John LEWIS origins unknown, born circa 1613,  1634 in Charlestown MA, removed to Malden, admitted Charlestown church 9/10/1644, freeman 5/6/1646 died 9 or 10/1657, probate 1657; Colonial Army 1636 Henchman (horse groomer)

Spouse: (1) Marguerite/Margaret married by 1638, died 4/10/1649 Malden (2) Mary Browne daughter of Abraham Browne of Watertown, married 4/10/1650;  she married by 1663 (2) JohnCutler of Woburn

Children: wife (1) John born 9/12/1638 Charlestown married Mary Humphrey in Hartford 6/16/1675 daughter of Michael, Joseph baptized 3/29/1640 Charlestown, Mary baptized Charlestown 3/29/1640, Samuel born 6/24/1641 Charlestown; Elizabeth born 9/10/1642 Charlestown, married Bryant Bredane, Sarah born 12/24/1647  Malden married Joseph Brabrook; children wife (2)  Abraham born 12/10/1650 Malden, still living 1700-1; Jonathan born 1/4/1651-2 Malden, died 2/10/1651-2 Malden; Mary born 1/1652-3 Malden, married Samuel Pennfield 11/30/1675 Lynn; Hannah born circa 1655, died 5/27/1696 age 41, married by 1679 John Melvin; Isaac born circa 1656 married 3/25/1680 Mary Davis; Trial born 1/1657-8 Malden, living  8/26/1695


Isaac LEWIS of Rumney Marsh (now Chelsea), died 3/6/1691 age 34, buried at Malden

Spouse: Mary DAVIS born 1/31/1662, married 3/25/1680 daughter of Samual & Mary Davis of Groton, she married (2) Thomas Pratt

Children: Mary born 3/1/1681; Isaac born 8/31/1683 married Hannah Hallet; Joseph born 11/16/1685 married Hannah Newell & Hannah Sherwin; John born2/25/1687-8 married Elizabeth Puney; and Abraham wheelwright, born 6/9/1691 married Sarah ___


Mary LEWIS born 3/1/1681, died 2/1743-4, half sister of Mary Pratt

Spouse: William SARGENT born 11/20/1680 Malden Middlesex MA died 3/15/1731 Malden married 12/30/1702 Malden

Children: Zebiah born 1/17/1708 Malden MA married 3/19/1729-30 Malden MA Robert LIVINGSTONE born 1700-09 Boston MA

Gen Reg of 1st Settlers of NE: LEWIS, JOHN, Charlestown 1638, probably d at Malden in Sept 1657. He had sons, John b 1638; Samuel b 1641. perhaps he was the John of Boston. JOHN, Boston 1637, had 3 children, John b 12 Sept 1638; Samuel b 24 June 1641; Elizabeth b 10 Sept 1642. 

A documentary history of Chelsea:  March 25 1690 Jeremiah Belcher of Hog Island and his wife Sarah for 110 conveyed to Isaac Lewis of Rumney Marsh at one time tenant on the small Keayne farm 27 acres of upland bounded on the east by Joseph Hasey, S and W by the Newgate farm, and north by land which said Lewis had bought of Elisha Tuttle, also 8 acres of saltmarsh bounded E and N by the beach, S and W by Lt Hasey's meadow. March 26 1690 Elisha Tuttle and his wife Hannah conveyed 7 1/2 acres of upland bounded W by Mr Newgate's farm, N and E by said Elisha Tuttle, and S by said Lewis land formerly belonging to Jeremy Belcher. The land measured 20 poles at the west end on the Newgate line and ran thence 120 poles to a point at the east end. Four acres of swamp were conveyed in what was later known as the dammed marsh (Suff Deeds L 15, ff 151, 152.) By these deeds Isaac Lewis secured a farm containing about 35 acres of upland situated on the west side of Beach Street. Central Avenue represents approximately the northern boundary the southern line of the Town Hall lot the southern boundary. The west boundary of O Foster on Hopkins Atlas marks the west line of the farm. According to Wyman, Lewis was the son of John Lewis of Malden and married March 25 1680 Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary Davis of Groton. He died April 6 1691 aged 34 and was buried at Malden (Vital Records of Malden) He left children Mary born March 1 1680 81, Isaac August 31 1683, Joseph Nov 16 1685, John Feb 25 1687 8, and Abraham June 9 1691. These births were recorded both at Boston and at Lynn. According to the inventory of his estate, he possessed at the time of his death 2 mares a two year old colt, 2 oxen, 12 cows and heifers, 11 young cattle, 42 sheep and 15 swine. His widow married Thomas Pratt later owner of the Way Ireland farm before April 10 1694. The estate was not settled until Nov 25 1718 when the farm was assigned to Isaac Lewis the eldest son subject to the right of dower of Mary Lewis Pratt on condition that he pay his brothers and sister their portions. The latter were Joseph, John, Abraham, and Mary wife of William Sergeant of Malden (Suff. Prob Rec L 8 f 212 L 13 f 392 L 17 f 474 L 20 ff 3 19 L 21 f 183). Although Thomas and Mary Pratt purchased the Way Ireland farm, they may have lived upon the Lewis farm until this settlement. There is a curious item in the records of the Suff County Court for the term of Oct 1715. Samuel Mattocks Jr of Boston complained that he had agreed with Isaac Lewis of Rumney Marsh June 20 1715 to exchange their maid servants and in accordance therewith he had about June 24 carried his Apprentice maid Servt Jane Hawkins to Rumney Marsh and delivered her to Isaac Lewis who then said that he would have delivered the indenture of his maid servant Mary Webster but his mother had gone to Boston and he could not find it yet he promised, to send it with the maid the following Thursday. He sent the maid the recital continues without the indenture and since then had pretended she ran away from his service and sued out a warrant for her. The judgment was that Mattocks should assign to Lewis the indenture of Jane Hawkins, Mary Webster serve Mattocks the remainder of her term and Isaac Lewis pay costs (Court Rec pp 97 98)

Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine, Volume 3: I John Lewis was an inhabitant of Charlestown Massachusetts in 1634 when he is first found of record.  He was admitted to the church there July 10 1644 and soon after removed to Malden where he was one of the first settlers in 1635-36. He had four acres of planting land and a ten acre lot on the Mystic side in 1637. In all he was tne owner of six parcels of land. He must have been a man of some means. The name of his first wife was Marguerite who was admitted to the church in Charlestown July 7 1638. She died April 10 1649. He married second April 10 1650 at Malden Mary Browne daughter of Abraham Browne of Watertown. Children John, Joseph, and Mary, twins Samuel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Abraham, Jonathan, Mary, Hannah, Isaac and Trial. He died September 16 1657 at Malden. II Isaac son probably the only son of John and Mary Browne Lewis was born at Malden Massachusetts about 1655. He married Mary Davis and their children were Mary, Isaac2 mentioned below Joseph John and Abraham.

Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs ..., Volume 1:John Lewis the immigrant ancestor was born in England and settled among the earliest at Charlestown Massachusetts. He was an habitant and planter of that town as early as 1634 and was admitted to Church September 10 1644. He removed to Malden an adjoining town. His wife Marguerite was admitted to the Charlestown Church September 7 1638, and she died at Malden March 10 1649. He married second April 10 1650 Mary Brown believed to be a daughter of Abraham Brown of Watertown. Lewis had ten acres granted on the Mystic Side in 1637. His first lot was four acres for planting set off in 1634-35. His house was on the southwest slope of Mill Hill. His widow married Cutler. He died September 16 1657. Children 1 John born September 12 1638, 2 Joseph twin born March 29 1640, 3 Mary twin born March 29 1640, 4 Samuel mentioned below, 5 Elizabeth born September 6 1642 married Bryant Borden, 6 Sarah born December 24 1647 married Joseph Brabrook born at Malden, 7 Abraham born December 10 1650 of Rumney Marsh, 8 Jonathan born January 4 died February 10 1652, 9 Mary born January 1653 married Samuel Penfield, 10 Hannah, 11 Isaac, 12 Trial born January 1657-58.  

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