John GARRAD buried 11/29/1601

Spouse: Jane ___ married before 1560

Children: Thomas


Thomas GARRED / Garrard christened 3/14/1561-2 Nayland Suffolk ENG died 1626 Nayland

Spouse: Christian FRENDE born 1570 Nayland Suffolk ENG, died 1/31/1626 Nayland, married 6/10/1591

Children: Male born 1592 Nayland; Mary born 1593 buried 4/22/1594 Nayland; Thomas christened 12/21/1594 buried 6/27/1597 Nayland; Margaret christened 12/5/1597 buried 8/4/1626 Nayland; Katherine born 1604


Margaret GARRAD / Garred christened 12/5/1597 Nayland Suffolk ENG died 8/4/1626 Nayland Suffolk ENG

Spouse:  Gregory STONE christened 4/19/1592 Great Bromley Essex ENG, Yeoman, migration 1635; first in Watertown then Cambridge 1637, died 11/30/1672 Cambridge Middlesex (now Suffolk) MA; married 7/20/1617 Nayland;  Freeman 5/25/1636; he married (2) Lydia Cooper born circa 1595 died 6/24/1672 Cambridge MA married 7/1627 ENG

Children: John, Elder, Deacon, baptized 7/31/1618 Nayland, died 5/5/1683 Cambridge MA, married Anne ____ (possibly Howe)  by 1640; Daniel baptized 8/15/1620 Nayland, died 3/20/1686 Boston Suffolk MA, married  Boston Suffolk MA married Mary _____ 1643 Cambridge Middlesex MA; David, cooper, baptized Nyland  9/22/1622, died 1/16/1704 Cambridge MA married Dorcas ___ by 1650;    Elizabeth baptized 10/3/1624 buried 8/6/1626 Nayland; Children by Gregory's wife  Lydia (2) Elizabeth baptized 3/6/1628-9 Nayland, died 3/10/1712 Ipswich, married by 1653 Anthony Potter;   Samuel baptized 2/4/1630-1 Nayland, married Sarah Stearns 6/7/1655 Cambridge; Sarah baptized 2/8/1632-3 Nayland, died 4/8/1704 Lexington Middlesex MA, married Joseph Merriam 1653 Concord; (3) Lydia's children by former Husband were John Cooper and Lydia who married David Fiske

The Great Migration - See Gregory Stone

He [Gregory Stone] married first at Nayland co Suffolk England 20 July 1617 MARGARET GARHAD baptized there 5 Dec 1597 daughter of Thomas Garrad who married at Nayland 10 June 1591 Christian Frende who was buried 31 Jan 1626-7. Thomas Garrad was baptized there 14 Mar 1561 2 son of John Garrad who was buried 29 Nov 1601. Mrs Margaret Garrad Stone had four children and was buried at Nayland 4 Aug 1626. He married secondly about 1627 perhaps at Dedham co Essex England MRS LYDIA COOPER by her first husband she had two children John and Lydia Cooper, by her second husband she had three children she accompanied her second husband to New England in 1635 survived him and died at Cambridge 24 June 1674. Children by first marriage recorded at Nayland 8 i JOHN 2 bapt 31 July 1018 3 ii bapt 15 Aug 1620 4 iiL DAVID bapt 22 Sept 1628 iv bapt 3 Oct 1624 bur 6 Aug 1626 

Cambridge Historical Society: This Dr Daniel Stone the petitioner was a son of Deacon Gregory Stone of Cambridge and as a good deal of information about Gregory Stone and his family has come to light since the publication of Paige's History of Cambridge it may be worth while to add to Paige's account of Gregory Stone and his family what has since been learned about his English home and ancestors. Gregory Stone came from England in 1635 with his brother Simon Stone of Watertown, and we now know that they were both born at Great Bromley or as it was formerly called Much Bromley in Essex County England. The Parish Registers of Great Bromley contain the following records Feby 9 1585 6 was baptized Simond Stone son of Davie Stone & Ursly his wife, April 19 1592 was baptized Gregorie Stone son of David Stone, and August 5 1616 is recorded the marriage of Symond Stone and Joan Clarke. David Stone the father of Simon and Gregory was the son of Symond and Agnes Stone of Much Bromley and is named in his father's will dated July 28 1558. Up to this point the ancestry of Simon and Gregory is beyond question but it is almost equally certain that this Symond Stone of Much Bromley. the grandfather of Simon and Gregory was the grandson through an eldest son David of a still earlier Symond Stone of Much Bromley whose will is dated May 12 1506 and was probated February 10 1510. Much or Great Bromley the home of so many generations of the ancestors of our Gregory Stone of Cambridge is five miles east of Colchester the principal city of Essex County and fifty eight miles from London. A few years ago some of the American descendants of Simon and Gregory Stone united in erecting a beautiful memorial window in the ancient church of Great Bromley with this inscription To the Glory of God and to the memory of Simon and Gregory Stone, Brothers who were born in this Parish, baptized in this Church, and emigrated to Massachusetts in New England in 1635 this window is erected by American descendants. Simon Stone the elder of the two brothers married at Great Bromley in 1616 Joan Clarke as noted above. He removed to Boxted Essex County between 1621 and 1624 and resided there until he emigrated to America in 1635. Gregory Stone removed from Great Bromley to Nayland Suffolk County some time before 1617 in which year he married there Margaret Garrad daughter of Thomas and Christian Garrad of Nayland. The following extracts from the Parish Register of Nayland give his marriage and the birth jf all of his children, 1617 Julie The 20 daie wer married Gregory Stonne and Margaret Garrad 1618 July. The last daie was bapt John sonne of Gregory Stonne, 1620 August The 15 day was bap Daniel ye sonne of Gregory Stone, 1622 Septem 22 was bapt David ye sonne of Gregorie Stone, 1624 October 3 was bap Elizabeth the daughter of Gregory Stone. Then follows the death of his wife and daughter. 1626 Aug 4 was buryed Margrett the wife of Gregory Stone,1626 August 6 was buryed, Elizabeth the daughter of Gregory Stone. The deaths so near together of the mother and daughter make it seem probable that they died from one of the epidemics so common at that time. About two years after the death of his first wife Gregory Stone married as his second wife the widow Lydia Cooper who came here to Cambridge with him and who formerly was supposed to be the mother of all his children. The record of this marriage has not been discovered as far as I know but from other sources it is known beyond much question that she was from Dedham in Essex and that she was the widow of Simon Cooper of that place. Dedham and Nayland are both on the river Stour and are only a few miles apart. By his second wife Lydia Cooper Gregory Stone had the following children recorded at Nayland, 1628 March 6 was bap Elizabethe the daug of Gregorie Stone, 1630 February 4 dale was bapt Samuell sonne of Gregory Stone, 1632 Feby 8 was bapt Sarah daughter of Gregory Stonne. So of the six children who came to New England with Gregory Stone three John, Daniel, and David were by his first wife Margaret Garrad, and three Elizabeth Samuel and Sarah were by his second wife Lydia Cooper.

White Swirled Line

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