record of children by the first wife but the second wife bore the following Children of Dea Thomas and Margaret Cheney Hastings t Thomas Hastings b July I 1652 2 John Hastings b March I 1653 4 3 William Hastings b Aug 8 1655 4 Joseph Hastings b Sept 12 1657 5 Benjamin Hastings b Aug 9 1659 6 Nathaniel Hastings b Sept 25 1661 7 Hephzibah Hastings b Jan 31 1663 4 m Dea W Bond S Samuel Hastings b March 12 1665 6 III THOMAS  iv WILLIAM  v JOHN b in Roxbury Sept 29 1639 He fitted for and entered Harvard College So much is proved by the line at the top of a page in the ledger of the College steward John Cheeney is debitor In the fashion in which students names were regularly written after they had passed their examinations There was no other person of the name to have thus entered except John son of John and Martha Cheney of Newbnry unless William Cheeney of Middletown Conm may have had a son bearing this name of whom no memorial has come down all probabilities point to the Roxbury youth as the Harvard student whose beginning of a course is thus chronicled about the year 1655 when Thomas Cheney was just making a home in Cambridge i However not a line further has been found in College annals to tell us the length of John Cheeney s stay at Harvard or the reason for his failing to be enrolled as a graduate. When his administrators refer to him they call him a batcheler which might only mean that he was unmarried or might refer to his  having taken the degree of bachelor of arts. We know nothing of his career but his death was recorded as both sadden and sad .Found dead in Our river it was apprehended by y Jury that he slip in accidentally as he was catching of Eales. As he had inherited property from his father there was something of an estate and the family arranged and agreed in its settlement. Administration to the Estate of John Cheney the Sonne of William Cheny л Batcheler Late of Roxbery was granted to Humphrey Johnson of Hingham 29th 1671. He presented an Inventory which showed 20 acres of land at the Great Lottes with bouse & orchard. One acre of Salt meadow and two of fresh and Eight acres of woodland 5 together with a sword some tools a feather bed and bolster wearing apparel etc.  Joseph as his youngest brother laid claim at first to the estate but yielded and took his share with the rest on their giving him the feather bed and clothes. Hastings Johnson and Wight and Thomas, William, and Joseph Cheney placed themselves on record in an agreement for division of the property. vi MEHITABEL b in Roxbury June I baptized June 4 1643 m Tkomat Wight Jr ol Medfield Children i Mehitabel Wight b June 12 1663 2 Thomas Wight b Oct 27 1665 3 Marie Wight b Feb 20 1667 4 Eleazer Wight b June I 9 5 Joshua Wight b July 23 1681 4 vii JOSEPH b in Roxbury June 6 1647 

Ancestry of Katherine Choate Paul: 10083 WILLIAM CHENEY who was of Roxbury Mass before 1640 had a homestead there in the bend of the highway now called Dudley street owned extensive tracts of land and an interest in the watermill there was chosen lister or assessor there Feb 21 1648, was constable in 1655 and selectman in 1657 and having contributed liberally toward the foundation of Roxbury Free school and guaranteed the payment of subscriptions of others was chosen one of its feoffees or directors Feb 15 1663, became freeman of the colony May 23 1666, and died June 30 1667 aged sixty three years. His will dated Apr 30 1667 and proved July 30 1667 provided for his children and left the income of his estate to my deare and afflicted wife Margaret during life. According to an entry in the Roxbury church records 1673 24d 3mo Margaret Cheany widow having been long bound by Satan under a melancholick distemper above 10 or m years wch made her wholly neglect her Calling and live mopishly this day gave thanks to God for loosing her chain confessing and bewailing her sinful yielding to temptation. She married a few years afterward Burge or Burges whose Christian name is unknown was a widow again before 1679 and having been dismissed from the church in Roxbury to the South church in Boston Apr 9 1682 died at Boston and was buried at Roxbury July 3 1686. Her will dated May 15 1686 was proved Sep 23 1686. William's children by her were 1 Ellen b in England about 1626 m Humphrey Johnson 2 Margaret m Apr 1650 Thomas Hastings of Watertown 3 Thomas who m Jan 1 1 1655 Jane Atkinson and was one of Capt Johnson's Roxbury company which marched against the Indians at Mt Hope 4 William d Sep 1681 5 John b in Roxbury Sep 29 1639 who entered Harvard college and was drowned about 1671 6 Mehitable b June I 1643 m Thomas Wight Jr of Medfield 7 Joseph b June 6 1647 m first Hannah Thurston and second Mehitable Plimpton 9083 ELLEN CHENEY sometimes called Eleanor born in England about 1626 came to Roxbury doubtless with her father married there Mar 20 1642 3 Humphrey Johnson  settled with him at Hingham and died there Sep 28 1678 

Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs, Volume 1 By William Richard Cutter: Joseph Clarke eldest child of Joseph Clarke 2 was born in Medfield 1664 and settled in the north part of the town. In 1695 he was sealer of leather. He married 1686 Mary Wight who was born 1667 and who died 1705 Joseph 2 Clarke had the title of captain military rank. He was one of the prominent men of the town and built the grist mill and carried on the manufacture of malt. He died 1731. He had by his marriage to Mary Wight seven children among whom was Joseph who was born 1697. Mary Wight was daughter of Thomas and Mehitable Cheney Wight and granddaughter of Thomas Wight who came from the Isle of Wight to this country bringing his wife Alice and three sons. Thomas Wight was at Watertown Massachusetts 1636 and next came to Dedham and was freeman 1640. He served nineteen years on the board of selectmen. His wife Alice died 1665 and he died 1674. Mehitable Cheney, the wife of Thomas Wight and the mother of Mary, was the daughter of William of Roxbury born in England 1594 and died in Roxbury June 30 1667. William Cheney came from Meynoll Langley county of Derby and settled in Roxbury 1635 freeman 1666 son of Sir Robert Cheney of Meynoll Langley.


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