Joan / Johan COWPER baptized 10/6/1503

Spouse: Robert LINCOLN born circa 1496 Hingham ENG died circa 1543

Children: Robert born circa 1525married Margaret ALBEREYE; Rose born circa 1527; Elizabeth born circa 1529 married Hugh Baldwin; Ann born circa 1531; Margaret Rose born circa 1533; Christian born circa 1535; Rose born circa 1537; John

Will of ROBERT LINCOLNE of Hingham Dated 18 April 1540. To be buried in Hingham churchyard. To my daughters Margaret Rose the elder, Rose the younger, and Christian 40 shillings each at 18.  To my wife Johan kine. To my son Robert Lincoln my harness. To my nephew Thomas Lincoln a coat. To my godson Robert son of the said Thomas a blanket and a bullock at 18. To William son of said Thomas a bullock at 18. To Robert Bawdwen son of Hugh Bawdwen a bullock. To my nephew Robert Lincoln singleman. Elizabeth Bawdwin wife of said Hugh and my daughter Ann Lincoln 16 acres of corn in the close called Brockelle between them. To my daughters Ann and Elizabeth sheets. Executors my wife Johan and John Cowper junior tanner. Witnesses Thomas Pynchyn, John Barnewell tailor, Robert Lincoln my son, John Jessoppe, Robert Lincoln my nephew, Robert Wright and John Pye. Proved 5 September 1543 by the Executrix

Powers-Banks ancestry: traced in all lines to the remotest date obtainable: Another will carries us back still one more generation that another Robert dated 18 April 1540, 5 September 1543. He too is of Hingham. He names his wife Johan perhaps Cowper, as the executors are his wife and John Cowper jr tanner. He names one son Robert, daughters Margaret, Rose the elder, Rose the younger, Christian, Ann and Elizabeth married to Bawdwen/Baldwin. He names also nephew Robert unmarried, a nephew Thomas, and his two sons Robert and William. Among the witnesses are Thomas Pynchon (a well known name in Springfield) Robert Lincoln my son and Robert Lincoln nephew and Robert Wright.

White Swirled Line

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