Joy, Jay, Joyes

Thomas JOY, builder/house-carpenter, born circa 1610-1, died 10/21/1678, removed from Boston to Hingham due to disagreement with civil authorities, by 1659 with the easing of religious liberties he became more active in Boston again; "an ardent lover of liberty," Artillery Co.

Spouse: Joan GALLOP died Hingham  March 20, 1691; married 1637 

Children: Samuel 2/26/1635-9 died 1670-1 married in Hingham 11/13/1668 Ann daughter of Edmund and Ann Pitts; John 10/10/1641 probably died young; Thomas 1/3/1642 or 2/20/1643 died in Hingham 12/2/1648; Ensign Joseph carpenter born 4/1/1645 died 5/31/1697 married in Hingham 8/29/1667 Mary daughter of John and Margaret Prince; Ephraim 2/7/1646-7 married Susanna; Sarah 1648 married in Hingham 12/7/1669 Hick Dunning; Benjamin 6/12/1650 died before his father; Eliza born 1652;  Elizabeth 1/7/1653-4 married in Hingham 3/15/1676-7 Nathaniel Beal; Ruth 2/28/1658-9 married in Hingham 9/25/1679 John Low and 10/21/1719 John Curtis widower of Scituate


Joseph JOY, Ensign, born 2/1/1645 Boston Middlesex Co. MA died 5/31/1697, will dated 8/4/1690, carpenter & farmer 

Spouse: Mary PRINCE married 8/29/1667 Hingham, baptized 7/29/1649 Hingham, died Scituate 1729

Children: Joseph born 7/30/1668 Hingham died 4/29/1716 Hingham, married 1st Elizabeth Thomas 2nd Ruth Andrews; Thomas born 11/25/1669 Hingham died 10/;11/1718 Hingham; Margaret born 3/6/1670 Hingham died 6/1670; Margaret born 4/15/1672 died 6/1/1672;  Mary born 5/19/1673 Hingham married John Stodder; John born 8/28/1675 died 10/7/1675 Hingham;  Benjamin born 9/9/1676; John born 8/28/1678 died 7/17/1680 Hingham; Simon born 11/1/1679 died 7/19/1680; Sarah born 4/14/1681 married Nathan Cudworth of Scituate; Jonathan born 12/22/1681 died 1/5/1682; Margaret born 12/14/1682 married Nathaniel Chubbuck 1707; Deborah born 1/14/1685 married Thomas Mann; Ruth born 11/27/1687 died 3/28/1688; Lydia born 3/12/1689 died 3/27/1689


Thomas JOY born 11/25/1669 died 10/11/1718 Hingham MA

Spouse: Elizabeth STODDER married 3/6/1694 or 1695, born 1667 Hingham, died 1750 Hingham

Children: Hezekiah  born 9/11/1695, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; died circa 9/15/1772, married Hannah __; Elizabeth born 3/6/1697, Hingham, married Baruch Jordan, 1726; Mary born 5/4/1700, Hingham, married. Joseph Mann about 1719, Sciutate; Thomas born 6/25/1703, Hingham died 1/14/1766, Hingham married Desire Beal, 12/30/1731, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; Samuel, cooper, born 8/20/1706 Hingham died 11/28/1792 Hingham married Thankful Lincoln 2/9/1737 Hingham born  1714 Hingham died1786 Hingham


Samuel JOY born 8/20/1706 Hingham MA, died 121/28/1792 Hingham, occupation cooper; corporal in Gray's company at Halifax 1759

Spouse: Thankful LINCOLN married 2/9/1737 Hingham, born 1714 Hingham, died 3/2/1786 Hingham, daughter of Caleb & Margaret (Leavitt) Lincoln

Children:  Mary; Elizabeth married Jesse Sprague


Mary JOY born 5/9/1736 baptized 9/8/1741 Hingham MA

Spouse:  Zechariah LORING, of Hingham MA

Children: Sarah baptized Hingham MA 4/11/1779; Peter; Hannah baptized Hingham MA 9/22/1771 died 12/6/1854 married Levi Corthell; Caleb baptized 7/2/1769 Hingham MA; Zaccheus baptized 11/21/1773; Isaac baptized 11/10/1776


Sarah (Sally) LORING of Perry Washington ME; lived in Cooper ME baptized 4/11/1779

Spouse: David HITCHINGS of St David NB

Children: Mary married Benjamin Henderson born 1786 NB

Boston MA: Inhabitants and Estates of the Town of Boston, 1630-1822:  Thomas Joy.  Last: Joyes / Joy / Jay. Spouse: Joan/Jane/Joane/Joanna Galop, dau of John Galop.  Children:  1639 1640 Samue, 1641 John, 1642 Thomas, 1645 Joseph, 1646 1647 Ephraim, Sarah, bap 1648 m Hicks Dunning Benjamin, bp 1650: Elizabeth baptized 1652 d young; Elizabeth bap 1654/5 m Nathaniel Beale of Hingham 1658 1659 Ruth m John Low of Hingham [Ed note cards for children have "Not in Will" beside Samuel, John, Thomas and Benjamin, but will is not provided here, what to make of this?]  Occupation: Carpenter.  Event: Feb 20, 1636, Feb 20, 1637, 20(12)1646/7 Thomas Joyes granted leave to buy a piee of ground of our brother, Robert Turner (innkeeper) (TR 2:16) Dec 26, 1642; Dec 26, 1643; 26(10)1643. Thomas Joy of Hingham granted leave to build another house by the water side. (TR 2:71) North St. 1646. In 1646 Thomas Joy became involved in the Schemes of Dr. Robert Child, "There was also one Thomas Joy a young carpenter, whom they had employed to get hands to the petition. He was laid hold on and kept in irons for or five days, but confessed what he knew and was let out (Winthrop 2:294). Oct 16, 1650 Thomas Joy, Edmund Jackson and Mehitable Gallop ask the Court for power to sell all or a part of the Hingham mill for the use of the wife of Thomas Joy and her chn., who are now in great want. Granted. (Col. Rec. 3:217).  May 27, 1653 Thomas Joy: E. Jackson discharged from the trust but Thomas Joy cannot sell the mill without power from the court. (Col. Rec. :273).  May 24, 1677 Thomas Joy: The Selectmen staked out the streets after the fire in North St., from the corner of Humphrey Warren's house on E side of the way to stake in land of Daniel Turine, Jr.'s land, over against that of Thomas Joy's corner, where the street is 22 t. in breadth.  (TR 7:106).  Aug 1, 1677 Thomas Joy. Difference between him and the Selectmen relating to satisfaction, he required for enlarging the street where his houses were laid waste by the late fire. The highway is now 22 ft. in breadth between his land and land of Daniel Turell, the other side of the way. (TR 7:112) north St., near the Meeting House.  Office: 1658 Artillery Company.  DeedThomas Joy: Possessions house and 1/2 acre and another house adjoining. Thomas Clarke NW, NE, and SE, Cove SW ]North St. between Sun Court and Flet St.] One acre lying between Isaac Cullimer NE, Richard Rawlins SW, Christopher Stanley NW, Mr. Clarke SE [Between North and Hanover Sts., S. of F;eet Near above] (BP 28) Dec 5, 1648 5(10)1648 Thomas Joy of Hingham mortgages his house near the new Meeting House. (SD 1:97) North St. between Sun Court and Richmond Sts. Sep 18,1649 18:7) 1649 Thomas Joy of Hingham mortgages his house and land,, house of Henry Fane SE, sea E,, house of Golden NE, St by Meeting House NW (SD 1:107) North St. and North Sq. June 23, 1643 Thomas Joyes buys 62 ft of Ground of Edward Bendall on N side of Conduit Creek over against William Hudson Jr and so N and NW as far as the highway will admit (TR 32:289). June 24 1647 24(4)1697 Thomas Joy deeds to Bozoone Allen of Hingham his new house at Bendall's cove, with the wharf, over against William Hudson's house, the younger (SD 1:89) The Dock May 30, 1649 30(3)1649 Thomas Joy of Hingham deeds to John Gallop, as Trustee for his (Joy's) wife Joane and his chn., land, etc. in Hingham and house and land in Boston (SD 1:06) Jan 6, 1659 Jan 6, 1660  Thomas Joy of Hingham: Henry Fane sells house and land, being part of the lands he bought of Thomas Joy, land sold bounded by house and land of sd Fane SE, house and land of Thomas Joy NE, highway next the new Meeting House NW, highway by water side SE (SD 3:320) North St and North Sq Oct 25, 1664 Thomas Joy (carpenter) with wife Joan deed to Thomas Walker land and frame of a house; John Ferniseed SW, Thomas Walker NE, highway SE, and from thence to run down to the pond NW (SD 5:90) N side of Salem St, W. of Prince St., and on the Pond Jan 22, 1669 Jan 22, 1670 Thomas Joy with wife Jane deeds to Richard Way land and frame of house; sd way W., sd Joy E., sea S., High St N (SD 7:1) North and Moon Sts. between Sun Court and Richmond Sts. Ap 29, 1671 Thomas joy of Hingham with wife Joanna deeds to Abraham Adams house, shop, land, etc.; St NW Richard Way SW, sd Joy N, and to low water mark SE (SD 7:146) North St and North Sq Mar 18 1671 Mar 18, 1672 Thomas Joy of Hingham with wife Joanna deeds to Daniel Tureing, Jr. land and that part of house with cellar which is now remaining in his hands, being part of land formerly sold to Abraham Adams SW St. NW, Edward Grant and Obadiah Gill NE, seaward SE (SD 7:328) North and Moon Sts. between Sun Court and Fleet Sts June 9, 1677 Thomas Jay (carpenter) of Hingham releases to Richard Wharton land fronting the North Meeting House and the lane leading thence down to the street by the water side (SD 11:173) Corner of Sun Court and North Sq. Sep 15, 1677 Thomas Jay of Hingham (carpenter) deeds to Daniel Turell land near the new Meeting House between land which sd Turell bought of sd Joy and land of St. Richard Way, St S, sd Jay N, Daniel Turell and Samuel Jay E, Richard Way W (SD 10:275 North St. between Richmond and Sun Court June 15, 1677 Thomas Jay of Hingham (carpenter) with wife Jane deeds to Daniel Turill Jr. land near the New Meeting House; St lately ordered by the Selectmen S, and extending back to Samuel Jay N, St that leads to the North new Meeting House E, Thomas Jay W. (SD 10:145) Sun Court and North St. Jan 25, 1677 Jan 25, 1678 Thomas Joy (house carpenter) of Hingham, with wife Joane deeds to Daniel Turell, Sr land; Lt Richard Way SW, Samuel Joy, Daniel Turell Jr.,  and Edward Dorr SE, Richard Wharton NW, St from the water side towards the North Meeting House NE (SD 11:99) Sun Court Apr 23, 1680 Thomas Joy of Hingham, Estate: Adms deed to Jonathan Adams (blockmaker) land; Second Meeting House yard NW, Richard Wharton NE, Daniel Turells SW (SD 11:319) North Sq Feb 11, 1680 Feb 11 1681 Thomas Joy of Hingham, heirs: wife Joan, daughter of John Gallop, Joseph Joy, Eprhaim, Sarah m Hicks Dunning, Elizabeth m Nathaniel Beale of Hingham, Ruth m John Low of Hingham (SD 12:2).  Reference:  wife Joan/Joane/Jane/Joanna Galop is / son Samuel is / son John is / son Thomas is / son Joseph is / son Ephraim is /daughter Sarah is / son Benjamin is / daughter Elizabeth (bap 16552 is / daughter Elizabeth (bap 1654/5  is / daughter Ruth is / Robert Turner is / Edward Bendall is / Bozoone Allen is / John Gallop is / Edmund Jackson is / Mehitable Gallop is / Henry Fane is / Thomas Walker is/ Richard Way is / Abraham Adams is / Daniel Tureing is / Richard Wharton is / Daniel Turine/Turill/Turell is / Jonathan Adams is / Robert Child is /  Abutters: Thomas Clarke is / Isaac Cullimer is / Richard Rawlins is / Christopher Stanley is / Mr. Clarke is / Golden is / William Hudson is / William Hudson Jr is / John Ferniseed is / Edward Grant is / Obadiah Gill is / Humphrey Warren is / Samuel Jay is / second Meeting House is / Ref Code 42169.  

Per Jerry Gower Sarah Loring was bp Hingham MA 11 Apr 1779, dau of Zechariah & Mary (Joy) Loring per Hist of Hingham, and Charles Henry Pope, Loring Genealogy (1917). In Washington Co deed 6:373-4 Sarah & David Hitchings, heirs of Zecariah Loring, quit claim to her brother Peter their interest in Zechariah's estate proving her identity.

Washington: Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns: The inhabitants of Perry, Plantation # 1 East of Machias in the 1790 census were Samual Frost, Alex Patterson & Alex Hodges, probably the first settlers on St. Croix Bay, Moses & Jacob Lincoln, Peter Loring, John Frost, Wm. Morrison, Daniel Sweat, Samuel Tuttle, James Wood, Nathaniel Stoddard, Wm. Kilbey, Abiah Damons, James Chubbuck.] 

Early Pleasant River Families pg 113: Levi Corthell Jr. born 10/1/1770 married at Hingham MA 4/8/1792 Hannah Loring, bapt. at Hingham MA 9/22/1771 died 12/6/1854 age 83, daughter of Zachariah and Mary (--) Loring. 8 children: Levi; Deborah; Loring; Mary Loring; Hannah; Isaac; Sally Loring; Elijah C.

History of Hingham: The earliest mention of Thomas Joy, the emigrant ancestor of most of the Joy families in America, is found in the records of the town of Boston, in New England, when "on the 20th of the 12th month, called February, 1636" leave was given Thomas Joy "to buye a peece of ground of our brother Robert Turner, and to have it upon the usuall Condition of inoffensive Carryage." Of his birth and early life nothing is known. It is probable that he was born about 1610 in County Norfolk, in England, and that he came to American in that first flood of colonization which in eleven years (1629-1640) brought more than 25,000 souls to found a new English nation on the shores of the North Atlantic. He may have been the "Thomas Joy, age 25," who sailed from Gravesend for America in 1635, in the "Constance." /P/ Thomas Joy was by occupation a builder, [house-carpenter, millwright] and indeed, architech, a lucrative employment in a new country; but whether he followed that vocation in England, or adopted it 

NEHGS, 1936, V90, pg67 - Thomas Joy, house carpenter, millwirght, architect, as resident of Boston as early as 20 February 1636/7, who moved to Hingham MA in 1648, following political differences with the Winthrop government, owner of a sawmill, a member in 1658 of the Boston Artillery Company, builder in 1657-58 of the house in the market place in Boston, a freeman in 1665, in later life prominent in the affairs of both Boston and Hingham, where he died 21 Octob er 1678, whose wife was Joan Gallop, daughter of Capt. John and Christobel Gallop.

Pioneers of MA: Joy, Jay, Thomas, carpenter, Boston, propr. 1636. He built the town house in 1640. Was arrested in 1646 for helping to get signers to the petition for enlarged franchise, and for questioning the Court's authority in arresting him. Released soon. Rem. to Hingham. Owned tide-mill and other property 1650. Bought lands of the Indians 6/26/1668. Wife Joane, dau. of John Gallop, desposed 2 (4) 1652, ae. about 34 years. Ch. Samuel b 16 (12) 1639; John b 10 (8) 1641; Thomas b 3 (1)1642 d. 12/2/1648; Joseph b 1 (2) 1645; ePHRAIM B 7 (12) 1646; Sarah bapt. 23 (5) 1648 ae. about 31 days; Benjamin bapt. 12 (3) 1650; Elizabeth bapt. 17 (8) 1652; Elizabeth bapt. 7 (11) 1654 (married Nathaniel Beal); Ruth b. 2/28/1658 bapt. 1 (3) 1659 (married 1. John Low 2 John Curtis). He d. in 1678. Will prob. 10/31/1678. The widow d 3/20/1690-1. 

THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I Thomas Joy now of Hingham in the County of Suffolk in the Massachusetts Colony in New England Doe by these presents make and ordaine this to be my last will and testam revoking and disannnlling all other wills whatsoever heretofore made And this my will following to stand firm as to the disposal of all my temporall estate That is to say In ye first place I give to my son Joseph Joy the some of five pounds Item to my son Ephraim Joy five pounds to be pd unto them by my Executor or Executrix hereafter to be named And as for all my other estate Personall or reall in Possession or reversion I give and doe bequeath unto my loving wife Joane Joy to be fully and wholly at her will and disposall Provided all ways that she disposeth of the same to no other person or persons neither in part nor who e then than to my loving daughters Sarah Denham Dunning Elizabeth Beales Ruth Joy Finally I constitute and appoynt and make by virtue of these presents my aforesayd wife Joane Joy my full and sole executrix of this my last will and testamt Dated this eight day of July one thousand six hundred and seaventy and seaven Thomas Joy t Sealed and Delivered in presence of us JOSHUA HOBART EDMOND HOBART THOMAS HEKRIS Capn Joshua Hobart and Tho Herris made oath in Court 31st Ocbr 78 that they were present and did see Thomas Joy Signe and Scale and heard him publish this Instrumt to be his last Will and Testamt and that he was then of a disposeing minde to their understanding Is Addington Cler 

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Joy, Thomas (1611-Oct 21, 1678) m. 1637 Joan Gallup MASS XXIII, 74; XXIX, 192, 193, 202; XXXI, 249; XXXIV, 51.

Cranston Historical Society 

Thomas Joy and sons Samuel of Boston, Joseph of Hingham, and Ephraim of Berwick.

White Swirled Line

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