Thomas CHUBBUCK, husbandman/farmer, born circa 1605, of Hingham Norfolk ENG, died 12/9/1676 Hingham MA, settled in Hingham 1634

Spouse: Alice HOBART  born 1606 died 1674 [descended through 2 of her siblings through the Davis / McDowell line]

Children: Rebecca baptized 2/2/1632 died soon; Nathaniel baptized 1635 married Mrs. Mary Garnet widow of John June 18 1669; Sarah born 1638 married Jeremiah Fitch; John baptized 1/19/1639-40 died 2/2/1639; Lt. John born 12/30/1648, married Martha daughter of Nathaniel and Martha Beal and 2nd Samuel Stodder's widow, died in the Canada expedition under Sir William Phips; Mary married Thomas Lincoln; Deborah died young; Hannah died young; Rebecca


Rebecca CHUBBUCK baptized 4/1/1641 died Hingham 1686 

Spouse: William HERSEY, he married (2) Ruhamah widow of Job Bourne

Children: Deborah born 1/1/1665; Judith baptized 8/29/1686 died 4/1/1751 married Israel Vickery; William born 10/11/1657; John born 10/27/1659; James born 12/2/1661; Rebecca born 8/20/1663 married Benjamin Johnson; Hannah born 2/13/1668-9 married Ebenezer Lane; Ruth born 2/10/1673-4 married Caleb Beal; Mary born 5/20/1676 died 10/15/1681; Joshua born 3/29/1678 married Sarah Hawke; Judith born 9/6/1680 died 9/12/1681; Judith born 8/29/1686 married Israel Vickery of Hull; Elizabeth born 5/26/1671;

History of Hingham: CHUBBUCK, Thomas, according to Cushing's MS, settled in Hingham 1634 and the year following received a grant of a house lot at "Broad Cove" (Lincoln Street). He also had other lands granted him at subsequent dates. The chris. name of his wife was Alice. She died 20 February 1674-75. He died 9 December 1676. "Farmer." Resided on Lincoln Street. In his will of 16 April 1675, proved 27 December 1676, gives to eldest son Nathaniel land at Crow Point; six acres next to Wey. back river bought of Lieut. Smith; six acres bought of John Palmer, and two great lots at the Great Plain, next the country way, containing twelve acres each, one given him by the town, the other purchased of John Garnet; also other valuables, all of which if he leaves no children are to go to his brother John. To son John all his other land including that which the town gave him next to John Tucker's; also his dwelling house and land adjoining purchased of John Palmer, etc. Names three daughters and gives to each a small sum (naming it) in addition to what they have already had.

Pioneers of MA: Chubbuck, Chubbock, Chubbec, Thomas, farmer, came with his wife in 1634 from Hingham, Eng. Settled at Charlestown. Wife Alice adm. chh. April 3, 1635. He rem to Hingham; propr. 9/1635. Ch. Nathaniel bapt. 4 (3) 1635, Sarah bapt. 2/1637 (m. 9/25/1657, Jeremiah Fitch), John b and d 1639; Mary b. 10/13/1642 (m. 2/18/1663 Thomas Lincoln, Jr.); Deborah b 7/6/1645 d 3/1650; John b 12/30/1648. Wife Alice d. 2/20/1674-5. He . 12/9/1676. Will prob. 12/27/1676, beq to children Nathaniel, John Sarah wife of Jeremy Fitch, Rebecca wife of William Hersey; Mary wife of Thomas Lincoln.

The Mayflower Descendant: Thomas Chubbuck of Hingham In the County of Suffolk yeoman for 7 15s sold to John Corthel of Scituate Labourer A Small piece of Land In the township of Abbinton in the County of Plymouth nigh accord pond Containing three Acres three quarters and twenty rods buted and bounded as followeth viz easterly with land I latly Sold to Benjamin whiton Southwardly on the land of Jabez wilder Edward wilder and Theophilus wilder northerly on the land I latly Sold to John Corthel Sixteen rods from Benjamin witons land unto a black oak Stump and heap of Stones and to Continue the Same point of Compass Six rods further unto a Stake and heap of Stones and then to run Southerly unto the aforesd wilders land so as to Contain the afore mentioned quantity of three Acres three quarters and twenty rods reserving only the previledge where the Cart way now Is that leads to fords neck to pass and repass with teems or Cattle without trouble or molestation &c I the said Thomas Ch ubbuck and mary my wife In token of her relinquishment of her right of Dower have hereunto set our hands and seals this a 0r teenth day of October 1745 Thomas Chubbuck and Mary Chubbuck signed by marks and both acknowledged the deed at Hingham 26 May 1749 before Benjamin Lincoln Justice of the Peace The witnesses were Moses Lincolne Junr and Jeremiah Chubbuck The deed has not been recorded. 

Year Book Society of Colonial Wars:  LIEUTENANT JOHN CHUBBUCK BY EDWARD S CRANDON The unfortunate expedition under Sir William Phips against Canada in 1690 called into military service some 2,200 men of New England mainly from the Massachusetts and Plymouth Colonies. The town of Hingham settled in 1633 by emigrants from the town of the same name in England furnished a company of troops for the expedition the lieutenant of which was John Chubbuck born in Hingham Dec 30 1648. He was the son of Thomas Chubbuck and wife Alice who had settled at Charlestown soon after 1630 and had joined with the other natives of Hingham England in establishing a new Hingham in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Thomas was one of the proprietors of the new town receiving grants of land in 1635 and subsequent years and died there Dec 9 1676. His eighth child and second surviving son John Chubbuck was a selectman of Hingham 1679 and also in 1690 when the expedition against Canada called him into service as he held the commission of lieutenant. He lost his life on this expedition falling a prey to disease Nov 26 1690. The expedition sailed from Boston Aug 8 1690 and its disastrous result was known in the colony early in November. It cost Massachusetts some 50,000 pounds in money and many lives of her colonists without any compensation in actual result or even in military renown. Lieutenant Chubbuck's will dated Aug 6 1690 two days before his departure on the expedition was presented for probate April 3 1691. His wife was Martha Beal daughter of Nathaniel Beal of Hingham. To his three younger sons he bequeathed his lands at Agawam in Plymouth Colony. Nathaniel Chubbuck his eighth child and fifth son born June 8 1686 married June 5 1707 Margaret Joy of Hingham and removed to Wareham of which town he was one of the first proprietors and settlers [History of Hingham I 249 II 123] 

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