Spouse: Joan

Children: Nathaniel baptized Chesham, co. Bucks 2/1/1614-15


Nathaniel DICKENS of Providence, New Shoreham (Block Island), and 1650 Newport RI, died between 10/18/1690 and 10/3/1692

Spouse: (1) Joan ___ Tiler  married by 1648 (2) ____ mother of oldest children; (3) Sarah ____ who married second Thomas Brown

Children: by wife (2) Dorcas born 1664 died 2/18/1736-7; Mary born c. 1666 married 4/21/1685 Thomas Rathbone of  New Shoreham; Thomas born c. 1668 married Sarah (probably Dodge; Mercy born c. 1670 married Gregory Mark of Oyster Bay, LI, NY; children by wife (3) Roger born c. 1673 probably died unmarried; John born c. 1676 married Joanna / Hannah Ball baptized Stonington CT


Dorcas DICKENS born 1664, died 2/18/1736-7

Spouse:  Tristram DODGE born circa 1647-8 New Shoreham Newport RI died 8/18/1733 New Shoreham, married 1/7/1679-80

Children: Nathaniel born 11/3/1684 New Shoreham Newport RI died 1756 Lyme New London CT married Margaret PULLINS 3/3/1706 New Shoreham 3/3/1706 Mark, Dorcas born 2/11/1722 married 10/21/1743 Thomas Pendleton; Gideon, Mary

Early Block Island Families

The Dickens Family: ....father of Nathaniel Dickens, was an unrecorded son of Thomas and Alice Dickens, especially as, in the list of the children of Thomas and Alice recorded in the Chesham register, there is a gap between Sarah, baptized 20 Dec 1589, and John, baptized 20 Jan 1600/1. It must be understood that at this period it was not uncommon to have two and sometimes three sons of the same Christian name in one family, and all alive at the same time. It may, therefore, well be that Thomas, father of Nathaniel Dickens of Chesham, was a son of Thomas Dickens of that parish, a dyer, by his wife Alice, and that he was born between 1589 and 1601 - probably about 1592. //// 1. Nathaniel Dickens, of Providence, Newport, and New Shoreham (Bock Island), RI, probably the Nathaniel Dickens who was baptized at Chesham, co. Bucks, England, 1 Feb 1614/15 (vide supra), died between 18 Oct 1690, when his will was dated, and 3 Oct 1692, when Sarah, his widow, bought land in Newport (vide infra). He evidently married three times: first, before 24, 6 mo. 1648, Joan Tiler, widow, who was at Providence as early as 1640, when she received a grant of land there and signed the Combination at that time; secondly ____, the mother of his three eldest children;) and thirdly, before 3 Sep 1680, Sarah ____, who died between 7 Mar 1720, when her will was dated, and 16 Jan 1722/3, when it was proved. Soon after the death of Nathaniel Dickens she married secondly Thomas Brown of New Shoreham, who died soon after his wife, the inventory of his estate having been taken on 9 May 1723. //// The first mention of Nathaniel Dickens in New England that has been found by the writer is in a deed given by William Wickenden of Providence, dated 21 Sep 1646, in which reference is made to "land which Nathaniel Dickens now possesseth" (The Home Lots of Providence, p. 48). On 16 Jul 11647 he witnessed a deed from John Greene, the surgeon. On 17 Jun 1648 his share of meadow was mentioned and 60 acres of upland that were his. On 24, 6 mo. 1648 both he and his wife, Goody Dickens, testified (Providence Records (printed), vol. 15, p. 16). On 29 Dec 1648 he testified as to the drunkenness of Robert Williams. On 10, 3 mo. 1649 he attended a Court of Trials. On 2 June 1649 he served on a jury at Providence (ib., p.25). On 4, 12 mo. 1649/50 he sold to Arthur Fenner 6 acres on Seekonk River. On 20 Jun 1650 Edward Rawson, Secretary of the MA Bay Colony, addressed a letter to "his loving friend, Nathaniel Dickens," summoning him to come to Boston to answer the complaints of William Arnold and William Carpenter (ib., vol. 15, p.32). On 27, 5 mo. 1750 Nathaniel Dickens sold his home lot, next to the Widow Sayers. On 22 Aug 1650 he sold to Ralph Earle of Portsmouth, RI all his lands in Providence; ....

White Swirled Line

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