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Children: Thomas; Robert


Thomas JONES, born circa 1602, of parish of Caversham/Gonsham Oxfordshire, came in 1638 in Confidence settled in Hingham MA then Hull, tailor; removed to Manchester after marriage (2); died 1680 in Hull, inventory of estate 3/9/1680-1

Spouse: Ann __ married 1629 died at Hingham before 1657, came in Confidence with 4 children (2)?? Abigail Elithorp widow married 6/25/1657 (3) Elizabeth Pitt married 12/1673

Children: Abraham born circa 1630, died in Hull 1718, married Sarah Whitman; Ephraim born Hingham circa 1646, married Mary __; Thomas baptized Hingham 3/29/1640, died in Hull 1719, married Elizabeth Pitts 12/29/1673, cared for brother John; John born 1632-8 unable to care for self as adult; Sarah born 1635 died in Boston 1710, married Henry Chamberlain; Hannah born 1636-8 died Gloucester 1724-5 married Richard Goodwin; Mary baptized 1643 at Hull


Abraham JONES born circa 1630, sailed from Southampton 1638, died Hull 1717-8 age 89,

Spouse: Sarah WHITMAN died 6/11/1718, married almost 65 years

Children: Thomas, mariner, born circa 1658, died 1735, married Mary Loring; Abraham born circa 1659 died Raynham 1734-5, married Naomi __; Sarah married circa 1685 Mordecai Lincoln, gr gr gr grandparents of Abraham Lincoln; Joseph baptized 1658 married Lydia NEALE; Benjamin born circa 1668 died 1748, married Elizabeth; John, deacon, born 1669-70 married Sarah & Elizabeth; Ephraim born before 1677 died 1752, married Mary Adams, Mary Spear, Hannah Copeland; Josiah;


Joseph JONES  born Hull circa 1667, baptized 1658, died Raynham will proved 12/18/1740

Spouse: Lydia NEALE married 7/24/1695, died before 1720 daughter of Henry & Hannah (Pray) Neale; he married (2) Mary  Vickery 10/20/1720

Children: Joseph born 8/29/1697 Hull Benjamin married Marihitable Leonard of Winthrop ME; Nathan married Bathsheba__, Elnathan married Silence Hewell 1749, Submit married Partridge; Sarah; Lidia born 10/2/1696 Hull, married Bosworth, died 1696; Rebecca born circa 1712 Taunton Bristol MA  died 8/20/1738; Mary married 7/24/1695 Braintree or Hull; Hannah born 2/17/1698-9 Hull died without issue


Rebecca JONES born circa 1712 Taunton Bristol MA  died 8/20/1738 married 8/15/1734

Spouse: John DYER, Captain, born circa 1688 died 9/6/1748 Bristol Bristol RI; Jones other wives (1) Sarah Bowerman died circa 1729 married 12/1718 Bristol Bristol RI daughter of Tristram Bowerman  (3) Mary Wheeler Reed born 1719 married 4/17/1739 daughter of John Reed and Mary Whitmarsh; Rebecca was wife (2)

Children: of Sarah Bowerman (1): Ebenezer born 4/19/1720 Bristol Bristol RI; Mary born 5/21/1722 Bristol; John born 9/10/1724 Bristol; Sarah born 8/28/1726 Bristol married Benjamin Boyce 5/17/1744 Bristol; Jonathan born 6/28/1729 Bristol married (1) Neila Button 11/13/1783 N. Stonington CT (2) Penelope Button 1/8/1785 Stonington. Children of Rebecca Jones (2) Mary Jones married Joseph Reed 12/29/1744; Rebecca born 10/31/1731 Bristol; Lydia born 5/16/1733 Bristol; Abigail born 2/25/1734-5 Bristol; Jones born 3/13/1736-7 Bristol died between 1810 and 1819 Calais Washington ME married Hannah Herenden

Records of the Colony of New Plymouth: Lydia Jones the daughter of Thomas Jones was borne the 26th of July 1659. Thomas Jones the son of Thomas Jones was borne the 4th of May 1662. Joseph Jones the son of Thomas Jones was borne the 5th of May 1664.

History of Bristol Co. MA: The first ancestor however of Samuel Jones was one Thomas Jones of Hingham England who in 1638 emigrated to America in the ship Confidence, was made freeman in 1646, was by occupation a tailor. His wife was named Ann They had four children whom Joseph was one. The following data concerning the ancestry from that time to the present been contributed by Mr Jones himself .The ancestors of Samuel Jones and Samuel Jones his son now residing in Raynham Mass 1883 were as follows: First generation Joseph Jones who settled in part of Taunton now Raynham. Bу Probate Records book 5 pages 324 and 325 it appears that he died in 1726. He must have lived to a great age as his son Abraham was then sixty seven years old. Joseph Jones his son will proved Dec 18 1740 vol xp 6 shows his children were Benjamin, Nathan, Elnathan, Submit married Partridge, Sarah, Lidia married Bosworth, Rebeccah (Dyer) and Mary Jones. Their posterity have scattered over the country we know not where.

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register: Thomas Jones tailor of Caversham Oxfordshire aged 36 years with his wife Ann and four children came to New England in 1638. He was not the Thomas Jones of Dorchester as the latter was here in 1635. He was the father of Abraham Jones of Hull who in 1658 sold to Daniel Cushing land in the plain neck Hingham given to him by his father Thomas Jones Suffolk Co Deeds iv 129. Abraham Jones in 1657 had seven sons Benjamin Thomas Abraham Josiah Joseph John and Ephraim (History of Hingham ii 386). The land was granted by the town to Samuel Ward in 1637 and by him transferred to Thomas Jones in 1638 (Suffolk Co Deeds iv 279). 

NEHGR 1959 pg 47: Des. of Thomas Jones Hingham, Hull Manchester

Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln: THOMAS JONES, the brother of Robert, was of Hingham and proprietor there in 1638. He came from Caversham county Oxon, directly opposite Reading on the east bank of the Thames, and may have been identical with the Thomas baptised at St Mary's Reading 1 December 1599 although his age of thirty six in the Shipping List of 1638 would have placed his birth in 1602. He had four children born in England and under ten years of age at his emigration. His first wife ANN accompanied him to America and was probably the mother of most if not all of his children. He married a second time ELIZABETH who survived him and was called mother in law by his sons Abraham, Thomas, and Ephraim. In 1657 he and his son were proprietors at Hull. He afterwards removed to Manchester of which place he was a resident at his death which took place in 1680 at Hull. His inventory taken in March 1680 81 is filed at Ipswich. His children were i Abraham, ii John, iii Ephraim, iv Sarah married to Chamberlain, v Hannah married to Coding, vi Thomas baptised 29 March 1640, and vii Mary baptised 28 May 1643 at Hingham. ABRAHAM JONES the eldest son of Thomas and Ann Jones was born in England and came with his parents to America in the Confidence of London sailing from Southampton 24 April 1638. He was a proprietor at Hull in 1657 and 3 May 1658 sold lands there which had been given him by his father to Daniel Cushing. He resided at Hull during his whole life. He married probably about 1653 SARAH WHITMAN died 11 June 1718 eldest child of JoHN WHITMAN  by his wife Ruth of Weymouth Mass. He died 1717 his will dated 8 January 1716 17 being proved 4 March 1717. His children by wife Sarah Whitman were i Thomas born about 1656, ii Abraham born 1659 freeman 1680 left issue by wife Nancy, iii Joseph had issue by wife Lydia and died 1769, iv Benjamin born 1668 had issue by wife Elizabeth and died 27 December 1748 aged eighty, v John of Milford born 1669 had issue by wife Sarah, vi Josiah not named in his father's will, vii Ephraim who married four wives Mary Spear 1708 who died 1713, Mary Adams 1714 died 1734, Hannah Copeland 1735 and Margaret and died before April 1747 2 and vii Sarah who married before 1686 MORDECAI LINCOLN of Hingham and died before 1708 leaving issue four children.

New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the ..., Volume 3 edited by William Richard Cutter: I Thomas Jones the immigrant ancestor lived in Caversham Oxfordshire England until 1638 when he came with his wife Ann and oldest children to America on the ship Confidence. He settled first in Hingham Massachusetts and later in Hull Massachusetts. Children Probably Joseph, Benjamin, Abraham mentioned below Robert and others. II Abraham son of Thomas Jones was made freeman in Hull in 1673. He was elected representative to the general court in 1689. His will was dated January 8 1717. He married Sarah Children Benjamin, Thomas, Abraham, Joseph, John mentioned below, Ephraim, a daughter.

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