Cushman, Cutchman, Couchman

Robert CUSHMAN, Rev.; baptized Rolvenden Kent ENG 2/9/1577-8 died in Eng probably summer 1625-6; passenger in Speedwell forced to return to Eng; came in Fortune 1621; agent of Leyden Pilgrims in ENG; arrived with son Thomas; grocer in Cantebury and wool-carder in Leyden

Spouse: (1) Sarah REDER (Rider) married parish of St. Alphege Canterbury Eng 7/31/1606 (2) Mary (Clark) Singleton/Shingelton/Chingleton married 6/3/1617 Leyden Holland

Children: Thomas


Thomas CUSHMAN, Elder,  baptized 2/8/1607-8 Parish of St. Andrew,  Canterbury, Kent ENG; came in Fortune with father 1621 arrived at Plymouth November; left in care of Governor Bradford when father sailed for ENG about a month after Fortune landed; died at Plymouth 12/10-11/1691 age 84

Spouse: Mary Allerton born circa 1617 Leyden Holland died 11/28/1699 Plymouth married circa 1636 Plymouth

Children: Thomas born circa 9/16/1637, died Plympton 8/23/1726 age 89 wanting a month, married (1) Ruth Howland 11/17/1664 Plymouth [AMR] daughter of  John & Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland of the Mayflower (2) Abigail (Titus) Fuller Rehoboth 10/16/1679 daughter of John & Abigail (Carpenter) Titus, she married (1) Rehoboth 4/25/1673 John Fuller; Sarah born Plymouth circa 1641 died after 2/10/1706-7 (deed) married (1) John Hawks/Hoaks son of Adam and Ann (Brown?) (Hutchinson) Hawkes, he married (1) Lynn 6/3/1658 Rebecca Maverick, Sarah married (2) Daniel Hutchings who had married 1st Eleanor ?; Mary born circa 1643 died before 10/22/1690 - called deceased in father's will, married Francis Hutchinson son of ? and Ann (?) Hutchinson, he married (1) Lynn 12/11/1661 Sarah Leighton & (3) Martha Stearns ; Isaac born Plymouth 2/8/1648-9 married Rebecca Harlow; Elkanah born 6/1/1651 died Plympton 9/4/1727 in 77th year,  married (1) Elizabeth Cole 2/10/1677 Plymouth [AMR] daughter of James & Mary (Tilson) Cole  (2) Martha Cooke daughter of Jacob & Damaris (Hopkins) Cooke, a descendant of Pilgrims Francis Cooke & Stephen Hopkins; Feare born 6/20/1653 died before 10/21/1690; Eleazar born 2/20/1656-7 died after 11/1733 married Elizabeth Coombs Plymouth 1/12/1687-8 daughter of John & Elizabeth (Royal?) (Barlow) Coombes a descendant of Pilgrim Degory Priest; Lydia born Plymouth circa 1662 died there 2/11/1718-19 married William Harlow son of William & Rebecca (Bartlett) Harlow, a descendant of Pilgrim Richard Warren


Rev. Isaac CUSHMAN born 2/8/1648-9 Plymouth died 10/21/1732 Plympton "in the 84th year of his age and in the 37th year of his ministry", ordained in Plympton 10/27/1698, was pastor of the First Church of Plympton the last 37 years of his life. 

Spouse:  Rebecca HARLOW born 6/12/1655 Plymouth died Plympton 9/3/1727 in her 73rd year married circa 1675  (some accounts list wife as Rebecca Pickard/Rickard; Mayflower Increasings by Roser lists Harlow; Mayflower Families in Progress accepts Rebecca Harlow daughter of William Harlow & Rebecca Bartlett - Harlow Family 1st 5 Generations)

Children: Isaac born 11/15/1676 died Plympton 4 (or 18) Sept. 1727 in 51st year, Lt. in Militia,  married (1) Sarah Gibbs 1/28/1700-1 Plympton daughter of Thomas and Alice (Warren) Gibbs a descendant of Pilgrim Richard Warren  (2) Mercy (Bradford) Freeman 10/10/1717 Harwich daughter of John & Mercy (Warren) Bradford a descendant of Pilgrims William Bradford & Richard Warren, she married (1) Plymouth 10/12/1708 Jonathan Freeman; Rebeckah born 11/30/1678 died circa 1744 N. Yarmouth ME married Deacon Jacob Mitchell; Mary born Plymouth 10/12/1682 died Plympton 3/13/1722-3 in 41st year married Plymouth 3/19/1702 Robert Waterman born Marshfield 2/9/1681-2 died Halifax 1/16/1749-50 in 69th year son of John & Ann (Sturtevant) Waterman, he married (2) Plympton 12/5/1723 Elizabeth Cushman, he married (3) Marshfield 6/18/1727 Abigail Dingley; Sarah born Plymouth 4/17/1684 died Plympton 2/2/1724-5 age 40years 9 months 15 days married Plympton 7/8/1708 James Bryant born Plymouth 7/26/1882 son of John & Sarah (Bonham) Bryant, he married (2) Plympton 5/12/1725 Dorcas Whipple; Fear born Plymouth 3/10/1689 died Halifax MA 7/13/1746 in 58th year married Plymouth 2/12/1707 William Sturtevant son of Samuel and Mercy (?) Sturtevant, he married (2) Halifax 1/25/1747-8 Joanna (Dunbar) Tilson; Ichabod born Plymouth 10/30/1686 died Middleboro 10/26/1732 aged 46 years wanting 4 days married Plympton 11/27/1712 Patience Holmes born Plymouth 11/3/1690 daughter of John and Sarah (Thomas) Holmes who married (2)  Middleboro 4/23/1735 Elnathan Wood; Mercy baptized 1692 not in father's will


Rebecca CUSHMAN born Plymouth 11/30/1678 died N Yarmouth ME 7/8/1756 married in Plymouth 11/18/1701

Spouse: Deacon Jacob MITCHELL born probably Bridgewater circa 1672 died N. Yarmouth ME 12/21/1744 in 73rd year;  lived in Kingston; occupation Deacon 1737 and blacksmith; he married Deliverance Kingman 1st in Bridgewater 1/1/1695-6 by whom he had Jacob

Children: Jacob born 1696/7; Susanna born 1/15/1702-3; Rebecca/Rebeckah born Plymouth 10/19/1704 died Dartmouth 11/30/1764 in 59th year married Kingston & also rec. Dartmouth 11/12/1727 Elnathan Pope born Kingston son of Isaac and Alice (Freeman) Pope; Seth born Plymouth 3/16/1705/6 died N. Yarmouth ME 8/26/1760 married circa 1730 Deborah Andrews daughter of Stephen & Bethia (Stetson) Andrews/Andros "of Duxbury"; Mary born Plymouth 3/7/1707-8 died after 6/22/1767 married Joseph Fellows formerly of Salisbury son of Joseph & Sarah (Kimball) Fellows who married in Salisbury; Lydia/Lidia born Plymouth 6/20/ 1710 married 3/23/1729 Isaac Pope born Dartmouth son of Isaac & Alice (Freeman) Pope; Noah Mitchell, early settler of Columbia ME, born 9/16/ 1712 married Hannah ? ; Isaac born 1/20/1714-5 died No. Yarmouth ME 8/24/1738 in 24th year apparently unmarried; Sarah born Plymouth 4/29/1717 died after 6/1/1760 (deed) married N. Yarmouth 10/30/1741 Andrew Tuck; Elizabeth born Plymouth 4/27/1722 died Burton, New Brunswick after 11/5/1797 (deed) married N. Yarmouth ME 10/26/1743 Joseph Howland born Middleboro circa 1717 died Burton NB before 3/23/1796 son of Isaac & Sarah (Thomas) Howland a descendant of Pilgrim John Howland

Mayflower Increasings pg 12,13, 14, 15: Will of Rev. Isaac Cushman 10/25/1727, ment dec'd son Isaac Cushman; dau Rebeckah Mitchell; child of dec'd daus Mary Waterman & Sarah Briant; dau Fear Sturtevant; son in law Rbt Waterman; sworn to 10/30/1732.Will of Elder Thomas CUSHMAN 10/22/1690 ment wf Mary; sons Thomas Cushman; Isaac Cushman; Elkanah Cushman; Eleazer Cushman; daus Sarah Hoaks/Hawks, Lidiah Harlow; 3 children of dec'd dau Mary Hutchinson. Sworn to 3/16/1691-2. Isaac Cushman b 2/8/1648-9 Plymouth d 10/21/1732 84th yr Plympton g.s. m c 1675 Plymouth poss Rebecca Harlow (dau of Wlm Harlow & Rebecca Bartlett3 (Mary Warren2) b 1/12/1655 Plymouth d 9/3/1727 73rd yr Plympton. Pg 12: Mary Allerton b c 1617, Leyden Holland, d 11/28/1699 ae 83 Plymouth m c 1636 Plymouth Thomas Cushman, son of Robert Cushman & Sarah Reder) bpt 2/8/1607-8 Cantebury Kent Eng, d 12/10-11/1691 ae 84 Plymouth.

Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families pg 6: Isaac ALLERTON of London m in Leyden 1611 Mary Norris of Newbury Eng and came in the Mayflower with wife and 3 children Bartholomew, Remember m Moses Maverick of Salem, and Mary m Thomas Cushman.

Pioneers of MA pg 127: CUSHMAN, Robert, wool-carder, of Canterbury Eng m at Leyden Holland 6/3/1617, Mary, widow of Thomas Chingleton of Sandwich Eng. He was associated with Wm Brewster as agent of the Leyden chh in negotiations for removal. He came in the Fortune to Plymouth in 1621. See letters & details in Bradford. Though not ordained he did service as a preacher some times; and is regarded as the author of the sermon entitled The Danger of Self-love and the Sweetness of True Friendship, preached at Plymouth 12/9/1621. He ret to Eng on business of the colony and d there in 1626. Son Thomas came with him; became an important man her in church & colony.

Gen Register of the First Settlers of  NE pg 74: CUSHMAN, ROBERT; arrived at Plymouth 11/10/1621 where he tarried only one month; ret to Europe and d in 1626. His family came to NE after his death and his descendants are numerous. Allen, Biog Dict 238.   THOMAS, Plymouth 1623, son of the preceding m Mary, dau of Isaac Allerton and d 1691 ae 84. His widow d 1699 ae about 90. His son Rev Isaac Cushman was the first minister of Plympton MA, was ordained 1698 and 1732 ae 84.

Mayflower Families Through 5 Generations Vol. XVII Isaac Allerton: Tomas Cushman came to Plymouth on the Fortune in 1621 with his father Robert Cushman.  William Beale & Thomas Cushman received two acres in the 1623 Division of Land as passengers on the Fortune. /p/ T.C. was admitted as a Freeman 1/1/1633-4. /p/ T.C. was Elder of the Plymouth Church from 4/6/1649 until his death.  The will of T.C. Sr. of Plimouth dated 10/22/1690, sworn 3/16/1691-2, names wife Mary Cushman; sons Thomas, Isaac, Elkanah and Eleazer Cushman; daus. Sarah Hoaks and Lidiah Harlow; the three grandchildren in Lin [Lynn], and children of daughter Mary Hutchinson, dec. /p/ The will of Isaac Cushman Sen'r of Plimton dated 25 Oct 1727, sown 10/30/1732, names son Isaac Cushman dec.; son Ichabod Cushman; grandson Nathaniel Cushman; dau. Rebeckah Mitchell; children of dau. Mary Waterman dec.; children of dau. Sarah Briant, deceased; dau. Fear Sturtevant; son-in-law Robert Waterman.

Genealogical History of ME: Robert Cushman the head of the race in this country was born in Eng between 1580 & 1585. In religion he was a Puritan and was one of that band of Pilgrims who left their native shores for opinion's sake. The Pilgrim fathers of New England developed chiefly in the north of Eng, in the farming districts in the counties of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire & Yourkshire. Two churches of Puritans were formed in the Northeastern part of Eng. Of one of these churches in Scooby, Rev. Richard Clifton was pastor. To this church belonged Rev. John Robinson, Elder Brewster, Governor Carver, Governor Bradford, Isaac Allerton & Robert Cushman. The men who comprised this church were principally persons of good education of of superior minds, and Robert Cushman was a very prominent man among them. They were the true founders of our republic. Driven by persecution at home, they fled to Holland, there to seek a haven of rest. Remaining in Holland eight years, they began to look toward the wilderness of America as their permanent home. To this end they sent Robert Cushman and Deacon John Carver to Eng to open negotiations with King James. This was in the year 1617. After repeated attempts and failures, the plan finally matured and on Saturday 8/5/1620 they set sail from Southhampton on the Mayflower and Speedwell, Robert Cushman and family being among the number. // Thomas son of Robert Cushman was born in Eng in 2/1608. He was on the Mayflower with his father, returned with him to London on the Speedwell, coming to New England again on the Fortune in 1621. In 1635 he served as a juryman. That year he married Mary Allerton, probably a daughter of Isaac Allerton. The exact locality of the house in which he lived is pointed out in the present town of Kingston and the spring that stood near it is named after him. It is often visited by antiquarians. In 1649 he was made ruing elder of the church, which was a very important position in those days. He was one of the witnesses to Governor Bradford's will. He died 12/11/1694. The gravestone erected in his memory at Plymouth is still in a good state of preservation. The children were: Thomas, Sarah, Lydia, Isaac, Elkanah, Feare, Eleazer and Mary.

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