Merritt, Merrick, Marryott, Marrett, Merett, Merratt, Meriot, Mariott

Nicholas MERRITT born circa 1613, fisherman, Salem,  Marblehead grant of land 3/28/1636, Nov. 1672 age about 59 deposed & sworn in court, will dated 7/1/1685 proved 12/9/1686,

Spouse: Mary SANDIN daughter of Arthur Sandin & Margaret, 7/4/1667 admitted to Salem church, married by c 1643

Children: John eldest son, born c. 1643 died 1707, in King Philip's War, mariner, married (1) Mary (2) Christian widow of Wlm Furnace; James born circa 1647, died 6/11/1713, married Sarah; Samuel born c. 1649 died 1697 married Abigail ___,  Mary born c. 1651, "helpless"; Martha born c. 1653, married Thomas Owens; Rebecca born c. 1655, married John Chinn; NicholasElizabeth born c. 1659, married (1) Thomas Dixey (2) John Harwood; Hannah born c. 1661, baptized Salem 7/21/1667 died by 8/20/1667


Nicholas MERRITT born c. 1657, baptized Salem 7/21/1667, died 6/1736

Spouse: Elizabeth ______ married by 1690

Children: Nicholas  born 3/29/1702 married Jane Gifford 1724;  Elizabeth bp 55/8/1698; Hannah; John; Mary born circa 1700 married Robert Pierce/Pearce; Hannah; Nicholas; David bp 2/11/1704-5


Elizabeth MERRETT or MERRITT baptized 5/8/1698

Spouse: John PEARCE I / PEARSE, baker, born circa 1696, died 1784; married 11/30/1715 Marblehead MA

Children: John baptized 1/6/1717; Elizabeth twin baptized 8/16/1719; Mary twin baptized 8/16/1719; Sarah baptized 7/9/1721; John II baptized 1/19/1724 married Elizabeth Dixey; Rebecca baptized 2/6/1726; Rebecca baptized 1727; Jane twin baptized 2/23/1729; Mehitable twin baptized 2/23/1729; Jean baptized 1/17/1730-1; Anna baptized 1/7/1733; Ruhamah baptized 1/19/1735; Martha twin baptized 1/1/1738; Ruhamah twin baptized 1/1/1738; Nathaniel baptized 9/23/1739

The Great Migration:  Nicholas Merrett. Origin: Unknown.  Migration 1635  (based on grant of land on 28 Mar 1636 [STR 1:15]). First Residence: Marblehead.  Occupation: Fisherman [STR 1:15].  Church Membership: On 4 July 1667, "Mary Merit" was admitted to Salem church [SChR  114].  Education: Signed his deed and his will by mark.  Offices: Esses coroner's jury, 2 Dec 1664, 6 Mar 1668/9, 30 Aug 1669, 2 Sep 1669, 26 Oct 1`669, 1 May 1671 [EQC 3:297, 4:211, 212, 451].  Grand jury 30 Nov 1669 [EQC 4:187, 9:85].  Marblehead constable, 24 Nov 1663 [EQC 3:108, 116, 155, 209, 210].  Estate: On 28 Mar 1636, "John Peach, fisherman, and Nicholas Mariott having fenced about five acres of ground on Marble Neck (thought contrary to the order of the town) yet it's agreed that they may for the present improve the said place for building or planting, provided always that the propriety thereof  be reserved for the right of the town of Salem, to dispose of in process of time to them or any other fishermen, or others as shall be thought most meet, yet so that they may have reasonable consideration for any charge that they shall be at" [STR 1:15].  On 1 Jan 1637/8, "Nicholas Meriott" was included in a list of "Inhabitants of Marblehead to be rated upon the rate of 120 whereof for them 8" [STR 1:63].  On 21 June 1669, "Nicholas Meritt & Margrett Sandy of Marblehead, administrators of the estate of Arthur Sandy, late deceased," sold to "William Browne of the same town of Marblehead, fisherman, part of a dwelling house which was the dwelling house of the late said Arthur Sandy, to say two thirds parts westward of the said dwelling house, containing two lower and two upper rooms, the other third part containing one room being lately sold to Jno. Merritt, also an oouthouse with about a quarter of an acre of land adjoining to the said outhouse & west end of the said dwelling house" [ELR 3:68].   On 10 Apr 1671, "Nicolas Merrett" was awarded two shares (out of fifty) in the stinted commons at Marblehead [EQC 5:279-80].   In his will dated 17 July 1685 and proved 9 Dec 1686, "Nicholas Meritt Sr. of Marblehead" bequeathed to "my eldest son Jno. forty shillings"; to "my daughter Martha Owens" five pounds; to "my daughter Rebecca Chin twenty shillings"; to "my daughter Elizabeth Dixey twenty shillings"; ""considering and well knowing my own weak condition and disability of myself to do anything for my own maintenance to subsist comfortably without breaking my estate and unwilling to pry away or alienate the same from my four sons Jno., James, Sam[ue]ll and Nicholas, they all declaring their readiness according to their several capacities to supply me with such necessaries as may be most suitable for me during my continuance in this world as also knowing well and considering the alike helpless condition of my daughter Mary and the necessity of effectual care to be taken by me for her comfortable maintenance after my decease during her naturaal life, I do upon these considerations give and bequeath the whole remainder of my estate, housing, lands and other estate to my aforesaid four sons Jno., James, Sam[ue]ll & Nicholas to be entered upon, held and enjoyed by them after my decease and distributed by the prudence and faithfulness of my overseers Capt Ward and Lt Legg"; "my four sons Jno, James and Sam[ue]ll and Nicholas" to be executors; "my trusty friends Mr. Sam[ue]ll Ward and Mr. Jno. Legg" to be overseers [SPR 11:50-51].   The inventory of the estate of "Nicholas Merritt Sr. of Marblehead lately deceased," taken 26 Nov1686, totalled 179 8s. 6d. (against which were debts of 22 6s. due from the estate), of which 147 10s. was real estate: "his dwelling house, barn and land adjoining with one cow's commonage," 80; "one acre of meadow," 20; "his part in the farm," 40; and "one & 1/2 cow lease n the common," 7 10s. [SPR 9:329-30].   On 22 Jan 691/2, "John Merritt of Marblehead, mariner, & Mary my wife, being by the last will of our father Nicholas Merritt deceased and an agreement of partition amongst the other brethren possessed of one quarter part of ur father's purpart in the Plaine Farm boought of W[illia]m Humphrey," sold to "Jno. Leg of the same place, merchart, for the use and behoof of his son-in-law Jno. Browne of Marblehead, merchant, ... a tract of land lying in Marblehead  being one moiety of my quarter part or one eighth part of the whole purpart of my father Merritt deceased in the Plaine Farm abovementioned, three acres" [ELR 9:44].     Birth:  About 1613 (deposed on 26 Nov 1672 "aged about fifty-nine years" [EQC 4:110]).  Death: Between 17 July 1685 (date of will) and 26 Nov 1686 (date of inventory).  Marriage: By about 1643 Mary Sandin, daughter of Arthur Sandin {1638 Marblehead} (on 27 Nov 1666, administration on the estate of "Arthur Sandy, late deceased, was granted to "Margerett, the widow, and Nicholas Merritt" [EPR 2:73]; on 25 June 1667, the court distributed 20 to Mary, the wife of said Nicholas, who is the daughter of said Sandin" [EPR 2:73]; in her will of 20 Aug 1667, "Margeret Sanden, widow & late wife of Arther Sanden, late deceased," included a bequest to "the children of Nicholas Meret by Mary my daughter, being in number eight sons & daughter[s], now surviving ..., to be equally divided among those that survive of them to the age the sons at 21 years & daughters at 18 years or married" [EPR 3:13]).  ChildrenJohn Merritt b about 1643 (desposed on 26 Nov 1672 "aged about twenty-nine years" [EQCC 5:110]; deposed 16 Mar 1678[/9?] "aged about thirty-five years" [EQC 7:331]) m. (1) by 1670 Mary ____ (eldest known child b. Marblehead 25 Apr 1670); m (2) Marblehead 26 Nov 1702 Chrisstian ____ Furnace, widow of William Furnace (on 26 Nov 1689, Salem court "grant[ed] administration to Christian the widow of W[illia]m Furnace of Marblehead deceased" [EPR 302:190]). (The five Merrit children baptized at Salem in Sep 1683 were children of John and his wife Mary [SChR 35].)   ii.   James Merritt b about 1647 (d Marblehead 11 June 1713, aged 66); m by 1685 Srah ____ (eldest known child bp Marblehead 12 July 1685; on 2 July 1713, administration on the estate of "James Merrett late of Marblehead deceased intestate was ranted unto his widow Sarah Merrett" [EPR 311:6, 159]).   iii. Samuel Merritt b say 1649; m by 1684 Abigail ____ (eldest known child bp Marblehead 6 Sep 1684; on 22 June 1695, "Abigail Merrit hath signified under her hand and seal ... of her renouncing administration on the estte of her husband Samuel Merrit late of Marblehead, fisherman, deceased [EPR 305:75, 300-17].   iv. Mary b circa 1651 apparently incompetent.   v.   Martha Merritt b say 1653; m by 1673 [Thomas?] Owen (eldest known child bp Salem in Aug 1673 [SChR 30]).   vi.   Rebecca Merritt by 1655; m by 1678 John Chinn (assuming that one of the daughters "of sister Merrit's daughters" bp at Salem on 19 May  1678 was a child of this couple [SChR 32]; on 29 Sep 1712 administration on the estate of "John Chinn late of Marblehead, cooper," was granted to "his widow Rebecca Chinn" [EPR 310:460, 311:13]).   vii.   Nicholas Merritt b say 1657 bp Salem 21 July 1667 [SChR 28]; m by 1690 Elizabeth ____ (eldest known child bp Marblehead 30 Mar  1690).   viii.   Elizabeth Merritt b say 1659 bp Salem 21  July 1667 [SChR 28]; m (1) by about 1679 Thomas Dixey (sons Nicholas, Samuel and Thomas bp Salem in Oct 1683 [SChR 35-36]), son of Thomas Dixey {1637, Salem} [Sarah Stone Anc 28]; m. (2) Marblehead 28 Oct 1695 John Harwood.  (On 30 July 1691, "[a]t the request of Elizabeth Dixy relict of Thomas Dixy deceased," an inventory as taken of the estate of Thomas  [EPR 303:38].  On 30 Dec 1700, "Elizabeth Dixey alias Harwood, wife of John Harwood of Marblehead, fisherman," was granted guardianship of "Remember Dixey, daughter of Thomas Dixey late of Marblehead aforesaid deceased, being a minor of eleven years of age or thereabouts" [EPR 07:244-45].   ix.  Hannah Merritt b say 1661, bp Salem 21 July 1667 [SChR 28]; d by 20 Aug 1667 (when her grandmother bequeathed to the eight surviving sons and daaughters of her daughter Mary [EPR 3:13].  Comments:   On 14 Nov 1648, "Nicholas Merritt [was] fined for beating David Carwithen with a wand, five srokes" [EQC 1:152].  In establishing the birth order for the children of the immigrant, we begin with three premises: (1) in his will, Nicholas named his four sons in birth order; (2) in his will, Nicholas named his three married daughters in birth order; and (3) the three children baptized on 21 July 1667 were the three youngest children listed in the order of birth..   Ages for sons John and James, based on depositions and age at death, determine the early end of the sequence.  The estimated dates of marriage for daughters Martha and Elizabeth also provide estimated dates of birth for these two women.  Based on these four estimated dates of birth, the three premises from the paragraph above and our usual rules for arranging birth order lead to the sequence presented above.  Much unceertainty remains in these dates, given the lack of wills for these children and their spouses.   Martha (Merritt) Owen, Rebecca (Merritt) Chinn and Elizabeth (Merritt) Dixey all named daughters Remember [SChR 35; EPR 307:244-45].  This was presumably in honor of Remember (Allerton) Maverick, daughter of Isaac Allerton {1620, Plymouth} and wife of Moses Maverick [MF 17:1-6; GMB 1:35-39, 2:1241-43], the most prominent resident of Marblehead.  No genealogical connection has been found between the Merritts and the Mavericks.

Pioneers MA pg 312, MERRITT, MERRETT, MERRICK, John, Scituate,  1643. He d about the latter part of 2/1676. Inv taken 3/15; mentions his wife Elizabeth; ch Deborah ae 21 yrs last Mar; John ae 16 last Feb; Henry ae 14 last Jan; Jonathan ae 12 last July; Mary ae 9 last Dec and Elizabeth ae 6 last July. 

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE: MERRITT, NICHOLAS, Marblehead 1648. (See Marryott.) HENRY, Scituate 1638. Coffin. MARRYOTT, NICHOLAS, Salem 1636, Marblehead 1648, was born a. 1613. Coffin. THOMAS, Cambridge 1636. (See Marrett.)

Merrit, Elizabeth d. Elisab[eth], bp. March 30, 1690 C.R.I. Vital Records of Marblehead; Merritt, Nicholas s. Elez[abeth] bp. March 13, 1691-2; Merritt, Mary d. Elizabeth bp. May 27, 1694; Merrit, Samuel s. Eliz[abeth] bp. Mar. 8, 1695-6; Merritt, Elizabeth d. Eliz[abeth] bp. May 8, 1698; Merritt, Mary d. Elizabeth bp. May 12, 1700; Merritt, Nicholas s. Elizabeth bp. March 29, 1702

Essex Institute historical collections, Volume 40: Nicholas Merritt senior of Marblehead. Will dated July 17 1685 probated December 9 1686 mentions his children John, James, Samuel, Nicholas, Martha Owens, Rebecca Chin, and Elizabeth Dixey Docket No 1520  

 Essex Institute historical collections, Volume 2: Margaret Sandin 5th mo 1675 The last will of Margaret Sandin of Marble head made this 20th of August 1667 mentions that she was late wife of Arther Sandin. Samuel and Ephraim Sandin the children of John Sanden, my son late deceased, the children of Nicholas Merritt by Mary my daughter being in number eight sons and daughter, to the sons at 21 years and daughter at 18 years. I appoint my son Nicholas Merritt and Mary his wife executors. Witnesses Mary Veren, Henry West and Hilliard Veren, sen'r Allowed 23 5, '75.

Marblehead Estate of Samuel Merritt House. Samuel Merritt of Marble died possessed of this small house and lot in or before 1697; and his Administrator conveyed the estate to Nicholas Merritt of Marblehead, fisherman, for 45 pounds Oct. 20, 1710. Nicholas Merritt was a brother of the deceased, and, in consideration of love, he conveyed the house and land to his daughter Elizabeth and her husband John Pearce of Marblehead, baker, Dec. 24, 1735. Mr. & Mrs. Pearce conveyed the house and land to Robert Gifford of Marblehead, fisherman, Feb. 17. 1738 and probably the house was removed.

Margarett Sandin and Nicholas Merrett administrators of of Arther Sandin deceased brought in an inventory amounting to 120li 9s 11d clear estate. Court ordered 20li to Mary wife of said Nicholas who is the daughter of said Sandin and rest of the estate to Margaret the widow.  

Writ dated 11 9 1664 signed by Hillyard Veren J for the court and served by Nickles Merrett constable of Marbellhead. Nathanell Walton gave bond.  

Court held at Salem 14:9:1648: Nicholas Merritt fined for beating David Carwithen with a wand, five strokes Wit Ja Moulton


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