Jean MERCER born on 18 Oct 15__ in Of Tourney, Normandy, France. He died in Ypres, , Belgium, ?

Spouse: Jeanne LeCLERCQ born about 1559 in Of Valenchinne, Les Deux, Normandy, France. She died in Ypres, Belgium ?. She married Jean MERCER on 18 Oct 1579 in Southampton, Hampshire, England.

Children: Paul merchant of Southhampton, married __ Pryaulx; Daniel dier of St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey, married Sarah Hublon; Francis clerk, rector of Godmanston, Dorset, will proved 1/31/1668; Samuel; Peter; Anna married Peter Pryaulx; Elizabeth married Stroud & Blanchard; Judith married __ Johnson; Female married Strowde; Hester married Nathaniel Bachiler



Spouse: Nathaniel BATCHELDER

Children: Stephen; Anna born circa 1625 married Daniel Du Cornet of Middleburge Holland, merchant; Francis born circa 1628; Nathaniel born circa 1630 died 1/19/1709-10; Benjamin born circa 1632

Batchelder/Batcheller Genealogy by F.C. Pierce: Paul Mercer, of Southampton, merchant, 6 June, 1661, will with a codicil dated 7 June, proved 9 Sept., 1661. To be buried in Godhouse Chappell within Southampton town. Thirty cloth mourn- ing gouns to be distributed amongst thirty poor men and women inhabitants of said town, every goun being worth near upon thirty shillings a piece. To Mr. William Bernard, vicar of Holywoods church, five pounds. To the common poor of the English and French churches gathered in said town one hundred pounds. For a remembrance to John, Jacob and Paul Pryaulx, Mary the wif of John Lamport, Elizabeth, Catherine and Thomasme Pryaulx, the son and daughters of late Capt. Peter Pryaulx, my cousins, to each of them the sum of ten pounds at one and twenty years of age. To my sister Elizabeth Blanchard, for a remem-brance, my second best diamond ring. And as concerning the hundred pounds (principal) due by her son John Stroad, his obli- gation dated 2 February, 1645, my will is that out of it he shall pay unto Francis Mercer, my brother and executor, thirty pounds and another thirty pounds unto Jane and Elizabeth Godsell, the daughters of his sister Jane, now the wife of John Hill, or the survivor of them at twenty-one or days of marriage. The remainder of the said John Stroad's debts is hereby discharged and acquitted him forever. To my sister Judith Johnson, widow, a yearly annuity of twenty pounds during her natural life; and to her daughter Mary, the relict of late James Chipchase, my niece, and after her decease to child or children equally to be divided, the sum of two hundred pounds. To her sister Jane, the relict of late Gideon de Lawne, my niece, and after to her child or children my jewel of pendent diamonds, etc., valued at one hundred pounds, with one hundred pounds in money. To my brother Peter Mercer, during his natural life, a yearly pension of forty pounds, providing that the legacy given him by the last will of our deceased brother Daniel Mercer shall remain properly for my use as my own and proper goods. As for his only daughter Hester, now the wife of Thomas Cary, my dear niece, I having already fully paid and satisfied her debts, etc. (references to her contract of marriage dated 12 May, 1600), she shall have two hundred pounds, etc. Item, I do give to her brother, my nephew, Thomas Mercer, and after his decease to his children or child begotten in wedlock, the sum of fifty pounds. To Susan and Anna Mercer, the daughters of my deceased nephew William Mercer, one hundred pounds equally to be divided etc., and if anything can be produced by their mother Susan Mercer, widow, from her late deceased husband's debtors it shall be (after decease) equally divided by her three children, named Paul, Susan and Anna Mercer, upon an account of a judgment of eleven hundred pounds by their said mother acknowledge heretofore unto me. To the children of my brother Francis Mercer, clerk, named Peter, John, Francis, Jane and Hester Mercer, to every one of them one hundred pounds at twenty-one or days of marriage, etc. To the four children of my deceased brother Daniel Mercer, for a remembrance, five pounds apiece at twenty-one. Item, I give unto "my niessce Anna de (sic) daughter of late Nathaniel and Hester Bachiler, now the wife of Daniel du Cornet, of Middlebrough, merchant," as a marriage portion, three hundred pounds current Flemish money or, in lieu thereof, one hundred and four score pounds current English money, at my executors' choice. To her three younger brothers, my nephews, named Francis, Nathaniel and Benjamin Bachiler, two hundred pounds, to be equally divided amongst them or the survivors of them. I give unto the grandchildren of my deceased sister, Anna, begotten on the body of my late "niessee" Mary, the wife of late John Bachiler, vizt unto their eldest son, named John Bachiler, sixty pounds, unto his sisters Mary, Anna and Margaret Bachiler, and unto their brother Paul Bachiler six hundred, to be by them four equally divided (they under twenty-one years of age). To Hester Mansbridge, the relict of late Richard Mans- bridge, for a remembrance, thirty pounds; and I acquit and discharge her of all debts, etc., which she or her late husband owe to me; and if she happen to decease before me my will is that her daughter Hester Gushing, or her child or children lawfully be- gotten on her body, shall have and enjoy the above mentioned legacy bequeathed unto her above named mother. Certain ser- vants. The residue to my dear brother Francis Mercer, Clerk, and his forever, whom I make the only executor, etc. ; but in case h2 shall happen to deacese before the accomplishing and perfecting of it then my desire is that my dear nephews Dr. John Pryaulx and Paul Pryaulx, of London, merchant, with Henry Pitt and Mr. Joseph de la mott of Southampton, merchants, or any three or two of them, will be pleased and are hereby empowered and authorized to accomplish and perform the contents of this my pres- ent will, etc., as being selected to be my overseers. In the codicil he provides that in case his clear estate should not amount to three thousand two hundred pounds proportional deductions and abatements should be made on the legacies pious uses, Hester Cary and Anna du Cornet's sums excepted. May, 142.

Daniel Mercer of St. Olave, Southwark Surrey (brother of Paul), died 28 August, 1650, proved 6 September, 1650, by Peter Hublon, one of the executors, and by Paul Mercer, the other executor, 2 May, 1651. To the poor of St. Olave twenty pounds sterling. To my .cousin Cooper, minister of the said parish, five pounds. To Mistress Woocock forty shillings. To my cousin Francis Batchel- lor three score pounds sterling, to be paid him at his age of one and twenty years. To my brother Peter Mercer three score pounds, to be paid unto him by my brother Paul Mercer as he shall see occasion and in his discretion think fit, and not other- wise. To my brother and sister Johnson I give ten pounds, between them to be divided. To my wife Sarah all such goods, leases and estate as were her own when I married her, besides her children's portions to be assigned over to my wife to her chil- dren's use and benefit. I give her also five hundred pounds out of my own neat estate, she to secure my executors from such debts as she or her former husband did owe. To my brother Paul Mercer and my brother in law Peter Hublon whom I make sole ecutors, etc., five pounds apiece. To my son Daniel my messuages, etc., in Sussex, which I lately purchased of John Middle- ton, gentleman. The rest to my children Elizabeth and Benjamin Mercer and such other child or children as my wife now goeth with. Provisional legacy to brother Peter Hublon and sister Leuparte and their children and to my own kindred, brothers Paul, Peter and Francis Mercer, my sister Priaulx children, my sister Blanchard, my sister Johnson, my sister Strowde and my sister Batchellor's children.

Francis Mercer, clerk (brother of Paul), rector of Godmanston, Dorset, 25 Jaunary. 1667, proved 31 Jaunary, 1668. To be  buried in the Chancel of the parish church of Godmanston. Frances, the daughter of William Haighmore, my god daughter. To John Pryaulx, Doctor in Divinity, my beloved nephew, all the books belonging unto me that are remaining in his custody. To my beloved son in law Robert Browne, Esq., the pictures of Sir Robert Browne and Dame Frances his lady and of Mrs. Ann  Browne the daughter of the said Sir Robert. To Mr. Richard Capeline of Southampton, merchant, Sir Walter Rawleigh his History  of the World and to his wife my great gold ring with a death's head cut in the stone therein set, and to Mrs. Sarah Capeline,  their daughter, I give my desk, as also my round and long table boards which I left in the custody of her father at my removal  from his house in Southampton, all which I bequeath unto them as remembrances from their friend. My son Francis Mercer shall  annually pay fifteen pounds unto or for the use of Katherine, my wife, during the time of her natural life. I give thirty pounds to'  the children or child of my son Peter Mercer, another thirty pounds to the children or child of my daughter Jane, now the un-  happy wife of Edward Furber, another thirty to the children or child of my daughter Esther, now the wife of John Willis, and  another thirty to the children or child of Francis Mercer, my son. My will and desire is that the annuity of forty pounds per annum,  which was bequeathed to Peter Mercer, my brother, by the last will of Paul Mercer, my late brother, to be paid unto him by ten  pounds quarterly during his natural life, shall be well and truly performed by my executors, and at or within forty days after the  decease of the said Peter, my brother, and the determination of his said annuity, I give and bequeath the sum of six hundred  sixty and six pounds to be divided and distributed to and amongst the children of Peter, Jane, Esther and Francis aforesaid, my  sons and daughters. Other bequests to Jane and the others, my wife Katherine shall have the use of such household stuff of mine  as did belong unto me before my marriage with her or hath since been given unto her by Robert Browne, Esq., her son. Other  bequests to her References to sums lent to son Peter in his necessity. To son Francis (among other things) the picture of  my mother and her wedding ring of gold and one other gold ring having a coat of arms cut in the stone that is set therein, my sil-  ver seal of arms, my steel glass, my best gold weights, my agate picture, the picture of Henry the Fourth, the late French King,  the pictures of my late brother Samuel, and orMwo gentlewomen, with all the cases that belonging to them; and to Abigail, his  wife, my case for rings, with a small ring of gold with a death's head therein. To Edward Furber, my son-in-law, my black cloak  of proof serge, my black pair of boots, my cart and wheels and harness, pig's trough. Certain jewels and silver to daughter Jane.  Bequests to son law John Willis and daughter Esther (among which) a silver tooth pick, with a claw of a bird set therein, my  eye cup of silver, my clock and the plummets thereof and twelve small pictures, in frames, of Moses and the prophets. To son  Peter (among other things) the picture of my father and the case thereof. The residue to my sons and daughters, Peter, Jane,  Esther and Frances (equally). Mention of trusts under the will of brother Paul Mercer deceased. My son Frances Mercer, of the  City Sarum, Wilts, ironmonger, to be my executor, and my approved friends John Pryaulx, Doctor in Divinity and Canon of the  Cathedral Church of Sarum, and Robert Browne, of Blandford St. Mary, Esq. , my son in law, to be overseers. Published and de-  clared 20 August, 1668. Cok, 8. 

NE His & Gen Reg. 1893. Mary Coquell alias Le Mercier dwelling in the town of Rochell,  widow of the late Martin Vander Bist merchant, also there dwelling, her will made 27 February 1608 (and translated out of the French) proved 3 November 1631. My body to my friends and kindred to the end they may take care of my burial, with credit and ceremony requisite to a woman of my quality, according to the form and custom of the Reformed Church, whereof I do make profession. To the poor of this place if I die in this town to the poor of the French Church fifty L. tournois. To the poor of the Hospital fifty L. tournols. More to the advancement of the ministry fifty L. tournois. More to the box of the Dutch poor fifty L. tournois. More to the son of the late Henry Vallo my godson forty L. tournois, if he die nothing. More to the son of Quemond Van Wert, also my godson, forty L. tournois, if he die nothing. Similar bequests to Hellen Vanlo, my late husband's god daughter and to the son of John Chanan, named Gyles, my godson. To the son of the widow Bloc, named John, also my godson, one hundred Lyvers, and if he die and that his mother be living the same shall be given unto his said mother, for she hath many children. More to a girl which doth serve me named Rachel de la Loy, in respect of the love which I do bear her, I do also give her one hundred L. tournois, if she die nothing. More unto Mr & Mrs de Vogel dwelling in this town, in regard of the good and hearty friendship which we have borne one another, I do give them fifteen hundred Livers to give unto their children, which as seven in number, unto every one of them two hundred Lyvers and one hundred Livers unto the said Mris de Vogell, and unto her my diamond cut "fasset" which I do wear upon my little finger, and whether any of their children do die or not I do will and understand that the said sum of fifteen hundred Lyvers shall be given unto them for the bettering of the part of the others or so much as shall be to remain unto the fathers or mother, and if the said Mris de Vogel do die the said diamond shall be given to one of their dauhters, that is to say to Sara or Katherine or Anne, and if one die the other shall succeed, or unto Susan if the others be dead, who is also their sister, fifteen hundred L. And if the said Mr and Mris de Vogell do die I pray you enquire where their said children are, to the end you may cause the said sum and the said diamond to be delivered unto them. More unto the nephew of my late husband, named Martin Vander Bist, who hath dwelt with us from the age of seven or eights years, in regard of the love that I do bear him I do give him five hundred Lyvers tournois and a ring of his deceased uncle's set with a red stone cut like a "harte" which did serve for a seal to his said uncle, and if he die nothing to his heirs. /P/ Moreover to my brethren and sisters. First unto my brother Paul le Mercier who hath not any charge and is not married, being by the grace of God in very good estate, and hath not any need of my succession but for the remembrance of me, I do give him my great diamond which is set in a ring of gold and which I wear upon my first finger, being a stone which hath been always esteemed at five hundred Livers. More unto my brother Peter le Mercier in regard he is unaccommodated I do give unto him for his daughters, if he have any, if not unto his sons, two thousand and five hundred Livers tournois and unto my said brother a Turky, which is a ring with a little blue stone, which I wear on my little finger. More unto my brother Francis le Mercier, who is not married, I do give unto him one Gimboll ring of two rings and is round, I do wear it on my first finger, and eighteen hundred Livers Tournois. More unto my brother Daniel de Le Mercier, who is married, I do give him a Gimboll ring of three rings, which is a ring which I wear on my finger next my little finger, I do also give him eighteen hundred Livers tournois, and because it is not long since he was married and that he cannot have many children and that I hope without doubt that he will endeavor to advance himself by the vocation wherein it hath pleased God to set him, whom I do pray to bless him, and us all, I do refer to the discretion of you my brethren, executors of this my Testament by the grace of God, to give him a part of this my gift or to put it forth at profit for his daughters in case he have any, if not, his sons, as you shall find good. More unto my sister Jane le Mercier, the wife of my brother Priaux, I do give unto her my saphire, which is a ring which I wear on the finger next the little finger and is like a diamond. Also I do give unto her for her daughters or sons I do likewise refer to your discretions in regard she hath many children, how be it, God be praised, she is in good estate, nevertheless I do give unto them eighteen hundred Livers for the advancement of her said children. More unto my sister Anne Le Mercier in regard I have brought her up with me I pray you my brethren and sisters take it not ill in case I do advantage and prefer her before you in regard of the good and faithful service which she hath done me, I being not able to do it when she was married in regard, I was under the Law of my late husband having not since that time wanted affection towards her but power, which I do desire to witness unto her in this my last will, I do give unto her for her daughters, or in default of daughters unto her sons, the sum of three thousand Livers tournois and unto her my ewer of silver gilt and my little silver cup which my godfather gave me (and other articles). More unto her daughter Mary, my god daughter, five hundred Livers tournois and a little ring of gold which I do wear upon my little finger, which her mother gave me when she was married, being a love ring of gold, also my silver girdle with all those things which depend thereupon. And if her said daughter Mary do die and that she have not any other daughters my said girdle shall be given unto the eldest daughter of my sister Hester and my said sisten Ann shall inherit or have the five hundred Livers and the said ring. More unto my sister Hester le Mercier my pointed diamond, which is a ring which I wear on the finger next my little finger, and eighteen hundred Livers Tournois for her daughters in case she have any, if not, to her sons. God bless you all and me. Moreover if it shall happen that any of my brethren or sisters do die without children I do desire that that which I have bequeathed unto them shall return amongst you my brethren and sisters to be equally divided amongst you unless any amongst you were unaccommodated and that those which are in good estate did assign or give them their part of their free will. And if the fathers and mothers of the children of my brethren and sisters here before mentioned be in good estate I desire that the interest of the money be added to the principal sum of the said children for the augmenting of the said sum for the said children, but if their fathers or mothers be unaccommodated the said fathers or mothers shall enjoy the said interest for the bringing up of their said children in the fear of God, which God grant. I do will and understand that my said brethren and sisters here before named shall be heirs of their children but I will not, if any of my said brethren do die without children, that the succession which they shall have had or enjoyed by me shall go to their wives or out of the "Lineage" nor also if any of my sisters do die without children they may not give the said succession unto their husbands but I will that the same shall return amongst those which shall remain of you to be given to your children and that you share all equally together. Moveables to be sold to make up these sums if not ready money enough. And if it shall please the Lord so much to favour us as to give us peace and that I can be wholly out of the business and that I knew what were due unto me for some unclear parcels, as you shall perceive by an extract herein enclosed, I might (God willing more amply and clearly declare my will. And when I shall have news that my moveables sent into your quarters are well arrived I may also (God willing) dispose of my said moveables, plate and apparrell belonging to my head, but until then I leave the same undisposed, for the making up of the said sums &c. /P/ Now the reason that I do rather give unto my nieces than unto my nephews is that the fathers and mothers which do love their children ought to have a care to cause their sons to learn some honest vocation to the end , with the help of God, in time to attain unto that which shall be praiseworthy, for ordinarily daughters are not employed in such vocations, and specially those which are come of good families, unless necessity do thereunto urge them and therefore when they have some thing for their marriage they are sought after by honest men, howbeit I will not give the this vanity unto myself that that little which I give them may greatly advance them but I prais God for his goodness which he hath done unto me and pray him with all my heart to continue them unto me in his blessing and his honor and glory the salvation of my poor soul and the edification of my neighbor, in all charity beseeching him also to give me grace to live and die in his fear and to grant me his heavenly kingdom at the end of my days and that my brethren and sisters, nephews and nieces and others my friends may after my death enjoy thereof in all prosperity and blessings of God to the grace and salvation of their souls. Amen. I do pray my brother Paul Le Mercier and my brother Francis Le Mercier to be executors of this my  Testament for my brother Peter Le Mercier doth not dwell in these places but in Ireland. God give us grace to do well, and if I not die here the two hundred Livers which I do give unto the poor I will that the same be given to the poor of the church of Hampton in England. /P/ Proved by the oaths of Paul and Francis Le Mercier, Letters of Administration which had been granted to the said Paul 22 September 1628 and if she had been intestate having been first brought in and renounced. St. John 120. 

Daniel Mercer of London, merchant, 22 November 1687, proved 12 May 1692. Wife Rebecca. Marriage contract dated 26 May 1676. Sister Elizabeth Dodson. Sister in law Magdalen, the relict of my deceased brother Ben jamin Mercer. My sister Judith___. My cousins Peter Ducane, Christopher Lethieulier and Jacob Foitre. Son Thomas. Lands belonging to me in Ireland, for which my honored father, deceased, paid about four hundred pounds. The rest of my children. My house at Lime street, London, and my house at Peckham, Surrey. My five children Thomas, Daniel, Elizabeth, Anne and George Mercer. Brother George Dodson Esq. Friend Ralph Fordham. Fane, 90.

John Priaulx of New Sarum, Wilts, gent., 10 April 1695, proved 19 April 1698. Houses and lands in Pennington and Milford, Southampton, the town of Southampton, and the city of New Sarum. My three daughters, Katherine, Ann and Sarah Priaulx. My godson Edmond Naish, son of Edmonde Naish. My wife. My sister Mrs. Katherine West. My kinswoman Mrs. Ann Priaulx. /P/ In a schedule or codicil, added 12 May 1697, others are named. Niece Katherine Aderly. Godson John Rowle. Sister Marchant. Sister Lamport. Sister Rowle. Aunt Priaulx. Cousin Ann Priaulx and her brothers, my cousins, John and Peter Priaulx. All my nephews and nieces. Daughter Katherine married to Edward Stephens, gent. Lort, 106.


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