Hitchings, Hitchins, Hitchens, Hichen, Hichin

Josiah HITCHINGS born circa 1730-9 New Boston NH died St. Davids Ridge NB; Josiah and David part of Cape Ann Association of Loyalists

Spouse: Anna LIVINGSTONE born 7/2/1736 New Boston NH married 3/1/1759 Chelsea MA died St. Davids Ridge NB

Children: Anna born 1769 New Boston NH died 1865 buried Meddybemps ME married John Bridges lived Charlotte ME Zebiah born 8/2/1760 Lynn MA married John Stretch had son Isaac married Francis Pine, William, John & Anna married Henry Perkins; Josiah born 9/28/1763 Malden MA died 7/21/1826 Chipola FL married Elizabeth (Bray) Hill of Machias; David born 4/13/1765 Newburyport MA of St David NB; lived in Cooper Washington ME (Plantation 15), an avid Britisher married Sarah LORING of Perry ME; Robert born 3/17/1767 Newburyport MA died 5/27/1858 St. Stephen NB married ? Brown, Mary Moore & Rachel Willet; John born 2/2/1769 New Boston NH died 3/6/1861 Hudson WI married Mary Humpha/Humphrey & Mary Bond, lived on the old homestead in St. David, the homestead was sold and 2nd wife's family farm in Robbinston ME was purchased, their son, Frederick, was with the Union Army in the civil War, became a farmer in Hudson WI; William born 6/17/1772 New Boston NH died 12/23/1855 St. Davids NB married Jane Humphrey & Mary ?, son Oliver married Eliza, daughter of Samuel Scott and moved to Bridgewater ME; Hannah born 4/12/1774 New Boston NH died 12/1847 St. Davids NB married John Moore born New Boston NH; Mollie born 1779 New Boston NH, married John Caldwell; Mary born 1779 married John Caldwell [Memorial to Loyalist Families has Anna born 1773 was she possibly the second Anna; has Mollie married to John Caldwell & no child named Mary - were Molly & Mary the same?]


David HITCHINGS born 4/13/1765 Newburyport MA, of St David NB; settled on the farm in St. Stephen long occupied by Levi Maxwell, Esq., an avid Britisher; lived in Cooper, Washington, ME (Plantation 15); "Early in the '30s he removed to Charlotte ME. He was eminently loyal to the British Crown on the establishment of the Colony, and his greatest pride was to tell 'the gazing rustics ranged around' what might have been if fate had been more propitious."--Memorial to Loyalist Families." David Hitchings was an avid Britisher wont to inform all about the glories of the British crown and empire--Rebecca Hobart, historian Dennysville ME. On tax rolls in St. Stephen NB 1815

Spouse: Sarah LORING of Perry ME born circa 1780 [called Sally in Memorial to Loyalist Families]

Children: David born 8/27/1797 St. Stephen NB;  Mary Sarah born 12/2/1801 St. David Parish NB married Benjamin Henderson born 1786 NB;  David born 8/27/1799 baptized 9/22/1799 Kirk McColl Church, shot accidentally died young; Anna Loring born 11/5/1803 married James Clary/Clarry lived in Bangor ME; Hannah born 1/5/1806 married (1) Pollet (2) Daniel Pollet; Josiah born 5/2/1808; Henry born 5/26/1810 married Margaret Brown daughter of Joseph Green Brown, lived in Cooper; Hiram born 4/9/1813 married Mary Florence Howe of Cooper 6/26/1841 daughter of Asa and Susan (Fisher) Howe; Harriet born 12/30/1816 died 1855, married Thomas J. Burbank, lived in Cooper; David born 6/1/1819; Rachel born 10/30/1820-21 married Charles William Palmeter of Cooper 6/6/1840


Mary Sarah HITCHINGS born 12/2/1801of St. Davis NB; lived in Cooper ME, died 1/17/1869 age 68 yr. 6 mo.

Spouse: Benjamin Henderson born 1786 NB, married 11/28/1815, died 6/2/1865 age 79

Children: Lucy married George W. Smith; Elbridge married (1) widow McCormack (2) Euphemia Flood their daughter Ellen married Josiah Smith; Sarah (Sally) married George Saddler; Elmore born circa 1821 Canada married Nancy Pottell; Sewall married Lydia Ireland; Hannah married James Ireland; Isaac Newton born circa 1829 married Alma M. Wood; Benjamin; Josiah; Ezra W. born circa 1840 married Mary E.?; David of Alexander married Lavinia Averill of Cooper 3/6/1837; Levi born circa 1841 married Diantha E. Hunnewell; Harris; Mary married Abraham Ireland

1830 Census Cooper Washington ME: David Hitchins 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1
1840 Census Cooper Washington ME: David Hitchins 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
1850 Census Cooper Washington ME: David Hitchins 85 born MA & Sarah Hitchins 70 born MA in household of Henry Hitchins
1860 Census Cooper Washington ME: Sarah Hitchins age 80 born MA living with son Henry Hitchings

Loyalists to Canada: pg 153; The date of he Loyalist grant, to "William Gammon and 429 others," on the town plot of St. Andrews [N.B.], was August 12, 1784. Individuals and families who were granted town lots were mostly Loyalist refugees, officers and men of the 74th Regiment, and Argyll Highlanders who had been stationed at Fort George.  There were others from the 64th, 70th, 84th, N.C. Highlanders, Royal Garrison Battalion, and King's Orange Rangers.  /P/ The plan for the town of St. Andrews consisted of six parallel streets running from northwest to southeast, and thirteen streets crossing them at right angles, forming sixty square blocks, etc. Each block was divided into eight lots.  Three divisions -- Bulkley, Parr, and Morris -- were planned for the settlement, and the streets were to be broad and regular.   Grantees were required to build their houses six feet from the street line.   This early planning resulted in a beautiful seaside town, which is noticeably attractive even today (1992). pg 155; The names of the St. Andrews grantees were: ... Barber, John ...Henderson, Hugh ... Hitchings, Amos ...Lillie/Lyall, John ... pg 160; The following St. Andrews grantees were also grantees of the Port Matoon/Mouton Association (now St. Stephen, New Brunswick): ... Barber, John ... Lillie/Lyall, John ... pg 161 The following St. Andrews grantees were also grantees with the Cape Ann Association in St. David Parish: ... Hitchings, Josiah, Jr. ...  Among the following St. Andrews grantees, are included part of the 74th Regiment, Argyll Highlanders ... Henderson, Hugh ...

Loyalists to Canada, pg 195: Francis Norwood was the leader of the Cape Ann Association. In 1784 they settled at the head of Oak Bay on the St. Croix River in St. David Parish, Charlotte County, N.B., on a tract of land called the Wentworth Division. ... Some members of the Cape Ann Association probably were not Loyalists, but emigrated to N.B. for opportunities of settlement in a new land. At that time, Canadian authorities were encouraging settlement in the Passamaquoddy region, probably to strengthen British claims to the territory. pg 196: Names in the Cape Ann Association grant of 10/1/1784 were: Dyer, John ...Hitchings, Amos; Hitchings, David; Hitchings, Josiah; Hitchings, Josiah, Jr. ...

Memorial of the Loyalist Families of William Moore, Josiah Hitchings & Robert Livingstone by Moore 1898: The Family of Josiah Hitchings lived in New Boston NH, first child was born in Lynn, the second in Malden, and the third and fourth in Newburyport. /P/ Of the Hitchings family, I cannot speak of Josiah, who died before my time. David & Robert were men of large, stalwart proportions, and of decisive, resolute presence. John was of average stature, self-reliant, and firm in action and manner. William rather exceeded the average stature, and with a bilious temperament, as the phrenologists would say, of decidedly marked features and complexion, with black, curly hair. He was noted among his fellows for his impetuous manner and speech, -- something of the outlaw -- the catheran. /P/ Uncle David, as they called him, with his large proportions, his kindly, genial, though rather heavy features, his peculiar laugh and vocal intonation, and his words when talking seeming as though picked up by his rather heavy upper lip, was an occasional visitor at grandfather's. On these occasions there would be a field day; all neighborly and brotherly and gossipy greetings and exchanges. The fatted goose, turkey, or chicken, as the case might be, was laid on the table, from which it was taken section by section, duly discussed and disposed of. The great fire-place would be filled high, and then some one would switch Uncle David off on to the war of 1812 or of the Revolution, and battles would be lost and won, Burgoyne (he called him Burgwine), or Lee or Washington would be discussed from the standpoint of a genuine, original loyalist, and history would be edited if not rectified. /P/ Robert Hitching's business connections seem to have been large on the Schodiac [St. Croix], as the river was familiarly called. He was largely engaged at Union Mills, and his old mansion, roomy and square, like the owner, was prominent, though located on a side street. Ten well-born and well-bred sons and daughters came to maturity, and yet, with the exception of Stephen, no family or family connections have sprung from apparently favorable source. /P/ Asa Libby was next door neighbor in St. David. St. David home was near Gallop Stream which flowed to Oak Bay.

 Henry Hitchings of Cooper & Mrs. Bertha A. Cornick of Alexander married 1/7/1888 Milltown; Mrs. Josiah Hitchings buried 2/7/1813 per Kirk McCall records; Josiah Hitchings buried 1/24/1830 per Kirk McCall records

 Cape Ann Association of Loyalist = 1785. Return of Persons settled at Passamaquoddy of the Cape Ann Association of Loyalist = 25th September 1785. David Hitchins, 1 men, 0 women, 0 children, On the Bounty List since this fall. Arrived this spring: Robert Livingston 1 men, 0 women, 0 children. Josiah Hitchins 1 men, 0 women, 1 child over 10. Thomas Knox, Esqr. St. Johns. A true Return - Gillam Tailor, Acting Assistant Commissary of Musters.

 St Stephen Tax List - 1815 (Transcribed from a xerox copy in the MC files at PANB). To Robinson [Crocker?] Collector of Taxes in the Parish of St Stephen. You are hereby Requested & Directed forthwith to call on the following Persons for their Respective Rates as hereunto annexed to their number, and, You will pay the amount thereof, being Forty Two Pounds Ten Shillings into the hand of the Treasurary of the County for the purpose Directed by Law. Signd. Robert Wattson, William Kennady, William Maybe. ....Robert Hitchins ... Josiah Hitchins ... John Barber ... David Hitchins ... Benj. Henderson

Annals of Calais ME and St. Stephen NB pg 24: Hon. J. G. Stevens of St. Stephen, in his able and interesting "Prize Essay on Charlotte County," says: "The first settlement of the County began in 1784," when several persons previously of H.B.M's. 71st. Regiment, with others from Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, New York and elsewhere, united in a Corporate Body called the "Cape Ann Association," and obtained a Grant of a large tract of land in what is now the Parish of St. David. The Grant was given to David Clendenin and 147 others. Many of them, and some accompanied by their wives and children, in that year and the next, permanently located on the Grant. Among them were David Clendenin, William Moore, William Vance, Thomas McLaughlin, Reuben Smith, Samuel Thomas, Josiah Hitchings, Francis Norwood, Nathaniel Parsons, David McAllister, and others probably, whose names cannot be ascertained. The descendants of these people still occupy farms in St. David. pg 25: In the same year, 1784-5, and probably from the same localities, fourteen other families came and settled near the bank of the St. Croix, probably below Porter's Stream and down to the Ledge. The names of the men were Edmund Doherty, James Thompson, James Nickerson, Zeb, Linnekin, John McMullen, John Lily, Joshua Babb, Wm. Gallop, John Leeman, Luther Dany, Alex. Patterson, John Jordan, John Young, and John Hopps.

1790 Census Machias Washington Co. ME. Head of household Josiah Hitchings and no others.

The NB Census of 1851, Charlotte Co. Vol I St. Andrews Hitchings, p. 93: George, 28, NB, husband, tanner & Currier; Mary, 27, NB, wife; Alice, 4, NB, daughter.
Hitchings, p. 86: Henry, 45, NB, bachelor, farmer; Elizabeth, 74, NB, mother; Susan Molten, 43, NB, sister; Edward Molten, 15, NB, nephew; Caroline Molten, 10, NB, niece.
Hitchings, p. 93: Joseph, 24, NB, husband, farmer; Abigail, 23, NB, wife; Edwin, 2, NB, son.
Hitchings, Mary, see Manser, David, p. 92. Hitchings, Robert, see Budd, Isaac, p. 92. Hitchings, William, see Budd, Isaac, p. 92.
St. David: Hitchings, p. 46; David, 45, NB, husband, farmer: prop., birth; Mary, 41, NB, wife, infirm, birth; Eliza, 19, NB, daughter, birth; George, 17, NB, son, birth; Asa, 15, NB, son, birth; Rebecca, 9, NB, daughter, birth; Margaret, 6, NB, daughter, birth.
Hitchings, p. 46; Oliver, 45, NB, husband, farmer: prop., birth; Eliza, 28, NB, wife, birth; Jane H., 7, NB, daughter, birth; Charles F., 5, NB, son, birth; Eliza E., 3, NB, daughter, birth; Christianna E., 1, NB, daughter, birth.
Hitchings, p. 24; Sarah, 51, NB, widow, farmer: prop., birth; Mary E., 21, NB, daughter, birth; William J., 16, NB, son, birth; George, 14, NB, son, birth; Marshal, 11, NB, son, birth; Eleanor A., 7, NB, daughter, birth.
Hitchings, p. 46; William, 80, Amn, husband, farmer, 1783*; Mary, 65, Amn, wife, 1802; William, 33, NB, son, farmer: prop., birth; Susan, 29, NB, wife of William, birth; Abal[eon] Collins, 12, NB, adopted daughter, birth; James Diffley, 14, NB, adopted son, birth. * American Loyalist emigrated from State of New Hampshire.

1830 Census Cooper Washington ME: David Hitchings 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 female 50-60
1880 Census, Cooper, Washington ME; Milton L. Hitchings, born 1870 in ME, age 10, single, white, stepson, father born in Canada, mother born in ME, living in household of Winslow J. Howe; Winslow J. Howe, married, male, white, age 30, born in ME, farmer, father & mother born in ME; Emma S. Howe, wife, white, age 36, born in ME, father and mother born in ME.
1880 Census, Cooper, Washington ME; Henry H. Hitchings, born 1848, married, male, white, age 32, born ME, farmer, father born in Canada, mother born in ME; Margaret, mother, widow, female, white, age 59; born ME, keeping house, father & mother born in ME; Ora A., sister, single, female, white, age 22, born in ME, father born in Canada, mother born in ME.
1880 Census ME: Hiram Hitchings, married, white, age 67, born Canada, farmer, father born MA, mother born MA; Mary E., wife, age 65, born NH, keeping house, father & mother born NH; Lorna J., daughter, single, age 30, born ME, father born Canada, mother born NH; Albert F., son, single, age 23, born ME, farm laborer

Penobscot Loyalists Settled at Passamaquoddy 1784: Men: Jonn Greenlaw, Amos Hitchens, Ebenr Greenlaw, John Lilly, John Davis, Alex. Greenlaw, William Davis - Women:  Mary Hitchins, Eunice Greenlaw, Eliz. Greenlaw, Eliz. Lilly, Hannah Greenlaw, Rebecca Greenlaw, Honor Davis (widow): Children - Greenlaw - Hanh, Jean, Lucy, Abigail, Eliz, Wm, James, Elijah, Jonn, Wm, John, Ebenr, Jonn, Thos., Richd., Walter, Eliz., Joanna, Jane, Eunice, Ebenezer, Rebecca, Sarah, William, John, Abigail, Eliz, Wm 3d. Davis - Rachel, William, Mary, Elizh, Charlotte, Martha, Sophia. Hitchens/Hutchins - Sally, Betsey, Mary, Amos, James, G.A. Lilly - John, Charles, Lydia..

Register Parish of St. Stephen Marriages: Benjamin Henderson of St. Stephen and Mary Hitchings of St. Stephen 11/28/1815, Richard Clarke Clergyman 

Josiah Hitchings New Boston, Hillsborough Co. NH, NH early census index 1776.

General List of Lands, Lots, Buildings and Wharves, owned, possessed or occupied on the 1st day of October 1798, within the Assessment District No. 2 in the First Division of the State of Massachusetts: Josiah Hitchings, Machias, 27 acres, $356.25, 10%, $391.87, $391.89

Transcripts from ancient documents in the English archives in London By Isaac Weare Hammon: Original in Pension Bureau Washington D C. New Boston August ye 7 th 1778. Wee the Subscribers each of us has received Ten pounds Lawfull Money from the Selectmen of New Boston agreabel to the orders Captain Boyes Received from Colo Daniel Moore Dated August ye 5 th 1778. Names include Josiah Hitchings & Elisha Dodge Jr.

A-CHS Issue 107 Nov. 2000: Thomas J. Burbank was born on March 19, 1816 in Trenton, Maine. He moved to Cooper as a child with his parents, Deacon Johnson and Abigail Burbank. Through his marriages Thomas became connected to many Cooper residents. Thomas married first Harriet Hitchings (1816). She was a granddaughter of Josiah and Anna (Livingstone) Hitchings who had moved from New Boston, New Hampshire to St. David, New Brunswick. Harriet's parents were David and Sally (Loring) Hitchings who moved to Cooper before 1830. They had 10 children, the youngest, David (1799) died young. Harriet's sister Mary (1801) married Benjamin Henderson and they lived in Cooper. Her brother Henry (1810) married Margaret Brown, daughter of Joseph Green Brown, and they, too, lived in Cooper. The next younger brother, Hiram (1813) married Mary Florence Howe, daughter of Asa and Susan (Fisher) Howe. They were living in Cooper in 1850. Harriet's younger sister Rachel (1821) married Charles William Palmeter and also lived in Cooper. So Harriet Hitchings and four of her siblings married and lived in Cooper.

Loyalists to Canada - The1783 Settlement of Quakers and Others at Passamaquoddy: pg. 155: An 1803 Statement of the Population of St. Andrews Parish recorded 104 men, 106 women, and 277 children, for a total population of 487. The account reported: "Since the year 1785 there has been built in the Parish about 42 sail of square rigged vessels, besides small Craft. Tonnage 9,040 tons. There are 4 single Saw Mills in the Parish which cut annually about 400,000 feet of Boards." The names of the St. Andrews grantees were: Barber, John.; Greenlow/Greenlaw, Alexander; Greenlow/Greenlaw, Ebenezer; Greenlow/Greenlaw, Jonathan; Henderson, Hugh; Lillie/Lyall, John.  Pg 195 Chapter VI. The Cape Anne Association: Francis Norwood was the leader of the Cape Ann Association. In 1784 they settled at the head of Oak Bay on the St. Croix River in St. David Parish, Charlotte Co., NB, on a tract of land called the Wentworth Division. Francis Norwood was born in 1736, and probably was the son of Jonathan Norwood of Goose Cove, near Gloucester MA. He was engaged in the fishing business at Passamaquoody after the Revolutionary Way. Some members of the Cape Ann Association probably were not Loyalists, but emigrated to NB for opportunities of settlement in a new land. At that time, Canadian authorities were encouraging settlement in the Passamaquoddy region, probably to strengthen British claims to the territory. ... Names in the Cape Ann Association grant of October 1, 1784 were: Hitchings, Amos; Hitchings, Davis; Hitchings, Josiah; Hitchings, Josiah, Jr.

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