Livingstone, Livingston, Levinston, Levenston, Leveston, levingston

Robert LIVINGSTONE born 1700-09 Boston MA, lived in Haverhill MA, and Londonderry NH, and became an early settler in New Boston NH; removed to St. David, New Brunswick with Loyalists; name found in Mr. Porter's account book 1790-91; died St. David NB; Livingstone family was Scottish 

Spouse: Zebiah/Zibiah SARGENT born 1/17/1708 Malden MA married 3/19/1729-30 Malden MA, of Boston MA

Children: Hannah born 3/25/1739-41 Chelsea MA died New Boston NH married Deacon William Moore 11/26/1761; Anna born 5/2/1736 Chelsea MA died St. Davids Ridge NB; John born 4/19/1734 Chelsea MA died 1/25/1807 Walpole NH, married Mary Todd; Zebiah born 7/9/1730 Malden MA married William Boardman 2/22/1759 Chelsea MA; Margaret born 8/14/1744 Chelsea MA died New Boston married Josiah Patterson; Jane born circa 1747 Haverhill MA died 6/29/1826 or 1833? New Boston married Josiah Warren; Mary born 3/11/1731-2 Chelsea MA died New Boston NH married John Carson ; Elizabeth born circa 1749 died 5/11/1826 died Westford MA married Abijah Richardson; Robert born 1753 died 1/20/1816 New Boston married Mary Leslie, served 7 years in the Revolutionary War; John born 2/19/1733-4 Chelsea MA died 1/25/1807 Walpole NH, married Mary Todd daughter of Colonel Andrew; William born 3/25/1739 Chelsea MA married Mary Ann Boyce of Londonderry


Anna LIVINGSTONE born 7/2/1736 Chelsea MA or New Boston NH? died St. Davids Ridge NB

Spouse: Josiah HITCHINGS born circa 1730-9 New Boston NH died St. Davids Ridge NB, a Loyalist; married 3/1/1759 Chelsea MA

Children: Anna born 1769 New Boston NH died 1865 buried Meddybemps ME married John Bridges; Zebiah born 8/2/1760 Lynn MA married John Stretch; Josiah born 9/28/1763 Malden MA died 7/21/1826 Chipola FL married Elizabeth (Bray) Hill; David born 4/13/1765 Newburyport MA of St David NB; lived in Cooper Washington ME (Plantation 15), an avid Britisher married Sarah LORING of Perry ME; Robert born 3/17/1767 Newburyport MA died 5/27/1858 St. Stephen NB married ? Brown, Mary Moore & Rachel willet; John born 2/2/1769 New Boston NH died 3/6/1861 Hudson WI married Mary Humphra & Mary Bond; William born 6/17/1772 New Boston NH died 12/23/1855 St. Davids NB married Jane Humpherey & Mary ?; Hannah born 4/12/1774 New Boston NH died 12/1847 St. Davids NB married John Moore born New Boston NH; Mollie born 1779 New Boston NH; Mary born 1779 married John Caldwell

History of New Boston NH; Robert Livingston He married Zebiah Sargent of Boston lived in Haverhill Mass a few years then in Londonderry and came to New Boston at the first settlement of the town and settled on the farm now owned by Jonathan Dodge He had ten children three sons and seven daughters John William Robert Mary Zibiab Hannah Ann Margaret Jane and Elizabeth John married Mary Todd daughter of Colonel Andrew Todd of Londonderry William married Mary Ann Boyce of Londonderry Robert married Mary Leslie John lived in Londonderry then moved to Walpole and died there William settled on the farm owned by the late Jacob H Richards he was a delegate to the convention at Concord from this town September 22 1779 Robert served seven years in the Revolutionary war and died in this town Mary married John Carson and lived and died in New Boston Zibiah married Daniel Boardman and lived in Lynn Mass Hannah married Dea William Moore and lived on the farm now owned by Calvin Fuller Ann married Josiah Hitchings and lived in this town some time then moved to New Brunswick Margaret married Josiah Patterson lived and died in this town Elizabeth married Abijah Richardson and lived in Westford Mass William Livingston had no children of his own but adopted his nephew William son of John Livingston who lived and died in New Boston John Livingston had eleven children eight sons and three daughters William and Samuel were the only ones that settled in town William married Mary Warren Samuel married for his first wife Eunice French of Maine after her death he married Hannah Twiss of New Boston Lucretia Livingston daughter of Robert Livingston first married Dr Reed of Nashua after whose death she married Rev Mr McKay and they moved to Inverness Scotland and finally went to Syria as missionaries Dana Livingston lived in Saco Me John also lived there Robert Leslie married a daughter of Dea Josiah Duncan of Antrim and settled there Gerry W son of William Livingston lived and died in this town Ephraim W married Mahala Christie they now reside in Nashua and their children are Anstice Bradford Cynthia C John Edward member of the 8th NHV now in the Army of the Potomac Ephraim W Charles for three years in the USA Carrie J and George W now drummer in the 3d Regiment NHV and aged 16 Mary T Livingston married Leonard Colburn and now resides in New Boston their children are William W Ephraim Warren Emma Jane James Leonard member of the 9th Regiment NHV now in the Army of the Potomac Jane Livingston married Leonard Cutler and lives in Frank ville Iowa John Livingston married Elizabeth Barrett of Nashua and still resides here his children are Gerry W who died in the army at New Orleans September 18 1853 Mary Jane Adeline F his wife died in August 1841 Samuel Livingston had by his first wife the following children John L Ursula Alminor and Mary by his second wife Adeline F David Nancy Diantha Samuel Benjamin

Memorial of the Loyalist Families of William Moore, Josiah Hitchings & Robert Livingstone by Moore 1898: The Family of Josiah Hitchings lived in New Boston NH, first child was born in Lynn, the second in Malden, and the third and fourth in Newburyport. /P/ Of the Hitchings family, I cannot speak of Josiah, who died before my time. David & Robert were men of large, stalwart proportions, and of decisive, resolute presence. John was of average stature, self-reliant, and firm in action and manner. William rather exceeded the average stature, and with a bilious temperament, as the phrenologists would say, of decidedly marked features and complexion, with black, curly hair. He was noted among his fellows for his impetuous manner and speech, -- something of the outlaw -- the catheran. /P/ Uncle David, as they called him, with his large proportions, his kindly, genial, though rather heavy features, his peculiar laugh and vocal intonation, and his words when talking seeming as though picked up by his rather heavy upper lip, was an occasional visitor at grandfather's. On these occasions there would be a field day; all neighborly and brotherly and gossipy greetings and exchanges. The fatted goose, turkey, or chicken, as the case might be, was laid on the table, from which it was taken section by section, duly discussed and disposed of. The great fire-place would be filled high, and then some one would switch Uncle David off on to the war of 1812 or of the Revolution, and battles would be lost and won, Burgoyne (he called him Burgwine), or Lee or Washington would be discussed from the standpoint of a genuine, original loyalist, and history would be edited if not rectified. /P/ Robert Hitching's business connections seem to have been large on the Schodiac [St. Croix], as the river was familiarly called. He was largely engaged at Union Mills, and his old mansion, roomy and square, like the owner, was prominent, though located on a side street. Ten well-born and well-bred sons and daughters came to maturity, and yet, with the exception of Stephen, no family or family connections have sprung from apparently favorable source.

Cape Ann Association of Loyalist = 1785. Return of Persons settled at Passamaquoddy of the Cape Ann Association of Loyalist = 25th September 1785. David Hitchins, 1 men, 0 women, 0 children, On the Bounty List since this fall. Arrived this spring: Robert Livingston 1 men, 0 women, 0 children. Josiah Hitchins 1 men, 0 women, 1 child over 10. Thomas Knox, Esqr. St. Johns. A true Return - Gillam Tailor, Acting Assistant Commissary of Musters.

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