Family 2 John Marston

Captain William MARSTON born circa 1590 Ormesby At. Margaret, county Norfolk, died 6/30/1672 Hampton NH; came to America in 1634

Spouse: (1) Unknown died in 1660; (2) Sabina/Sabrina Page daughter of Robert & Lucia Page of Ormsby Norfolk England, married when she was 18 or 20, he was aged 70 in 1662; Sabina married (2) John Redman

Children: By wife (1) Thomas born about 1615-17 died 1690 married Mary Eastow (William); Prudence married 1st William Swaine, married 2nd Moses Cox; William baptized 3/11/1622 - 26 at Hemesby co. Norfolk; Anne baptized 12/6 buried 12/7/1628; John baptized 6/20/1626 - 30 at Hemesby died 1708; by wife (2) Tryphena born 12/28/1663 married Joseph Philbrick


Captain William MARSTON baptized 3/11/1626 Hemesby County Norfolk; came with father to America; died 1/22/1703 aged 81

Spouse: (1) Rebecca PAGE / Paige married 10/15/1652 died 6/27/1673 aged 37 years;  (2) Ann (Roberts) Philbrick widow of James Philbrick Sr.married 7/5/1675

Children: hildren: Rebecca married 8/23/1676 John Smith (see Smith family 4); Hannah born 8/21/1656 married Samuel Fogg; Mary born 4/4/1659 died 11/2/1660; Samuel born 9/8/1661 married Sarah Sanborn; Triphena born 12/28/1663 married Joseph Philbrick; Lucy born 4/21/1665 married Josiah Moulton; William born 10/7/1667 died 11/8/1667 married Susannah; Maria/Mariah born 5/16/1672 married James Prescott;


Rebecca MARSTON born circa 1654 married 8/23/1676

Spouse: John SMITH 

Children: David born 3/8/1678 married Margaret Goss; Israel born 4/12/1680 married widow Sarah Libby; Susanna born 10/14/16782 married Benjamin James; Jabez married Rachel Moultoin; Rebecca born 6/25/1687 married John Moulton; Meribah married Seth Fogg; Hannah; Sarah born 8/28/1695 married Jacob Moulton

Family 2

John MARSTON, carpenter, born Ormesby, town of Yarmouth, Norfolkshire ENG, came on Rose of Yarmouth age 20 in 1637, settled in Salem, master of ketch Returne, brought goods from Barbadoes died 12/19/1681 age 66, died 12/19/1681

Spouse: Alice EDEN (Sarah) came in same ship as John age 18, of Ormesby, married 8/4/1640

Children: John born 8/29/1641 married Mary Chichester; Ephraim born 8/30/1643; Manasseh born circa 1645, blacksmith; Sarah born circa 1647; Benjamin born 1/9/1650-1 married Sarah Verin; Hannah born circa 1653; Thomas born circa 1655; Elizabeth born 1657; Abigail born 12/19/1658; Mary born 3/23/1660-1; all born Salem MA


Abigail MARSTON born 12/19/1658 Salem MA

Spouse: John WADLEIGH born 12/7/1657 Wells ME

Children: Abigail born 3/30/1684 Exeter NH; Joseph born 3/7/1685-6 Exeter; John born 8/14/1691 Exeter; Alice born 8/27/1693 Salisbury MA; Ephraim born 5/25/1697 Salisbury; Ruth born 6/28/1700 Salisbury

Pioneers of MA: Marston, Maston, Marson, John, ae. 20, servant of Mary Moulton, passed exam. to go to NE 3/11/1637. Settled at Salem. Propr. frm 6/2/1641. He deposed in 1666, ae. about 50 years, being master of John Ruck's ketch called the Returne; brought certain goods from the Barbadoes. Wife Alicfe; ch. John b 29 (6) bapt. 12 (7) 1641; Ephraim b. 30 (8) bapt. 10 (10) 1643; Manasses bapt 7 (7) 1645; Sarah bapt 19 (1) 1647; Benjamin bapt 9 (1) 1651; Hannah bapt 17 (2) 1653; Thomas bapt 11 (12) 1654; Eliza bapt 30 (6) 1657; Abigail b 19 (12) 1658 bapt 10 (2) 1659; Mary b 3/23/1661. He d 12/19/1681 ae 66. He made will 12/18/1681 prob. 30 (4) 1682; beq to wife; sons John, Manasseh [sic], Ephraim & Benjamin and daus. Sarah and Abigail.

Gen. Dictionary ME & NH: Marston, Captain William, Hampton, b. prob. at Ormesby St. Margaret, co. Norfold, ab. 1590, s. of Henry, was in Salem in 1636. He had a land gr. in Hamp. 30 June 16740 and prob. had a ho.-lot earlier, near the present site of the town house. Selectman, 1652. He m. his 1st w., name unknown, in Eng. (she may have been the Goody Marston of List 393a) and late in life m. 2d. a young woman, Sabina (see Locke 31/2), who m. 2d John Redman; List 394. He. d. 30 June 1672, his will, 25 June-8 Oct., left everything to his 8 yr. old dau. except 5s. to each son. His wid., executrix, claimed dower, and one son, prob. Wm. who is later found with the homestead, did not submit meekly, as in N.H. Ct. Papers is an attachm. undated and defendant blank, in behalf of Tryphena M., sole heiress, illegally pros. and arbitrarily dispos. of her lands in 1674. Lists 392ab, 393ab, 391ab. Ch. by 1st wife: Thomas b. ab. 16717. Prudence m. 1st William Swaine, m. 2d Moses Cox. William bp. 11 Mar. 1626 at Hemesby co. Norfolk. Anne, bp. n6 Decl, bur 7 Dec. 1628 at Hemesby. John bp. 20 June 1630 at Hemesby. By 2d w.; Tryphena b. 28 Dec 1663 m. Joseph Hiilbrick.

Gen. Dictionary ME & NH: Marston, Captain William, near 80 in 1700, had the homestead. He m. 1st 10/15/1652 Rebecca Page m. 2d 7/5/1675 wid. Ann Roberts Philbrick who serv. him. Selectman 1668, 1676-7, 1682, 1693; gr. j. 1693. He d. 22 Jan 1703-4. His will 1701-1704, named his w. s. Samuel and daus. Rebecca, Hannah and Maria. Ch: Rebecca m. 23 Aug 1676 John Smith. Hannah, b. 21 Aug 1658, m. Samuel Fogg. Mary, b. 4 Apr. 1659, d. 2 Nov. 1660. Samuel, b. 8 Sept. 1661. Lucy, b. 21 Apr. 1665, m. Josiah Moulton. William, b. 7 Octl, d. 8 Nov. 1667. Maria, b. 16 May 1672, m. James Prescott.

Pioneers of MA: Marston, Maston, Marson, William, Sr. Hampton, made will 25 June prob 8 Oct 1672; beq. to sons Thomas, William and John; daus Prudence Cox and Trifana M.; wife Sabina exec.

Genealogical & Family History of the State of NH:  William Marston was born 1592 in Yorkshire Eng and died 6/30/1672 in Hampton NH. He came to Salem MA in 1634 with his family and probably his brothers Robert & John. He received a grant in 1636 from the general court and removed to Newbury the next year. He was one of the 54 proprietors of Hampton in this state in 1638, and passed the remainder of his life in that town. He was a Quaker and was shamefully persecuted because of his religious faith, being compelled to pay exorbitant fines. Among those recroded against him was one of 15 pounds, for keeping in his possession a paper and 2 books in support of his religious belief. He died in Hampton at the age of about 80 years. His first wife died in 1660 her name being unknown. He was married (second) at the age of 70 years to Sabrina Page, who was then 18 or 20 years of age, daughter of Robert and Lucia Page (see Fogg), of Ormsby, Norfolk, Eng. She was the mother of one daughter, Tryphena Marston. Mr. Marston's children were: thomas, William, John, Prudence & Tryphena. // Captain William, second son of William Marston was born in 1621, in Eng and died in 1704. His wife, Rebecca Page, (born 1646 died 1673) was a daughter of Robert & Lucy Page (born 1604 and 1607 respectively, and died 1679 and 1665 respectively) // Rebecca, daughter of Captain William & Rebecca Page Marston, born 1654, became the wife of John Smith, and mother of Sarah (Smith) Moulton (1695-1730) referred to above in IV. John Smith, husband of Rebecca Marston was the son of Robert & Susannah Smith, the former born 1611 and died 1706, and the latter died 1680.// William, second son and child of William Marston, was born about 1621, in Yorkshire Eng and was about 16 years old when he went with his father to Hampton NH. He continued to reside in that town until his decease 1/22/1703 at the age of 81 years. He married 1st 10/15/1652 Rebecca Paige daughter of Robert Paige (see Fogg) who was born 1636 and died 6/27/1673. Mr. married married 2nd about 1675 Mrs. Ann Philbrick, widow of James Philbrick. His children were: Rebecca, Hannah, Mary, Samuel, Lucy, William, died a 4 mo., William & Maria.

Genealogical and Family History of ME: Captain William Marston immigrant ancestor was of ancient English family whose various branches bore coats-of-arms and achieved distinction. He is the ancestor of all the Hampton Marstons, though another immigrant of the name, one Robert Marston, presumably his brother, settled also in the town of Hampton, NH. Robert Marston's dwelling house was between the common and the meeting house green, on the place at present known as the Jeremiah Marston place. He died in 1643 leaving a son Simon who disappears from the records leaving no issue. The Robert Marston place was sold to William Moulton by Simon. Moulton sold it to Richard Knight who on 10/5/1653 sold it to the present owner Jeremiah Marson. Captain William Marston was born in England in 1592; married and had several children before he came to America. Land was granted to him in Hampton as early as 6/30/1640 and it is probable that a house lot was assigned to him earlier. He lived near the present site of the town house on the farm now owned by Frank Green. His wife seems to have been living as late as 1651. He died 6/30/1672 leaving a widow named Sabina who was executrix of his will. She married 2nd John Redman. Children of the first wife: Thomas born about 1615; William born about 1621 married Rebecca Page and Ann Philbrick died 1/22/1704-5; John born about 1625 died 1708; Prudence married William Swain and Moses Coxe. Child of second wife Tryphena born 12/28/1663 married Joseph Philbrick. // William Marston Sr the forebear of the Hampton branch of the Marstons was born in England about 1592 came to Salem MA Bay Colony in 1634 with his wife and family of 4 children and probably accompanied by his brothers Robert & John. He received a grant of land in Salem from the general court in 1636 but soon after went to Newbury and in 10/1638 with 55 other settlers, located on lands at Winnecumet in Norfolk co. granted by the general court of the MA Bay Colony; and they named the place Hampton after their English home. His first wife who came with him from England bore him 4 child, all born in England. Thomas 1617; William 1622; John 1626; Prudence 1630 married Moses Coxes. His wife died about 1660 and about 1662 he married Sabrina, daughter of Robert and Lucia Page of Ormesby Norfolk Eng, she being at the time of her marriage 18 or 20 years of age. By her he had one child: Tryphyna born in Hampton 10/28/1663, married in 1685, James Jr. son of James and Ann Philbrick. The patriarch was a godly man and belonged to the Friends Society and was fined by the general court 15 pounds for keeping a paper and 2 books that inculcated Quaker doctrines. He died in Hampton 6/30/1672. // William Jr, second child of William Marston, the patriarch immigrant, was born in Yorkshire England in 1622 and came with his father and the other members of his family to Salem MA Bay Colony in 1634. He lived in Hampton and was married 10/15/1652 to Rebecca daughter of Robert and Lucia Paige of Ormesby Norfolk co. Eng: Children born in Hampton: Rebecca 1654 married in 1676 John Smith; Hannah 8/21/1656 married in 1676 Samuel Fogg; Mary 2/9/1659 died 12/2/1660; Samuel 7/8/1661; Lucy 2/21/166_ married Mr. Marston; William 8/7/1667 died 11/8/1667; William 1669 died single before 1701; Maria 3/6/1672 married 1695 James Prescott. His wife died 6/27/1673 aged 37 years and he married about 1675  Ann, widow of James Philbrick Sr. William Marston Jr. died in Hampton NH 1/22/1703. 

Genealogy of the Blish Family in America:  He was a descendant of John Marston who came to Salem Mass from Ormsby Town of Yarmouth England in the ship Rose of Yarmouth. John Marston was registered as servant to widow Mary Moulton age 20 years. He m Alice Eden who came over in the same ship and from the same place. He was a carpenter by trade[ References Barn Tn Rec Freeman's Cape Cod Winslow Gen & Marston Gen]

Representative Men & Families of SE MA: I John Marston of Ormesby town of Yarmouth Norfolkshire England aged twenty years came to this country in 1637 in the ship Rose of Yarmouth. The American records make him two years older born 1615. He settled at Salem. He married Alice supposed to be Alice Eden aged twenty one years then who came from the same place and in the same ship and at the same date as John did her age being registered as eighteen. Mr Marston was a carpenter by trade and one time a member of the Society of Friends and fined for not complying with the rules of the Established Church. He united with the First Church at Salem June 9 1640 and made freeman June 2 1641. He had granted to him by the town of Salem a lot of land near Royalside April 10 1646 also other land later. He died Dec 19 1681. He had ten children baptized in the First Church. His children were John born Nov 26 1641, Ephraim born Oct 30 1643, Manasseh baptized Sept 7 1645, Sarah baptized March 17 1647, Benjamin born Jan 9 1650, Hannah baptized April 17 1653, Thomas baptized Feb 11 1655, Elizabeth baptized Aug 13 1657, the last three died young. Abigail born Dec 19 1658 and Mary born March 22 1660. II John Marston 2 son of John born Nov 26 1641 in Salem Mass married first Sept 5 1664 Mary Chichester daughter of James. She died May 25 1686 aged forty three years and he married second Sept 15 1686 Mary Turner daughter of Thomas and Mary Gardiner and widow of Habakkuk Turner. Mr Marston was chosen deacon of the First Church Oct 14 1685. He was a carpenter and was living in Salem in 1725 at the age of eight of our years. He was grantor or grantee in sixteen deeds 1667 and 1785. He had eight children. John born May 26 1666 who died in infancy, John 2 born Sept 2 1667, Mary born Nov 14 1669, James born Nov 28 1672, Sarah born Aug 8 1675, Manasseh born Oct 25 1677, the last three likely died young, Elizabeth born July 10 1687 and Ruth born 1690. 

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Marston, William (c. 1592-June 30, 1672) m. ... ... ... NH IX, 10; XII, 54; XXXI, 72.

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