Jennings, Gennings, Jenyns, Genings, Jennens, Jennines

Stephen JENNINGS born circa 1666, died 9/3/1701 in Framingham Middlesex MA, probate 1701,  came to Framingham 1690, one of 18 founders of 1st Church of Framingham

Spouse: Hannah STANHOPE born 1660 Sudbury Middlesex MA, married 4/1/1686 in Sudbury 

Children: Hannah born 3/11/1690 Framingham; Eunice born 12/12/1686 married William Friske 11/3/1708; Martha born 9/18/1696 Framingham married Samuel Deadman/Dadmun 5/27/1714; Stephen born 1688 married Susanna Bigelow; Sarah born 1699


Hannah JENNINGS born 3/11/1690 Framingham Middlesex MA

Spouse: Samuel WALKER born 9/24/1689 Framingham Middlesex MA

Children: Samuel born 1718 of Framingham Middlesex MA married Mary Carlisle born circa 1722 Castine ME

Vital Records of Sudbury: Jennings: Eunice daughter Stephen & Hannah 12/12/1686.Hannah, daughter Stepehn & Hannah 3/11/1690. 

History of Framingham MA: JENNINGS STEPHEN m in Sud Hannah Stanhope Jan 1 1685-6 and had 1 Eunice b 1686 m William Fiske of Wat 1708; 2 Stephen; 3 Hannah b Mar 11 1690; 4 Martha b Sep 18 1696 m Samuel Dedman May 27 1714; 5 Sarah b Sep 3 99 adm to the ch Mar 3 1722. Stephen the f settled near Saxonville and d in Fram Sep 3 1701. His est was administered by Wid Hannah of Fram and Joseph Stanhope of Sud .

Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal memoirs of ... edited by Ellery Bicknell Crane: DADMUN FAMILY Samuel Dadmun 1 the immigrant ancestor of William Slocomb Dadmun of Worcester and probably of all of surname in this section of the country was said be of Scotch birth and family. He was born 1690 and the first record found in which his is mentioned is that of his marriage at Framingham Massachusetts May 27 1714 to Martha Jennings daughter of Stephen Jennings. Her father came to Framingham in 1690 married at Sudbury January 11 1685 Hannah Stanhope, he died September 3 1701 and Hannah his widow bought January 6 1702-03 of James Brewer and Caleb Johnson part of the Appleton farm lying between Lake Cochituate and Cochituate brook where her descendants lived until after the revolution. The place is known as the Luther Eaton place. Martha Jennings Dadmun and her children were there with her mother in 1718. Samuel probabl died in 1717 or 1718. Their children were Samuel see forward and a daughter who married Wadsworth. The name is spelled also Deadman and Dedhan.

A genealogical history of the Jennings families in England and America ... By William Henry Jennings:  STEPHEN JENNINGS of Framingham Mass Mar Jan 1 1685-6 in Sudburry Hannah Stanhope dau of Ensign Jonathan & Susanna Stanhope of Sudburry. Died Sep 3 1701. Their children JENNINGS 2814 Eunice b 1686 m 1708 William Fiske of Waterford. 2815 Stephen b 1688 m Susannah Bigelow. 2816 Hannah b Mch 11 1690. 2817 Martha b Sep 18 1696 m May 27 1714 Samuel Dedman. 2818 Sarah b Sep 3 1699 admitted to the Church Mch 3 1722. Stephen the father settled near Saxonville and died in Framingham. His estate was administered by widow Hannah of Framingham and Joseph Stanhope of Sudburry.

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