James LEACH, weaver, in Newcastle 1656, selectman, estate inventoried 1697

Spouse: Jane TURPIN / TURBIN widow of William Muchemore, married by 1652 - 1654 Portsmouth NH

Children: Son; James born circa 1655; John born circa 1658 married Sarah ___ & Mary ___ ; Daughters; Mary; possibly Thomas



Spouse: (1) Lieut. Aaron MOSES (2) John Sherburne; (possibly Henry Mansfield was 1st of 3 husbands)

Children: Children:  (by 1st wife) Ruth married Timothy Waterhouse, Joseph Mead, and Thomas Skinner; Elizabeth died without issue married Joseph Smith; Aaron died without issue.  (by 2nd wife) Sarah; James born circa 1690 married Martha Jackson; Josiah tanner, born circa 1698 married Abigail Nelson; Joseph house joiner born circa 1690, soldier at Fort William and Mary 1708, married Rebecca Ayers, Hannah ? and Eleanor Jackson Lang; Mark farmer & cordwainer, born circa 1703 married Martha Williams 1724 and Jane Wallace Samuel died young; Martha; Hannah; Abigail; James farmer & cordwainer married Martha Jaxon 1713; Sarah married Sylvanus SCOTT of Portsmouth  10/21/1714 Portsmouth NH; 

Old Kittery & Her Families: Leonard Weeks aged 40 deposed 26 4 1672 that he knew in England three reputed daughters of Thomas Turpin viz Elizabeth, Jane and Anne who are now come to this country and are married to James Leach, Philip Adams, and Richard Endall Court Records of New Hampshire. Thomas Turpin was drowned 30 Oct 1649 YorkDeeds I 62 He left widow Agnes in Portsmouth. //  James Leach was settled in Portsmouth in 1656 and married Jane dau of Thomas and Agnes Turpin. See page 372. He owned an island near Little Harbor called Leach's Island. He was one of the tything men in 1678.

ACHS 2/90: Sylvannus Scott Sr. of Portsmouth NH married Sarah Moses of Portsmouth; daughter Sarah Scott married Joseph Seavey in Scarborough ME; they resided Machias ME.

Gen Dic. of ME & NH: Scott, Sylvanus, Portsmouth, m 10/21/1714 Sarah Moses(1). Will 1754-1756 names w Sarah, sons Samuel, Sylvanus; daus. Ruth wid of GeorgeTompson; Sarah w of Joseph Seavey; Elizabeth w of Benj Foster (2 jr.); Frances w of Wooden Foster (2). Members of his fam went to Scarb and to Machias
Pg 420: Leach, James, weaver, Newcastle, m. Jane (Turpin), wid. of Walter Muchemore, and 26 July 1660 sued Rich. Cummings for W.M.'s share in a fishing voyage 11 yrs. bef. They, their four ch. and her mo, Jane Furson(2), were legatees of Mrs. Anne Batchelder(1) in 1660; they and s. James helped Goody -or widow- Furson tear up the Cummings corn and were bound over for it in 1674. His land incl. Leach's Isl. near Little Harbor, where he liv. See Ely(2) O.A. 27 June 1656. Gr. j. 1654-5, 1667-8, 1676, 1678, 1683; tr. j. 1682, 1683, 1685; Constable 1656; Deputy Provost Marshall 1688. Lists 323, 326ac, 330ab, 312c, 313a, 331ab, 49, 52, 319, 315ac. Will, of Portsm, 14 Jan - 30 June 1697, attested by w. Jane, names her and ch: Son, either d. bef. fa., or incl. in with "my children. James, b. +-1655. John, b.+-1658, named first in will but called 3d son. Daus. (unnamed), presumably include (or possibly step-daughter) the young widow of Henry Mansfield in 1678, and a daughter Mary, m. 1st Lieut. Aaron Moses, 2d John Sherburne, unless Mansfield was the first of three husbands. Another son, Thomas of New London, is claimed by desc.
Pg 420: Leach, James son of James1 above. Newcastle, +-25 in 1680. By his fa.'s will he was to have half the 34 a. in the Great Bay if John had the home place from his mo. In 1694 the bros. and John Bickford went to Cape Porpus and Casco Bay, where they saw no Inds., but took away Ind. canoes. Lic. ho. of entertainm. 1686; innkeeper, Newe. 1706. Gr. j. 1692, 1695, 1698, 1699, tr. j. 1697. Selectm. 1697-8; Surveyor highways and fences 1699. Lists (313a), 52, 319, 315abc, 318ab, 69, 316, 323, 339. He sold ho. in Newc. in 1712 with w. Mary, prob. a 2d w. if they were the couple later at Windham, Conn. Some Leach had m. Sarah Churchwell(4) bef. Feb. 1712-3, when she depos. in a Ct. case; one James L. depos. in the same case. His ch. are not disting. from John's; appar. ch of one or both were kin or in-laws of Edward Bickford (7 jr.). Mary, dau. of James, bp. Newc. 5 June 1709. Not unlikely were: Nathaniel, Kit., surety for Rowland and Mary Jenkins 1715, took deed from Zachariah 1737. List 291. M. 1st 23 Dec 1708 Magdalene Williams, 2d 9 Oct 1746 Elizabeth Cowell. Ch. 11 =1, eldest s. James. James, tailor, Portsm. Poss. the Str. Bk. taxpayer 1713 was he and not the fa.; cert. a young James m. 26 Sept 1714 Sarah Pickering (Thos.); both liv. 1748, she a wid. 1761. In 1735 he and John Churchwell were surety for Mercy (Leach) Abbott. Ch. rec: Phebe, b. 16 Dec 1717. George, b. 7 Dec 1722. Zachariah, Portsm. next name to James in tax lists 1714, 1722. List 339. In 1715 he put up a boy to steal leather from Mr. Wm. Cotton (see Cowell 4); in 1733 he and Jas. Moses were surety for Margaret wid. of John Davis (26 jr.). W. Elizabeth Mitchell (Christo. of Kit.), m. 23 Dec 1721, was liv. 1740; his invent. 1761. 9 ch. bp. So. Ch., the 1st s. James. Daus. (or John's) may incl.; Mercy, m. John Abbott (see 1), yet in 1713 John Abbott and John Leach were bondsm. for Mary, wid. of Aaron Moses. Sarah, surely Mercy's sister, spinster in Boston 1713 (see Bickford 7). Mehitable, m. in Portsm. 18 Oct 1716 James Berry of Dublin, Ire. One Mehitable Berry of Newc. m. John Talbot 3 July 1722; ano. m. Wm. Stiggins of co. Devon 7 Nov 1727. Poss. other ch. in Conn, if there.
Pg 420: Leach, John, son of James1 above. weaver, Newcastle, +-62 in 1720; despos. in 1733 ab. Portsm. 60 ytrs. bef. Of Newc. in 1733 he deeded to s. John, and of Portsm. in 1734 deeded Leach's Isl. to John. W. Sarah in 1699 was hardly Sarah Churchwell(4), whom he may have m. later, but he surely m. by 1724 Mary (Partridge), wid. succ. of Rich. Barnwell, Saml. Moore, Richard Elliot(4). List 339. Constable, Newc. and Portsm., 1693-4, Gr. j. 1697; j. 1697, 1699, 1700. Lists 313e, 52, 315abc, 318b, 68, 316. If his est. and not son John's that was divid. into five shares then his ch. liv. 1764 were: John, fisherman, had two shares, m. jr., by f1729 Charity Salter (John); both liv. 1758-64 when he, s. of John, weaver, sold on Leach's Isl. Mary, m. 1st Lawrence Ellis(3), 2d Stephen Barton. Elizabeth, m. John Tucker. The 4th poss. Sarah, of Newc., m. 21 Jan 1727-8 Oliver Tucker. Prob.: Elijah, taxed Newc. 1720, next aft. John & Son, and not found later; neither was ?Henry, member of the Neewc. watch 1723; poss. a soldier from afar. See ch. named uncertainly under James son of James1.

A-CHS Sylvanus Scott will dtd 1754 m 10/21/1714 Portsmouth NH Sarah Moses bp 7/4/1708 d/o Aaron Moses and (2) Mary Leach; ch: Amos, Elizabeth, Frances, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Sylvanus. Samuel2 bp 6/23/1723 Portsmouth  m 12/29/1743 Scarborough Susan Perry, rem to Machias ME 1763, Rev. War; ch: Sarah, John, George, Susan, Samuel, Simeon, Ruth, Mark, Jesse, Daniel, Theodore. John3 b 1747 m Fanny Thompson b 5/20/1749 d/o George Thompson and Ruth Scott, Lt Rev. War ch: Ruth, Fanny, William P., John Thompson, Betsy.  Note from Rebecca Hobart, Dennysville. Children of Sylvanus & Sarah Moses Scott; Elizabeth married Col. Benj. Foster their son Samuel Foster married daughter of Sylvanus Scott Jr. m. Sarah Andrews, Comfort. Samuel and Comfort Foster had a son Benjamin Foster. Sylvanus and Sarah Scott's daughter Frances married Wooden Foster, their son Moses Foster married Drucilla West, their daughter Joanna Foster married Benjamin Foster, their daughter Drucilla Foster married Charles C. Hobart. Col. Benjamin & Wooden Foster were brothers. Notes unknown source: Samuel Scott married Susan Perry, son Wallace Scott married ?, son Mark Scott married Sally Elsmore daughter of Moses Elsmore & Lydia Andrews, daughter Sally Scott married Mark Fenlason in Machias 1812, daughter Sally Fenlason married Roland Dudley from Winslow.

History of Machias ME: "An association of 16 persons was accordingly formed during the winter of 1763, for the purpose of building a double saw mill at Machias, to be owned in as many shares--and it was decided to commence operations the ensuing spring. /P/ Smiths' Centennial records the names of the Associates in this undertaking, to commence the first English settlement at Machias as follows: Samuel Scott, Sylvanus Scott (brothers), Timothy Libby, George Libby, David Libby (brothers), Solomon Stone, John Stone (brothers), Daniel Hill, Japhet Hill (brothers), Isaiah Foster, Westrook Berry, Isaac Larrabee, Daniel Fogg. The above 13 were all residents of Scarborough and all lived at a District in the town known as Black Point. The remaining 3 were Thomas Buck of Plymouth, Captain of a coaster; Jonathan Carlton of Sheepscot; William Jones of Portsmouth NH. .... The women and children who had remained at Scarborough were removed to Machias in August. .... During the year 1764 the Inhabitants made nearly one million six hundred thousand feet  of lumber, which was no doubt an extraordinary season's work.....In 1769 a company of militia of nearly 100 men was formed; Stephen Jones was chosen Captain; Benjamin Foster (afterwards Colonel) Lieutenant and Sylvanus Scott Ensign.

Memorial to Loyalist Families pg 67: There was a Samuel Scott of Tower Hill, St. David NB

Per Justine Gengras bgengras@worldpath.net: Calais census 1850 pg 175 Samuel Scott age 63 b ME wife Frances age 57 b ME. /P/ Samuel Scott b 7 Feb 1786, Machias ME [Machias VRs] son of Samuel Scott bp 21 Oct 1753 Scarboro ME & Thankful Smith. Machias Centennial Memorial notes that Samuel Scott moved to Calais. /P/ Samuel Scott bp 1753 is brother of gggg-grandmother Susannah Scott bp 17 Mar 1751/51, both children of Samuel Scott & Susannah Perry of Machias. Susannah Scott m. Wallace Finlason/Fenlason of E. Machias. I descend from 2 children of this Scott/Fenlason couple, Mark Fenlason & Rosamund Fenlason.


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