Dodgee, Daudg, Daudge, Dodg
Also related through Dorcas, daughter of Nathaniel & Margaret Pullins below.

Tristram DODGE  sailed on Shallop  from Tauton MA April 1661 to New Shoreham,  an original proprietor of Block Island, freeman 1664, sergeant in militia 1676 born circa 1620 may have died 1700-20

Spouse: ______  married circa 1640 

Children: John; William; Israel removed from Block Island to New London Colony CT, married Hannah ____ 1689, died 1745; Thrustarum / Tristram 1647 - 1713, married Dorcas Dickens 1680


Tristram DODGE born 1647,  will dated 7/26/1733, proved New Shoreham 6/7/1735

Spouse: Dorcas DICKENS

Children: Nathaniel; Dorcas married __ Landworth; Sarah married 8/4/1727  Samuel Mitchell; Thomas; Ebnezer; Hezekiah; Tristram Nathaniel


Nathaniel DODGE  born 11/3/1684 New Shoreham Newport RI died 1756 Lyme New London CT  

Spouse: Margaret PULLINS married New Shoreham 3/3/1706 

Children: Mark, Dorcas born 2/11/1722 married 10/21/1743 Thomas Pendleton; Nathaniel, Gideon, Mary



Spouse: Lydia RATHBURN 

Children: Simon born 6/15/1741; Bathsheba born 5/13/1750, married  Samuel Pendleton; Dorcas born 10/15/1743 married Walter Clark and John King; Joshua born c. 1746 died 1/1/1748; Niobe born 4/30/1754


Simon DODGE born 6/15/1741, died after 1823, came c. 1784 to Islesboro from Brock Island RI

Spouse: Prudence ROSE daughter of Daniel Rose and Hepsabeth Mott, born New Shoreham RI  (2) Sarah Nash widow of Dodge Pendleton

Children: Joshua; Prudence; Noah died 7/23/1816 age 54 married Rosanna Rose;  Rathburn born 1767 died 9/18/1846 age 79, married Lydia Pendleton, wealthiest man in Islesboro; Mary born 1776 died 3/4/1851 Monroe ME married ___ Sargent; Simon born 11/1/1768 Brock Island, died 2/6/1826 in the field, married Mary Cottrell; Lydia born 1765 married Simon Sprague; Israel drowned 2/17/1807  age 35 married Prudence Trim; Solomon died unmarried; Mark died 6/21/1823  married Wealthy Pendleton ; Wealthy married Ezekiel Parker; Experience married William Grinnell


Joshua DODGE born c. 1780 died 1807-8  

Spouse: Berilla PENDLETON born Islesboro ME c 1779-83, died Mt. Desert 1874;  married (2) John Bracy married 10/1807 [Gideon, Thomas, James, Caleb]

Children: Joshua Jr born 1804; Gideon P. born 1807 married Sarah Davis. Children by John Bracy: John Jr. married Barbara Pierce; David married Hannah Young; William died unmarried; George married Susan Clement and Mary Garland; Priscilla died unmarried; Elsie married George Grover; Eliza J. born 7/30/1817 married Adam Pendleton; James born 7/1820 died 10/10/1872 married Eliza J. Herreck


Joshua Warren DODGE farmer & lumberman, born 4/9/1804 Islesboro Hancock ME, died Plantation 14 ME 12/27/1882. His parents have been confirmed by the Dodge Family Association [Joshua Dodge age 24 arrived Passamaquoddy 8/15/1828,  9/10/1929, age 24, merchant; report on Ancestry does not list from whence they came or the ship's name. When Joshua moved to Dennysville, his grandfather Gideon Pendleton was nearby Deer Island NB]  

Spouse: Jane SHAW born circa 1/9/1811 Dennysville ME died 10/10/1872 Plantation # 14 married 12/25/1828 Edmunds ME (sister of Deborah who married James Joseph Waterman Harrison)

Children: Mary Jane born circa 1838; William S. born 12/7/1832 Dennysville died 4/26/1903 married circa 1860 Eleanor Smith daughter of Haskell and Deborah (Harrison) Smith of Cooper great grandparents of Charles Smith; George Warren born 11/1/1830 Edmonds ME died 3/18/1897 age 66 Dennysville ME of heart disease, ship carpenter, married 9/3/1851 Mary Benner born 1831 Pembroke ME; Alfred M. born circa 1835 married Betsey Benner 12/27/1859 ; Mary born circa 1838;  Elisa A. born circa 1839-1840; Joshua J. born circa 1844 died 8/22/1910 age 68 yr 1 mo 10 da Wesley, farmer, married Lucy Colson of Harrington; Charles P. born circa 1848 living with Joshua Jr. 1860 Census; Sarah E. born circa 1849; Martha D. born circa 1846 (see notes below, Martha not in 1850 census but in 1860); James B born circa 1853, died 10/2/1923, laborer woodsman cook, single; Raymond G. born 1856-7 married 4/30/1884 Nettie M. Bailey; Deborah


Mary Jane DODGE born circa 1838 Plantation 14 East Ridge, married 3/18/1854, died 5/11/1914 age 76 yrs 8 mo.of chronic myocarditis & chronic nephritis (bacterial infection of kidney)

Spouse: Nathan PRESTON born Dennysville Washington ME; married 3/18/1845, recorded on Congregational Church Rolls, Dennysville in 1805

Children: Eva married  Charles A. Smith; Mary Etta married Fred Leighton of S. Vernall ME; Oran "Od"; Jefferson H. born circa 1860 ME; Dallas M. born circa 1863 ME; Bion B. born circa 1865; Nellie B., born circa 1868 ME; Andrew C. born circa 1873 ME; Hugh B. born circa 1876 ME; Odin V. born circa 1878 [is this "Oran" nicknamed "Od"?] 

Joshua Dodge age 24 born 1804 arrived 10/10/1828 at Passamaquoddy (Eastport ME) Ancestry passenger records

Joshua Dodge born c 1778, died on Islesboro 3/24/1858 was married to Elizabeth or Betsey Steward who died 11/4/1865. This Joshua's dates are often listed as the dates for Berilla Pendleton's husband, but her Joshua died early c 1807 and she married John Bracy.

A-CHS 2/98: Machias Union 10/12/1869 re Saxby Gale: Plantation 14 on the Eastern Ridge, James Smith's house partly unroofed & badly damaged & his barn demolished; Jacob R. Sinclair's new house destroyed; Nathan Preston, J. Dodge, J. Taylor Reynolds, John Mulveney each had a barn unroofed or damaged badly; Nehemiah Preston's shed was blown down & his orchard of apple trees greatly injured by uprooting.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Dodge, Tristram (1628-1718) m. ... ... ... MASS, RI IX, 27; XIII, 90; XXXII, 231; XXXIV, 136

Eastport Sentinel Vol 54 #48 16 Oct 1872 deaths: In Plantation #14 10/10/1872 Mrs. Jane w/o Joshua Dodge, 61y 9mo.

MA Soldiers & Sailors of the Revolutionary War: DODGE JOSIAH Private Capt John Scott's co enlisted Nov 28 1776 discharged Dec 21 1776 service 24 days at Fort Cumberland company raised in Machias to reinforce Col Jonathan Eddy at Cumberland against British garrison stationed there Roll dated Machias. DODGE JOSIAH Capt Jabez West's co list of men who received bounty from Capt Stephen Smith Muster Master for Lincoln Co for engaging to serve in the expedition against St Johns also Sergeant same co enlisted July 21 1777 discharged Dec 13 1777 service 5 mos 7 days company raised for expedition against Nova Scotia and continued in service at and for defence of Machias. 

A-CHS 11/01 issue: The early names in the Dodge family are hard to document. Our files start this line in England with Oliver (1500) > Isiah (1574) . John > Tristan (1607-1683) > (then to Rhode Island) Tristan (1647-1733) > Nathaniel (1682 - 1763) > Mark (1717 -) > Simon (1741 - 1822) > (then to Islesboro, Maine) Joshua Dodge (1782 - 1858). This Joshua may have been married to Berila Penaleton or to Betsy Wilkins, or to both. /P/ The 1850 census of Plantation 14 lists Joshua Dodge, age 46, and his wife Jane, age 39. Their children were; George 20, William 17, Alfred 15, Mary 12, Elisa 10, Joshua Jr. 6, Charles 2, and Sarah 1. /P/ This Joshua Dodge, born about 1804, was a son of Joshua of Islesboro. One source states that he died on December 27, 1882. He married Jane Shaw of Edmunds on December 25, 1828. Jane was born about 1811 and died on October 22, 1889 or October 10, 1872. /P/ George Warren was born on November 1, 1830 at Edmunds and died March 31, 1897 at Dennysville. He was a ship's carpenter. He married Mary Benner on 9/3/1851. She was born in 1831 at Pembroke. Known children of George W. and Mary were; Franklin (1853-4 - 1943), Clarence (1857), George A. (1858 - 1859), George (1861 - 1897), Hiram E. (1863 - 1944), and Lillian May (1865 - 1951). The 1860 Plantation 14 census lists George and Mary with John W. age 8, and Frank H. age 6. /P/ William was born in 1832 and died in 1903. He married about 1860 Eleanor Smith, daughter of Haskel Wood and Deborah (Harriman) Smith of Cooper. (They are in the 1860 and 1870 Plantation 14 census.) It is interesting to note that Deborah was the daughter of James and Deborah (Shaw) Harriman). Their children of whom we have records are Reliphenia (1861), James (1863 - 1941), and twins John Edgar and Joshua Everett. They were born on February 24, 1865. John Edgar married Elmira Henderson; Joshua Everett married Ella Henderson. /P/ Alfred appears on the 1860 census for Plantation 14. Alfred is 25 years old; his wife Betsey is 20, and their child Lizzie, 8 months. The 1870 census does not list Alfred and Betsey, but lists Lizzie, at age 10, living with Marcus and Eliza Peters and their children Frederic and Willena. Lizzie is attending school. /P/ We also find in Plantation 14 in 1860 Joshua 55, Jane 49, Elisa 19, Joshua Jr. 16, Charles 12, Sarah 10, Martha D. 14, James 7, and Raymond G. 4. Child 3, daughter Mary, has disappeared. /P/ Listed in 1870 in Joshua Dodge's family were Jane 59, Joshua Jr. 26, Charles 22, James 17, Raymoend G. 14, and Aldred 6. We also find 10-year old Lizzie, daughter living in #14, but not with her parents, Alfred and Betsey. /P/ In the 1880 census of Plantation 14, Joshua Jr. 36 and Lucy 35 Dodge have 4 children, Heman 8, Stillman 6, Gilbert 1 and Mary or Minnie 1. Living with the family was Joshua Jr.'s brother Charles 32. /P/ The 1861 Washington County Map and the 1881 Colby's Atlas of Washington Co. show that the Dodge Family lived on East Ridge in #14, on the road from Dennysville to Cooper, east of Cathance Lake. Later several members of this family moved north into Cooper (which was once Township 15) and resided along East Ridge road in that town.

Brian Pendleton and his descendants, 1599-1910: :Thomas5 Pendleton married at Block Island RI 21 October 1743 Dorcas Dodge (Block Is Rec) daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret (Pullin) Dodge (TR Woodward's Dodge Gen p 13). She was born there 11 February 1722. The History of Islesboro (p 249) says that Dorcas was daughter of Tristram Dodge probably an error as the Block Island records have no Dorcas daughter of a Tristram Dodge at this period, while Dorcas daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret Dodge had brothers Nathaniel Mark and Gideon and sister Mary. All these names occurring among Thomas Pendleton's children as well as that of Margaret is pretty good evidence as to his wife's parentage. The Block Island records show the marriage of Nathaniel Dodge and Margaret Pullin 3 March 1706 the Dodge Genealogy calls her Margaret Pulling while Arnold in his Vital Records of Rhode Island refers to her as Margaret Hulling.
Brian Pendleton & His Descentants: Stephen6 Pendleton married (1) at Islesboro Me 25 September 1786 Prudence Dodge daughter of Simon and Prudence ( Rose) Dodge. She was born at Block Island RI 23 May 1769 and died at Northport Me about 1820. Prudence Dodge was probably Stephen's first cousin as her father and his mother appear to have been brother and sister.....Bathsheba Dodge born at Block Island RI 13 May 1750, daughter of and Lydia (Rathbone) Dodge. Mark Dodge was brother to Dorcas Dodge, Samuel Pendleton's mother,  and besides Bathsheba had children Simon, Joshua, Dorcas, and Niobe. //P// Berilla7 Pendleton (Gideon, Thomas, James, Caleb) was born at Islesboro Me about 1779 and died at Mt Desert Me about 1874. She married 1 Joshua Dodge and 2 John Bracy. Nearly all her children lived and died at Mt Desert. They have many descendants. Issue by first husband Dodge: Joshua8 Jr m and lived in Dennysville ME ii Gideon m Sarah Davis. Issue by second husband Bracy iii John Jr m Barbara Pierce iv David m Hannah Young v William d num vi George m 1 Susan Clement 2 Mary Garland vii Priscilla d unm viii Elsie m George Grover ix Eliza J b 30 July 1817 m 1666 Adam8 Pendleton x James b July 1820 d 10 Oct 1872 m Eliza Jane Herrick. He has a son JS Bracy of Camden Me. 

1850 Census Plantation 14 (Dennysville) Washington ME: Joshua Dodge age 46, farmer, real estate value $1,000; Jane age 39; George age 20, farmer; William age 17, farmer; Alfred age 15; Mary age 12; Elisa age 10; Joshua age 6; Charles age 2; Sarah age 1. George through Joshua Jr. attended school; all born ME
1850 Agriculture Plantation 14 Washington ME: Joshua Dodge 60 acres improved, 100 acres unimproved, value $1000, value implements and machinery $80, 4 milch cows, 2 working oxen, 3 other cattle, 10 sheep, 2 swine, value of livestock $220, 12 bushels wheat, 3 bushels rye
1860 Census Plantation 14 Washington ME: Dwelling house 181. Joshua Dodge age 55, farmer, $1000 real estate, $500 personal estate; Jane age 49; Elisa A. age 19, domestic; Joshua age 16, teamster; Martha D. age 14; Charles P. age 12; Sarah E. age 10; James age 7; Raymond G. age 4. Martha through Raymond attended school. Everyone born ME.
Dwelling house 182 family 17: George Dodge age 29, farmer and lumberman ; Mary H age 29; John W. age 8; Frank H. age 6. Dwelling house 182 family 18: Alfred Dodge age 25 lumberman; Betsey M. age 20; Lizzy M. 8/12; William age 26 teamster; Eleanor age 18. 
1870 Census Township 14 (Dennysville) Washington ME. Joshua Dodge age 66 farmer $750 value real estate $600 value personal estate, born ME, male citizen, Jane  age 59, keeping house born ME; Joshua age 26, works on farm;  Charles P. age 22; works on farm; James B. age 17, works on farm, cannot write;  Raymond G. age 14, works on farm, cannot write; Alfred age 6 attended school. All children born ME.
1870 Agriculture Schedule Plantation 14 Washington ME: Joshua Dodge 75 acres improved, 50 acres wood, 50 acres other, $750 cash value, $75 value farming implements, $350 wages paid, 3 milk cows, 2 working oxen, 5 other cattle, 8 sheep, 3 swine, $450 value of livestock, 4 bushels buckwheat
1880 Census Cranberry Isle  Hancock ME: Joshua Dodge age 70, boarder, widower, self and parents born Maine. In home of Hiram J. Ladd age 68, fisherman. wife Jane age 62
1880 Census, Dennysville, Washington ME: George W. Dodge, born 1831 ME, age 49, laborer, married, white, head of household, father & mother born ME; Mary H., wife, white, age 49, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born ME; George T., son, single, age 19, born ME, laborer, father & mother born ME; Hiram E., son, age 17, born ME, laborer; Lillie M., daughter, age 14, born ME, without occupation; Walter M., son, age 12, born ME, at school; Lizzie M., daughter, age 9, born ME; Jennie, daughter, age 6, born ME.
1880 Census, Township 14, Washington ME: William S. Dodge, born 1833 ME, age 47, farmer / laborer, married, white, head of household, father & mother born ME; Eleaner, wife, age 39, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born ME; James, son, age 17, born ME, works upon farm, father & mother born ME; Edgar, age 15, born ME, at home; Everett, son, age 15, born ME, at home; Horatio H., son, age 13, born ME, at home; Deborah J., daughter, age 11, born ME, at home; Lewis, son, age 5, born ME.
1880 Census, Township 14, Washington ME: Joshua J. Dodge, born 1843 ME, age 37, farmer, married, white, head of household, father & mother born ME; Lucy, wife, age 35, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born ME; Heman, son, age 8, born ME, father & mother born ME; Stillman, son, age 6, born ME; Gilbert, son, age 4, born ME; Mary, daughter, age 1, born ME; Charles P. Dodge, brother, single, age 32, born ME, laborer, father born ME
1880 Census, Township 10 Range 3, Washionton ME: James Dodge, born 1853 in ME, age 27, works on farm, single, white lives in household of James Colburn, father and mother born ME.
1880 Census, Township 14, Washington ME; Alfred Dodge, born 1864 ME, age 16, works on farm, single, white, lives in household of Marcus E. Peters, relationship other, father's birthplace ?, mother's birthplace ME.
1880 Census, Township 14, Washington ME: Nathon C. Preston, born 1829 ME, age 51, farmer, married, white, head of household, father & mother born ME; Mary J., wife, white, age 42, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born ME; Jefferson H., son, single, age 20, born ME, works upon farm, father & mother born ME; Dallas M., son, age 17, born ME, works upon farm; Bion B., son, age 15, ME, at home; Nellie B., daughter, age 12, born ME, at school, Eva P., daughter, age 10, born ME, at school; Andrew C., son, age 7, born ME; Hugh B., son, age 4, born ME; Odin V., son, age 2, born ME.

Tristram Dodge and his Descendants in America: Our ancestor appeared in America first in 1660-1 as one of the original sixteen proprietors and settlers of Block Island in the faithful official record of honest old Nathaniel Mott town clerk copied in 1695. The ancient scribe though writing a strong legible hand shows by his records of the old deeds that few or none of the Islanders of that age could write their names and he expressed the several names by imitating their pronunciation and as with other settlers our ancestor's name in his record suffered a sea change by his pen into Thrustararorum Daudg and Thurstarorum Daudge Trustrome etc etc until long after those days in the next generation the influence of the school master appears and rescues the name to its true orthography. Of his origin We may be sure he was not born in either of the New England settlements as in all their careful records of births and other records his name does not appear. Town Clerk Mott's detailed account of the preliminary meetings of 1660 shows that the settlers had then engaged and advanced the money to buy the island as their home for life. These serious acts could only have been executed by men who had at least reached their majority or the age of twenty one years. He had been married sometime before though his wife's name is not given and in 1670 he had four sons with him as settlers who were then admitted freemen as appears Book 1 Evidences of Property of New Shoreham Rhode Island page 55 viz. At a Town meeting held the month of July for the year one thousand six hundred and seventy It was resolved that the freemen of the Town their names should be recorded for the Town Record thyrustarom Daudge, John Daudge, thrustarum Daudge, William Daudge, Israel Daudge. Thus recording in 1670 nine years after he sailed as freemen of the Town of New Shoreham or Block Island though only in 1672 the Town was chartered by Rhode Island first our ancestor and then his four sons viz John, Tristram, William, and Israel Dodge. He must have been married at least thirty years before for his four sons to have attained majority and been admitted freemen in 1670. The father then on his emigration in 1661 must have been at least about forty years old which would place his birth year about 1620. We have no record of the date of his death. His son and grandson bear the same name and the several names are frequent on the records the distinctions of Senior and Junior being usually omitted it is difficult to determine which one was intended. But at pages 90 3 Confessions of Nathaniel Briggs and Trustram Dodge Sen detailing verbatim allegations of the parties to a legal contest then settled by the warden's advice dated December 13 1681 and 31st August 1682 he was then living on the island perhaps at more than sixty years old.

A History of Brock Island: DODGE This name appears on the first records of the Island. Trustaram Dodge was one of the first settlers who came here in 1662. He was not one of the first purchasers of the Island like several others who came with him to occupy lands obtained of some of the sixteen proprietors. He died in 1733 his name was sometimes written Tristram and he was admitted freeman in 1664 among the first freemen of Block Island. John Dodge occupied the Minister's Land in 1691 according to the old records and was admitted freeman in 1709 was representative in the General Assembly in 1745 and 1751. Nathaniel Dodge was admitted freemen in 1709 at the same time as John's admission and perhaps they were brothers or cousins. David Dodge was admitted freeman in 1728 and Alexander Dodge in 1721. Samuel and William Jr were admitted in 1734 In 1744. Nathaniel Dodge was admitted and in 1745 another by the name of William. Hezekiah Dodge was on the Island in 1775 at the beginning of the Revolution and probably remained here through that distressing period.

Liber 2 Evidences etc page 211 Will of Tristram Dodge Dated 26th day July 1733. First Gives and devises to Dorcas my wife my house and all my land on Block Island for her life and all my movable estate indoors and out and after her decease the House and Land to my son Nathaniell Dodge and the movable estate to be equally divided between my two daughters Dorcas Landworth and Sarah Mitchell and my Will is that my son Nathaniell Dodge who is named Executor shall pay to my son Thomas Dodge Ten pounds and to my son Ebenezer 10 and to my son Hezekiah 10 and to my son Tristram Dodge 10 and to my daughter Dorcas 2 and to my daughter Sarah 2. Revokes all prior wills attestation clauses Proved at New Shoreham June 7 1735. 

The Maine Historical Register: Simon Dodge and wife Mary sell land in Islesboro to Eiisha Nash from Weymouth Mass [now 1891 in possession of his descendants] April 18 1791 Witness PAMELIA HEWES SYLVESTER COTTREL JR

DODGE SIMON Private Capt Asa Prince's co Col Danforth Keyes's regt enlisted Sept 12 1777 discharged Jan 3 1778 service 3 mos 21 days at Rhode Island roll dated Danvers also same co and regt muster roll dated Providence Dec 31 1777

Brian Pendleton & His Descendants: Stephen6 Pendleton married 1 at Islesboro Me 25 September 1786 Prudence Dodge daughter of Simon and Prudence Rose Dodge. She was born at Block Island RI 23 May 1769 and died at Northport Me about 1820 Prudence Dodge was probably Stephen's first cousin as her father and his mother appear to have been brother and sister

Deaths in Islesboro: Noah Dodge of Brock Island died 7/23/1816 age 54; Rathburn Dodge died 9/18/1846 age 79; Joshua Dodge died 3/24/1853 age 76 years 2 months; Israel Dodge drowned 2/17/1807 age 35; Wife Lydia Dodge died 9/1/1848 age 63; Wife Lydia Dodge died 6/4/1848 age 86 native of New Shoreham; wife Bathseba Dodge died _____; Henry Rose born New Shoreham 8/9/1784 died 7/10/1864; wife Hannah Dodge born Islesboro 5/27/1786 died 6/9/1866 age 80

Encyclopedia of VA Biography: Tristram Dodge described as "a fisherman formerly of New Foundland" was one of the fifteen heads of families who settled Block Island politically described as the town of New Shoreham in the state of Rhode Island. He sailed from Taunton Massachusetts with the others in April 1661 and received a grant of three acres of land southeast of the harbor on Block Island. It is apparent that his occupation was that of a fisherman after his arrival there as these small grants were made for the purpose of encouraging fisheries. He must have been a native of North England as it is found that his sons came from that region near the river Tweed in 1667 and settled on Block Island where they were made freemen July 2 1670. Tristram Dodge was made a freeman of the colony May 4 1664 and was a sergeant of the local militia in 1676. He was dead in 1720 at which time the records show his estate as intestate. William Dodge fourth son of Tristram Dodge was made a freeman in July 1670 in New Shoreham. He married Sarah daughter of Peter and Mary George. Their son Samuel Dodge born September 9 1691 settled about 1718 at Cow Neck in the town of Hempstead on Long Island. His will proved March 25 1761 names his wife Elizabeth and several sons and daughters. The second son Jeremiah Dodge was born in May 1716 and engaged in business in New York City. In 1745 a prayer meeting was held in his house which resulted in the organization of the First Baptist Church in New York City. In 1753 this body occupied a rigging loft on William street and purchased a lot on John street in 1760 on which a church was subsequently erected. Jeremiah Dodge married October 1737 Margaret Vanderbilt daughter of John and Margaret Vandcrbilt and descended from Aert Van Der Bilt who lived in Utrecht Holland Jan Aertson that is son of Aert Van Der. But came to America and was residing in New York as early as 1650. After 1663 he removed to Flatbush and about thirty years later to Bergen New Jersey where he died February 2 1705. 

History of Isleborough: Simon Dodge Sen was here early. His house was near The Gully east side below Hewes Point. He must have died after 1823 as his grandson Simon Dodge was then called third. His estate was divided between his sons Joshua and Noah now owned by Alvin Warren. He married first Prudence Rose. He married second Sarah Nash widow of Dodge Pendleton. Children probably i Noah of Islesborough d July 23 1816 aged 54 ii Israel of Islesborough iii Solomon d unmarried iv Simon Jr of Islesborough d February 6 1826 v Mark of Islesborough vi Joshua vii Lydia m Simon Sprague viii Mary m Sargent ix Wealthy m Ezekiel Parker x Experience m William Grinnell xi Rathburn d September 18 1846 aged 79 xii Perhaps a daughter who m Billington. Noah Dodge son of Simon married Rosanna Rose. She died May 18 1835. He died July 23 1816 aged 54 Children i Hannah b May 27 1786 ii Simon b May 15 1788 d 1798 iii James b June 13 1790 d December 24 18 y iv Rosanna b January 24 1793 m Henry Rose v Hiram b June 24 1795 m Betsey Ciphers vi Delilah b November 16 1798 m John Ames. Israel Dodge son of Simon married Prudence daughter of Godfrey Trim. He was drowned February 17 1807 aged 35. She married second Thomas Marshall January 9 1823. Children i Abraham m Charity Dodge published March 22 1829. He was drowned between Islesborough and Boston. She m second Rathburn Dodge ii Sally m Simon Dodge Jr 1823 iii Betsey m Simon Dodge Jr 1826. Simon son of Simon Dodge was born on Block Island RI November 1 1768. He married in 1789 Mary daughter of Sylvester Cottrell. She was born July 5 1770. He died in his field Feb 6 1826. Children i Prudence b April 17 1790 in Islesborough ii Experience b October 30 1796 in Islesborough iii Simon Jr b July 5 1799 in Islesborough iv Solomon b September 17 1800 in Islesborough m Lydia Gould published July 14 1826. Daughter Artimisa born Sept 26 1830 v Rathburn b August 10 1806 in New Brunswick vi Charity b July 27 1811 m Rathburn Dodge Jr vii Queen Ann b April 8 1825 m Joseph J Brown. Mark Dodge of Block Island son of Simon Sen married in 1798 Wealthy daughter of Nathaniel Pendleton and grand daughter of Thomas Pendleton Jr. They settled on a farm south of Samuel Pendleton near the Bonnet Point where they built their house. It is now owned by Capt Warren. He died June 21 1823 Children i Noah b March 10 1799 m Elizabeth J Brown published December 14 1829 ii Christiana b May 13 1801 m Roberts ???. vii William S b November 27 1817 m Sarah J Pendleton moved to Gouldsboro d there Jan 17 1889 viii Joseph b September 1 819 m Rebecca Clough of Blue Hill published December 30 1844 ix Elbridge b November 4 1822 m Lucy M Spaulding of Rockland July 4 1848. ???/// Joshua Dodge son of Simon Sen. He married Betsey daughter of Wilm Steward. She died Nov 4 1865 aged 72. He died March 24 1858. Children i Esther b August 8 1811 m Lewis Hatch January 1831 ii Eliza b December 12 1812 m Johnson Sargent Dec 18 1835 iii Mary b August 14 1814 m Varnuin Rose iv Walter Franklin b April 11 1816 m Rosanna Rose 1840 v James b April 27 1818 m Hannah Rose vi Prudence b February 6 1821 m James Burns Williams vii Martha W b July 6 1823 m Eben S Babbidge Dec 19 1843 viii Solomon b March 1 1825 m Lydia P Nash February 5 1848 ix William S b July 14 1827 m Harriet Bunker x Dorothy H b February 25 1830 m Joshua Farrow Jr. ///  Rathburn Dodge son of Simon Sen married Lydia Pendleton daughter of Samuel. Rathburn Dodge was a prominent man taking an active part in town affairs and the wealthiest man in the town. The frequent allusions to him in the town records show the estimation with which he was held in the town. He died September 18 1846 aged 79. She died Aug 6 1842. Children i Lucretia b October 4 1792 m Solomon Sprague ii Israel b April 7 1794 d at sea iii Lydia b January 10 1800 d August 6 1842 iv Mark B b February 20 1803 m Abigail Dodge v Rathburn Jr b July 6 1806 m Charity Dodge vi George W b March 18 1809 m Betsey Dodge vii Horatio N b September 2 1817 went away

Mid-Atlantic Genealogies, 1340-1940 FTM CD#156: Our ancestor appeared in America first in 1660-1, as one of the original sixteen proprietors and settlers of Block Island, in the faithful official record of honest old Nathaniel Mott, town clerk, copied in 1695. The ancient scribe, though writing a strong legible hand, shows by his records of the old deeds that few or none of the Islanders of that age could write their names, and he expressed the several names by imitating their pronunciation; and as with other settlers, our ancestor's name in his record "suffered a sea-change" by his pen, into "Thrustararorum Daudg," ... He had been married sometime before: though his wife's name is not given, and in 1670, he had four sons with him as settlers, who were then admitted freemen: as appears [Book 1, Evidences of Property of New Shoreham (Rhode Island), page 55], viz.: "At a Town meeting held the month of July for the year one thousand six hundred and seventy: "It was resolved that the freemen of the Town their names should be recorded for the Town Record, "thyrustarom Daudge "John Daudge "thrustarum Daudge "William Daudge "Israel Daudge." ... Will of Tristram Dodge. Dated 26th day July, 1733. "First--Gives and devises to Dorcas my wife my house and all my land on Block Island for her life, and all my movable estate indoors and out; and after her decease, the House and Land to my son Nathaniell Dodge; and the movable estate to be equally divided between my two daughters Dorcas Landworth and Sarah Mitchell; and my Will is that my son Nathaniell Dodge (who is named Executor) shall pay to my son Thomas Dodge Ten pounds; and to my son Ebenezer, u10; and to my son Hezekiah, u10; and to my son Tristram Dodge, u10; and to my daughter Dorcas, u2; and to my daughter Sarah, u2." Revokes all prior wills (attestation clauses). Proved at New Shoreham, June 7, 1735.

Bangor Historical Magazine Vol 3: Deaths at Islesborough: Noah Dodge, from Block Island, d. July 23, 1816, aged 54;. Rathburn Dodge, d. Sept. 18, 1846, aged 79; Joshua Dodge, d. Mar. 24, 1858, aged 76 years 2 mos.; Wife Elisabeth Stewart, d. Nov. 4, 1865, aged 72;. Israel Dodge, drowned Feb. 17, 1807, aged 35; Wife Prudence Trim, d. Dec. 5, 1854, aged 76 years 8 mos.; Simon Sprague, d.___ . Wife Lydia Dodge, d. Sept. 1, 1848, aged 63.; Jonathan Sprague, d. in New Shoreham, R. I., Aug. 2, 1803, aged 43;. Wife Lydia Dodge, d. June 4, 1848, aged 86. Both natives of New.Shoreham.  Samuel Pendleton,  d.___ . Wife Bathseba Dodge, d.___ . Henry Rose, born New Shoreham, R. I., b. Aug. 9, 1784, d. July 10, 1864. Wife Hannah Dodge, b. Islesboro, May 27, 1786, d. June 9, 1866, aged 8o.

History of New London, CT: On a farm in the North Parish 1694, Israel Dodge. /// Israel Dodge of the North Parish was among those who had fallen victim to disease 4/24/1744-45.

Schooner Rosanna, built in 1796, Stephen Pendleton, master; tonnage, 96 77-95; owners, Simeon Dodge, Israel Dodge, Mark Dodge, Joshua Pendleton, Islesborough.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Dodge, Tristram (1628-1718) m. ... ... MASS, RI IX, 27; XIII, 90; XXXII, 231; XXXIV, 136


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