Littlefield1, Littlefield 2


Spouse: ?

Children: Francis; Richard; James; Mary


Francis LITTLEFIELD born circa 1565 Exeter Devon/Titchfield? ENG; died 10/21/1618 Titchfield Hampshire ENG; buried 10/11/1618 Titchfield; occupation clothier and merchant, left sizable estate, owned fulling mill probably Little Funtley Mill on the Meon about 2 miles upstream from Titchfield village and just south of the Longwater Bridge

Spouse: (1) MARY ? born between 1564 & 71 in Exeter ENG, died 10/29/1605 in childbirth w/ 5th child Titchfield; married Titchfield St. Peters Church circa 1591 (2) Annis Wigg widow w/2 children married 7/14/1606

Children: Edmund; Nicholas; James; Anne; Frances (Francis had 7 children per Titchfield History Society)


Edmund LITTLEFIELD born 1592 (1591 per Titchfield History Society) Titchfield Hampshire ENG; baptized 6/27/1592 Titchfield; died 12/11/1661 Wells York ME; occupation clothier, estate worth 588 pounds English; lived in the centre of Titchfield in the cottages now know as Barry's Cottages; left around 1636 with a couple of his sons and received 200 acres of land on the western bank of the Ogunquit River, by 1643 he had erected a sawmill on the Webhannet River (Wells ME)

Spouse: Annis/Agnes AUSTIN born 2/1/1596 Devon ENG; died 4/1678 Wells York ME; survived Edmund, executed will 12/12/1677; married 10/16/1614 Titchfield; sailed on "Bevis" of Hampton May 1638 with 6 youngest children, Edmund had sailed earlier

Children: Anne born 1616; Edmund (Edward?) born 1618; Francis born 6/17/1619 married Jane Hill & Rebecca Rust ; Anthony born 1621 married Mary Page; John, Capt., born 1624 married Patience Wakefield (see Littlefield 2 below for John married to Patience Wakefield); Elizabeth born 1627 married John Wakefield; Mary born 1630 (1617 see below note?) married Lt John Barrett, Page, & Ladbrook; Thomas born 1633 married Ruth & Sarah; Hannah (Anne) born 1633 married Peter Cloyes/Cloyce; Francis, Junior, born 1636 married Meribah Wardwell


Anthony LITTLEFIELD born circa 1621; baptized 10/7/1621; died 1662 Wells ME

Spouse: Mary PAGE born circa 1625; married by about 1652

Children: Edmund; Samuel born circa 1655 died 12/8/1688; Caleb born circa 1659 married Lydia Mott; James


Edmund LITTLEFIELD born 1653; died 4/9/1718 Braintree MA

Spouse: (1) ? (2) Elizabeth MOTT died 1726/32; married 12/30/1691 Wells ME

Children: of (1) Mary born 1680-1; John born 1682 died 1707; Edmund born 1686 married Bethia Waldo; Samuel born 1688 married Frances ?; Nathaniel born 4/6/1691 died 5/20/1757 married Abigail Spear; of wife (2) Elizabeth born 4/21/1694; Sarah born 12/4/1695; Anne (Anna) born 3/25/1698 married Christopher Dyer; Abigail; Lydia born 1702; Levi (son born 12/12/1703); Deborah born 1705; Hepzibah born 1707; Ruth born 3/6/1709-10 married John Dyer Jr; Dorcas born 1709?


Abigail LITTLEFIELD born 11/17/1700 Braintree MA; died circa 1760 MA, survived John

Spouse: John SMITH of Randolph (b North Ireland?); died circa 1760 MA; married 6/9/1720; Revolutionary soldier

Children: John Smith married Mary Hanmer

Littlefield 2

Edmund LITTLEFIELD see Littlefield 1

Spouse: Annis Austin

Children: Anne; Edmund; Francis; Anthony; John; Elizabeth married John Wakefield born 1616 ENG died 2/4/1674 Biddeford York ME; Mary; Thomas; Hannah; Francis


Captain John LITTLEFIELD baptized 1624; died 2/9/1696-7

Spouse: Patience WAKEFIELD born in Titchfield ENG 1624

Children: Mary born 1658-9; John, died 1690 married Mehitable ?; Josiah married Lydia Masters & Elizabeth; Elijah born 1670 died 1717-8 married Rachel Sibley; Lydia born 1667married Samuel Storer; Deborah born in Titchfield between 1660 and 1663, married Samuel Webber of York, Maine born 1656, they had 12 children; Charity born circa 1665 married Wm Webb; Elizabeth  born 1678 married Edward Beale; Mercy married Jacob Lufkin & Richard Stimson; Patience born 1674 married James Webber; Son died before 1701, widow Joanna


Mary LITTLEFIELD born 1658-9; died 1701

Spouse: Captain Matthew AUSTIN Jr. married before 1675

Children: Matthew; Mary; Patience; Elizabeth; Ichabod married Susannah Young; Joseph; Benjamin

Gen Dictionary ME & NH pg 437-8: Edmund Littlefield, Wells, came 1st to Boston, likely with two oldest sons. W. Annis (Austin) ag 38, six ch, and servants John Knight and Hugh Durdal foll in the "Bevis" in May 1638 from Tichfield, co. Hants., where he was bap 27 June 1592 and m her 16 Oct 1614. N E Reg 67.343. At Exter he signed the Combin 5 June 1639, had two lots in the 1st div of uplands, and remov to Wells bef 14 July 1643, when Thos Georges gr him 100 a adj the mill and the neck of marsh bet that and Webhannet River. There he had a saw and gristmill and headed a large and promin fam. The 1st yr he was agent for R. Vines to give poss; in Nov 1645 Vines gr to John Wadleigh and E.L. 200 a on S.W. side of Ogunquit River, not intrenching on town of Wells. Tr. j 1645, 1647; Gr j 1645, 1647; O A to MA 5 July 1653. Com t.e.s.c. 1654 to death, except 1657. Authorized 1654 to sell wine and strong liq to Inds. Selectm 1654, 1657. Lists 373, 376a, 378, 261, 252, 263, 262, 264. Will 11 Dec 1661; fam compromise signed 17 Dec by s Francis sr, his mo, and bros Thos and Francis jr; inv 24 Dec. Wid Annis's will 12 Dec 1677; inv 7 Mar 1677-8. Ch all but Mary bap at Tichfield: Ann bp 11 Feb 1615-6, bur 2 Jan 1616-7; Edward bp 17 Feb 1617-8, bur 13 Jun 1635; Francis bp 17 Jun 1619; Anthony bp 7 Oct 1621; John bp 1 Nov 1624; Elizabeth bp 22 Jul 1627 m John Wakefield; Mary m Lt John Barrett; Thomas bp 10 Aug 1633; Anne (Hannah) bp 10 Aug 1633 m Peter Cloyes; Francis bp 24 Mar 1635-6.

Anthony Littlefield, planter, liv at the Great Hill bet Cape Porpus and Kennebunk Rivers (now Kennebunk) until death, by late depositions, altho 19 Oct 1658 he sold (mortg.?) his land bet these rivers, +-230 a to Wm Symonds. In June 1648 he won a land suit ag Mr. Ezek Knight. Lists 252, 261, 263. M Mary Page (Thos.) ab 1652 and in 1656 sued John Smith of Saco for goods recd with her indenture. Invent. recorded July 1662. Wid Mary liv Saco 13 Mar 1662-3. Ch uncert incl. surely: Edmund, Caleb b ab 1659, Samuel. Also James and others.

Edmund Littlefield, Braintree as Edward of Cape Porpus was apprent 7 Oct 1662 for 12 yrs to Francis Littlefield Sr. Wells gr 1674, 1680. In Mar 1681-2 he and Joseph, both of Wells, took Nathan and Saml as equal partners in their gr from Cape Porpus, for sawmill and cornmill on Kennebunk Riv. Tr j 1687-1689. Lists 266, 269b, 256, 259. Remov to MA prob not long bef he m his 2d w Elizabeth Mott (Nathl.) 30 Dec 1690. Both were in Suff Ct May 1691 when Capt Saml White of Weymouth agreed to pay the fine. D. Braintr 9 Apr 1718. wid Elizabeth and s Nathl admrs. Ch by unkn 1st w: Mary m in Braintr 6 Jan 1703-4 John Harding jr. Samuel "Fat Sam" Wells m one Frances by 1713; both liv Apr 1739. List 269c. In 1738 he sold land gr to "my honored uncle Caleb L. and Co" 18 Mar 1713-4 now descended to me. Ch incl sone Anthony, Samuel, Edmund b Wells 1713-8; Elijah added by Bradbury. Edmund m in Braintr 6 Dec 1711 Bethia Waldo d there 27 May 1717; adm 17 Oct to fa and wid who m 2d Thos Hayward of Bridgewater; 3 ch. By 2d w at Braintr 1691-1713 Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Anna b 25 Mar 1698 m Christopher Dyer, Abigail, Lydia, Levie (son), Deborah, Hepzibah, Ruth b 6 Mar 1709-10 m John Dyer jr, Dorcas.

Topographical pg 63: LITTLEFIELD, Edmund; Tichfield Hampshire; Exeter, Wells ME; Ref NEGR 67/347.

Gen. Reg. of First Settlers of NE pg 180: LITTLEFIELD, Francis, Wells, representative 1660; John was adm freeman 1671.

Pioneers MA pg 288: LITTLEFIELD, Annis, ae 38, with 6 ch and servants John Knight & Hugh Durdal came in the Beivs in May 1638. Francis, Woburn, propr 1646. Ch Mary b 12/14/1646; wife Jane d 12/20/1646. Rem to Wells ME.

Pioneers Maine Rivers pg 150: LITTLEFIELD, Edmund, arrived with his family in the "Bevis," 1638; planter at Exeter 1639; Webhannet 1643; died 12/11/1661; widow Annis; children Anthony, Elizabeth (Wakefield), Francis born 1619, Francis the younger, Hannah (Cloyce), John, Mary (Barrett, Page, Ladbrook) born 1617, and Thomas.

Pioneers of ME & NH: LITTLEFIELD, LITTLEFEILD, LETLEFEILD, Edmund, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639. His wife Annis, age 38, with 6 children, and servants John Knight and Hugh Durdal, came in the Bevis in May 1638. It may be presumed that he either came at this time, (though not named in the passenger list) or had come before. He rem to Wells ME; had a grant of land from Thomas Gorges 7/14/1643. Took oath of allegiance to MA govt 7/5/1653 as also did his sons Francis, Senior, Anthony, Francis, Junior, and Thomas. He made will 12/11/1661 bequeathing his estate to wife Annis, sons Francis, Anthony, Thomas, Francis, Junior, and John; to daughters Elizabeth Wakefield, mary Barrett and Hannah Littlefield. Inventory rendered 24 (10) 1661. The widow and sons Thomas and the two Francises made an agreement concerning the estate 12/17 following. [York De. I.] The widow made will 12/12/1677 giving her estate to her daus Eli9zabeth Wakefield, mary Barrett, Hannah Cloyce and meribah; to sons Peter Cloyce and John and Thomas Littlefield; to grandchild Katherine W. [Inventory in York Deeds V.]

Pioneers ME & NH pg 216: WAKEFIELD, William ae 22 & Anne ae 20, came in the Bevis in May 1638. Settled at Hampton. Received a house lot as "a young man"; frm 3/13/1638-9. Chosen town clerk 10/31/1639; clerk of the writs in 1641. Rem to Newbury MA. Certain lands he had owned passed to Stephen Pent, who sold the same 14(2)1652. LITTLEFIELD: Edmund & Annis men dau Elizabeth Wakefield in wills.

Francis' Will: "I make my wife Anne and son James my executors and if at any time they disagree then by consent of my overseers, division shall be made equally of such goods as do remain betwixt them, and my wife to have the dwelling house next adjoining to my fulling mill with the apurtenances thereto belonging, holden by lease of John Hauksford of Bishop's Waltham, and my son James to have the fulling mill with the appurtenances thereto belonging.  Overseers: Thomas Knight Senclares in the parish of Drexford, my brother James Litlefield of the same parish nad Nicholas Waller of Swanswicke in the parish of Titchfield and for their pains I giave each 5s."  signed Frances Littlefield his mark; Witnesses: John Wither Robert Poulet Frances Waller The original copy of the Will is held in the Winchester, Hampshire, UK Public Records Office although it is slightly illegible.

Maine Wills 1640-1760 Part I page 3: Edmund Littlefejld Decembr 11: 61; page 76 Annis; page 54 & 56 Francis, jr.; page 13 John, jr.

Genealogical Dictionary of NE 99-100: LITTLEFIELD, ANTHONY, Wells, s. of Edmund, took the o. of submiss. to Mass. 1635. DANIEL, Wells, m Mary, d of capt. Roger Hill, and num. descend. prosper there. EBENEZER, Newton, s. of John, by w. Lydia had Jemima, b 19 Aug 1697; Ezra Mar 1699 d young; Ebenezer 5/2/1701 liv very long; Pelatiah 10/12/1703; Lydia 2/15/1706; Jerusha 4/15/1708; Praisever 3/5/1710; Susanna & Ephraim tw 11/21/1712; and Sybil 11/1/1714; his w d 10/12/1717, and he d 4/9 or by ano acco Jan 1728. EDMUND, Exeter 1639, rem to Wells in or bef 1645, was there a man of distinct as commiss with Ezekiel Knight and Thomas Wheelwright, is call "old Edmund L" d 12/11/1661, by his will of that date, gave good provis to w Ann, to eldest s Francis and other s Anthony, Thomas, John, and youngest Francis, to ds Eliz Wakefield, Mary Barrett, and Hannah L. His inv show c588, 13, 4. The h of Eliz. was, I presume, John W. and of Mary was John B. FRANCIS, Wells, eldest s of the preced had been of Dover 1648, a leader in support of Mass cause, rep 1660, had tak the o 1653. With Francis jr, Anthony, and Thomas, prob his s as may have been John. His d Sarah m John Wells wh came from Ipswich. A very curious story is told that the parents of this man in Eng of wh he was the eldest s suppos him d as they in many yrs heard not of him, call ano s by the same name, wh came over to Wells, in the time a little bef the Commissnrs of Mass. 1688 reinstated affairs and they made him an officer. Of the value of the tradit I judge not, but refer to Maine Hist Coll 1.262; Hubbard, 600; and Hutch L. 266. FRANCIS, Woburn, had Mary b 12/14/1646 and his w Jane d 6 days aft. JOHN, Dedham 1650 by w Mary had Rebecca b 3/26/1661; Experience 7 or 17 Dec 1659; John 10/5/1664; and Ebenezer 10/13/1669; was freem 1671 liv in that part which was incorp as Wrentham. His w d 1/13/1675 and he rem. JAMES, Wells, k of the Ind May 1690. JOHN, Wells 1656, constable 1661, made a lieut in 1668 by the Commissnrs who created Francis jr. ensign so that we may reckon him older if a br of superior in influence, if not. His d Mary m Matthew Austin. THOMAS, Dover 1648, aft at Wells, sw to Mass in 1653, was there still in 1680, to sw alleg to the k. In the Bevis from Southampton 1638, came Annis L. with six ch she 38 yrs old.

Gen Dictionary ME & NH pg 439: Capt. John Littlefield, had gr from Gorges when his fa did in 1643, which, and other, Henry Gorges later tried to recover. P & Ct i, li, lii. With this, his own purchases and town grants, he was a large land and mill owner, and active publicly almost to death. Oft. Tr. and Gr. j and foreman; on commit Kit.-Wells bounds 1658; constable 1661, 1663-4; Selectm 1670, 1677; Rep 1680; commis. Lieut 29 May 1668 and placed in command at Wells 1675; Lt L.'s mill taxed for Fort Loyal 1682; called Capt. 1690. Memb of committee in Boston 1692 asking aid for a preacher at Wells and the garrison. Lists 261, 252, 262, 269b, 264, 25, 265, 83, 28, 266, 29, 36. Selling without lic 1693, he was to answ at the next Ct being sick. D 9 Feb 1696-7; adm 7 Apr fol to wid Patience who was living 1701, when the heirs signed an agreement; Ch: John, Josiah, Elijah, Lydia m Saml Storer, Deborah m Saml Webber, Mary m Capt Matthew Austin, Charity m Wm Webb, Elizabeth m Edward Beale, Mercy m 1st Jacob Lufkin 2d Richard Stimson, Patience m James Webber.

Titchfield History Society: Edmund Littlefield left Titchfield around 1636 along with a couple of his sons leaving his wife Annis (or Agnes) and the rest of the children to sail for Exeter, N.H. on the ship "Bevis" in 1638.  He received 200 acres of land on the western bank of the Ogunquit River.   On arrival in the New World, Edmund set to work and by 1643, he had erected a sawmill on the Webhannet River. (Webhannet is the Indian name for Wells, Maine.) He went on to build sawmills on contract for others.  Edmund's eldest son, John, married a Patience Wakefield who was born in Titchfield in 1624.  They must have kept in contact with England as John and Patience's endlest child, Deborah, was also born in Titchfield between 1660 and 1663.  Deborah married Samuel Webber and is recorded as having 12 children.  Samuel came from York, Maine and was born in 1656.

NE Historical & Genealogical Register: From the foregoing wills and parish register entries and from New England records the following Littlefield pedigree has been compiled. 1 FRANCIS LITTLEFIELD of Titchfield co Hants the testator of 1618 was bom probably about 1565 and was buried at Titchfield 22 Oct 1618. He married first MARY who was buried at Titchfield 29 Oct 1605 and secondly at Titchfield 14 July 1606 ANNIS WIGG a widow with two children Elizabeth and Robert Wigg. She was probably the Anne Littlefield who was buried at Titchfield 5 July 1619. Francis Littlefield was a clothier by trade and left a good estate. His parentage has not been learned but he had brothers James Littlefield of Drosford and Richard Littlefield and a sister Mary who married 25 Jan 1606 7 John Beane. /P/  Children by first wife baptized at Titchfield 2 i EDMUND hapt 27 June 1592 ii NICHOLAS bapt 24 July 1595 bur at Titchlleld 12 Aug 1595 ill JAMKS bapt 18 June 1598 m at Titclitlcld 17 Jan 1018 19 JOANE JKFFEKY and had William bapt 5 Dec 1619 and probably other children He inherited his father's fulling mill at Titchfield Iv ANNE bapt 8 Apr IfiOl bur at Titchfleld 10 Apr IfiOl v FHANCES bapt 6 Oct 1005 bur at Titchfleld 29 Oct 1C05 Children by second wife baptized at Titchfield vi NICHOLAS bapt 28 Aug 1008 bur as Nicholas Little of Funtley then a part of Titchlleld now a separate parish 23 May 1077 m He is the testator of 1077 was a clothier and lived at Funtley Children 1 Anne bapt 1 June 1041 m Thomas Barrey of Shidfield 2 Kichnlas bapt 14 Mar 1044 5 vli JOHN bapt 13 Jan 1010 11 lived at Funtley m 1 JONB who was bur at Titchlleld 22 Dec 1049 in 2 Children by first wife 1 June bapt 11 Apr 1641 2 Ann bapt 12 Oct 1043 3 Francis bapt 21 Oct 1045 Child by second wife 4 Elizabeth bapt 27 May 1053 2 EDMOND LITTLF FIF LD Francis of Titchfield co Hants Exeter NH and Wells Me baptized at Titchfield 27 June 1592 died presumably at Wells between 11 and 24 Dec 1661 He married at Titchfield 16 Oct 1614 AGNES also called ANNE and ANNIS AUSTIN probably baptized there 1 Feb 1596 7 daughter of Richard of Titchfield the testator of 1623 who in his will mentions her her husband and their three children Edward Francis and Anthony Littlefield With six children and two servants John Knight and Hugh Durdall she sailed for New England in the ship Bevis from Southampton in May 1638 giving her age as 38 although in reality she was 41 It is not known when her husband emigrated to New England but he probably went thither with his elder son Francis before the rest of the family He appears first at Exeter where he signed the Combination 5 June 1639 He removed to Wells Me where he received a grant of land from Thomas Gorges 14 July 1643 and took the oath of allegiance to Massachusetts 5 July 1653 As he was his father's eldest son and heir a settlement was probably made on him at the time of his marriage in 1614 At his death he left an estate of 588 13s 4d Titchfield is a most attractive old world village It formerly covered a much larger area extending to Southampton Water and the Solent The church contains an ancient and beautiful monument to the Earls of Southampton one of whom was the friend and patron of Shakspere Titchfield Place one of the seats of this family was one of the abbeys dissolved by Henry VIII but is now merely a picturesque ruin Children baptized at Titchfield 1 ANNE bapt 11 Feb 1618 16 bur at Titchfleld 2 Jan 1010 17 ii EDWARD bapt 17 Feb 1017 18 bur at Titchfleld 13 June 1035 iii FRANCIS bapt 17 June 1019 living 1700 d bef Nov 1712 m 1 JACK HILL d at Woburn Mass 20 Dec 1040 dau of Ralph1 of Plymouth Woburn and Billerica Mass m 2 abt 1048 REBECCA living as late as 1083 He probably emigrated to New England with his father abt 1037 was at Wells Me 1643, at Woburn Mass 1646, and at Dover NH 1648 whence he soon returned to Wells where he took the oath of allegiance to Massachusetts 5 July 1653 styled in the records fatmer miller and innkeeper. Child by first wife 1 Mary b at Woburn 14 Dec 1646 m 1 2 Nov 1664 John Kitteridge of Billerica m 2 16 Jan 1677 8 John French of Billerica several children by each husband. Children by second wife 2 Sarah 3 Isaac 4 James 5 Abiyail 6 Daniel 7 Dependence iv. ANTHONY bapt 7 Oct 1621, d 1662, m abt 1652 MARY PAGE dau of Thomas of Saco Me. He probably emigrated to New England with his father abt 1637 and took the oath of allegiance to Massachusetts at Wells Me 5 July 1653. Children 1 Edmund b abt 1653 2 Caleb ancestor of the Littleflelds of Block Island. Perhaps 3 Samuel 4 James and others. v JOHN bapt 1 Nov 1624, d 9 Feb 1696-7, m abt 1650 PATIENCE living 1701. He emigrated to New England with his mother May 1638 and settled at Wells Me where he was successively constable lieutenant and captain. Children 1 John 2 Josiah 3 Eliab 4 Lydia 5 Deborah 6 Mary 1 Charity 8 Elizabeth 9 Mercy 10 Patience. vi ELIZABETH bapt 22 July 1627 m JOHN WAKEFIELD of Wells Me and had issue. She emigrated to New England with her mother May 1638. vii MARY b probably abt 1630 m JOHN BARRETT of Wells Me whose will dated 17 Apr 1662 was proved 4 July 1664. She emigrated to New England with her mother May 1638. Child 1 John Till THOMAS twin bapt 10 Aug 1633, d abt 1689 m abt 1667 RICHARD He emigrated to New England with his mother May 1638 and settled at Wells Me where he took the oath of allegiance to Massachusetts 5 July 1653. Children 1 Moses b abt 1668 2 Jebecca 3 Dorothy Perhaps others. ix ANNE or HANNAH twin bapt 10 Aug 1633 m abt 1663 PKTER CLOYSK of Wells Me and of Salem and Framingham Mass and had issue. She emigrated to New England with her mother May 1638. x FRANCIS bapt 24 Mar 1635 6 d betw 5 Feb 1674 5 and 6 Apr 1675 the dates of making and proving his will m abt 1636 MS RIBAH WARDWELL b in Boston 14 May 1637 survived her husband dau of William and Alice. He emigrated to New England with his mother May 1638 and settled at Wells Me where he took the oath of allegiance to Massachusetts 5 July 1653. Children 1 Joseph 2 Nathan 3 Jonathan 4 Job 5 David 6 Mary 7 Joanna 8 Tabitha 9 Hannah EFj 

Genealogical & Family History of the State of ME: II Captain John son of Edmund Littlefield was born about 1625-30. He took the oath of allegiance in 1680 and lived in Wells. He had a grant of land with his brother in law John Wakefield in 1641 from John Cleaves at the mouth of the Mousam River where he made his home. He deeded to Francis Littlefield Sr his brother half the timber and mill at Ogunquit Upper Falls December 23 1669 also land to Josiah Littlefield August 8 1690. He died at Wells February 9 1696 97 and his widow Patience administered the estate. He was called Sen in 1669 and afterward. Children born at Wells 1 John eldest son married Mehitable died 1690, 2 Josiah married Lydia and Elizabeth, 3 Eliab mentioned below, 4 Son died before 1701 leaving widow Joanna and daughter Joanna, 5 Lydia married Storer, 6 Deborah married Samuel Webber, 7 Mary married Matthew Austin, 8 Charity married William Webb, 9 Elizabeth married Edward Beal, 10 Mercy married Luffkin, 11 Patience married James Webber

Ancient City of Gorgiana and modern town of York ME: Four men riding in company with a Mrs Littlefield on the road between York and Wells were waylaid [by Indians] August 10 1703 und all slain except one who hardly escaped the fate of the others. Mrs Littlefield had money lo the amount of two hundred dollars about her person of which she was plundered by the same bloody hands.

Records Relating to the Early History of Boston: John Smith and Abigail Littlefield, married 6/9/1620 Brantrey by Mr. Samuel Niles.

Mrs. Abigail Littlefield defended her home against scores of Indians while her husband was haying on the marsh. - A History of New England

The Will of Edmund Littlefeild

   The last will & Testament of Edmund Littlefejld Decembr 11 : 61 :    First I bequeath my soule to god Almighty, & I bequeath my body to the earth from whence I came/   I bequeath vnto Francis Littlefejld my Elldest sun, & Anthony Littlefejld, & Elizabeth Wakefejld my daughter, all the whoole Tract of Land lijng of the North East side of Kenebunke with the Falls togeather with a Certen quantity of Marsh lijng vp In the woods, betweene Cape Porpus River, & Kenebunke, which is specifyd In two deeds, granted by Mr Geo : Cleeue Agent of Mr Rygby, which is now come into the Goverment of Mr Gorges, Proprietor of the Prouince of Mayne/ Which Land & Marsh shall bee æqually devided amongst those three aboue specifyd/ 

   I giue vnto Francis Littlefejld Senjor 10s to bee pd out of my goods/

   I giue vnto Anthony Littlefejld all my weareing Cloaths/

   I giue vnto Elizabeth Wakefejld 5s to bee pd out of my goods/

   I giue vnto my 3 executors Namely Annas Littlefejld, My wife, & Thoms Littlefejld, & Fran : Littlefejld my youngest sun all my vpland & Marsh att home which is not disposd, & that which I bought of my sun Anthony, & alsoe yt which I bought of Mr Fletcher, togeather with ye Corne Mill & saw Mill, with all my houseing & goods, within doores & with out, togeather with all the stocke & Cattle both small and greate, which shall bee æqually deuided amongst those 3 executors, onely the Yland that lyeth on the South side of Webbhannett River, If the sd Thos & Francis Littlefejld Junjor do both of them pay to Annas my wife foure bushs of Corne yearely for 7 yeares, then my wife shall haue nothing to do with Itt, otherwise if they do not performe that yearely, then my wife shall haue pouer to lett it to others, & to expell them quitte out of it all/

   And likewise my sun Thoms & Fran : Littlefejld shall pay vnto my wife eight bushs of wheate yearely, for ye Corne Mill, if they will not yn my wife shall haue pouer to lett it to any other, & expell them out of it/ And my wife shall haue her third part of the Marsh, that lyeth on the South East side of Webbhannett River; And if soe bee yt Fran : Littlefejld & Thomas Littlefejld, & Fran : Littlefejld my youngest sun bee loueing & helpfull to yr mother my wife, then they shall haue all after her desease, otherwise if they bee not loueing & helpefull to her shee shall haue pouer to dispose of itt, wr shee thinkes good herselfe/

   I giue vnto my daughter Mary Barrett, and to my daughter Hannah Littlefejld fiueteene pounds a peece to bee pd with in 3 years, fiue pounds a peece yearely, till it bee payd/ I do giue vnto all my grandchildren fiue shillings a peece Wn they come at age/

   I give vnto my sun John Littlefejld Tenn pounds, to bee payd out of ye fourty pounds which hee is to pay for his purchase att Ogunquett/

   Alsoe the 3 executors, Namely Annas my wife, & Tho : & Fran : Littlefejld shall haue pouer to recover & receaue all debts/ And those 3 executors shall pay all debts dues & demands, & all portions Legacys & gyfts, which is here specifyd; My suns Tho : & Fran : Littlefejld Iunjor, is to Improue & till the ground, & thejre mother my wife shall haue the third part of the Corne/

   I giue vnto my wife 6 or 7 Acers of Marsh that lyeth at Ogunquet.

   I desire Mr Ezekell Knightt & Mr Jos : Bowles to bee my Feffees In trust If neede require, to see my will fullfilled/

   Ezekell Knights/
   Jos : Bowles/
Edmund Littlefejlds
   owne hand/
   Inventory returned at £588: 13: 4, by Ezekell Knights, Jos: Bowles and William Hamonds as appraisers, who were sworn 24th: 10th: 1661. Will recorded 16 July '62 

[Source: Maine Wills, 1640-1760 (Portland, Me., 1887), p. 3, citing Court Records, B, 53.]

The Will of John Litlefeild, Jr.

   The last Will and Testament of John Litlefeild Junr of Wells in the province of Main

   After long sickness I being weake in body yet haueing my Vnderstanding & sences I doe Dispose of my out ward Estate which god hath given me as followeth

   I Doe giue vnto my Wife Mehetabell all my lands & goods & house and cattell and swine I makeing her my Executrix & shee is by my will to provide for my decent buriall

   She also is to pay to my Daughter Lidia a Cow

   it is also my will that my Daughter haue my square barrild gun, also that my Daughter be brought vp decently which I doubt not of

   In testimony of Which I sette my hand this ninth Day of September one thousand six hundred Eightie nine in the first yeare of the Reigne of K William

in presence of
   Simon Willard
   Samuell Stover
   John Eldred
John Litlefeild
   Sworn to by all the attesting witnesses 19 Feby 1689-90; recorded 5 March 1689-90; Inventory returned at £162: 15: 0, by John Clayes and Nicholas Cole, appraisers, 16 Sept 1689. 

[Source: Maine Wills, 1640-1760 (Portland, Me., 1887), p. 13, citing Court Records, D, 32.]


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