Maister / Master

Agnes / Anne MAISTER / MASTER died circa 1581 & 1584 daughter of John of Sandwich Co. Kent mayor of Sandwich, member of Parliament

Spouse: Nicholas GIFFORD, Gent, of St. James near Northampton born circa 1506 died 5/19/1546

Children: Roger married Amy Samwell; Barbara married Thomas Calwell; George married Ann Prestland; Anne married Gervaise Morton; Marie married Thomas Waldram


Margaret GYFFORD

Spouse: Hugh SARGENT, Gent, died 2/28/1595, of Courteenhall

Children: Jane baptized 6/16/1567 married Arthur Clarcke; Alice/Alce baptized 5/8/1569 married George Coles; Roger; George baptized 4/2/1573; Elizabeth baptized 1/30/1555 married Nichas Edwards 9/16/1576; Anne; Nicholas baptized 8/1/1559 married Elizabeth Clark 11/17/1593; Marye baptized 5/30/1565; John baptized 4/25/1566; Richarde; Thomas; Magdalen baptized 7/9/1574; Robert baptized 10/30/1575; Michaell baptized 12/27/ 1576; Dorothey baptized 2/8/1578, died 10/4/1602 being delivered of a bd 9 daies before

  Info per New England Historic Genealogical Society

White Swirled Line

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