Loring, Loreing, Lorine, Loaring

Thomas LORING born circa 1600, came from Axminster, Devonshire, ENG 12/23/1634. Resided short time in Hingham, removed to Hull 1646. Freeman 3/3/1635-6. Died intestate Hull 4/4/1661, administration of estate granted 4/18/1661, innkeeper, allowed to sell wine & strong water in Hingham 3/12/1637-8, admitted to Hingham church.  

Spouse: Jane NEWTON from Axminster, Devon, ENG, died 8/25/1672 Hull, will dated 7/10/1672 proved 10/24/1672, married by circa 1625

Children: Thomas born Axminster, Devon 3/27/1625, buried there 3/30/1625; Thomas baptized Axminster 3/5/1625-6, married Hingham 12/16/1657 Hannah Jacob daughter of Nicholas;  John born 12/22/1630;  Josiah born circa 1636,  married by 1663 Elizabeth Prince daughter of John; Isaac baptized Hingham 1/20/1638-9, died 2/9/1638-9; Isaac baptized Hingham 1/9/1641-42  died 3/2/1644-5  from a scald; Benjamin baptized 11/24/1644 married Hingham 12/8/1670 to Mary Hawke daughter of Matthew & Margaret


John LORING born 12/22/1630 [sic Loring Diary] baptized 12/27/1629 Axminster, died at Hingham 9/19/1714 at the home of his son Thomas. Freeman oath 1673.

Spouse: (1) Mary BAKER baptized Hingham 8/1639, married 12/16/1657 Hingham, died 7/13/1679; daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Lane) Baker (2) married Rachel (Wheatley) Buckland of Braintree 9/22/1679 daughter of John Wheatley widow of Benjamin Buckland

Children: by (1) Mary Baker: John born 9/19/1658 died 1/2/1677-8; Joseph born 3/10/1659-60 married Hannah Leavitt daughter of John & Sarah; Thomas born 3/1/1661-2 married Leah daughter of Thomas Buckland ; Sarah born 1/1/1663-4 died 12/16/1678; Isaac born 1/22/1666 married Sarah Young; Mary born 2/4/1667-8 died 1858 married Thomas Jones; Nathaniel born 3/5/1669-70 married Susanna Butler; Daniel born 2/8/1671-2 married Priscilla Mann and (2) Susanna Breck; Rachel born 2/29/1673-4 married Caleb Hobart died at Hull 3/8/1707-8; Jacob born 4/21/1676 married 2/9/1708-9 Sarah Lewis and (2) Hannah Jacob on 5/8/1728; Israel/Isrell born 3/29/1678 died 12/31/1678. Children of (2) Rachel Wheatley: John born 6/28/1680 died 2/26/1719-20 married Jane Baker; Israel born 4/15/1682 married Mary Hayman daughter of Nathan; Sarah born 6/6/1684; Caleb born 1/2/1688-9 died at Hull 9/16/1756 married Elizabeth Baker


Jacob Loring born 4/21/1676 at Hull. 4/21/1676 settled in Hingham. Died 12/5/1751, estate settled 1753. 

Spouse: (1) Sarah Lewis married 2/9/1708-9 daughter of John and Hannah (Lincoln) Lewis died 4/8/1727. (2) Hannah JACOB married 5/8/1728 daughter of Peter and Hannah (Allen) Jacob, born Hingham 7/22/1696 died 11/12/1778.

Children: Children: by (1) Sarah Lewis: Sarah born 10/9/1723 married 9/29/1745 Jonathan Mitchell of N. Yarmouth ME.. Children by (2) Hannah Jacob:  Jacob born 6/25/1729 died 8/7/1777; Israel born 3/26/1731; Zachariah born 8/7/1733; Peter born 8/27/1735 died 7/4/1736; Hannah born 11/6/1737 died 12/23/1744


Zechariah  Loring born in Hingham August 7, 1733, resided on East St. Late in life removed to Passamaquoddy (Perry) ME. Last record of deed in Hingham MA was 1795. Occupation smith, weaver, barber

Spouse:  Mary JOY daughter of Samuel and Thankful (Lincoln) Joy born 5/9/1736 baptized 9/8/1741 Hingham MA  married 6/8/1762

Children: Peter born circa 1765 married Rachel Wilder, was a farmer in Perry ME; Caleb baptized 7/2/1769 died unmarried; Hannah baptized Hingham 9/22/1771 died 12/6/1854 married 4/8/1792 Levi Corthell; they moved to Passamaquoddy; Zaccheus baptized 11/21/1773 Hingham MA died 1/15/1853 married Betsey Patterson & Elizabeth Clark Sumner, farmer at Perry ME; Isaac baptized 11/10/1776; Sarah baptized 4/11/1779


Sarah (Sally) LORING baptized Hingham 4/11/1779, of Perry Washington ME; moved to Cooper ME before 1830

Spouse: David HITCHINGS of St David NB, Loyalist

Children: David born 8/27/1797 St. Stephen NB; David born 8/22/1799; Mary Sarah born 12/2/1801 St. David Parish NB married Benjamin Henderson born 1786 NB; Anna Loring born 11/5/1803 died Bangor ME, married James Clarry; Hannah born 1/8/1806 St. Stephen NB  married Daniel Pollet; Josiah born 5/2/1808; Henry born 5/26/1810 St. Stephen NB married Margaret Brown daughter of Joseph and Nancy Connick; Hiram born 5/5/1813 St. Stephen NB married Mary Howe; Harriet born 12/19/1815 St. Stephen NB married Thomas Burbank; David born 6/15/1818 St. Stephen NB; Rachel born 10/30/1819 St. Stephen died Cooper ME married William Palmeter

Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635Thomas Loring. Origin: Axminster, Devonshire. Migration: 1635 (based on grant of land on 18 Sep 1635 {HiBOP 14).  First Residence: Hingham.  Removes: Hull 1646 [MBCR 2:182].  Occupation: Innkeeper. On 12 Mar 1637/8, "allowed to sell wine & strong water" at Hingham [MBCR 1:221].  Church Membership: Admission to Hingham church prior to 3 Mar 1635/6 implied by freemanship. He was for a time deacon at Hingham [NEHGR 121:112].  Freeman: 3 Mar 1635/6 (as "Tho[mas] Loreing," second in a sequence of twelve Hingham men) [MBCR 1:371]. Education: His inventory included "two Bibles" valued at 10s. [SPR 4:26].  His widow bequeathed one book each to three of her sons [SPR 7:256-57].  She signed her will by mark.  Offices: Hingham member of committee to assess a colony rate, 25 May 1636 [MBCR 1:175].  Hull constable, 4 Nov 1646 [MBCR 2:182].  His inventory included "a fowling gun" valued at 16s. [SPR 4:26].  Estate:  "The several parcels of land and meadow legally given unto Thomas Loaring by the town [of Hingham]": "a houselot five acres of land, four acres of it butting upon the town street ..., the other acre lying at the further end of the [same?] neck," 18 Sep 1635; "a Great Lot twenty acres of land, eighteen acres of it lying by Weymoth River ..., the other two acres of it lying upon Squirrel Hill," 4 June 1636; "a planting lot twn acres lying upon the old planters' hill in the plain neck," 1635; "a small planting lot two acres of land lying by the fresh river," Nov 1637; "a parcel of saltmarsh lying for four acres in the old planters' neck," June 1635; "on acre of fresh meadow lying in Bear Swamp Meadow," 12 June 1637; "one acre and a quarter of fresh meadow in Crooked Meadow," 5 Mar 1637[/8?]; and "one acre of saltmarsh lying in the Home Meadow," no date [HiBOP 14].  On 30 May 1660, "Thomas Chaffy sometime of Hull" sold to "Thomas Loring Senior of the town of Hll ... all that my house, housing, orchard & two homelots lying in the town of Hull aforesaid containing four acres ... with my lot of meadow by Streight's River & my two lots at Sagamore Hill and my two lots at Strawberry Hill as they stand recorded to be butted and bounded in the town book of Hull aforesaid except one cow's common formerly sold to William Chamberlaine with all my right, interest & privileges in all the islands belonging to the town of Hull aforesaid except on the island called Peddocks Island" [SLR 3:373-74].  On 18 Apr 166`, administration on the "estate of the late Thomas Loring" was ranted to "Jane Loreing his late wife and Thomas Loreing his eldest son" [SPR 4:15].  The inventory of the estate of "Thomas Loreing of Hull, lately deceased," taken 27 June 1662, was untotalled; the real estate totalled 36 10s.: "two homelots and the appurtenances,"  135; "a parcel of land called Himpland Hill,"  38; "2 lots of hogland,"  1 10s.; "one lot of upland at Planting Hill,"  15; "one lot at Planting Hill,"  17; "two great lots," 50; "a lot of meadow,"   15; "a piece of upland by the meadow,"  3; "one houselot,"  6; "one houselot,"  9; "a lot of meadow by Prince's,"  6 10s; "a lot at the weir,"  5 10s.; "a piece of fresh meadow,"  2 10s; and "a piece of fresh meadow,"  2 10s. [SPR 4:24-27].  (In the list of real estate, the last eleven parcels are labelled as "land lying at Hingham," so, by implicaation, the first three parcels would be in Hull. The inventory is defective in a number of ways, with some parcels of land entered in two different places, and with the subtotals being incorrectly calculated.)  In her will, dated 10 July 1672 and proved 24 Oct 1672, "Jane Loring of Hull ..., widow," bequeathed to "my eldest son Thomas Loring one book called The Jewel of Contentment" and some clothing; to "my second son John Loring one book concerning the covenant of grace by Mr. Obadiah Sedgwick" and some clothing and a skillet; to "my son Benjamine Loring one book call The True or Sincere Convent" and some clothing and furniture; to "Hannah Loring my eldest son's wife" moveables; to "Mary Loring wife unto my son John" moveables; to "my daughter Mary wife to my son Benjamin" moveables; to "my son Josiah & his wife eight pounds in money ... & twenty pounds of wool"; residue to "my [son] Thomas Loring, my son John Loring & my son Benjamin Loring"; "my son Thomas to be my executor" [SPR 7:256-57].  The inventory of the estate of "Jane Loring of Hull," taken 16 Oct 1672, totalled  253 13s., with no real estate included [SPR 7:258].  On 30 Oct 1672, Thomas, John, Josiah & Benjamin Loring, all sons to the aforesaid Thomas Loring & Jane his wife now also lately dceased," signed an "agreement concerning the distribution & division of the estate of Thomas Loring sometime of Hull ... deceased & dying without any legal will & testament"; "[w]hereas the said Thomas Loring deceased did in his lifetime possess his eldest son Thomas Loring abovesaid of one barn, orchard, one homelot & a half & certain other parcels of upland & meadow with all the common rights & privileges thereto belonging ... in the town of Hull aforesaid, all which he bought of Thomas Chaffy sometime of Hull ..., all which the said Thomas Loring deceased did possess the said Thomas Loring his eldest son of upon his marriage," therefore the "said Thomas Loring our eldest brother shall have ... the aforementioned estate," along with "one-half lot at Petox Island being two acres ..., one lot at Strawberry Hill being three-quarters of an acre ..., one lot at Hog Island being thirty rods ..., a piece of salt meadow lying on the south side of Sagamore Hill ... [and] the one just half of that parcel of land called Hempland Hill"; "[w]hereas the said Thomas Loring deceased did in his lifetime possess his second son John Loring of a dwelling house & a homelot together with certain other parcels of upland & meadow with all the common rights & privileges thereto belonging, .. in Hull aforesaid, ... all which land his deceased father long since bought of Ralph Greene sometime of Hull," therefore the "said John Loring our second brother" shall have this land as well as "one-half of one homelot, which our father bought of Thomas Chaffy ..., half a lotment privilege of all that common land upon the neck, which was not divided at our father's death ..., that piece or parcel of meadow, which doth adjoin to the southeast end of Hempland Hill ..., one lot at Hog Island ... [and] the other just half of Hempland Hill"; "Josiah Loring our third brother shall have ... all that estate in upland, meadow, salt and fresh, with all the common rights, liberties & privileges thereunto belonging which our father was possessed of at his death ... in the town of Hingham (excepting one piece of land lying at Old Planters' Hill in Hingham containing by estimation six acres ..., which Thomas & John Loring abovesaid have for a valuable consideration in hand long since paid)"; "Benjamin Loring our youngest brother shall have ... all the dwelling house as now it stands with all the barns & outhousing which our father was possessed of at his death together with the orchards, gardens, two homelots adjoining to the house with all the other parcels both of upland & meadow, common rights whether upon islands or upon the main within the town of Hull not already in this writing before mentioned & specified as granted & confirmed to any of his brethren"; "the rest of the estate ... shall be equally divided between three of the brothers (to wit), Thomas, John & Benjamine Loring ... our brother Josiah Loring having as we all judge considerably the greater & better portion of the land"; "John & Benjamine Loring shall pay or cause to be paid unto Thomas Loring their eldest brother in consideration of his double portion (which he ought to have had) sixty pounds" [SPR 7:259-61].  Birth: By about 1600 (based on estimated ate of marriage. Death: Hull 4 Apr 1661 ["Thomas Loring sometimes a deacon to the church at Hingham died at Hull") [NEHGR 121:112].  Marriage: By about 1625, Jane Newton (see comments below).  She died on 25 Aug 1672 [NEHGR 121:192].  Children:  i.   Thomas Loring, bp Axminster, Devonshire, 27 Mar 1625 [M&JCH 26:48]; bur, there 30 Mar 1625 [M&JCH 26:48].  ii.  Thomas Loring, bp Axminster, Devonshire, 5 Mar 1625/6 [M&JCH 26-48];  m. Hingham 16 Dec 1657 Hannah Jacob [NEHGR 121:107]; daughter of Nicholas Jacob (1633, Watertown) [GMB 2:1069-71].  iii.  John Loring, b 22 Dec 1630 [sic] [Loring Diary 2], bp Axminster, Devonshire, 27 Dec 1629 [M&JCH 26:48]; m (1) Hingham 16 Dec 1657 Mary Baker [NEHGR 13:215, 121:107], daughter of Nathaniel Baker {1635 Hingham} [GM 2:1:133-39}; m (2) Hull 22 Sep 1679 Rachel (Wheatley) Buckland, daughter of John Wheatley and widow of Benjamin Buckland [GM 2:1:455; Loring Diary 2].  iv.  Josiah Loring b say 1636; m by 1663 Elizabeth Prince (eldest known child b Hingham 9 Aug 1663 [NEHGR 121:115; Loring Gen 20]), daughter of John Prince {1634 Cambridge} [[NEHGR 143:250].  (The baptismal record that has been assigned to Josiah is actually that of his second brother named Isaac.  v.   Isaac Loring bp Hingham 20 Jan 1638/9 [NEHGR 121:11]; d there 9 Feb 1638/9 [NEHGR 121:11].  vi.   Isaac Loring bp Hingham [blank] Jan 1641/2 [NEHGR 121:14]; d there 2 Mar 1644/5 "of a scald" [NEHGR 121:17].  vii.   Benjamin Loring bp Hingham 24 Nov 1644 [NEHGR 121:17]; m Hingham 8 Dec 1670 Mary Hawke [NEHGR 121:125], daughter of Matthew Hawke (1638 Hingham) (in his will of 24 Sep 1684, "Mathew Hawke of Hingham" included a bequest to "my daughter Loring" [SPR 6:485; Hingham Hist 2:294]).   Associations: Donald Lines Jacobus has proposed that Welthian (___) Richards, wife of Thomas Richards (1633, Dorchester) [GMB 3:1575-79] was a sister of Thomas Loring [Brainerd Anc 240-411; Granberry 303--4].  Comments:  In 1917 Charles Henry Pope punblished some entries from the Axminster, Devonshire, parish register in his genealogy of the Loring family [Loring Gen xiv-xvi].  In 1890 R. Cornish created an alphabetized transcript of the Axminster parish register [FHL Film #916,807]. Neither of these authors understood the seventeenth-century calendar, and these two sets of entries are variously erroneous, confusing or directly contradictory. Fortunately, in 1997 Robin Bush presented the results of his researches in the Axminster Bishops' Transcripts, which resolved the difficulties [M&JCH 26:48].  A journal kept by Israel Loring, grandson of the immigrant Thomas Loring, provides a few details about the family [The Journal of the Rev. Israel Loring (1682=1772) of Sudbury MA, Covering his Early Life and the Years 1704-1745, ed. Louis Parkman Thomas (Nevada City CA 1987)].  Israel Loring tells us that "My father's name was John Loring, the second son of Mr. Thomas Loring, born at Axminster in the county of Devonshire, old England, Dec 22, 1630. He came out of England with his father and mother in the year 1634" [p 2]. The date of birth given for John Loring is one year later than would be indicated by his baptismal date, which gives further cause for concern about the accuracy of the extracts available to us from the Axminster register. Whether the family actually left England in 1634 we cannot now tell. Perhaps their ship sailed early in 1635, before March 25, which could be considered a 1634 departure under the calendar then in use.  The identity of the wife of Thomas Loring supposedly derives from the journal of Israel Loring, "in which he states that Thomas Loring married Jane Newton"  [Granberry 304], but this statement does not appear in the journal as published. In his will of 3 Apr 1646, "John Newton of Colliton,, Devon, chirurgeon, "included bequests to "Anthony, my said son, and Joane, my said daughter, which are now in New England" [Waters 1040-41], and this daughter Joan is supposed to have been the wife of Thomas Loring.  On 2 Aug 1642, a petition to the Plymouth Court of Asistants "by some, t sit down at Sickuncke [Rehoboth], of Hinghame. Their names are these: John Porter, Thomas Lorine, Steephen Payne, Nicholas Baker" PCR 2:43].  Land in Rehoboth was granted to Loring, but he never moved to the new town, and by 1645 the land had been regranted to someone else [Early Rehoboth 1:126, citing "Rehoboth Town Meetings, Book I, p 67"].  On 15 Mar 1645/6 "all the houses of Tho[mas] Loring and John Oats burnt to the ground being the Sabbath day in the morning" [NEHGR 121:18]. This event may have been the immediate impetus for the move of the Loring family from Hingham to Hull.   When Thomas Richards of Weymouth made his will on 17 Dec 1650, he was "at this present ... in the town of Hull ... in the house of Thomas Loring" and included a bquest to "Brother Thomas Loring five pound for the charge and trouble they have been at with me [WP 6:85-86; GMB 3:1575-79].  Bibliographic Note: In 1917 Charles Henry Pope published Loring Genealogy, Complied fom "The Chronicles or Ancestral Records" of James Speare Loring ... (Cambridge MA 1917), cited above as Loring Gen. In 1989 Ethel Farrington Smith included an accoount of the family of Thomas Loring in her compilation of early Hull families [NEHGR 143:133-40].   

Founders and Patriots of America Index:  Loring, Thomas (c. 1600-Apr 4, 1661) m. ... Jane Newton MASS XXXII, 182

Per Jerry Gower ggower1@Maine.rr.com. Sarah Loring was bp Hingham MA 11 Apr 1779, dau of Zechariah & Mary (Joy) Loring per Hist of Hingham, and Charles Henry Pope, Loring Genealogy (1917). In Washington Co deed 6:373-4 Sarah & David Hitchings, heirs of Zecariah Loring, quit claim to her brother Peter their interest in Zechariah's estate proving her .

Tho Loring d 1661 to Dorchester MA 1634 w/wife & sons Thomas & John; rem to Hingham. One of 1st deacons of ch est there 1635; freeman 1635; settled Hull 1641; constable 1646; married in Eng Jane Newton.

THE WILL OF MRS. JANE LORING. In the Nam and fear of god Amen: 10 July. 1672. I Janne Loring of Hull in the county of Suffolke in New England: widow, having great reason to consider the uncertainty & momentariness of this present life & knowing that his decree is certain; in whose hands are all my times: & therefore according to his mind & will & my duty: 1 being in my good & sound understanding & memory though weak in body; and willing to dispose of my world [ly] estate & set my house in order; doe therefore make & declare this writing to be my last will & testament. Imprimis 1 give & bequeath my soul into the hands of him yt gave it, my blessed god & mercifull father in Christ Jesus; & my body to the dust; to be decently buried in the hope of a glorious resurrection unto an immortal inheritance amongst all they that are sanctified: in & by Christ Jesus: alsoe my just debts which 1 shall owe to any person to be justly & duly payed. 1 give to my eldest son Thomas Loring; one Book called the Jewell of contentment, one hoUon shirt: one Hollon cap: a holon neckcloath & a hollon handkerchief: also a new gowne; for a man: 1 give to my second son John Loring: one Book concerning the covenant of grace by mr Obadiah Sedgwick also one hollon shirt a hollon cap a hollon neckcloath a hollon handkerchief and a white dimity westcoate; also a ash coloured gowne: & a bellmettle skillett. Item 1 give to my son Benjamin Loring: one booke called the true or syncere covenant : a fine dowlesse shirt & a holon . . . item 1 give unto Hannah Loring my eldest son's wife: a hollon shift a tufted holon westcoat; a yellow piece of bodes & stomacher; a green piece of bodes & stomacher & sleeves: & my best gown & searg pettecoat belonging to it: a . . . petecoat & carsey westcoat: a pair of silk sleeves & a pair of hollon sleeves also my wisk case and the best wisk in it: also my best laced neckcloath, my best holon apron & best white gloves, the best dressinge the best holon quoife: & best tiring scarfe & silk hood. Item 1 give to Mary Loring wife unto my son John, a holon shift: to searge petecoats & on broad cloth petecoat yt is unmade: a kersey westcoat with gold lace: a ... & gown: a pair of hollon sleeves: a neckcloath & a whisk & suit of head linnen; a pair of white gloves; & my best ma[n]ttle: a silk hood: & a green apron & whit lane apron: & a long silk taffety scarfe. Item I give unto my daughter Mary wife to my son Benjamine: a searge gown & two searge pettecoats & a penestone pettecoat: a holon shift: a white apron & a greene apron & suit of head cloaths & a pair of longsleeves: also my riding suit & my pillion cloath: a hood & a pair of gloves. Item 1 give to my son Benjamine the table in yt parlor & six joynt stools: & four chairs & the Cubbord with yt which stand upon it: also a pair of cast cobirons: & my part in the catch yt is at sea. Item 1 give to my son Josiah & his wife eight pounds in money yt my son Josiah hath all redy in his hands of mine : & twenty pounds of wool to cloath his family & to be taken out of the north chamber: Item all the rest of my whole estate; whether goods household stuff, bedings moneys moveables & whatsoever is my own proper estate 1 give unto my [son] Thomas Loring my son John Loring & my son Benjamin Loring; I doe will the som to be divided equally by value & proportion amongst these three of my sons: finally 1 do will my eldest son Thomas to be my executour to see this my last will & testament for all intents to be accomplished & fulfilled: In testimony whereof I do hereunto set my hand this tenth of July Anno 1672: The Mark. Owned published & declared before of Janne Loring Witness Zechariah Whitman* Abram Joans. Proved by the testimony of the witnesses October 23 and 29, 1672. The inventory was presented in Court October 16, 1672.

History of Hingham: Thomas, came from Axminster, County of Devon, Eng., 23 Dec. 1634, and resided for a short time at Dor., Mass. Thence he removed to Hing., and Sept. 18, 1635, drew aa house-lot on Town (North), near what is now the corner of Ship St. He was made freeman 3 March, 1635-36; was early a deacon of the church in Hing., and was the progenitor of the families bearing this surname by birth in eastern Mass., and prob. throughout New Eng. On March 15, 1645-46, his dw.-house was destroyed by fire. He subsequently removed to Hull, where he d. intestate, 4 Apr. 1661. Est. appriaded 27 June, 1662, at 331 15s.; settled by his heirs 1672. His w., whom he m. in Eng, as Jane Newton. She d. 25 Aug. 1672, leaving a will, which was dated 10 July, 1672, proved 6 Oct. fol.

The Pilgrims of Boston: The decease of the common ancestors is thus recorded in Hobart's Diary: "1661, April 1. Thomas Loring, sometime a deacon to the church at Hingham, died at Hull." His widow, Jane, had the improvement of the estate until her decease, Aug. 25, 1672. By her will dated July 10,1672, she appointed her son Thomas executor. Among other legacies, she bequeathed to her son Thomas a volume called "The Jewell of Contentment, by Jeremiah Burroughs. Printed at London, in 1645." To Hannah, wife of Thomas, a yellow pair of bodices, stomacher, her best neck clothes, &c.; to her son, John, a volume called "The Covenant of Grace, by Obadiah Sedgwick." To Mary, wife of John, a suit of head linen, her best mantle, a kersey waistcoat with gold lace, and other articles; to her son Benjamin, a volume called "The True, or Sincere Convert, by Thomas Sheppard, of London, discovering the small number of true Beleevers, and the Great Difficulty of Saving Conversion." Also her interest in a "Catch," or vessel at sea. To Mary, wife of Benjamin, her riding suit, pillion cloth, hood and gloves, a suit of head clothes, serge gown, and other articles. To her son Josiah she gave twenty pounds of wool, to clothe his children. Rev. Zechariah Whitman was a witness to the will; proved, Boston, Oct. 6, 1672. The agreement of the four sons of Deacon Thomas Loring, in the division of their father's estate, Oct. 30, 1672, is in the probate office of Suffolk.

Loring Genealogy. Charles Henry Pope. 1917  Zechariah Loring (Jacob, John, Thomas), born at Hingham August 7, 1733; married Mary, daughter of Samuel and Thankful (Lincoln) Joy, born September 8, 1741. She and Mr. Loring joined with her sister Elizabeth and her husband, Jesse Sprague, March 26, 1788, in a deed of land in Hingham which they had inherited. The "History of Hingham'' states that this Mary Joy married Stephen Mansfield, and makes no mention of her becoming the wife of Zechariah Loring; but the editor of this work believes that the wife of Stephen Mansfield was another Mary Joy who was born May 9, 1736, and who had no sister Elizabeth. Zechariah Loring, according to his father's will, learned the trade of a "smith"; was called "weaver" in some documents, "barber" in others. He lived in his native town till well along in life, when he sold his Hingham property (the latest deed was in 1795) and removed to Perry, Me., by the side of the St. Croix River, where it empties into Passamaquoddy Bay.
Loring Genealogy: 3 JoHN LORING Thomas1 born at Axminster England as his son Rev Israel Loring tells us December 22 1630 baptized December 27 1630 married first December 16 1657 Mary only child of Nathaniel and Sarah Lane Baker who was baptized at Hingham in August 1639 and died July 13 1679, "a pious woman of whose conversion her husband was the instrument." He married second September 22 1679 Mrs Rachel Buckland widow of Mr Benjamin Buckland of Reho both and daughter of Mr John Wheatly of Braintree, she died September 20 1713 aged seventy years. He resided in Hull was town clerk seventeen years one of the selectmen nine terms representative in 1692. His son Israel became a minister and wrote a very affectionate and particular obituary upon his father which is preserved in the archives of the Massachusetts Historical Society and in the copy of that document in Mr James Spear. Loring's manuscript volume in the New England Historic Genealogical Society Several items of interest are worth quoting. Mr John Loring while a boy of five years definitely determined to be a good child of his heavenly Father and was earnestly religious all through his life. His wife attributed her own conversion to his influence. He was very solicitous to secure the conversion of his children . He began with them when they were young tender and flexible to put them in mind of God their Creator and the things that belong to their everlasting peace. He was a great reader. His was a religious family the morning and evening sacrifice were duly offered up and on the Lord's Day evenings the sermons which at meeting he took down in characters were repeated. He cut his foot at one time and the wound developed into a malignant sore which gave him extreme pain. After a famous physician of Boston had treated the foot and failed to cure it or relieve the agony a friend of Mrs Loring, Mrs Whitmore of Medford a doctress, came to visit the family and applying her balsom to his angry wounds he presently had rest and ease and slept soundly the night following and with the blessing of heaven upon her endeavors she effected a curem He recovered his health and lived some time thereafterm He died Lord's Day morning September 19 1714. 

Loring Genealogy. JOHN LORING (Thomas), born at Axminster, England, as his son, Rev. Israel Loring tells us, December 22, 1630, baptized December 27, 1630; married first, December 16, 1657, "Mary, only child of Nathaniel and Sarah (Lane) Baker, who was baptized at Hingham in August, 1639, and died July 13, 1679, "a pious woman of whose conversion her husband was the instrument." He married second, September 22, 1679, Mrs. Rachel Buckland, widow of Mr. Benjamin Buckland of Rehoboth, and daughter of Mr. John Wheatly, of Braintree; she died September 20, 1713, aged seventy years. He resided in Hull; was town clerk seventeen years, one of the selectmen nine terms, representative in 1692.

THE WILL OF JOHN LORING. I John Loring of Hull in ye County of Suffolk within Their majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in new England, haveing Arived to those Dayes & years which cannot but mind me of my mortality, and that approaching dissolution which is advancing upon me. and not knowing how soon or suddenly it may please that God who gave my breath & being, to a period to ye number of ye months & moments of my aboad here. The which are alone with himselfe. And that I may prevent any uncomfortable differences which may arise (when I am gone from hence) by the omission of that known duty of setting my house in order, and disposeing and settling of the things of this life which the Lord has graciously given me. I do make and constitute this my Last will and Testament in manner & form following: I commit my soul into the hands of that God who gave it me. whom I hope I have had communion with and soul refreshment from in Life.And trust that he will not forsake me at Death, hopeing for pardon acceptance and salvation only & alone through the meer mercy of God and merrits of ye Lord Jesus my Body I commit that to ye earth to be decently buried at ye discression of my executors hereafter named. And as to the things of this life which ye Lord has lent me I give and bequeath as followeth; Imprimis I give to my beloved wife Rachell Loring all that estate which was her former husbands to give & bequeath among her children as she shall please. I also give unto her ye use & improvement of one end of my now dwelling house which end she pleases to choose, with ye use of my best bed and furniture belonging to it, as also ye use of so much of my household stuff as she shall as she shall have necessity for Dureing her widowhood. And further I give unto her Twelve Pounds in money to be Annually well and truely paid her (whilst she bares my name) in such manner as is hereafter expressed. Viz: That my sons, Thomas, Nathaniel, Daniel, Jacob, Israel, John & Caleb Loring, pay her, Twenty shillings a piece in money, and my son Thomas Joans Ten shillings money p. Annum, as also that my sons to witt. John and Caleb Loring. Pay her four pounds and ten shillings more in money yearly. And for theire so doing I give to them their Heirs & asign Peter my negro man servant for ever, not preventing my said wife the command of my said negro as to things in & about ye house fetching of her in wood water &c-. but if my said negro shall dye or be disenabled from service, that they because theref cannot pay ye Rent of ye aforesaid four pounds & ten shillings as abovesaid then my will is that each and every of my sons before mentioned (excepting my son Thomas Joans) shall pay yearly Ten shillings a piece more to their mother, over & above ye afore mentioned twenty shillings, and my son Thomas Joans to pay her yearly five shillings more, and my will is that if any of my above named sons shall neglect or refuse paying their said sums as aforesaid to their said mother, that then any Two of them shall have (and by this my will I give them) full power to demand sue for and recover ye same, by Law or otherwise. And in case my wife change her condition by marriage, then my will is that she leave what I have above given her ye use and improvement of dureing her bareing of my name, and have then but six pounds p Annum paid her. And for as much as my Father in Law Nathaniel Baker of Hingham deceased, did give portions to the children which I had by my first wife, and I also have given to most of them out of my Estate to some more, to some less, therefore I shall now give ye less to them that have had the most allready. Item I give to my son Joseph Lorings four children, twelve pence, per piece, to be paid to them upon demand by my executors hereafter named. And for as much as my son Nathaniel Loring has had a considerable portion in lands & meadow more then ye rest of his Brethren therefore I give him but halfe as much as one of them now, and for as much as I have been at considerable expence, to bring up my son Israel to Learning, therefore I give him also but halfe as much as one of his Brethren. And as for my only surviving Daughter Mary Jones my will also is that she likewise shall have but half so much as her brethren, and as for my son Isaac Loring Deceased, who has left four children my will is that they shall have as much as one of their Fathers Brethren, that is to said his son to have a double portion of that share to be paid unto them by my son John and Caleb Loring. when they shall come of Age, or five years after my Decease. And further my will is that my Three sons Jacob John and Caleb Loring havng been with me and a help to me in my old Age. they haveing no Trades. I therefore give to my son Jacob a lot of salt medow by strait Pond mill, moreover a piece of salt medow bought of Samuel Baker lyeing in partnership with Brother Benjamin Loring, further I give him all my right title interest of in & unto the biggest of Brusters Islands. The which I give him not as part of his portion, but as a free gift to him his heirs & assigns for ever. Item I give to my Two sons John & Caleb Loring all my right & interest in ye lands barn house & hay scrues at hempland Hill in ye Township of Hull, excepting what I have formerly given to my son Thomas Loring at ye westerly end of said Hill, as is already laid out by markes that is known, as also all my right and title in ye lands at Slatt Island, with all my Common Rights & priveledges in & upon the neck both of Herbige & wood, excepting what of wood my wife shall have need of for her own fireing, as also one halfe of ye midlemost of Bruster Islands, with a piece also of salt medow at Pettuks Island, which was formerly Benjamin Bosworths all which I give to them not as part of their portion but as a free Gift to be Equally Divided between them their heirs & assigns for ever. Item I further give to my son Jacob Loring all my right of & unto, lands lyeing at Sagamore Hill, as also at white head, and Straberry Hill, all lyeing in ye Township of Hull, all which lands I give to him his heirs & assigns for ever, with this reserve that he sell it not away from his Brothers John and Caleb (if they will buy it) He not exceeding Ten pounds an acre. Item All the rest of my lands in ye Township of Hull (not before given away) with all my rights in Pettuks Island, together with my interest in Ransfords Island now in partnership with Brother Benjamin Loring I give to my two sons John & Caleb Loring their Heirs & assigns forever, with this exception that if it amount to more than their just & equal proportion of my estate according to ye rules which I have before and shall hereafter express, then they shall pay out thereof to each of my children as have not theire proportion, and that in ye space of Three years after my decease, and if not paid in that time then to pay five shillings an acre for ye rent of ye land untill ye principal be paid. And my will is that all ye last lands given away to my three sons shall come to a Division with my personal estate. & shall be at such apprisement as is expressed in my Book, reference whereunto had may more fully appeare. And further my will is That what ever I have allready or hereafter may & shall give to any of my children and shall so appeare upon my Book, shall be accounted as part of their portion and that what part of my estate that shall not be apprised by my self, and set in said Book shall be apprised by such indifferent men, as my executors shall se cause to choose; And whereas my son Jacob has allready laid out Considerably in repairing one of my houseings and He being removed out of ye Town, my will is that He be paid what costs & charges shall appeare he has laid out thereon, and my will is that my two sons John & Caleb Loring keep all my houseings in repair, both for themselves & mother dureing her widowhood, and that if it should so happen that any of them be consumed by fire during my wives widowhood that then every of my children shall each of them bare his own loss. And after my wives decease, all my houseings to be my said sons John & Caleb Lorings with the beding & household stuff ye my wife shall then leave, the which I Give to them Their Heirs Executors Administrators And Assignes for ever: they paying out as followeth viz. To my son Thomas Loring Ten pounds. To my Son Nathaniel Five Pounds. To my son Daniel Ten pounds. To my son Israel Five pounds. To my Daughter Mary Joans Five pounds. To my grandson Isaac Loring Five pounds, all to be paid within Three years after my wives widowhood or Decease, and it is to be understood that ye sums so set with the lands & other estate shall be valued at fifteen pennyweight. and my will is that my sons John & Caleb shall not fence in their lands neither at home nor hempland hill so as to debar one or other from full & free ingress & regress into upon & from their lands either at one end or the other nor sell it to any that shall so Doe. but live in love & peace, That ye God of love & peace may live with each and every of them And I do appoint my Two sons Thomas & John Loring to be executors of this my last will & Testament And in Testimony that this is my last will & Testament I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seale, this seventh Day of February Anno Domini seventeen hundred & eight in ye sixth year of their Majesties Reign John Loring (Seal) Signed, Sealed, Published, and declared, to be the last will & Testament of John Loring in the presence of us John Colyer Gersham Colier Samuel Loring.

Loring Genealogy.  Jacob Loring (John, Thomas), born at Hull April 21, 1676; married first, February 9, 1708-9, Sarah, daughter of John and Hannah (Lincoln) Lewis, born July 12, 1690, died April 8, 1727. He married second, May 8, 1728, Hannah, daughter of Peter and Hannah (Allen) Jacob, born July 22, 1696, died November 12, 1778. He was a constable in 1709, a selectman several terms. Resided on Leavitt Street near East Street. He died December 5, 1751. His will, dated February 4, 1749, proved January 21, 1751-2, provided that his wife should have life use of the house and have all of the personal property. His son Jacob to have the home place (subject to his mother's rights); Zechariah to work in the smith's shop till he was twenty-three years of age, and to have one-half of the tools there; the three sons to have the rest of the land, paying 400 to their sister and 60 to their mother.

Pioneers of MA: Loring, Thomas, Hingham, propr. frm. 3/3/1635-6. Debuty, deacon, His house was burned 8/15/1645-6. Rem. to Hull Propr. 1657. Son John was also propr. at the time. Wife Jane; ch. Thomas, John b 12/22/1630; Isaac bapt 1/20/1639-40 d. Feb. folg.; IUsaac bapt 1/9/1641-2 d 3/2/1644-5; Josiah bapt. 1/9/1641; Benjamin bapt. 11/24/1644. He d. 3/4/1661. Inv. taken 6/27/1662. The widow d. 8/25/1672. Will dated 7/10, prob. 10/23 folg. beq. to eldest son Thomas L. and Hannah, his wife; to sons John and Benjamin; to son Josiah's wife

THE WILL OF ZECHARIAH LORING. I, Zackariah Loring of Passamaquody in the County of Washington in the State of Massachusetts, yeoman this twenty third day of May and one Thousand Eight hundred and five being weak in body but of sound mind and memory thanks be to God. Causing to mind the mortality of the body knowing that it is appointed to all men to die I do make and ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament. And first & principly I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it hoping for full pardon of all my sins thro' the atonements of Jesus Christ my redeemer & my body to the Earth to be buried in a decent manner at the Discresion of my Executor hereafter mentioned and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life my mind and will is, the same be disposed and imployed as follows First that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid by my Executors hereafter mentioned in convenient season after my decease I do appoint my loving Wife Mary Loring and my son Peter Loring sole Executors of this my last will and testament First I give to my Dear and beloved Wife Mary Loring all my Personal Estate at her disposal and I give her all my real estate as long as she liveth in this world after her the real Estate is to be equally devided between my children excepting Caleb I give Caleb Four Dollars only which is to be paid out of each ones share equally alike. All the just debts and funeral charges shall be paid out of the real estate This I declare to be my last will and testament in the presents of Zackariah Loring Moses Lincoln Nathaniel Stoddar Jacob Lincoln

A-CHS Issue 107 Nov. 2000: Thomas J. Burbank was born on March 19, 1816 in Trenton, Maine. He moved to Cooper as a child with his parents, Deacon Johnson and Abigail Burbank. Through his marriages Thomas became connected to many Cooper residents. Thomas married first Harriet Hitchings (1816). She was a granddaughter of Josiah and Anna (Livingstone) Hitchings who had moved from New Boston, New Hampshire to St. David, New Brunswick. Harriet's parents were David and Sally (Loring) Hitchings who moved to Cooper before 1830. They had 10 children, the youngest, David (1799) died young. Harriet's sister Mary (1801) married Benjamin Henderson and they lived in Cooper. Her brother Henry (1810) married Margaret Brown, daughter of Joseph Green Brown, and they, too, lived in Cooper. The next younger brother, Hiram (1813) married Mary Florence Howe, daughter of Asa and Susan (Fisher) Howe. They were living in Cooper in 1850. Harriet's younger sister Rachel (1821) married Charles William Palmeter and also lived in Cooper. So Harriet Hitchings and four of her siblings married and lived in Cooper. 

1800 Census Township 1 Washington ME: Zackariah Loring   0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1
1810 Census Plantation 1 Washington ME:
Zackeus Loring 2 0 0 1 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 
1820 Census Perry Washington ME:
Zachariah Loring 2 2 0 0 0 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 3 0 0 
1830 Census Perry Washington ME: Zach Loring 0 0 2 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1
1840 Census Perry Washington ME: Sarah Loring 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1

Washington: Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns: The inhabitants of Perry, Plantation # 1 East of Machias in the 1790 census were Samual Frost, Alex Patterson & Alex Hodges, probably the first settlers on St. Croix Bay, Moses & Jacob Lincoln, Peter Loring, John Frost, Wm. Morrison, Daniel Sweat, Samuel Tuttle, James Wood, Nathaniel Stoddard, Wm. Kilbey, Abiah Damons, James Chubbuck.] 

Peter Loring 1790 Census Plantation 1 East of Machias 1/-/1. [Lucy Loring m Amos Boynton 6/1/1786 Washington Co.]

1820 Census of Perry: http://www.mainegenealogy.net/2007/03/1820-census-perry-washington-county.html 

[Eastport Vital Records: Family Record of Davis Loring by R B Clark Town Clerk "Davis Loring Born in Perry Sept 20th 1819 Melissa M Clark born Lubec Dec 20th 1834 They were married at Eastport July 17th 1854][Loring Cemetery Perry ME: LORING Peter died 11/7/1831 age 40 yrs. 3 mos. 17 days, Sarah died 1/10/1870 age 74 yrs, Helen M. died 1836 age 5 yrs. LORING Peter died 5/6/1835 age 72 yrs. Rachel died 11/23/1843 age 73 yrs.] 

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