Hancock, Hancok, Hancoke

John HANCOCK born c1506-10 Chesterfield Derbyshire ENG

Spouse: ? married c1530

Children: Richard


Richard HANCOCK born c1525-1530 Chesterfield Derbyshire ENG

Spouse: Isabell ? born c1536-38 Chesterfield Derbyshire ENG buried 5/9/1585 married c1555

Children: William born 1557 chr 12/28/1562 married Elizabeth Leadbetter 7/14/1594; Alice chr 11/3/1560; Edward born c1563 buried 2/4/1591-2 married Alice Worth 1/14/1588; Richard chr 12/19/1564


Richard HANCOCK chr 12/19/1564 St. John the Baptist Chester ENG


Children: Peter chr 12/27/1594 Barlow Derby ENG; Nathaniel born 10/3/1596 Padiham Lancashire ENG died 1654 MA


Nathaniel HANCOCK born circa 1609, died late 1648

Spouse: Joan / Joanna ? born c1616, married by 1634, living in 1662

Children:  Mary, born Cambridge 11/1634, no further record. Sarah born Cambridge 3/1636, no further record. Nathaniel born Cambridge 12/18/1639, married (1) Cambridge 3/8/1663/4 Mary Prentice; (2) 12/26/1699 Sarah Green.  John born Cambridge 164?, d Cambridge 4/2/1643. Elizabeth born Cambridge 3/1/1644[/5?] m 2/2/1664/5 Mark Wood. Lydia born Cambridge 4/5/1646, no further record    


Nathaniel HANCOCK born 12/13/1638 Cambridge Middlesex MA died 4/12/1719 Cambridge [great grandfather of John Hancock, the Signer] buried Old Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge MA, 

Spouse: Mary PRENTICE born 9/25/1644 Cambridge MA died 9/20/1699 Cambridge, married 3/8/1664 Lexington Middlesex MA, buried Old Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge MA  (2) Sarah Green born 10/7/1642 married Nathaniel 12/26/1699 Cambridge & (2) John Cooper

Children: Nathaniel born 2/28/1665 Cambridge died 7/2/1665; Mary born 5/6/1666 chr 5/13/1666 died 9/28/1686 married Bigsby & Thomas Emmons; Sarah born 8/23/1667 chr 9/16/1667 married Nathaniel Patten 10/15/1710; Nathaniel born 10/29/1668 died 5/11/1755 Cambridge; Abigail born 12/29/1669 died 5/7/1672;   Samuel born 1/2/1673 died 12/21/1735 married Dorothy c1695 MA; Abigail born 8/23/1675 married Richard Davenport 3/8/1722; Elizabeth born 8/26/1677 died 7/10/1678;  Ebenezer born 3/10/1681 died 10/21/1710 married Susannah Clark 1/14/1702 Lexington; Joseph born 4/28/1683 died 4/2/1684; Thomas born 1685 married Susannah Fethergill 11/15/1721; Elizabeth born 5/1/1686 died 3/2/1749 married Benjamin Wyman 11/8/1720 & Jonathan Bacon; Mary born 12/20/1687 died 8/12/1688; Solomon born 4/26/1679 died 5/16/1700; John, Reverent, born 3/1/1671 Cambridge died 12/5/1752 Braintree, married Elizabeth Clark 12/11/1700 Chelmsford MA [father of Rev. John Hancock and grandfather of John Hancock, the Signer]; Ann born & died 1672


Samuel HANCOCK born 1/2/1673 Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, died 12/21/1735

Spouse: (1) ? (2) Dorothy ? born c1675 of St. Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex, ENG died 12/24/1756 MA, married c1695 MA 

Children: Rupert chr. 2/15/1683 St. Paul ENG; Dorothy chr. 3/27/1697 Lexington MA died 4/15/1767 MA married Caleb Sampson or Lampson 11/24/1720; John born 9/10/1699 Lexington MA, chr. 9/18/1699 Lexington, died 3/18/1776 married Susanna Chickering c1719-24; Mary born 4/19/1702 Lexington died 1782 Brimfield Hampden MA married James Thompson c1723; Solomon chr. 6/18/1704 Lexington died 9/20/1756 Cambridge MA married Hannah Tufts 5/14/1729; Samuel chr. 7/21/1706 Lexington died 6/14/1716 Cambridge; Hannah chr. 2/27/1709 Lexington died 10/21/1792 MA married John Townsend 2/20/1733; Sarah chr. 2/17/1712 married Peter Townsend 6/11/1730, James Forsyth 1/20/1745, Richard Smith before 1763; Nathan chr. 7/12/1716 Lexington


Nathan HANCOCK Christened 7/12/1716 Lexington, Middlesex, MA

Spouse: Prudence WHITE born 8/21/1714 Boston, published 6/22/1737 Boston, married 7/7/1737 Boston Suffolk MA

Children: John


John HANCOCK, the first town treasurer of Orland ME, was a second cousin to Gov. Hancock, born 6/21/1738 Boston MA, about 1766 removed to Orland with wife and two children, Nathan and Mary; died 2/26/1819 age 82  buried in the Old Burying Ground, Hilltop Cemetery,  Orland
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According to history of Industry ME, John was a Free Mason so when British ships blockaded the ports in 1773, he was able to obtain tea and sugar from the British officers who were Masons. 

Spouse: Mary WALKER born 6/23/1739 of Boston MA died January or February [ME Historical Mag. lists both] 1817 in Orland at 78 years, married 2/26/1761 Boston, New North Church Records, married 56 years; buried in the Old Burying Ground, Orland

Children: Nathan born 12/17/1762 Boston, died 10/1/1823, buried Elk River Sherburne CO MN Orono Cemetery, married 6/17/1784 Sarah Craige, had daughter Lydia born 8/19/1798 per LDS, Revolutionary Vet, his son, Captain John, was in war of 1812; Mary born 10/29/1765 Boston; Frances (Fanny) born 11/16/1767 Boston died after 1813 married Rogers Lawrence 9/30/1788 Hancock Co. [ME Marriages]; John born 1/19/1770 died after 1813 married Abigail Curtis; Prudence born 11/1/1771 Orland Civil Hancock ME died 1860 per LDS married Jonathan Gilpatrick 8/15/1791; Sarah (Sally)  born 6/1/1773 Castine ME died New Portland 1859 married 7/8/1789 Joseph Viles born in Orland 1770 died in Anson 1848, 4 of their Baker grandchildren were Civil War Vets; William born 4/3/1775 age 18 or 19 left for Boston where he married on 9/26/1794 Susan "Sukey" Smith had daughter Sophia;   Lydia born 4/12/1777 East River Orland per LDS died 11/3/1840 married 1/28/1796 Asa Turner; Samuel born 8/31/1779 downed in childhood; Thomas born 3/5/1782 married Sarah/Sally Stockbridge 1/12/1806 Hancock Co. [ME Marriages], buried Hilltop Cemetery, Orland died 1/29/1872; Nancy born 3/17/1785 married 9/25/1803 Samuel Downs


Mary HANCOCK born 10/29/1765 Boston or Orland

Spouse: James SMITH born New London CT; lived Orland ME

Children: James II born 10/25/1783 married 1809 Dolly Dodge; John Hancock born 11/15/1786 married Lucy Pearce; Sally born 9/8/1788; William II born 8/7/1790 married Nancy Stover; Enoch II born 1/28/1793 married Martha Gilkey; Amos II born 8/22/1795; Polly born 12/9/1797; Nancy born 9/1/1800

Great Migration to New England 1634 - 1635: Nathaniel Hancock. Origin: Unknown. Migration: 1634 (based on birth of daughter Mary). First Residence: Cambridge. Estate: On 5 Jan 1634/5, "Nath[aniel] Hancocke" was granted two acres "behind the Pine Swamp" [CaTR 11].  On 21 Apr 1635 "Nath[aniel] Hancok" received a proportional share of one-half in the undivided meadow [CaTR  13].  In the 8 Feb 1635/6 list of "those men who have houses in the town at present," "{N}ath[aniel] Hancocke" was credited with one house "in the town" [CaTR 19].  ....Hancock" held two parcels of land: "in the town one house with backside about half a rood" and by the Pine Swamp about three acres" ]CaBOP 30]. By 1639 "Nathaniel Hancocke" had sold to John Meane "three acres of planting ground at the Pine Swamp" [CaBOP 60]. In the Cambridge land inventory of 6 Sep 1642, "Nathaniell Hancocke" held one parcel of land: "in the town one dwelling house with about half a rood of ground" [CaBOP 114].  In 1645 "Nathaneell Hancocke" was granted four acres and a half "on the west side of Monotamye River" [CaBOP 129]. On 8 Feb  1646/7, there was "granted by the townsmen unto Nathanel Hancocke four acres of upland & swamp more or less lying in the west fields" [CaTR 59.  In the "Division of Shaw Shine" on 4 June 1652, "widow Hancocke" received lot 28, ten acres [CaTR 97].  In the "lands laid out on the south side Charles River" in 1662 "widow Hancock" had one acre and a half in the third division [CaBOP 141].  On 16 June 1663, "Joanna Hancocke, relic of Nath[aniel] Hancocke deceased 15 years since, who died intestate, the said Joanna appearing in Court, power of administration is granted her on her husband's estate, and his dwelling house on her request is settled on her son Nath[aniel] Hancocke, to be his and his heirs forever, after the death of the said Joanna" [Rodgers 2:150, citing MCR 1:245].  Birth: By about 1609 (bsed on estimated date of marriage).  Death: Late 1648 (permitted to cut wood on 20 Nov 1648 [CaTR 77]; "deceased about 15 years since" on 16 June 1663 [Rodgers 2:150, citing MCR 1:245]).  Marriage: By 1634 Joan ____. She was living in 1663 [CaBOP 141].  Children: i. Mary Hancock, b. Cambridge [bland] Nov 1634 [NEHGR 4:45]; no further record.  ii. Sarah Hancock, b. Cambridge [blank[ Mar 1636 [NEHGR 4:56]; no further record.  iii. Nathaniel Hancock, b. Cambridge 18 Dec 1639 [NEGR 4:56]; m (1) Cambridge 8 Mar 1663/4 Mary Prentice, "daughter of Henry & Joana Prentice" [CaChR 20, 27]; m (2) Cambridge 26 Dec 1699 Sarah Green.  iv. John Hancock, b. Cambridge 8 [blank[ 164(?) [NEHGR 4:56]; d. Cambridge 2 Apr 1643. v. Elizabeth Hancock, b Cambridge 3/1/1644[/5?]; m Charlestown 2 Feb 1664/5 Mark Wood [ChVR 1:51].  vi.  Lydia Hancock, b Cambridge 5 Apr 1646; no further record. Comments: A chart pedigree published in 1855 includes two more daughters for this immigrant, Ann, who died 5 Oct 1672, and Abigail, who died 7 May 1672 [NEHGR 9:352].  There is no contemporaneous record for the first of these two girls, and the second is actually a granddaughter of the immigrant, and also appears in her correct place further down in the pedigree. On 20 Nov 1648, "it is agreed that Natt[haniel] Hancocke should have some wood out of the weir" [CaTR 77]

John Hancock Eastern River Township #2 Hancock Co. 1790 Census 1, 2, 4, 0, 0; Nathan Hancock 2, 3, 0, 0; James Smith 1, 2, 2, 0, 0

Town of Orland, http://www.orlandme.org/LeadingMen.htm: John Hancock, the first town treasurer, was a cousin to Governor Hancock....History2.htm Between 1767 & 1780 quite a number of settlers came from Boston and vicinity and took up lots on the east side of Eastern River. Among the most noted of these were John Hancock, Samuel Keyes, Samuel Soper, Calvin Turner, Asa Turner & Humphrey Holt. ...In 1773, Michael Davis, an old hunter, came from Concord MA, and took up a lot on a ridge of land three miles from any settlers. He lived a solitary life until James Smith, Nathan Hancock, John Gross, Joshua Gross and Andrew Craige took up settlers' lots near him, which were run out in 1780. Except Jas Smith, these were sons of the first settlers in the plantation. 

Vital Records from Maine NewspapersHancock, Mary 78y w/o John H. formerly of Boston MA at Orland was married 56y left ch gch Bangor Weekly Register 2/8/1817 & Hallowell Gazette 2/26/1817. Maiden Name Walker per laura_mn_us@yahoo.com. [?John Hancock Rev 1694-1695 York County Marriages by Geo. W. Chamberlain NEHGR 4/1909]

1800 Census Orland Hancock ME: John Hancock 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 - Boston
1800 Census Orland Hancock ME: John Hancock Jr. 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1
1810 Census Orland Hancock ME: John Hancock 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0
1810 Census Orland Hancock ME: Thomas Hancock 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0

Boston, New North Church Records, 1714-1799: John Hancock & Mary Walker married 2/26/1761. Nathaniel Hancock & Betsy Wellsh married 5/7/1791 (BRCR - 5/17). Mary Hancock & James Percival  married 5/25/1796. Elisabeth Hancock adm. 1/26/1766. Miriam Hancock bp. 11/19/1786 parents Ebenezer & Miriam. Ann Hancock bp. 8/23/1795 parents Ebenezer & Miriam. Richard Bradden & Lucy Walker married 8/30/1795. John Snelling & Louise Walker married 8/2/1764. Susanna Walker adm. 11/22/1772. William Walker bp. 7/14/1728 parents Patrick & Sarah. Lucy Walker bp. 1/1/1764 parents Ezekiel & Abigail. Lucy-Bradford Walker bp. 3/23/1766 parents Ezekiel & Abigail. Nathan-Coollidge Walker bp. 12/11/1768 parents Ezekiel & Abigail. Elizabeth Walker bp. 8/9/1772 parents Ezekiel & Abigail. Edward-Boylston Walker bp. 1/10/1773 parents Richard & Susanna. 

John Hancock's Will recorded on p. 445 vol. 6 of the Probate Records of Hancock Co. ME. In the name of God Amen. I, John Hancock of Orland in the County of Hancock, gentleman, being in good health, of perfect memory but aware of the uncertainty of this mortal life, do this tenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following:___ /P/ Firstly -- I give unto my beloved wife, Mary Hancock, the use and improvement of all my estate, real and personal, during her life, excepting the southerly half of the Dwelling-House in which I now live, the use of which I give unto my son Thomas Hancock, during the life of my said wife. /P/ Item -- I give and bequeath unto each of my Sons Nathan Hancock, John Hancock, and William Hancock and unto my granddaughter Sophia Hancock five Dollars -- to be paid within one year after the decease of my said wife if she survives me and if she doesn't within one year after my decease, by my Executor hereafter named. /P/ Item -- I give and _____ to my son Thomas Hancock and to my Daughters, Mary Smith, Fanny Lawrence, Prudence Gilpatrick, Sarah Viles, Lydia Turner, and Nancy Downs all the revenue of my estate real and personal including all the debts that may be owing to me at the time of my decease, after the time of my decease, after the decease of my said wife. To have and to hold the same to them, their heirs and _____ forever in equal shares. /P/ Lastly. I do constitute and ordain my said son Thomas Hancock sole executor of this my last will and testament. /P/ In witness whereof I do hereto set my hand and sign the day of year above written. John Hancock /P/ Signed _____ published and declared by the hand of John Hancock as said for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request and in his presence herein to sign our names as witness to the same. Sam W. Pond. Sam Keyes. Thomas Partridge

Gen Reg of First Settlers of NE: HANCOCK, NATHANIEL, Cambridge 1635, d before 1652. His son Nathaniel m Mary Prentice, 8 March, 1664, and had Nathaniel, b and d 1655; Mary; Sarah; Nathaniel, 2d, b 29 Oct 1668; Abigail; Samuel, b 2 Jan 1673; Abigail; Elizabeth; Ebenezer, and Joseph. Rev. John Hancock, b in 1671, was probably another son, although his birth is not found. He was father to Rev. John Hancock, of Braintree, whose son JOHN, b 12 January 1737, was president of the congress which declared the colonies of America free and independent States on the memorable 4 July, 1776. pg 342 HANCOCK. In the 3d line, for 1655, read 1665.

MA Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution Vol 7, Page 209: Hancock, Nathan, Penobscot. Fifer, Capt. Mills's co., Col. Joseph Vose's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from July 29, 1780, to Dec. 31, 1780; also, descriptive list dated Jan. 1, 1781; Capt. John Mills's co., Col. Joseph Vose's (1st) regt.; age, 18 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 3 1/2 in.; complexion, light; hair, light brown; [p. 209] occupation, husbandman; birthplace, Boston; residence, Penobscot; enlisted July 29, 1780, at West Point by Lieut. Nason; enlistment, during war; also, Fifer, Capt. John Mills's co., Col. Joseph Vose's regt.; muster rolls for Jan.-April, 1781, dated Garrison at West Point; also, muster roll for May, 1781; also, muster roll for June, 1781, dated Camp Philipsburgh; also, muster roll for July, 1781, dated Camp near Dobbs's Ferry; also, muster roll for Aug., 1781, sworn to at Camp Peekskill; also, muster roll for Sept., 1781; reported on command at Verplanck's Point; also, muster roll for Oct. and Nov., 1781, dated Huts; also, muster rolls for Jan. and Feb., 1782, dated York Hutts and sworn to in Camp at West Point. Vol 7, page 208: Hancock, Nathan, Berwick. Descriptive list of men raised to reinforce the Continental Army for the term of 6 months, agreeable to resolve of June 5, 1780, returned as received of Justin Ely, Commissioner, by Brig. Gen. John Glover, at Springfield, July 21, 1780; age, 18 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 4 in.; complexion, light; engaged for town of Berwick; marched to camp July 21, 1780, under command of Capt. Isaac Pope; also, pay roll for 6 months men belonging to the town of Berwick raised for service in the Continental Army during 1780; marched July 13, 1780; discharged Feb. 1, 1781; service, 7 mos. 6 days, at West Point, including travel (325 miles) home.

Saco Valley Settlements and Families, pg 785: Jonathan Gillpatrick, son of John and Elizabeth Thompson, and grandson of Thomas, the immigrant, was born in Wells ME in Oct 1769. He learned the blacksmith's trade of Richard Gillpatrick, his cousin, and went down to Orland, where he cleared his farm, and made music on his anvil for many years. Here he married Prudence, daughter of Gen. John Hancock, cousin of Gov. John Hancock of Revolutionary fame, and reared a family of ten children, the average number for a Gillpatrick. He died 3/18/1837 aged 68 years and 5 months. His widow survived till 1860, aged 89 years. The names of children as follows: Samuel, Sumner, James, John, Emery, Abigail, Sarah, Betsey, Prudence, Lydia.

Saco Settlements and Families, page 722: Hancock Family. Originally an English family, cadets of which early settled in Ireland; from these some of the American branches are descended. In England the family is now represented by Sir Samuel Hancock, whose father of the same name was a merchant of London; and Charles Frederick Hancock, Esq., of Hendorn Hall, Middlesex. /P/ Among those who came early to New England was Nathaniel Hancock, of Cambridge, MA, 1635, who died previous to 1652. His son of the same name married 3/8/1664, Mary Prentice, and had Nathaniel, born and died 1665; Mary; Sarah; Nathaniel 2d born 1668; Abigail; Samuel born 1/2/1673; Abigail; Elizabeth; Ebenezer; and Joseph. Rev. John Hancock, born 1671, was probably another son, but no record of birth could be found. He was father of Rev. John Hancock, of Braintree, whose son John born J. 12, 1737, was president of the Congress, when the American colonies were declared free and independent states, July 4, 1776. Gen. John Hancock, said to have been cousin to the preceding, lived in Boston, but subsequently settled in Maine. He was all through the war of the Revolution. It is related that during the war of 1812 a regiment of British soldiers landed at Castine and passed through Orland on their way to Bangor. While General Hancock sat before his door, an officer rode up and asked if he "ever saw anything equal to that?" "yes," replied the old hero, "at Lake Champlain." He had a family of twelve children, and the old Hancock Bible containing records of their births has been preserved at Orland. The dates run from 1661 to 1783[sic]. Three were born in Boston, the others at "East River."

American History Magazine, Vol. XXII, p. 447:1.  Nathaniel Hancock, one of the "First company," was in Cambridge as early as 1634; he resided on the east side of Dunster Street, between Harvard and Mt. Auburn Streets. He died early in life (about 1648), and his widow Joanna was appointed administratrix of his estate. There were 7 children: (+) The ancestry of Nathaniel Hancock is not given, nor is proof of his right to these arms [previously described] cited in this article. Mary, Sarah, Nathaniel, John, Elizabeth, Lydia, Solomon and Thomas, of whom further. /P/ 2. Thomas Hancock, b about 1647, appears in Farmington, Conn., in 1670, then aged about 25. He was one of the original proprietors of that town, taking a prominent part in both civic and ecclesiastical affairs. he sat in the first seat in the square body of the meeting house. In 1691 he removed to Hartford, Conn., where he kept the jail. He m 3/7/1684 Rachel Leonard, dau John and Sarah of Springfield. They had eight children: Thomas, John, of whom further, William, Rachel, Daniel, Abiel, Jonathan and Mehitabel. /P/ 3. John Hancock, b 8/1/1688, Farmington, d 7/10/1775, Springfield, where he spent most of his life after marriage. He m (1) 11/19/1713, Anna Webb who d 7/16/1771; he m (2) 5/1/1773 Martha Olmstead of Belchertown. At the time of his second marriage John Hancock was 85 and his wife was 74; Martha Olmstead Hancock d 1776. There were 14 children by the first marriage: Mary, John, Anna, Abiel, Abner, Jonathan, Mabel who m George Colton Cooley, above, and Thomas, Jabez, William, Experience, Daniel, Abigail who m Jabez Cooley No. 18, and Mercy.

History of Cambridge MA 1630-1877: Bainbridge, Guy, had a grant of land in 8/1634, and resided at the SE corner of Garden and Mason streets. ... He was buried 4/10/1645. His widow Justice subsequently exchanged the homestead, with William Towne, for a house on the East side of Dunster Street, between Harvard and Mt. Auburn Streets, which she had sold to Nathaniel Hancock 10/6/1666. Ancestry and Genealogy of Thomas Grover, pg 129: Thomas Grover of Cambridge, carpenter, purchased of Nathaniel Hancock (and wife Prudence), of Cambridge, for 8 Pounds, 4 1/2 acres in Hunting Swamp". Dated 12/23/1712. Thomas Grover of Cambridge, (and wife Elizabeth), housewright, for diverse causes, sold to Nathaniel Hancock Jr of Cambridge, 4 acres and housing." (evidently in release of bond.) Dated 10/18/1712. Hancock signed release of obligation 11/23/1713. Proprieters' Record of the Town of Cambridge, page 61. a halfe of Salt Marshe one the Southside of Charles Riuer, which he bought of Nathaniel Hancock

Properties' of Record of the Town of Cambridge: 9/30/1695. The Bounds of the two Accres of Land belonging to the Town of Cambridge on the South Side of Charles River, by an Execution obtained against Renold Bushes widdow of the aforesaid Town; Are as followeth, bounded with Capt. William Bond North, John Stone Easterly, Abraham Jackson Southerly and westernly, the Land being now in the hands of Abraham Jackson aforesaid, and the said Abraham Jackson acknowledged that he did not possess the said Land as his own right, and gave an ear of Indian corn as an acknowledgement to Nathaniel Hancock Senr in the presence of Nathaniel Hancock Junr and John Oldham Same day.

Pioneers of MA 210: Hancock, Nathaniel, Cambridge, propr. 1634. Wife Joanna; ch. Mary b. (9) 1634; Sarah b. (1) 1636; Nathaniel b. 18 (10) 1639; John b. in 1641 d. 1643; Elizabeth b. 1 (1) 1644; Lydia b. 5 (2) 1646. /P/ He d. about 1648.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 349: Hancock, NATHANIEL, Cambridge, by w. Joan had Mary, b. 3 Nov. 1634; Sarah, 3 Mar. 1636; Nathaniel, 18 Dec. 1638;  John, who d. 2 Apr. 1643, prob. not 2 yrs. old; Eliz. 1 Mar. 1645; and  Lydia, 5 Apr. or 2 July 1646; and he d. says Farmer, bef. 1652. NATHANIEL, Cambridge, s. of the preced. . 8 Mar. 1664, Mary, d. of Henry Prentice, had Nathaniel, b. 28 Feb. bapt. 28 May 1665, d. 20 July foll.; Mary, 6, bapt. 11 May 1666; Sarah, 23 Aug. bapt. 15 Sept. 1667; Nathaniel, again, b. 29 Oct. 1668; Abigail, 20 Dec. 1669, d. soon; John, 1671, H. C. 1689; Samuel, 2 Jan. 1674; Abigail, again, 23 Aug. 1675; Eliz. 26 Aug. 1677; Ebenezer, 10 Mar. 1681; Joseph, 28 Apr. 1683; Thomas, 1685; and Solomon, d. 16 May 1710; was freem. 1668, and d. 12 Apr. 1719. He had, also, Ann and Abigail, b. and d. 1672. John was first min. of Lexington, ord. 2 Nov. 1698, but had first preach. at Wells and York, and was f. of Thomas, the most wealthy merch. of Boston, found. of the Professorsh. of Orient. lang. at the Univ. as well as of Rev. John, H. C. 1719, min. of Braintree, and of Rev. Ebenezer, H. C. 1728, collea. with his f: This last was f. of John, b. 12 Jan. 1737, H. C. 1754, resid. of that Congr. wh. declar. independence, 4 July 1776; at wh. time he was Treasr. of Harv. Coll. In the Hist. of that Inst. by Presid. Quincy, his character may be seen, as weigh. in a just balance. He d. Gov. of Mass. 1793.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 478: PRENTICE, HENRY, Cambridge 1640, was an orig. propri. of Sudbury, freem. 1650, d. 9 June 1654. His first w. Eliz. d. 13 May 1643, and by sec. w. Joanna, he had Mary, b. 25 Nov. 1644; Solomon, 23 Sept. 1646; Abiah, a d. 22 May 1648; Samuel, 3 Aug. 1650; Sarah; and Henry. His wid. m. 24 July 1662, John Gibson; and Mary m. 8 Mar. 1664, Nathaniel Hancock. HENRY, Cambridge, prob. s. of the preced. freem. 1684, by w. Mary, had Mary, wh. d. 2 May 1685; Mary, again, d. 11 Mar. 1686; Hannah, d. 3 June 1687; Jonathan, d. 1 May 1688; and perhaps some that liv. 

History of the town of  Industry ME: Joseph Viles, an early settler of that part of New Vineyard set off to Industry in 1844, was born in Orland ME in 1770. His wife, Sarah Hancock, was a daughter of John Hancock, who traced his ancestry back to "the four Hancock brothers,"  who immigrated to this country and from whom the numerous race of Hancocks in America are descended. Nathan Hancock, one of these brothers, was Sarah's great-grandfather. She was born in Castine, District of Maine, about 1772. Among the traditions preserved by her descendants is one that her father was a free mason and when the British ships blockaded the American ports, in 1773, he was able to obtain all the tea and sugar he wanted from  the British officers, nearly all of whom were masons.

Penobscot Journal merchant of Ft. George Penobscot 1782: Feb 12 paid John Hancock Dr to Balce  in Chamber Pot 1s 3d.

Penobscot Inhabitants certified Loyalists 1783: Ebenezer Greenlaw 5 +10; 4 -10; total 9. John Lilly 4 +10; total 4. James Thompson 1 +10. 

From Return of men, women & children of the Penobscot Loyalists settled in the District of Passamaquoddy the 10th of June 1784. Men: Jonathan Greenlaw, Ebenezer Greenlaw, John Lilly, James Thomson, John Davis, Dugald Thomson, Alex. Greenlaw, William Davis, Women: Eunice Greenlaw, Eliz. Greenlaw, Eliz. Lilly, Hannah Greenlaw, Children over 10: Greenlaw-- Hannah, Jean, Lucy, Abigail, Elizabeth, William, James, Elijah, Jonathan, William, John, Ebenezer, Jonathan, Thomas, Richard, Walter, Elizabeth; Davis-- Rachel, William, Mary, Elizabeth; Lilly-- John. Children under 10: Greenlaw-- Joanna, Jane, Eunice, Ebenezer, Rebecca, Sarah, William, John, Abigail, Elizabeth, William 3rd. Davis-- Charlotte, Martha, Sophia;  Lilly-- Charles, Lydia

The Maine Historical Magazine: Deaths - 1817, Jan in Orland Mrs Mary wife of Mr John Hancock formerly of Boston. She lived with her husband 56 years and left a large family of children and grandchildren.

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