Green, Greene

Ruth GREEN born 1626 Whiltshire ENG, (possibly sister of Henry Rolfe)

Spouse: Thomas WHITTIER born circa 1620 Salisbury ENG died 11/18/1696 Haverhill MA, married 1646 Newbury MA

Children: Mary born 10/9/1647 married 9/21/1666 Benjamin Page; John born 12/23/1649 married 1/14/1685 Mary Hoyt; Ruth born 11/6/1651 married 4/20/1675 Joseph True; Thomas born 1/12/1653-4 died 10/17/1728 no children; Susannah born 3/27/1656 married 7/15/1674 Jacob Morrill; Nathaniel born 8/14/1658 married Mary Osgood; Hannah born 9/10/1660 married 5/30/1683 Edward Young; Richard 6/27/1663 died 3/5/1724 no children; Elizabeth born 11/21/1666 married 6/22/1699 James Sanders Jr; Joseph born 5/8/1669 married 5/24/1694 Mary Peasley poet Whittier is their great grandson


Essex Institute Historical Collections: Thomas1 Whittier of Salisbury and Haverhill, born about 1620 22 m Ruth Green not Rolfe and left many descendants. He was apparently younger than 1 John and 2 Abraham but he was not the son of either. Recent researches in England Gen Reg 1912 p 251 prove that he was the son of Richard Whittier of Sarum Salisbury Wilts and his wife Mary Rolfe sister of John Rolfe. Thomas Whittier was therefore the nephew of John Rolfe of Salisbury and Newbury with whom he came to this country as his servant. Three generations of the descendants of Thomas Whit tier are given in The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury. Elizabeth and Abraham Whittier in the third and fourth lines of the note on p 358 of that work should be Whittaker.

 History of Newbury, Vermont: from the discovery of the Cos country: WHITTIER WHITCHER I Thomas b. Millchill Wiltshire Eng 1622 came to America in the ship Confidence which sailed from Northampton April 24 1638. They settled first in Salisbury Mass afterwards lived a short time in Newbury where he m. 1646, Widow Ruth Green, a sister of Henry Rolfe with whom he had come from England. About ten years later he rem to Haverhill where he lived on what has since been called the Whittier homestead until his death Nov 28 1696.

White Swirled Line

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