Hersey, Hersie, Hercy, Hearsey, Hearsay, Harsie, Hersee, Harcie

Nathaniel HERSEY died in Reading, co Berkshire, Eng 1629

Spouse: _____ 

Children: William born 1596; Thomas born 1599


William HERSEY, husbandman, settled Hingham MA 1635, died 3/22/1658

Spouse: Elizabeth ? died Hingham MA 10/8/1671, married by 1631

Children: Gregory; Prudence; Nathaniel;  William; Francis married Richard Croade 4/29/1656; Elizabeth married Moses Gilman; John, tailor, baptized 8/9/1640, died 8/7/1726 married Sarah ?; James born 1642-3;  Judith married Humphrey Wilson 12/21/1663; Judith, John, James born Hingham MA


William HERSEY born 1632 in Eng, came from Eng 1635, died 9/28/1691

Spouse: (1)  Rebecca CHUBBUCK married 9/1/1656; born April 1641, died 6/1/1686 (2) Ruhamah widow of Job Bourne, no children

Children: Deborah born 1/1/1665; Judith baptized 8/29/1686 died 4/1/1751 married Israel Vickery; William born 10/11/1657; John born 10/27/1659; James born 12/2/1661; Rebecca born 8/20/1663 married Benjamin Johnson; Hannah born 2/13/1668-9 married Ebenezer Lane; Ruth born 2/10/1673-4 married Caleb Beal; Mary born 5/20/1676 died 10/15/1681; Joshua born 3/29/1678 married Sarah Hawke; Judith born 9/6/1680 died 9/12/1681; Judith born 8/29/1686 married Israel Vickery of Hull; Elizabeth born 5/26/1671;


Deborah HERSEY born 1/1/1665-6 died 4/28/1706

Spouse: Samuel LINCOLN 8/25/1650 - 1720-1, carpenter, soldier in Narraganset King Philip's War

Children: Deborah born 6/15/1689 Hingham died 11/25/1711 married James Lincoln [son of Stephen Lincoln & Elizabeth Hawke]; Samuel born 2/1/1690-1 died 3/6/1758, carpenter, married (1) Ruth Cushing [daughter of Daniel Cushing & Elizabeth Thaxter] (2) Grace Stockbridge; Jedediah born 10/2/1692 died 1783, farmer & glazier, married Bethia Whiton; Mary born 9/18/1694 died 2/20/1714-5 married Nathaniel Fearing; Rebecca born 8/11/1697 married (1) Abraham Leavitt (2) Nathan Stephens; Elisha born 9/3/1699 died Cohasset MA 8/20/1783, carpenter, married Sarah Lewis; Lydia born 9/14/1701 married John Joy; Abigail born 1/11/1703-4 died 7/17/1767 married Matthew Linco0ln; Susannah born 4/18/1706 died 3/24/1760 married Deacon Josiah Lincoln, died 2/34/2775


Lydia LINCOLN born 9/14/1701 Hingham 

Spouse: John JOY born 2/7/1695 Hingham MA, married 12/17/1724

Children: Lydia born 10/5/1725 married Seth Edson; John born 6/4/1727 married Sarah Homer; Relief born 9/21/1729 married Nehemiah WASHBURN; Deborah born 6/23/1732 married Daniel Woodward; Mary; Benjamin born 7/13/1740 married Bethiah Sprague


Mary JOY born 5/9/1736 Hingham MA

Spouse:  Zechariah LORING, of Hingham MA

Children: Sarah baptized Hingham MA 4/11/1779; Peter; Hannah baptized Hingham MA 9/22/1771 died 12/6/1854 married Levi Corthell; Caleb baptized 7/2/1769 Hingham MA; Zaccheus baptized 11/21/1773; Isaac baptized 11/10/1776


Sarah (Sally) LORING of Perry Washington ME; lived in Cooper ME baptized 4/11/1779

Spouse: David HITCHINGS of St David NB

Children: Mary married Benjamin Henderson born 1786 NB

Per Jerry Gower ggower1@Maine.rr.com. Sarah Loring was bp Hingham MA 11 Apr 1779, dau of Zechariah & Mary (Joy) Loring per Hist of Hingham, and Charles Henry Pope, Loring Genealogy (1917). In Washington Co deed 6:373-4 Sarah & David Hitchings, heirs of Zecariah Loring, quit claim to her brother Peter their interest in Zechariah's estate proving her identity.

Washington: Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns: The inhabitants of Perry, Plantation # 1 East of Machias in the 1790 census were Samual Frost, Alex Patterson & Alex Hodges, probably the first settlers on St. Croix Bay, Moses & Jacob Lincoln, Peter Loring, John Frost, Wm. Morrison, Daniel Sweat, Samuel Tuttle, James Wood, Nathaniel Stoddard, Wm. Kilbey, Abiah Damons, James Chubbuck.] 

Early Pleasant River Families pg 113: Levi Corthell Jr. born 10/1/1770 married at Hingham MA 4/8/1792 Hannah Loring, bapt. at Hingham MA 9/22/1771 died 12/6/1854 age 83, daughter of Zachariah and Mary (--) Loring. 8 children: Levi; Deborah; Loring; Mary Loring; Hannah; Isaac; Sally Loring; Elijah C.

King Philip's War, Capt. Johnson's Co. made at Dedham 1675, from Hingham, William Hersey

William Hersey, Senior, of Hingham, Will 9 March 1657 - Being now sicke. I give to my sonne William ye house and home Lott.  that he now Lives in and ye penn plott before his gate, and ye Lott I bought of Mathew Chafey at ye Capn Tent, with one great Lott at Nuttey hill, yt Lyes outmost to ye South East, to him and his heyres for ever. To my sonne John, one Lott at Nuttey hill, yt lyes Northward of Moses Colliers. To my sonne James the Lott yt Lyes next ye aforesaid Lott given his Brother John, Lyeing to ye Northward of George Lane. To my dau. Francis 5 sterling; dau. Elizabeth 5 sterling; dau. Judith, 5 sterling; [each of these at ye decease of their mother, or ye day of their mothers marriage.] I give my Grand Child, John Croade, after my decease, when Liveing to 4 yeares of age, 40.; my grand child, William Hersie, 40 in like manner. All ye rest of my Land, housing goods & c. to my wife Elizabeth, during her life, or lives of a Widdowes Estate; but if she marres, then to distribute it amongst my Children as she may see good, allwayes p'rvided not to Lay any restraint upon her for matuer of time in disposal of  what she may see meete to any of my Children; making her my only executrix. Overseers, Cousine John Farrington, Thomas Marsh & my sonne in Law Richard Croade /s/ William Hersey. Witness Thomas Marsh Thomas Marsh deposed, 19 April 1658, Richard Croade, Ri. Croade deposed, 12:2:58. Inventory of the Estate of William Hearsie, senior, of Hingham deceased the 24th day of March; apprized at Hingham the 28th of April 1658, by Moses Collier and Tho. Marsh. Amt. 419.13.06. "Land wch was John Princes and Stephen Gates; a piece of ground at the rotten  tree; land at Hockley; at Conahasset; at ware neck, &c., &c. Elizabeth Hersie deposed 28 April 1659.

Pioneers of MA. Hersey, Hearsey, Harsye, William, husbandman, Hingham, propr. 1636, frm. March 1637-8. Court com. of valuation 1640; town officer. Dau. Elizabeth m. Moses Gilman; Judity m. Humphrey Wilson. He d. 3/24/1658. Will mentions wife Elizabeth; ch. William, John, James, Frances, Elizabeth, Judith; gr. ch. John Croade and William Hersle. Cousin John Farrington, Thomas Marsh and son-in-law Richard Croade, overseers. The widown's will, dated 8/26/1670, prob. 25 (8) 1671, beq. to ch. William, John, James, Frances Croade, Judith Wilson & Elizabeth Gilman.

Genealogical and Family History of NH: William Hersey is said to have been the son of Nathaniel Hercy who died in Reading, Berkshire county, Eng in 1629 and whose children were: William born 1596 and Thomas 1599. From William sprang all the Herseys of Hingham MA and many more. He came to New England in 1635 and early in the autumn of that year located in Hingham with others who were passengers on the ship he came on. 7/3/1636 he had a house lot of 5 acres granted to him on what is now South, nearly opposite West street. At the time of the trouble about the election of officers for the train band 1644-45, William Hersey was assessed a heavy fine for supporting the views of Rev Peter Hobard and his friends; and the family rate towards the erection of the new meeting house was the largest but one upon the list. In deeds he is described as a husbandman. He was made freeman 3/1638 and selectman 1642, 47, & 50; and was a member of the artillery company in 1652. He died 3/22/1658. His will dated 3/9/1658 was proved 4/29 following. The appraisement of his property in the inventory thereof was 490 pounds, 13 shillings, 6pence. The christian name of his wife was Elizabeth. She died in Hingham 10/8/1671. The children of William probably born in Eng were: Gregory, Prudence, Nathaniel, William, Frances & Elizabeth, the 3 last named accompaning him to Amercia. 3 others Judith, John & James were born in Hingham. // William eldest son of William and Elizabeth Hersey was born in England and came to New England with his parents in 16735. He was made a freeman in 1672; was constable in 1661; and served as selectman in 1678-82-90. He died 9/18/1691. His will made in 1689 was proved 1/27/1692. He married 1st about 1656 or 7, Rebecca Chubbuck who was born in Hingham in 4/1641 and died 6/1/1686 aged 45 years. She was the daughter of Thomas and Alice Chubbuck. The christian name of his second wife as appears by his will was Ruhamah. There is no entry of this marriage; however, nor of her death on the Hingham records. The 12 children all by wife Rebecca were William, John, James, Rebecca, Deborah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Ruth, Mary, Joshua, Judith died young, and Judith.

New England Families: William Hersey was the progenitor of all who have borne this surname in Hingham and vicinity. The name is variously spelled Hersee, Harcie, and Hearsey on early records. He came to New England in 1635 and early in the autumn of that year settled in Hingham. He was granted a house lot of five acres July 3 1636 on what is now South street nearly opposite West street. The surname is a very ancient one probably of French origin and appears among the list of those who went over to England with William the Conqueror. At the time of the trouble about the election of officers for the train band 1644-45, William Hersey was assessed a heavy fine for supporting the views of Rev Peter Hobart, and his friends and the family rate towards the erection of a new meeting house was the largest but one on the list. He was called husbandman. He was admitted a freeman in March 1638, was selectman in 1642-47 and 1650, in the artillery company in 1652. He married Elizabeth who died October 8 1671. He died March 22 1657-58. His will was dated March 9 1657-58 and proved April 29 1658. He bequeathed to his wife and children and to his grandchildren John Croade and William Hersey. His wife was executrix. His estate was appraised April 28 1658 at four hundred and nineteen pounds, thirteen shillings and six pence. Children: Prudence, Gregory,Nathaniel, William mentioned below. Frances married Richard Croade, Elizabeth married Moses Gilman, Judith baptized July 15 1638 married Humphrey Wilson, John born August 9 1640, James born 1642 or 1643. William 2 Hersey, son of William 1 Hersey, probably came to New England with his parents in 1635. He resided on the homestead at Hingham which was willed to him by his father, was constable in 1661, was admitted a freeman in 1672, was selectman in 1678-82 and 1690. He married first about 1656 or 1657 Rebecca Chubbuck baptized in Hingham in April 1641 and died June 1 1686 aged forty five years daughter of Thomas and Alice Chubbuck. He married second Ruhamah, and he died September 28 1691. His will was dated in 1689 and proved January 27 1692. Children born in Hingham by first wife William mentioned below, John born October 27 1659, James born December 2 1661, Rebecca born August 20 1663, Deborah born January 1 1665-66, Hannah born February 13 1668-69, Elizabeth born May 26 1671, Ruth born February 10 1673-74, Mary born June 4 1676, Joshua born March 29 1678, Judith born September 6 1680 died September 13 1681, Judith born August 29 1686.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Hersey, William (...-Mar 22, 1657/8) m. ... Elizabeth ... MASS XXII, 148


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