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Nicholas JACOB Origins Hingham, Norfolk ENG, migrated 1633, first residence Watertown, removed to Hingham MA 1635; born circa 1604, died 6/5/1657; Will dated 5/18/1657 proved 7/28/1657; cousin of Thomas Lincoln; Innkeeper, admitted to Hingham church before 3/3/1635-6, Freeman 3/3/1635-6

Spouse: Mary GILMAN born circa 1605 Hingham ENG died Hingham MA 6/15/1681; married by 1629; she married 3/10/1658/9 (2) John Beal [descended also through Mary's sister Bridget GILMAN who married Edward Lincoln. Mary is also sister of Edward Gilman who came to New England in 1638]

Children: Captain John baptized Hingham, Norfolk 2/26/1629-30 died 9/18/1693 Hingham MA; Mary baptized 5/11/1632 died after 1683  married John  Otis circa 1649;  Elizabeth born circa 1634 died Hingham MA 11/24/1725 married (1) Lt. John Thackster 1648 (2) Daniel Cushing 3/23/1690-1; Sarah born circa 1636 died 8/8/1701 married Lt. Matthew Cushing/Cushen; Hannah baptized 2/23/1639-40 Hingham, died 10/8/1720 married (1) Thomas Loring 12/16/1657 (2) Capt Stephen French after 1679; Josiah baptized Hingham 11/6/1642, buried there 11/24/1642;  Deborah baptized 11/26/1643 Hingham , died Marshfield MA 6/17/1696 married Nathaniel Thomas 2/19/1663-4; Joseph baptized Hingham  5/10/1646 died 2/9/1706-7 married Hannah Bosworth by about 1672  


Captain John JACOB baptized 2/26/1630 Hingham Norfolk ENG, died Hingham MA 9/18/1693

Spouse: (1) Margery Eames married October 20, 1653 died 4/7/1659 [great-great grandparents of John Hancock] (2) Mary RUSSELL, married Hingham 10/3/1661, baptized 1641

Children: wife (1) John born 10/2/1654 killed by Indians near South Hingham "Glad Tidings Rock" 4/19/1676; Mary born 3/21/1656 marrtied Samuel Bacon & Elisha Bisbee; Sarah born 12/6/1657 married James Hawke; Benjamin born 4/2/1659 died 3/5/1659. Wife (2) Jael born 9/7/1762 married Matthew Cushing; David born 6/20/1664 removed to Scituate; Elizabeth born 4/11/1666 married Elisha Turner; Peter born 2/12/1668; Hannah born 12/20/1669; Samuel born 11/30/1671; Deborah born 8/15/1674 died soon; Deborah born 8/8/1677 married (1) Matthew Cushing  (2) Benjamin Loring; John born 7/31/1679; Lydia born 4/18/1681 married John Goold; Abigail born 11/13/1683 married Nathaniel Gill


Deacon Peter JACOB born 2/12/1667-8 died Hingham 9/1753

Spouse: Hannah ALLYN born 3/4/ 1672/3 at Barnstable, died Hingham 6/13/1748, married 12/7/1693 Hingham

Children: Hannah; John born 10/17/1694 Hingham MA married Mercy Farrow; Mary born 9/29/1698 married Abel Cushing; Elizabeth born 4/9/1700 married Thomas Andrews;  Peter, deacon, born 10/5/1701 married Lydia Lane; Jael born 5/10/1703 married Benjamin Loring; Lydia born 4/16/1705 died 2/12/1736-7 married Rev. Nehemiah Hobart; Joseph died young; Joseph born 4/14/1708 married Ruth Wilson 10/26/1732; Abigail born 12/3/1709 died 4/1784 married Joshua Herrick; Sarah born 7/13/1712 died 11/29/1775 married Jonathan Lazell; Deborah born 8/28/1714 died 11/5/1792 married James Fearing


Hannah JACOB born 7/22/1696, died 11/12/1778, married 5/8/1728

Spouse: Jacob LORING born 4/21/1676; he married (1) Sarah LEWIS; married (2) Hannah

Children: by (1): Children: by (1) Sarah Lewis: Sarah born 10/9/1723 married 9/29/1745 Jonathan Mitchell of N. Yarmouth ME.. Children by (2) Hannah Jacob:  Jacob born 6/25/1729 died 8/7/1777; Israel born 3/26/1731; Zachariah born 8/7/1733; Peter born 8/27/1735 died 7/4/1736; Hannah born 11/6/1737 died 12/23/1744

The Great Migration: Nicholas Jacob. Origin: Hingham, Norfolk. Migration: 1633. First Residence: Watertown. Removes: Hingham 1635. Occupation: Innkeeper. On 7 Oct 1640 "Nicho[las] Jacobs is allowe to keep an ordinary at Hingham" [MBCR 1:302].  Church Membership: Admission to Hingham church prior to 3 Mar 1635/6 implied by freemanship. Freeman: 3 Mar 1635/6 [MBCR 1:371].  Offices: Deputy for Hingham to General Court, 10 May 1648, 2 May 1659 [MBCR 2:238, 265, 3:121, 3:83].  Estate: Nicholas Jacob was granted a thirteen acre homestall in Watertown (probably late in 1633  or in 1634) but was not present for later proprietorial grants; his homestall passed to Robert Daniel no later than 25 July 1636 (grant of Great Dividend on that date, deriving from the proprietorial right in the homestall that had belonged to Jacob) [WaBOP 99, 134]. In his will dated 18 May 1657 and proved 28 July 1657, Nicholas Jacob made his wife Mary executor and gave her furniture and 30 for use during her life, to be divided among children as rest of estate is to be divided; to Joseph, Hannah and Deborah Jacob 10 apiece to be paid before division of estate "in lieu of what my other children have had before"; remainder to be divided as follows: a double portion to eldest son John, and equal shares to other children, namely Joseph Jacob, Mary Otis, Elizabeth Thackster, Sarah Cushing, Hannah Jacob and Deborah Jacob, with provision for them to pay to their mother during her life [SPR 1:296-97].  The inventory, taken on 12 June 1657, totalled 393 8s. 6d., of which 134 was real estate: "the houses & homelot with the orchard & meadow joining to the lot," 90; "corn land & meadow in the neck with the crop in the neck," 8 [SPR 2:83-84, Case #161].  Birth: By about 1604 based on estimated date of marriage.  Death: Hingham 5 June 1657 [NEHGR 121:107]. Marriage: By 1629 Mary Gilman [TAG 11:138]. She married (2) Hingham 10 Mar 1658/9 John Beal [NEHGR 121:109] and died at Hingham 15 June 1681 [NEHGR 121:208; HingVR 53]. Children: i. John, bp Hingham, Norfolk, 26 Feb 1629/30 [TAG 11:138]; m (1) Hingham 20 Oct 1653 Margery Eames [Hing VR 3]; m (2) Hingham 3 Oct 1661 Mary Russell [HingVR 3].  ii. Mary bp Hingham, Norfolk, 11 May 1632 [TAG 11:138] m about 1649 John Otis [SLR 2:161-62].  iii. Elizabeth b say 1634; m (1) Hingham [4] Dec 1648 John Thaxter [NEHGR 121:21]; m (2) Hingham 23 Mar 1690/1 Daniel Cushing [Hingham Hist 2:151].  iv. Sarah b say 1636; m Hingham 25 Feb 1652/3 Matthew Cushing [NEHGR 121:103 (bride's name not given)].  v. Hannah bp Hingham 23 Feb 1639/40 [NeHGR 121:12]; m (1) Hingham 16 Dec 1657 Thomas Loring [NEHGR 121:107]; m (2) after 1679 Stephen French, son of Stephen French [MD 2:140]. vi. Josiah bp Hingham 6 Nov 1642; bur there 24 Nov 1642 [NEHGR 121:15]. vii. Deborah, bp Hingham 26 Nov 1643 [NEHGR 121:16]; m Hingham 29 Feb 1663/4 Nathaniel Thomas [NEHGR 121:115]. viii. Joseph, bp Hingham 10 May 1646 [NEHGR 121:18]; by about 1672 Hannah Bosworth [Bosworth Gen 201-06].  Associations: His wife's brother was Edward Gilman, who came to New England in 1638 and settled at Hingham [TAG 11:137-38], and a third Gilman sibling was Bridget, who was mother of Thomas Lincoln, weaver, of Hingham [TAG 11:193-94].  Comments: From the record of Daniel Cushing, who noted all those who had moved from Hingham and vicinity in England to Hingham in MA, we learn that in 1633 "Nicholas Jacob with his wife and two children, and their cousin Thomas Lincoln, weaver, came from ld Hingham, and settled in this Hingham" [Cushing 25].  The two children who were born in England are clearly John and Mary, so Elizabeth must have been the first child born in New England (on the assumption that the daughters were named in order of birth in their father's will).  Even if she were born in late 1633, she would be barely fifteen at her marriage to John Thaxter, but this is the only solution that fits the records.  Elizabeth must have been born in Watertown, but Sarah was probably born very close to the date of the move from Watertown to Hingham, and well before the first baptism recorded by Peter Hobart on 7 May 1637. Claims that Nicholas Jacob had an earlier unnamed wife before Mary Gilman apparently derive from a belief that daughter Elizabeth was born before 1629, which would make her age at marriage more reasonable, but which is at odds with all the other evidence.

Pioneers of MA 255: Nicholas JACOB/JACOBS, husbandman, came from old Hingham in 1633 with his wife and 2 children and their cousin Thomas Lincoln, weaver, and settled at Hingham. He owned a homestall at Watertown, but sold it before 1636. Kept an ordinary in H. in 1640, Comr., deputy, town officer. Wife Mary; ch. John b about 1630, Elizabeth (m. 1, Dec. 4, 1648, John, son of Thomas Thaxter, m. 2, March 23, 1690-1, Daniel Cushing; she d. 24 Nov. 1725, age. 93 years;) Mary, (m. John Otis, Jr.,) Sarah, (m. Matthew Cushing, Jr.,) Hannah bapt. Feb 23, 1639, (m. Thomas Loring,) Josiah b. and d. 1642, Deborah bapt., Nov. 6 1643, (m. Nathaniel Thomas,) Joseph bapt. May 10, 1646. He d. 5 (4) 1657. Will provided for the whole family. [Reg. VIII, 280.] The widow m. 2, March 10, 1659, John Beal; she d. 15 June 1681.

Baltimore its history: Nicholas Jacob the immigrant ancestor one of the small company to found and name the town of Hingham Massachusetts died there June 5 1657. The house which he built still stands. He served as deputy to the General Court 1648 49. He married Mary who died in 1681. Children 1 John see forward 2 Elizabeth who married Captain John Thaxter of Hingham Massachusetts and had a daughter Sarah who married Lieutenant Nathaniel Holmes of Boston and whose daughter Elizabeth married Hon John Cushing, born July 17 1695, died March 19 1778, 3 Hannah born in 1639 married Thomas Loring and was the grandmother of Hon John Cushing mentioned above. There may have been other children II Captain John Jacob son of Nicholas and Mary Jacob was also an immigrant and was born in England, baptized in February 1629, died at Hingham Massachusetts September 18 1693. He served in Captain Johnson's Company and was appointed captain upon the death of Captain Johnson in the Narragansett fight. He was in command of eighty men at Medfield February 1676 77 and was later employed in active service on the frontier. He married October 3 1661 Mary Russell, baptized April 1 1641, died October 2 1691. She was the daughter of George Russell an immigrant who was of Hingham and Scituate Massachusetts and a member of the Scituate Military Company in the year 1645. His death occurred May 26 1694. He married February 14 1639 40 Jane James a widow who died February 22 1688 89. III Deacon David Jacob son of Captain John and Mary Russell Jacob was born in Hingham Massachusetts in 1664 and died at Scituate Massachusetts February 10 1748. He married December 20 1689 Sarah Cushing born in Hingham in August 1671 died at Scituate September 24 1723. See Cushing IV Joshua Jacobs as the name was now spelled son of Deacon David and Sarah Cushing Jacob was born at Scituate Massachusetts March 31 1702 died December 9 1784. It was he who built the house in which Dr Henry Barton Jacobs was born. He married April 7 1726 Mary James born in 1704 died in 1748 . See Brewster

History of the Town of Hingham, MA: Jacob. Nicholas the ancestor of all the families bearing this surname in Hing. and vic., was one of the very few early planters who came to Bare Cove prior to the arrival of Rev Peter Hobart and his company in 1635. According to Cushing's MS Nicholas Jacob with his wife and two children and their cosen Thomas Lincoln, weaver, came from Old Hingham and settled in this Hingham 1633. In Sept 1635 he had a grant of a house lot containing three acres on Town St second from the way leading to Broad Cove which is ab where the homestead belonging to heirs of the late William 0 Lincoln is located. Other lands were also granted to him at different dates for planting purposes He was made freeman 1635-36, was selectman in 1637, deputy to the General Court 1648 and 1649, and often engaged upon the business of the town. The chris name of his w was Mary. She survived him and m secondly March 10 1658 59 John Beal widr. Nicholas d 5 June 1657 leaving an est appraised at 393 8s 6d In his will of May 18 1657, proved 25 July foll he gives to wife Mary the bed which she usually lyeth upon with all the furniture thereto belonging to dispose of to whom she pleases also 30 in money. To my children Joseph, Hannah, and Deborah 10 each in addition to what they have already had. To eldest son John a double portion and to the rest of my children viz Joseph, Jacob, Mary Otis, Elizabeth Thaxter, Sarah Cushing, Hannah, Jacob, and Deborah Jacob equal shares and every one of them shall pay to their mother a stipulated sum yearly. Witnesses Edmund Pitts, Thomas Marsh, Matthew Hawke.Ch of Nicholas and Mary: 2 i John b in Eng ab 1680; ii Elizabeth b in Eng 1632 m 1 Dec 4 1648 John Thaxter and 2 March 23 1690 91 Daniel Cushing Esq wid; iii Mary m John Otis Jr;  iv Sarah m Feb 25 1652 58 Matthew Cushing Jr; v Hannah bt in Hing Feb 23 1639 40 m Dec 16 1657 Thomas Loring; vi Josiah bt in Hing Nov 6 1642  buried 24 Nov foll; vii Deborah bt in Hing Nov 26 1643 m Feb 11 1663 64 Nathaniel Thomas of Mfd; 3 viii Joseph bt in Hing May 10 1646; John2; Nicholas1, b in Eng ab 1630 m first Oct 20 1653 Margery dau of Anthony Eames. She d 7 Apr 1659. For his sec w he m Oct 3 1661 Mary dau of George and Jane Russell. She was bt in Hing Apr 1 1641 and d 2 Oct 1691 aet 50 yrs. He d 18 Sept 1693 age as his gravestone in the High Street Cemetery says about 63 yrs. Resided on Main St near the meeting house of the sec parish So Hing. John was an active business man was one of the proprietors among whom the common lands were divided, selectman in 1662 1665 1683 1686 and 1689 and a large contributor towards the erection of the new meeting house. He is said to have been a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company and in 1682 one of its officers. He was kn as Captain. In his will dated 11 Sept 1693 he gives to brother Joseph a small piece of land next to John Wilder's, to my oldest son David 50 over and above what he hath already had, to sons Peter and Samuel my saw mill and fulling mill with the ponds and land adjoining on both sides of the river also two great lots before Peter Bacon's that were Cutler's and Chamberlain's, to Peter also 60 additional for his services since he was of full age, to John my house and land at Conahasset at a place called Cold Spring if he lives to have children otherwise one half of it to go to David's oldest son and the other half to Peter and Samuel, to daughter Mary Bisbee land at Great Plain and 17 in money, to daughter Sarah Hawke land and 20, to daughter Jael Cushing land and 10, to daughter Elizabeth Turner land and 50,to daughters Hannah and Deborah Jacob 100 each, to daughter Lydia Jacob one half of my corn mill at Weymouth and 20 to be paid her at 18 years of age, to daughter Abigail Jacob my barn land &c at Conahasset the income from it to be for her education until she arrives at 18 years of age, provides also for the maintenance of his father Russell and desires that brother Joseph, and brothers in law Nathaniel Thomas and Lieut Matthew Cushing be overseers of this my will and advise with my children. Est appraised at 1298 5s. Ch b in Hing by w Margery were i John Oct 20 1654 slain by Indians near his fas house 19 Apr 1676 set 22 yrs, ii Mary March 30 1656 m 1 Dec 17 1675 Samuel Bacon and 2 March 25 1685 Elisha Bisbee, iii Sarah Sept 29 1657 bt Feb 28 1657 58 m July 9 1678 James Hawke, iv Benjamin Apr 2 1659 d 5 March foll. Ch b in Hing by w Mary were v Jael Sept 7 1662 m Dec 31 1684 Matthew Cushing s of Daniel p 153; vi David June 20 1664. Removed to Scit where he m and had posterity; vii Elizabeth Apr 11 1666 m June 6 1687 Elisha Turner 4; viii Peter Feb 12 1667 68; ix Hannah Dec 26 1669 5; x Samuel Nov 30 1671; xi Deborah Aug 15 1674 d 22 Aug 1675; xii Deborah May 8 1677 m 1 Dec 27 1694 Matthew Cushing s of John p 153 and 2 Sept 13 1726 Benjamin Loring widr of Hull 6; xiii John July 31 1679; xiv Lydia Apr 18 1681 m Jan 17 1698 99 John Goold of Hull; xv Abigail Nov 13 1683 m Aug 15 1705 Nathaniel Gill.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Jacob, Nicholas (1608-June 5, 1657) m. ... Mary Gilman MASS XV, 110; XX VII, 8, 9.

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