Hanmer, Hanmore, Handmore, Hammon, Handmer, Hanmur

John Hanmer born by 1614, died between 12/4/1676 date of will and 3/2/1676-7 inventory, migration 1635, planter, Duxbury by 1640, Scituate 1643; in 1643 list of men able to bear arms

Spouse: Hannah ____ living on 3/2/1676-7 probably dead by 6/3/1682, married by 1639

Children:  Rebecca born circa 1639, married 9/19/1659 Daniel Hicks; John born circa 1645  married  by 1682 ____ daughter of Henry Samson: Joseph born circa 1649, married Marshfield 6/24/1674 Bethiah Tubbs; Isaac born circa 1653, married by 1678 Lydia ____,  the wife of Isacke Hanmore, "hath accused Robert Stanford ... to be the father of the child lately born of her body."


,,,,,,,______________________ Unknown


John HANMER born circa 1700 Halifax MA of Randolph MA, settled in Bridgewater 1739

Spouse: ?

Children: Elizabeth born circa 1723 married Thomas Wade 1743 & Ebenezer Hayward  12/13/1750 [MA Vital Records Brockton]; Jerusha born circa 1735 married John Orcutt Jr. 11/3/1752; Abigail born circa 1737 married Thomas Latham 1752; John born circa 1740 married Martha, daughter of Joseph Prior/Pryer/Pryor 11/9/1760; Mary born circa 1725 married John Smith 1749


Mary HANMER born circa 1729 died 1778; married 10/5/1749 Bridgewater Plymouth Co. MA [Early MA Marriages Prior to 1800]

Spouse: John SMITH born 6/17/1722 Braintree MA; died 1/30/1790 E Bridgewater MA; Revolutionary Vet per DAR, with Gen. Winslow in dispersing the Neutral French 1755 at NS

Children: Elizabeth born 11/21/1750; William born 7/13/1753 E. Bridgewater; John born 5/1/1755 E. Bridgewater; Mary born 8/21/1757 E. Bridgewater; Daniel born 9/7/1761 E. Bridgewater; Sarah born 7/2/1763 E. Bridgewater; Dorcus born 12/131765 married James Shaw removed to Passamaquoddy; Hosea born 3/20/1768 E.  Bridgewater MA married Abigail Hersey removed to Passamaquoddy (other wives of males were  Eleanor Curtain, Clae Kingman & Phoebe Larrabee - not certain to whom they were married)

The Great Migration Immigrants to New England 1634 - 1635: John Hanmer. Origin: Unknown. Migration: 1635 (based on appearance as abutter to another lot on 6 Jan 1635/6 [ScitTR 1:245].  First Residence: Scituate. Removes: Duxbury by 1640, Scituate by 1643. Freeman: On 1 June 1658, "John Hanmore" was admitted freeman of Plymouth Colony [PCR 3:137]. "John Hanmore" appears in the Scituate secction of the 1658 and the 29 May 1670 Plymouth Colony lists of freemen [PCR 5:275, 8:q199].  Offices: In Scituate section of 1643 Plymouth Colony of men able to bear arms (as "John Hammon") [PCR 8:191.  Estate: On 6 Jan 1635/6, 10 Apr 1636, and 7 Feb 1636/7, "John Handmer" was listed as an abutter to the lots of other early Scituate settlers [ScitTR 1:232, 242, 243, 245].  On 7 Jan 1638/9, "John Handmer is granted ten acres of land at the head of Mr. Howland's land at the Island Creek Pond" [PCR 1:109].  On 2 Apr 1640, "John Handmore of Dux orrow, planter," exchanged land with "Mr. Will[ia]m Kemp," Hanmore received "six acres of lands ... one acre whereof was given him by Mr. John Howland ... lying on the southerly part of the aforesaid fourscore acres next unto the lands of Mr. Rob]er]te Hicks of Plymouth," and Kemp receiving "ten acres of uplands lying at the Island Creek Pond on Duxborrow side" ]PCR 12:57]. On 2 Nov 1640, "John Handmer" was granted fifteen acres in "those lands that lie northward from Duxborrow Mill, towards Green's Harbor" [PCR 1:165].  On 12 Aug 1648, "John Hanmore of Scettuaat" sold to Joseph Tilden of Scituate "five acres of upland ... in Scettuaat aforesaid on the cliff commonly called and known by the name of the Third Cliff ..., as also two acres ... of marsh meadow lying adjoining to the aforesaid upland ..., likewise five acres ... of upland lying over against the aforesaid marsh land ..., all which said two parcels of upland and two acres of marsh were sometimes the land of Gorg Kenrick sometimes of Scettuaat"; "I the said John Hanmore do also covenant and promise Ann Hanmore my wife shall resign up unto the aforesaid Joseph Tildine all her right and interest in the aforesaid land" [PCR 12:168-69].  On 29 Sep 166, "John Hanmor of Sittuate" sold to "Joseph Coleman Senior of Sittuate my ten acres of upland lying upon Brushy Hill" [ScitTR 1:254].  On 3 June 1662, "John Hanmore" was included in a list of twenty-four men "that were servants and others that are ancient freemen' and were to partake in a tract of land purchased from the Indians [PCR 4:18]. On 4 Oct 1664, Plymouth Court "granted unto John Hanmore and Walter Woodward, of Scituate, (who have a right as servants) unto each of them is granted sixty acres of land near about the place abovementioned [near the line between Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts Bay], and also that they pay the Indian purchase for it if any be justly demanded" [PCR 4:75]. On 5 June 1666, "the Court have granted unto John Hanmore the three acres of meadow desired by him lying near the Indian Head River" [jPCR 4:131].  In an undated tax list (probably earlier than 5 July 1666), "John Hanmer" was assessed first 1s. and then 3s. 3d. [[PCR 7:130]. On 3 June 1673, "John Hanmore" owed 2 20ss. as a doubtful debtor to the estate of Joseph Tilden [PCR 5:120].  On 4 Apr 1672, "John Hanmore Senior of cittuate" sold to "John Otis of Barnstable ... all that my lands lying and being in Scittuate between the lot of the widow Hiks and the lot that was John Stockbridge's ... and is ten acres" [PCLR 3:259-60]. In 1673  "John Handmore Senior" received grants of seven acres of upland and four acres of swamp  [ScitTR 1:326, 329. 352, 355].  In his will, dated 4 Dec 1676 and proved 4 Mar 1676/7, "John Hanmer of Scittuate" bequeathed to "my wife Hannah Hanmere my house and the field joining to the same to be at her dispose with all the moveables"; to "my eldest son John Hanmer twenty acres of land that I had of the committee"; to "my son Joseph Hanmere fifteen acres of land"; to "my two sons Joseph Hanmer and Isacke Hanmer seven acres of land between them which belongeth to the houselot"; to "my on Joseph the rest of my land which joineth to the field" [PCPR 3:2:56].  The inventory of the estate of "John Hanmer Senior of Scittuate deceased," taken 2 Ma 1676[/7], was untotalled; there were about 12 in moveables and "the house and land within fence" were valued at 30; "Hannah Hanmer the relict of John Hanmer Senior deceased" presented the inventory [PCPR 3:2:57].  On 6 Mar 1676/7, "letters of administration is granted by the Court unto John Hanmore, Junior, to administer on the estate of John Hanmore, Senior, deceased" [PCR 5:220].  On 3 June 1682, "John Hanmur, Joseph Hanmur and Isaac Hanmur all of Scituate" sold to "Walter Hatch of Scituate ... all that our fifty acres of land granted to our late father John Hanmur deceased by the Committee of Scituate aforesaid being met together" 25 May 1675 [MD 34:30-31, citing PLR 1:107; ScitTR 1:340, 367-69]. Birth: By about 1614 (based on estimated date of marriage and apparent date of first grant of land).  Death: Between 4 Dec 1676 (date of will) and 2 Mar 1676/7 (presentation of inventory).  Marriage: By about 1639 Hannah _____. She was living on 2 Mar 1676/7 (when she presented her husband's inventory [PCPR 3:2:57]) and may have been dead by 3 June 1682 (when her sons sold some of their father's land [MD 34:30-31). Children: i. Rebecca Hanmer, b say 1639; m Scituate 29 Sep 1659 Daniel Hicks [MD 2:33; PCR 8:49 (bride's name given incorrectly as "Elizabeth," and year of marriage given as 1657].  ii. John Hanmer b say 1645; m. by 1682 (but probably some years earlier) [blank] Samson, daughter of Henry Samson {1620, Plymouth} [GMB 3:1621-24].  iii. Joseph Hanmer b say 1649; m Marshfield 24 Jun [1674] Bethiah Tubbs.  iv. Isaac Hanmer, b say 1653; m by 1678 Lydia ____ (on 8 Mar 1678/9, "Lydia, the wife of Isacke Hanmore, hath accused Robert Stanford, ... to be the father of the child lately born of her body" [PCR 6:6-7].  Comments: On 3 June 1662, "John Hanmore" was granted land as one of those "that were servants and others that are ancient freemen" [PCR 4:18]. Inasmuch as John Hanmer was not an "ancient freeman" he was very likely a servant, and so may have been in New England for a few ears before his first appearance in the records.  No document connects Rebecca Hanmer, who married Daniel Hicks, to John Hanmer, but there seems little doubt that she belongs in this family.  Savage included in his list of children for this immigrant daughters "Bethia" and "Hannah" [Savage 2:350]; his source for this was certainly Samuel Deane, a notably unreliable authority [Scituate Hist 278]. The claim for a daughter Bethia is probably based on a deed of 24 May 1682 in which "Bethia Hanmor the wife of Joseph Hanmor do give up all my right, claim and interest in that fifty acres lot of land granted by the Committee to my father Hanmor" [ScitTR 1:369]. John Hanmer was, of course, Bethia's father-in-law, and not father. The alleged daughter Hannah probably reflects a misreading of a document which refers to the immigrant's wife.  On 4 Dec 1638, "John Handmer" was one of eight Scituate men "presented for receiving strangers & foreigners into their houses & lands, without license of the Governor or Assistants, or acquainting the town of Scittuate therewith" (with marginal annotation "all discharged 5th month 1638 [1639]") [PCR 1:106]. On 3 Sep 1639, "upon the petition of George Morrell the Court doth order, that Mr. Collyer and Jonathan Brewster shall confur and conclude with John Handmore, or any other, to keep him upon such reasonable conditions as they shall think fit, and to allow a person of land towards the maintenance of him". [PCR 1:130]

The Hanmer Link: the place for all Hanmers to meet: http://uk.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/thehanmerlink 

MA Vital Records Brockton to 1850: Hanmer, Elizabeth & Ebenezer Hayward 12/13/1750 C.R.I.

History of Bridgewater: John Hanmer, sometimes written Handmore, with his wife, came from Halifax and settled in Bridgewater 1739; wid. Hanmer had Abigail, Jerusha and John all bap. in W.B. 1742. Abigail m. Thomas Latham 1752 -- Elizabeth m. Ebenezer Hayward 1750 -- Mary m. John Smith 1749 -- Elizabeth m. Thomas Wade 1743 -- Jerusha m. John Orcutt Jr. 1752. John (s. of above) lived in E.B. m. Mary d of Joseph Prior 1760 and had Nabby 1762, Lucinda 1763, Cynthia 1765, Zenas 1767, Peninnah 1770 -- John Hanmer was at Plymouth 1638

 Mitchell's History of Bridgewater, Massachusetts: 2 John Smith s of John Smith of Randolph settled in EB and m Mary D of John Hanmer 1749 and had Elizabeth 1750 William 1753 John 1755 Mary 1757 Daniel 1761 Sarah 1763 Dorcas 1765 Hosea 1768. This family removed from town. Mary d 1778 ae 20. John the father d 1790 ae 69, he was with Gen l Winslow in dispersing the Neutral French 1755 at Nova Scotia. /P/ John Smith s of John of EB and gs of John of Randolph m Hannah D of David Edson 1805 and lived in NB and had Albert, Harrison, Salome, and Rachel/ /P/ HANMER John Hanmer sometimes written Handmore with his wife came from Halifax and settled in B 1739 wid Hanmer had Abigai.l Jerusha. and John all bap in WB 1742. Abigail m Thomas Latham 1752, Elizabeth m Ebenezer Hayward 1750, Mary m John Smith 1749, Elizabeth m Thomas Wade 1743, Jerusha m John Orcutt Jr 1752.  2 John s of the above lived in EB m Mary D of Joseph Prior 1760 and had Nabby 1762 Lucinda 1763 Cynthia 1765 Zenas 1767 Peninnah 1770 John Hanmer was at Plymouth 1638.

Gen Reg of the 1st Settlers of NE: HANMORE, JOHN, Scituate, between 1633 and 1657

Mayflower Increasings pg 92: III ( ) Samson2, b. ( ), d. ( ); m. ( ), John HANMER/HANMORE <MD 6:245>, (son of John & Hannah), b. ( ), d. pre 22 Feb 1703, Rochester <MDP:383, Plymouth Co. Deeds 5:140 (deed of son John - "John Hanmer, eldest son of John Hanmer late of Rochester dec'd who was eldest son of John Hanmer late of Scituate dec'd")>. He poss. d. aft. 19 Sept 1702 if he is the John Hanmer of Rochester (& not his son) who bought land 10 Mar 1700/01 and is called of Middleboro when he sold it 19 Sept 1702. Both deeds were ack. 8 Sept 1711 but it is not clear by whom <MDP:383, Plymouth Co. Deeds 10:2:75,93>. Hanmer Children: 1. John HANMER/HANDMER3, b. pre 22 Feb. 1682 <MDP:383 (at least 21 to sell land in 1703)>, d. aft. 17 Jan. 1737, of Halifax <Plymouth Co. Deeds 31:168>; m. ( ), Mary ( ), b. ( ) d. aft. 17 Mar. 1727 <Plymouth Co. Deeds 21:202>. <See MFIP #21 for 1 known ch.> 2. William HANMER/MANDMOR3, b. ( ), d. betw. 17 Jan. 1737 <Plymouth Co. Deeds 31:168 (wit. to brother's deed)> - 5 Oct. 1742 <Plymouth Co. Deeds 42:33 (wf is called widow)>; m. ( ), Elizabeth KINGMAN <MFIP:22>, (dau of Henry KINGMAN and Bethiah HOWARD, b. 22 Mar. 1695, Bridgewater <MD 15:47>, d. aft. 3 Jan 1742/3 <Plymouth Co. Deeds 44:20>. <See MFIP #22 for 3 chil..>.

Mayflower Families in Progress, Henry Samson of the Mayflower pg 6: 4. ---(dau.)2 SAMSON (Henry1) b. bet. 1636 & 1656. She m. JOHN HANMORE (or HANMER), d. Rochester bef. 22 Feb. 1703; son of John and Hannah (---) Hanmore. The will of John Hanmore of Scituate dated 4 Dec 1676, names wife Hannah, eldest son John; sons Joseph and Isaac. /P/ John Hanmore served in King Philip's War. His son John received land for his service. /P/ On 3 Jun 1682 John, Joseph and Isaac Hanmer, all of Scituate, sold land of late father John Hanmer. /P/ On 22 Feb 1703 John Hanmer of Taunton eldest son of John Hanmer, late of Rochester, Barnstable Co. dec'd. who was eldest son of John Hanmer, late of Scituate dec'd. sold land in Scituate as heir to his father and grandfather. /P/ Children HANMORE (or HANMER): 21. i. JOHN3 b. bef. 22 Feb 1682 (must be 21 to sign deed). 22. ii. WILLIAM References: Plymouth Co. LR 1:107 (John Hanmer, etc.); 5:150 (John Hanmer of Taunton). VR Scituate (bp> Hannah). Plymouth Colony PR 3:2:56 (John Hanmore). King Philip's War p. 428. /P/ Note: She prob. married John Hanmer son of John Hanmer, rather than his father who, as a land owner was over 21 in 1639 so old enough to be her father. Note: There was a Hannah Hanmer, d. John bp. Scituate 24 Jul 1659 (VR). She is probably a sister of the above John but might be a dau. /P/  Page 19: 21 JOHN HANMER3 (---2 Samson, Henry1) d. after 17 Jan 1737 (deed). He. m. Mary ---, living 10 Apr 1727 (ack. deed). At the Dec 1719 Court John Handmer father of William Handmer of Bridgewater appeared in court declaring he had corrected his son, a lad of about 16 years.  On 17 March 1727, acknowledged 10 Apr 1727, John Hanmer of Bridgewater, wheelwright, and wife Mary sold land in Bridgewater to John Wadsworth. On 23 May 1735 John Hanmor of Halifax, yeoman, sold land in Bridgewater to nathaniel Harden. On 17 Jan 1737 John Hanmer of Halifax sold land in Halifax and Bridgewater to Nathaniel Harden. John Handmore received land in Narraganset Township No. 4 (now Greenwich MA) for his father's service in King Philip's War. No Plymouth Co. PR for John or Mary Hanmer. /P/ Child (HANMER) b. prob. Bridgewater: i. WILLIAM4 b. ca 1703. References: PLYMOUTH CO CT RECS 2:6. Plymouth Co. LR 21:202;30:211; 31:168 (John Hanmer). King Philip's War p. 428. /P/ 22. WILLIAM HANMER3 (---2 Samson, Henry1) d. bet. 17 Jan. 1737 and Oct. 1741. He m. ELIZABETH KINGMAN, b. Bridgewater 22 March 1695; d. aft. 3 Jan 1742/3; dau of Henry and Bethiah (Howard) Kingman. On 13 Dec 1735 William Hanmer and family were warned out of Halifax. On 17 Jan 1737 William Handmor witnessed a deed of his brother. On 5 Oct 1741 Elizabeth Hanmer, widow of William Hanmer and other Kingman heirs sold land in Bridgewater. On 3 Jan 1742/3 Elizabeth Hanmer of Bridgewater widow, sold land laid out to her father Henry Kingman dec., received by settling of his estate. No Plymouth Co. PR for William or Elizabeth Hanmer.  /P/ Children (HANMER) bp. West Bridgewater 14 Nov 1742 as ch. of widow Hanmer: 93. i. JOHN4; 94 ii. ABIGAIL b. ca. 1731 (based on age at d.) 95. iii. JERUSHA /P/ References: VR BRIDGEWATER (b. Eliz.); WEST BRIDGEWATER (bp. ch.). TORREY'S MARRIAGES p. 440 (Bethiah Howard). Plymouth Co. LR 31:168 (witnessed deed); 42:33, 44:20 (Elizabeth Hanmer). PLYMOUTH CO CT RECS 2:186 (warning).

[Pioneers of MA 210: Handmer/Handmore/Hanmer, John, planter, Scituate, 1638, propr. Rem. to Duxbury 1640.] [Page 398: Samson/Sampson, Henry, cousin of Edward Tillie and his wife, came in the Mayflower to Plymouth. Propr. frm. 1/5/1635-6; volunteer for the Pequot war in 1637; com. of Court. He rem. to Duxbury. /P/ Will dated 224 (10) 1684, prob. 3/5/1684-5; beq. to sons Stephen, John, James and Caleb, daus., Elizabeth, wife of Robert Sprout, Hannah, wife of Josias Holmes, dau. now the wife of John Hanmore, Mary, wife of John Summers, dorcus, wife of Thomas Bony.]

Genealogical Dictionary of New England CD169:  HANMER, or HANMORE, ISAAC, Scituate, s. of John, had Benjamin. JOHN, Scituate 1639, next yr. at Duxbury, but only short time, and of Marshfield 1663, had s. John, Joseph, and Isaac; ds. Rebecca, Bethia, and Hannah. He was liv. 1673; but for a century the name has failed here. Rebecca m. Sept. 1657, Daniel Hicks, yet the Col. Rec. certif. that he m. 19 Sept. 1657, Eliz. Hanmore. 

History of the early settlement of Bridgewater in Plymouth county: HANMER John Hanmer sometimes written Handmore with his wife came from Halifax and settled in B 1739, wid Hanmer had Abigail, Jerusha and John all bap in WB 1742 Abigail m Thomas Latham 1752, Elizabeth m Ebenezer Hayward 1750, Mary m John Smith 1749, Elizabeth m Thomas Wade 1743, Jerusha m John Orcutt Jr 1752; 2 John s of the above lived in EB m Mary d of Joseph Prior 1760 and had Nabby 1762, Lucinda 1763, Cynthia 1765, Zenas 1767, Peninnah 1770; John Hanmer was at Plymouth 1638.

John Hanmer of Scituate 1639, next year at Duxbury, but only short time, and of Marshfield 1663. had sons John, Joseph, & Isaac; daughters Rebecca, Bethia, & Hannah. He was living 1673 but for a century the name has failed here.

List of taxpayers in the East Prescinct of Bridgewater, in 1729, who resided east of the meeting house:  John Hanmer

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