Goodwin, Goodwyn

William GOODWYN of Blofield

Spouse: Margery ________

Children: John born circa 1510; William married ____ had child Edmond baptized 11/19/1558; Robert married _____ had children baptized Blofield Ellyne 5/5/156, Adam 12/24/1548, John 2/11/1550/1, Roger 11/30/1554; John the younger 


John GOODWIN born circa 1510, died before 1/7/1562/3

Spouse: Alice ____  living in 1562

Children: Thomas born circa 1538, buried Blofield 1/7//1562/3, unmarried. John born circa 1540, buried Blofield 4/29/1591 married Elizabeth ___ . Ciceley born circa 1542, married 1/22/1566 William Cook, Francis born circa 1544. Myles baptized at Blofield 9/8/1546, buried there 9/1619, married 6/16/1574 Sisley Bernard. Elizabeth baptized 1/12/1548/9 died young. Edmund (twin) baptized 1/8/1550-1, died young.  James (twin) baptized 1/8/1550-1, married 4/27/1578 Sisley Lysinge. Joan baptized 1/29/1557-8, buried 2/8/1557-8


Francis GOODWIN resided at Hemblington, born circa 1544, buried 6/25/1602

Spouse: Probably (1) Katherine ____ buried at Hemblington 9/25/1584; probably (2) Joan (____) Lynes buried at Ranworth 3/7/1610-1

Children: by Katherine (1) Thomas baptized Blofield 4/5/1568, died young. Margaret possibly baptized Ranworth 4/23/1570. John possibly baptized Ranworth 8/20/1571. James baptized Blofield 3/21/1571-2, buried there 9/21/1574. Francis baptized Blofield 8/5/1576. Peter baptized Blofield 5/23/1578. Elias baptized Blofield 3/30/1581. By Joan (2) Susan baptized Hemblington 9/9/1586, died unmarried 1614. Sampson baptized 2/17/11588-9, alive 1610. Mary baptized 3/27/11592, married Ranworth 10/11/1613 Robert Trevet/Trywell 


Margaret GOODWIN possibly baptized 4/23/1570

Spouse: Robert PAGE born circa 1577, married 7/16/1598 at Hemblington, will dated 7/1/1617 proved 7/23/1617

Children: Francis born circa 1600, died at Ormesby 1666, unmarried.  Robert born circa 1604, died at Hampton NH 9/26/1679. Thomas baptized at Hemsby 5/1/1650. Rebecca baptized at Ormesby St. Michael 5/16/1608, married ____ Rix. Henry born circa 1610, living in 1617


Deacon Robert PAGE of Ormesby St. Margaret, County Norfolk; born circa 1604, died Hampton NH 9/26/1679

Spouse: Lucy WARD  age 30 in 1637, married St. Mary's church, South Walsham 10/8/1629

Children: Margaret married (1) William Moulton (2) John Sanborn; Francis born +/- 1633; Susanna; Thomas; Rebecca married William Marston; Hannah married Capt. Henry Dow; Mary born +/-1643-4 married Samuel Fogg

Early Settlers of Hampton, New Hampshire.  The Goodwin Family. It is stated in the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshiire that Robert Page, the immigrant, was the son of Robert and Margaret (Goodwin) Page. The Page family article in the Register (66 [1912]:180-183) suggested that Margaret was perhaps the daughter of Francis Goodwin. Research by the author at the Norfolk Record Office, Norwich, revealed that Robert Page had indeed married Margaret Goodwin, the daughter of Francis Goodwin, who was a husbandman of some substance. He  held lands in the parishes of Hemblington, Burlingham, Ranworth, and Panxworth, and resided at Hemblington, where his daughter Margaret and Robert Page were married on 16 July 1598. In his will, Francis Goodwin left to "Margaret my daughter the wife of Robert Page, my black cow." Further proof is found in the will of Margaret's sister Susan Goodwin, dated in 1614. The Goodwin line has been traced from Hemblington back to the adjacent parish of Blofield, where there are five early wills for persons named Goodwin. Vincent Goodwwyn whose will is dated 6 Dec 1433 is the earliest of that surname known to have resided at Blofield, and he may be the ancestor of the later generations there. The next was that of John Goodwyn in 1465, who may have been a son of Vincent although he is nat named in the will. John named his wife Alice, who in turn left a will dated 1480, naming a son Thomas Goodwyn who was probably the man of the name who left a will dated 1502. One additional will is that of a William Goodwyn dated 1478, who appears to have been a cousin or uncle of Thomas. Abstracts from these various wills follow. ..... Based upon information found in parish regiters, wills and other documents at the Norfolk Record Office, the following line of descent has been constructed.  1 William Goodwin of Blofield married Margery ____, He owned several tenements at Blofield. His will, dated 16 Mar 1528/9 and proved 20 May 1531, reads in part: "to be buried at St. Andrews churchyard ... to John my son the elder the tenements called Gibbys and Graves and Doraunts ... he to keep Margery my wife his mother. To little John my son the tenement called Harts. To Roger my son ..." (ANW, 1529-36, fo. 118).  Children as named in father's will: 2. i. John, the elder, b. probably ca. 1510. ii. William, m. ____ Child: 1. Edmond, bp. at Blofield, 19 Nov 1558. iii. Roger, m. ____ Children, bp at Blofield: 1. Ellyne, bp 5 May 1546, 2. Adam bp 24 Dec 1548, 3 John bp 11 Feb 1550/1, 4. Roger, bp. 30 Nov 1554. iv. John, the younger; living 1528/9.  2.  John Goodwin was born probably about 1510. His death is unrecorded but occurred before 7 Jan 1562/3, the date on which his son Thomas made his will. He married about 1537 Alice ____ who was living on the date of Thoomas's will and named executrix. She may be the Agnes Goodwyn buried at Blofield, 22 Feb 1565/6.  Children: i. Thomas, b probably ca. 1538; bur. t Blofield, 7 Jan 1562/3; unmarried. In his will dated 6 Jan 1562/3 and proved 19 Jan 1562/3, he called himself husbandman and requested burial in the churchyard of Blofield St. Andrews. He left "to John Goodwin my brother all my lands and tenements within the township of Blowfield or elsewhere in Norfolk on condition that he make bond with Elys Bodyphant of Blowfield to perform the following: to pay Cycelie Goodwin my sister 20s within one year ... to my brother Francis Goodwin 40s ... to Myles Goodwin my brother at age 24, 20s ... to Elizabeth Goodwin my sister at day of marriage 20s ... to James Goodwin my brother at age 21, 20s ... residue to Alice Goodwin my mother whom I make my sole executrix ... she to have her dwelling in my house for life" (NCC 211 Knights).  ii. John,, b. ca. 1540; bur. at Blofield, 29 April 1593; m. ca 1564 Elizabeth ___, who was bur. there, 11 Dec 1616. In his will daated 25 Apr 1593 and proved 20 Aug 1593, he requested burial in the churchyard, and left "to eldest son Thomas Goodwyn both my tenements with eight acres, one called Nicholas at Gran, the other called Gybbes, said Thomas to pay my three daughters 5 marks each as follows: to daughter Grace 33s. 4d. within one year, then to Joan, then to Agnes in the same manner ... son Thomas to pay son Robert 5 at age 21 ... to son Willliam my tenement called Dirabs with close ot two acres, he to pay my son John 5 at age 21 ... residue to wife Elizabeth, she to be executrix." (ANW, 86 Holmes). Children, probably all born at Blofield: 1. Thomas. 2. Robert. 3. William, bp there 24 Jun 1567. 4 Grace bp there 3 July 1569. 5. Jane. 6. John, bp there 3 July 1572. 7. Agnes (Ann), bp there 21 Feb 1574.  iii. Ciceley, b. ca. 1542; m. at Blofield, 22 Jan 1566 William Cook.  iv. Francis b. ca. 1544.  v. Myles bp. at Blofield, 8 Sept 1546; bur. there, Sept 1619; m. at Blofield, 16 June 1574 Sisley Bernard.  Children, bp. at Blofield: 1. Elias, bp. 3 Oct 1574. 2. Elizabeth, bp. 18 May 1578. 3. Cicilie, bp. 16 Feb 1579/80. 4. Robert, bp. 26 Decc 1583. 5. Myles, bp 30 Oct 1586.,  vi. Elizabeth bp. 1/12/1548/9; d. young.  vii. Edmund (twin), bp. 8 Jan 1550/1; d. young.  viii. James (twin) bp. 8 Jan 1550/1; m. at Blofield, 27 Apr 1578 Sisley Lysinge. ix. Joan bp. 29 Jan 1557/8; bur. at Blofield 8 Feb 1557/8.  /// 3. Francis Goodwin (John, William) was born probably at Blofield, about 1544, and was buried at Hemblington, 25 Jun 1602. He probably married, first, Katherine _____, who was buried at Hemblington, 25 Sep 1584. He married, probably second, at Hemblington, 12 Oct 1585, widow Joan (___) Lynes, who was buried at Ranworth, her former home about two miles from Hemblington, 7 Mar 1610/1.  An abstract of him will (ANW 1602/3, fo.62), proved 21 July 1602, follows: "21 June 1602 -- the will of Francis Goodwyn of Hemlyngton in the county of Norfolk, husbandman ... sick in body ... to my wife Joan  two of my best milk cows, and one young heifer, my sorrel ambling mare colt, my red ambling gelt colt, ten wethers and five ewes, one of my best skeps with bees, one shock cart with steel wheels, one good plow with the irons thereto belonging with sufficient furniture and trace belonging to a plow, one pair of cart trace appertaining to a pynn or hand hoist, one chillers trace and furniture, one pair of harrows and harrowing trace and collars to them, five combs of good wheat and three combs of good barley or malt, to be taken out of my crop of corn now growing and to be delivered by my son John out of that crop, one half of all my wool, and one half the cloth that is or shall be made of this year's wool, the other half to son John ... in default of their consent, to be divided at discretion of my neighbor Henry Black and William Goodwyn of Burlingham ... milk neats shall remain as now they be, to be pastured ... until the feast of St. Michael Archangle nest profits and produce towards maintenance of my wife, children, rest of my household and workmen, wife to have the government thereof ... to wife two of my best hogs, two of my best young shoats, 10 geese and a gander, six hens and a cock, six ducks and one drake, all to be kept with the rest of my swinee and fouls at said farm till the feast of St. Margaret ... to said wife all such stuff of household at were her own before her marriage to me, my best featherbedk, my best pair of sheets, and a blanket and bolster, my best covering, etc. ... said Henry and William and my cousin Thomas Goodwyn of Ranworth. ... remainder to son John except my brew and dye vessels which are to be divided betwixt them ... to son John the farm now in my occupation in Hemblington and Burlyngham, and all such plows, carts, harrows and other implements not heretofore given or hereafter, also all the rest of my bees and bee skeps, four of my best work mares and geldings, my bay horse foal, three weanling calves and five milk neat . lll children and servants shall have such sheep and lambs which are among my sheep but are known to be their own, rest to son John ... wife to have one weanling calf, son John to have one steer and one heifer now at market paying the toll due for their feed ... to Peter Goodwyn my son 5 to be paid by son John in Hemblington church porch within two years ... to Elias Goodwyn my son 5 within 4 years ... to Frances Goodwyn my daughter 3 within five years ... to Susan my daughter 20s. after age of 221 ... to Mary my daughter 3 at age 21 ... to said Susan my daughter my little brindle cow ... to Margaret my daughter the wife of Robert page my black cow known by the name of the marsh cow ... to Sampson my son my young bay colt and to Elias my son my bay mare colt ... to Peter my son my young gray colt ... John upon reasonable request to be made at my now mansion house in Hemblington within 21 days next after my decease shall become bound by obligation formal ... John to pay Robert Lynes all such debts as I do owe him ... to the maintenance of the parish church of Hemblington 40d., to the poor 40d. ... to wife all crops upon any of my lands in Ranworth and Panxforth which I now hold in the right of my wife ... rest of my goods and movables unbequeathed except armour and weapons which I give to my son John, to executors whom I ordain and make: Johan my wife, and Sampson Goodwyn my son.  Witnesses were William Goodwyn, John Robinson, clerk, Thomas Goodwyn and Henry Black.  His widow Joan had several children by her first marriage and evidently held considerable property. In her will dated 8 Feb 1610/1 and proved 27 Apr 1611 (NCC, 73 Stywarde), Joan Goodwyn of Raynworth, widow, asked that she be buried in Raynworth churchyaard, and left ---- to son Robert Lynes lands in Raynworth and Panxforth ... to my son Sampson Goodwyn 20 ... to daughter Elizabeth 3, a red cow, ewe sheet, etc. ... to daughter Susan Goodwyn 5, a calf, son Robert Lyne to keep till a young cow ... to daughter Mary Goodwyn 5 and one weaned black calf ... ewe sheep, etc. ... to daughter Elizabeth Sadd 20s. ... to Francis Downing 20s. ... to Sampson Goodwyn flock transom bed, blanket, sheets, cushion pillow, pillow bere, table cloth and napkins and three pieces of pewter ... to Elizbeth Lyns a featherbed ... to Susan Goodwyn a bedstead ... and down covering, latten candlestick ... to Mary Goodwyn featherbed, leather transom, flock, etc. ... and a white coffer and all in it to be parted with her sister Susan except to daughter Elizabeth Lynes one sheet. Residue to son Robert Lynes, he to be executor. Witnesses were Robert Benskyn, Thomas Redditch the younger, and Thomas Wright. Children by first wife Katherine:  i. Thomas, bp. at Blofield, 5 Apr 1568; d. young. ii. Margaret, possibly the Margaret Goodwyne bp. at Ranworth, 23 Apr 1570, parents' names not given in the register. iii. John, possibly the John Goodwyne bp. at Ranworth, 20 Aug 1571, parents' names not given in the register; bur 5 July 1617; m. (1) at Hemblington, 18 Jan 1601/2  Elizabeth Kypping; m. (2) at Hemblington, 28 Oct 1602 Bridget Beckyt. (Children all bp at Hemblington: 1l Francis bp 10 July 1602. 2. John bp 7 Oct 1604. 3. Faith bp 14 Sept 1606 r. William bp 4 Dec 1608. 5 Richard bp 22 Sep 1611.)  iv. James bp at Blofield 21 Mar 1571/2; bur there 21 Sep 1574. v. Francis bp at Blofield 5 Aug 1576. vi. Peter bp at Blofield 23 May 1578. vii. Elias bp at Blofield 30 Mar 1581.  Children by second wife Joan (____) Lynes: viii. Susan, bp at Hemblington, 9 Sep 1586; d. unm. 1614. She was of Ranworth 21 May 1614 when she made her will, which was proved 22 May 1615. She left "to the four children of my brother in lawe Robert Page of Ormesbye 10s.. each ... to sister Page 5s. ... to Peter Gooding 20s ... to the four children of my brother John Goodwyn of Hemblington 5s. each ... to the two children of my sister Sadde 20s. each. To Elizabeth Lynes 10s. ... to my sister Mary Trywell 5 ... to the eldest daughter of Elias Goodwyn 5s. ... to the wife of Robert Lynes 20s. Rest of goods to brother Robert Lynes, executor." (ANW 1614-5, fo. 302).  ix. Sampson, bp. 17 Feb 1588/9; living 1610.  x. Mary, bp 27 Mar 1592; m. at Ranworth, 11 Oct 1613 Robert Trevet (Trywell in will of her sister Susan). 4. Margareta Goodwin (Francis, John, William) may have been the Margaret Goodwyne baptized in the parish of Ranworth, 23 Apr 1570, the names of her parents not given, although this would make her 28 years old at her marriage. She married at Hemblington 16 July 1598, Robert Page who died in July 1617, the son of Robert and Martha Page of Acle. The history of the Page family of Hampton, NH is well documented in "The English Ancestry of Robert Page of Hampton N.H." by George Walter Chamberlin, in the Register (66 [1912]:180-183), and elsewhere. Robert's birth date has been given as about 1577, but this is an estimate and may be a few years off the mark. The couple's last child was born in 1610.  The family resided at Ormesby St. Margaret, Hemsby and Ormesby St. Michael. In his will dated 1 July 1617 and proved 23 July following, Robert Page asked to be buried in the churchyaard of Ormesby St. Margaret, and left "unto Margaret Page my wife my house ... in Acle ... after her decease to Robert Page my son ..." He directed Robert to pay "to Thomas Page my son 5" within 2 years of the decease of "Margaret my wife,"" "to Rebecca my daughter 5" four years after Margaret's decease, and "unto Henry Page my son 5" six years after. He left "unto Francis Page my son 7," to be paid by the widow Margaret beginning when Francis reached the age of twenty-one and completed when he "accomplishe the age of 24 years," (Register 66 [1912]:181), Margaret's date of death is unknown, and she left no will.  Children (surname Page): i. Francis, b. ca. 1600; d. at Ormesby, 1666, unm, leaving a will (ibbid.), bqueathing his land in Ormesby to his sister Rebeckah Rix.  ii. Robert, b. ca. 1604; d. at Hampton N.H., 26 Sep 1679; m. at St. Mary's church, South Walsham 8 Oct `619, Luxy Warde (q.v.).  iii. Thomas, bp. at Hemsby, 1 May 1605. iv. Rebecca, bp. at Ormesby, St. Michael, 16 May 1608; m. ____ Rix. In 1667 she inherited the estate of her brother Francis. v. Henry, b. ca. 1610; living 1617. 

Gen. Dictionary of ME & NH:  Page, Deac. Robert, Hampton, s. of Robert and Margaret (Goodwin), reached Boston from Ormesby St. Margaret, co. Norfolk, 8 June 1637, ag. 33, with w. Lucy, ag. 30, 3 ch., and servants Wm. Moulton and Anne Wadd, aged 15, supposed to have been his wife's sis., and went to Salem. N.E. Reg. 66: 180; see also 69: 342. Hampt. by the 2d summer. Selectm. 8 times 1644-1671. Allowed to build sawmill at Taylor's River 1656; Rep. 1657, 1668; marshal of co. of Norfolk; deacon 1660 to death; moderator 1667-8. Ag. 58, also +/-59 in 1660; +/-75 in Nov. 1676. His w. Lucy d. 12 Nov. 1665,  ag. 58. His will, 9 Sept. (d. 22 Sept. ag. 75) 1679, names all ch. but Susanna and many Ch: Margaret m. 1st William Moulton, m. 2d John Sanborn. Francis b. +/-1633. Susanna came with parents. Thomas bp. at Salem 1 Sept 1639. Rebecca bp. with Thos., m. Wm. Marston. Hannah m. Capt Henry Dow. Mary b. +/-1643 m. Samuel Fogg.

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