Morrill / Morrell / Moril



Children: Abraham; Isaac born circa 1588, died 6/20/1662 Roxbury, wife Sarah ___, came on "Lyon" 1632, blacksmith


Abraham MORRILL born circa 1614 unknown origins, per Great Migrations came in 1635 per grant at Cambridge, at Salisbury 1640, died 6/18/62 Roxbury MA; blacksmith [no proof], iron founder, planter, In Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. 1638

Spouse: Sarah CLEMENT married 6/10/1645 Salisbury, of Haverhill, she married (2) Thomas Mudgett 10/8/1665

Children: Isaac born 7/10/1646 Salisbury, married 11/14/1670 Phebe Gill daughter of John; Jacob born 8/24/1649 Salisbury; Sarah born 10/14/1650 Salisbury married Philip Rowell 1/5/1670/1 who was killed by Indians, she married (2) Onesiphorus Page 7/31/1695, married (3) Daniel Merrill 5/29/1708; Abraham born 11/14/1652 Salisbury, married 1686 - 1689 Sarah Bradbury daughter of Wymond; Moses born 12/28/1655, yeoman, married Rebecca Barnes daughter of William & (2) Mary __ who deserted him; Aaron born 8/9/1658 Salisbury, died 1/31/1658-9; Richard born 2/6/1659-60 Salisbury, died 2/17/1659-60; Lydia born 3/8/1660-1 Salisbury, married Ephraim Severance 11/9/1682; Hepsibah/Ipsabet born 1/1662-63 Salisbury  after father's death, married by 1690 Capt. John Dibbs


Jacob MORRILL born 8/24/1649 Salisbury MA, solider at Wells 1696, died 4/24/1718, became a Friend by 1701

Spouse: Susannah WHITTIER born 3/27/1656 Haverhill MA, died 2/15/1726-7, married 7/15/1674

Children: Ezekiel born 9/29/1675 Salisbury MA;  Hannah, Ruth, Jacob, Susannah, Israel, Thomas married Judith Kent 1703, and Aaron [marriage intentions 1718 Joanna Heath, wid.? ]


Capt. Ezekiel MORRILL born 9/29/1675 Salisbury MA

Spouse: (1) Abigail WADLEIGH born 3/30/1684 Exeter NH, married 1/22/1705, died 5/29/1728 (2) Sarah Robie Clough married 3/5/1730

Children:  Jonathan born 9/12/1706 Salisbury MA; Ezekiel born 9/3/1707  removed to Canterbury NH, died 1783, captain in militia, married (1) Jemima Morrill (2) Joanna Gilman; Abnerman  born 7/12/1709; Hannah born 3/16/1711-12 married Samuel Currier; John born 3/28/1713; Thomas born 9/19/1715; Ephraim born 12.9/1717; Abigail born 1/27/1718-19; Ruth born 11/9/1721; Susannah born 1/10/1722-23; David born 1724; Sarah born 4/29/1728; Jacob


Ephraim MORRILL born 12/9/1717 Salisbury MA

Spouse: Dorothy HOYT born 8/23/1718 Amesbury MA, married 1/6/1746-7

Children: Dorothy; Ephraim married Anne Weed and Lydia Jackson; Jeremiah married Jerusha Currier; Joseph married Martha Bean; Capt. Nathan married Dorothy Weed


Dorothy MORRILL born 1/27/1750 Southhampton Rockingham NH

Spouse: Benjamin JAMES born 5/6/1744 Northwood Rockingham NH died 1822

Children: Ezekiel born circa 1770; Moses; Benjamin; Ephraim; Joseph born 7/24/1783 Gilmanton NH

The Great Migration: Abraham Morrill. Origin: Unknown: Migration: 1635 (based on grant of meadow at Cambridge on 20 August 1635 [CaTR 13]).  First residence: Cambridge. Removes: Salisbury 1640 [Salisbury TR 1:30].  Occupation: He has been called a blacksmith [Hoyt 251], but no direct evidence for this has been found. The published version of his probate inventory, presumably abstracted from the original document, includes "the shop tools & iron tools & steel," valued at £14 [EPR 1:400], which would be consistent with this occupation. This item is missing from the recorded copy of the inventory [EPR 308:149].  Education: Signed his will by mark.  Offices:  Essex petit jury, 13 Apr  1652 [EQC 1:251].  Admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. in 1638 [HAHAC 72-73].  His inventory included "4 guns, 3 pots, household goods & other iron" valued at  £6 [EPR 308:149].  Estate:  On 20 Aug 1635, "Abra[ham] Morrill" was granted one share in the undivided meadow in Cambridge [CaTR 13].  In the 8 Feb 1635/6 lis of "men who have houses in the town at this present," "Abrah[am] Morrill" held one house in the town [CaTR 18].  In the Cambridge land inventory on 5 Oct 1635, "Abraham Morrill" held four parcels: "in the town one house with garden and backside about half a rood"; "in Old Field about one acre and a rood"; "on Small Lot Hill about two acres"; and "in the Great Marsh about three acres" [CaBOP 20].  In the Cambridge land inventory of 1639, "Abraham Morrill" held four parcels: "i the town one house with garden and backside about half a rood";"in Old Field about one acre and a rood", "on Small Lot Hill about two acress", and in the Great Marsh about three acres" [CaBOP 20]. In the Cambridge land inventory of 1639, "Abraham Morrill" held four parcels: "bought of Joseph Eason two acres of planting ground in the Old West [Field]"; "bought of James Luxeford three acres of planting ground in the Old West Field"; and "bought more of James Luxeford two acres of ground in the Old West Field" [CaBOP 48-49]. In the Cambridge land inventory of 6 Sep 1642, "Abraham Morrill" held five parcels: "in West End two acres of land"; "in the West Field nine acres"; "in the West Field two acres" (with marginal annotation "this parcel of 2 acres was Robert Parker's); "in the Great Marsh six acres"; and "in the Great Marsh two acres" [CaBOP 113].  In an undated list of "lots given out by the town on the south side of Charles River," "Abram Morrell" received four acres in the Upper Division and four acres in the Lower Division [CaBOP 332].  On 12 Feb 1640/1, the town of Salisbury granted to "Abraham Morrill three acres ... for a houselot ..., also ... twelve acres ... for a planting lot upon the Hoghouse Neck ..., also ... a meadow lot containing per estimation six acres ..., also six acres ... of salt marsh" [Salisbury TR 1:30].  On 20 July 1645, "John Bridge bought of Abraham Morrill two acres of land in the West Field" [CaBOP 118]. On 8 Apr 1650, "John Bridge is appointed to make up so much of Abraham Morrill's common fence as lieth against his land that he bought of him & Abram to satisfy him for the same" [CaTR 86 CaBOP 338].   In his will, dated 18 June 1662 and proved 14 Oct `661, Abraham Morrill bequeathed to "my dear and loving wife the one-half of my whole estate whether in housing, lands, cattle, debts due to me from any or moveables or whatever else is mine and this to be hers to dispose of as she shall see cause either in her lifetime or at her death'; to 'my eldest son Isaac Morrill a double portion of the other half of my estate to be paid to him at the age of one and twenty years or day of marriage'; 'the rest of the said half of my estate to give unto my other five children, Abraham, Jacob, Sarah, Moses and Ledia Morrill to be equally divided beteen them and to be enjoyed by them as they come to the age of one and twenty years or at the day of marriage"; "my dear and loving wife and my eldest son Isaac Morrill" to be executors; "my loving friend Mr. Thomas Bradbury and my loving  brother Job Clemments" to be overseers [EPR 1:399-401, 308:467].    The inventory of the estate of "Abraham Morrell," taken 14 Oct 1662, totalled £507 10s., of which  £268 was real estate: "the now dwelling house, 56 acres of land, orchrd & outhousen,"  £90; "19 acres of land at the neck of old town,"  £22; "a grant of ten acres of land,"  £5; "a right in Mr. Hall's farm,"  £3; "10 acres of meadow in the New Meadows,"  £20; "2 sweep acres & 2 acres in Mr. Hall's farm,"  £3; "10 acres of meadow in the New Meadows,"  £20; "9 acres of meadow in the Great Meadow,"  £20; "the two higgledy-piggledy lots,"  £18;  "10 acres of meadow in the Bare Bury Meadows,"  £20; "2 sweep acres & 2 acres in Mr. Hall's farm,"  £10, "the house at town & houselot,"   £40; and "a 3rd part of a corn mill at Haverhill,"  £20 [EPR 1:400, 308:148-49].   On 5 Apr 1694, "Sarah Mudget alias Morell" petitioned "concerning the division of the estate of her former husband, Abraham MOrell, for consideration to be made of the charge she had been at about the estate and the bringing up of their children. The youngest, a daughter named Ipsabe [Hepzzibah] born about six months after her husband's death, and the other young children were Lide [Lydia] not two years old, Moses about five, Abraham between seven and eight, Sarah about ten; and she lived a widow about three years" [EPR 1:400-1].  On 16 May 1694, "[w]hereas Abraham Morrell late of Salisbury bequeathed to his widow Sarah one-half of his whole estate and unto his children, viz: Isaack, Jacob, Abraham, Moses, Sarah Rowell alias Morell and [blank] Severance alias Morrell the other half, and no division being yet made they have chosen Col Daniel Pierce, Deacon Tristram Coffin, Capt. Peter Coffin, Capt. Stephen Greenleafe and Mr. Thomas Currier of Amesbury to make a division according to the will" [EPr 1:401].  On 12 Apr 1697, "we whose names are underwritten, being legatees in the last will & testament of our honored deceased father Abraham Morrell of Salisbury, deceased June the eighteenth Anno Domini one thousand six hundred sixty & two" acknowedged receipt of their share of the estate from "our brother Isaac Morell, executor, in conjunction with Sarah, relict of said Abraham Morell our honored mother"; signed by "Jacob Morell," "Moss Morell," "Onesiphorus Page," "Sarah Page" (by mark), and "Sarah Morell" [EPR 1:401, 308:174].    On 31 Jan 1703/4, Essex probate court granted to "Isaac Morell, eldest son of Sarah Mudgett alias Morill, late of Salisbury, deceaed intestate," administration of her estate [EPR 308:150].  "An addition[al]] inventory of Abraham Morrell, deceased," taken 331 Jan 1703/4, totalled  £57, all of which was real estate: "lot of land in division above the mill of 90 acres,"  £22; "a lot of 25 acres in a division near Hampton line,"  £10; "lot of 2 acress 1/2 in the division of the Great Neck,"  £3; "lot in cow common of ten acres,"  £10, and "about 3 quarters an acre of meadow of the commonage,"  £12 [EPR 1:401, 308:149].   Birth:  By about 1614 (based on grant of land in 1635).  Death: Died 18 June 1662 [EPR 308:174].  Buried Roxbury 20 June 1662 ("Abraham Morrell of Salisbury fell sick in this town & died & was buried upon the 20th of the 4th [1662]" [RChR 177]).  Marriage: Salisbury 10 June 1645 Sarah Clement, daughter of Robert Clement of Haverhill (in his will of 6 Sep 1658, "Robertt Clement of Haverhill" included a bequest to "my sons Moses Pengrow & Abraham Morrill & John Osgood" [EPR 1:272-74; Hoyt 95-96; Percival Wood Clement, Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Clements, Mary Lovering Holman and Caroline Clement Brown, eds, 2 volumes (Philadelphia 1927), 25-30].  She married (2) Salisbury 8 Oct 1665 Thomas Mudgett.  Children:  i.   Isaac Morrill, b Salisbury 10 July 1646; m Salisbury 14 Nov 1670 Phebe Gill (groom's name not included in marriage record), daughter of John Gill (in his will of 1 Sep 1690, "John Gill of the town of Salisbury" included a bequest to "my 2nd daughter Phebe Morrell twenty shillings" and appointed "my beloved son-in-law Isaack Morrell of Salisbury sole executor" [EPR 304:309-10; Hoyt 174[).   ii.   Jacob Morrill, b Salisbury 24 Aug 1648; m Salisbury 15 July 1674 Susanna Whittier, daughter of Thomas Whittier [Hoyt 358].   iii.   Sarah Morrill, b Salisbury 14 Oct 1650; m (1) Amesbury 5 Jan 1670[1?] Philip Rowell; m (2) Salisbury 31 July 1695  Onesiphorus Page; m (3) Salisbury 29 May 1708 Daniel Merrill.   iv.   Abraham Morrill b Salisbury 14 Nov 1652; m. between 1686 and 1689 Sarah Bradbury, daughter of Wymond Bradbury [Hoyt 70, 253]. (The published record for this marriage includes the names of the bride nd groom but no date.  The record is followed by the parenthetical statement "[bet. 1686 and 1689], " perhaps based on the context of the entry in the original record. The eldest known child of this couple, a son named Bradbury, was born at Salisbury on 22 March 1693/4).   v.  Moses Morrill b Salisbury 28 Dec 1655; m (1) by 1686 Rebecca Barnes (eldest known child b Amesbury 12 Aug 1686), daughter of William Barnes {1640, Salisbury} (in his will of 7 Apr 1696, "William Barnes of the town of Almsbury" included a bequest to "my daughter Rebecca wife unto Moses Morrel of Almsbury" [EPR 306:72-73; Hoyt 54]); m (2) by an unknown date Mary _____ (in his will of 14 May 1731, "Moses Morrill of Salisbury" declared that "my wife Mary I having made a covenant with her before marriage for her rights of dower and she having without provocation absconded herself from me and carried away my money and goods contrary to my order and without my leave and knowing that she has had more of my estate than she ought to have according to agreement before marriage and not proving a wife to me I give her nothing more [EPR 319:3]).   vi.  Aaron Morrill, b Salisbury 9 Aug 1658; d there 31 Jan 1658[/9?].    vii. Richard Morrill b Salisbury 6 Feb 1659[/60?]; d there 17 Feb 1659[/60?].   viii. Lydia Morrill b Salisbury 8 Mar 1660[/1?]; m Salisbury 9 Nov 1682  Ephraim Severence, son of John Sevverance [1636 Ipswich]  [Hoyt 314-15].  ix.   Hepzibah Morrill b Salisbury [blank] Jan 1662[/3]; m by 1690 John Dibbs (marriage recoded at Salisbury but date not included; eldest known child b. Salisbury 2 May 1690). (Since Hepzibah was born after her father's death, and he made no provision for her in his will, she is not included in all the documents settling his estate.)   Association:  Abraham Morrill was brother of Isaac Morrill (1632 Roxbury) [GMB 2:1289-92].  Abraham Morrill died at Roxbury on 18 June 1662, exactloy six months after Isaac Morrill died there, so Abraham may have been visiting members of Isaac's family.   In his will of 12 May 1657, Robert Bradish included bequests to "my loving wife Vastie Brandish," "my son-in-law Ezekiel Morrell" and "my loving brother Isaac Morrell" [SPR 1:335; GM 2:1:381-4]. Vashti was the second wife of Robert Brandish, and may have been a widow at the time of their marriage.  Neither Isaac Morrill nor Abraham Morrill had a son named Ezekiel.  This suggests that Ezekiel was the son of a third brother, and that Vashti may have been Ezekiel's mother, although other solutions to this puzzle remain possible based on the available evidence. Ezekiel Morrill died between 31  May 1662 and 13 June 1663 [Rodgers 2:157-58, citing MPR 2:176-79, Case #15424].   Comments.  Abraham Morrill appears in a list of those who were to provide fencing at Cambridge, apparently dated 7 Jan 1632/3, but known to have been created at a later date [CaTR 5; GMN 1:12]. 

The James House, built 1723, Hampton, NH

NEHGS vol 90 page 396: James-Little Bible Records, births: Benjamin James son of Benjamin James & Mercy his wife, was born Febry. 23d. 1744, on Saturday. Sarah Holmes, daughter of Thomas Holmes & Lydia* his wife was born Feby. 29th. 1751. Children of Benjamin & Sarah James: Sally was born Feby. 1. 1772 on Saturday. Benjamin was born May 10th. 1744 on Tuesday. John was born Sept. 12th 1776. on Thursday. Marcy was born July 27th. 1778 on Monday. Polly was born April 25th. 1781 on Wednesday. Elisha was born April 29th, 1786 on Friday.  Marriages: Benjamin James, son of Benjamin James & Mary his wife; and Sarah Holmes daughter of Thomas Holmes & Lydia his wife, were married, August 15, 1771. Elisha James son of Benjamin James & Sarah his wife & Lydia Young Little, daughter of James Little & Lydia his wife; were married May 10th, 1808. Births: Benjamin son of the above Elisha James & Lydia Y. James was born August 22d, 1814 on Monday about 1/2 past 4 oClock A.M. Francis James son of the above Elisha James & Lydia Y. James, was born July 16th. 1819 on Friday about 9 oclock in the evening. Mary James daughter of Elisha & Lydia Y. James was born November 25th 1821, on Monday about two oclock in the afternoon. John James son of Elisha & Lydia Y. James was born August 22d. 1824 on Sunday about 2 oclock P.M. Deaths: Mary, daughter of Elisha & Lydia Y. James, died July 11th 1823 on Friday, about sunsetting Aged 19 months & 15 days. Benjamin James son of Benjamin James died March 23d, 1797 AEt. 53 years & one Month.

Benjamin James, son of Edmund James, of Newbury, Mass., married in 1728 Susanna Smith, and settled in Hampton, N. H.

Pioneers of MA: Morrell, Morrill, Abraham, blacksmith, Cambridge, propr 1636. Rem to Salisbury. Propr 1640. Had land at Haverhill in 1649. Wife Sarah; ch. Isaac b 7/10/1646; Jacob b 8/24/1648; Sarah b 10/14/1650 m 1. Philip Rowell 2 Onesiphorus Page 3 Daniel Merrill; Abraham b 11/14/1652; Moses b 12/28/1655; Aaron b 8/9/1658; Richard b and d 1659; Lydia b 3/28/1660-1 m Ephraim Severance; Hephzibah b 1/1662-3 m Capt John Dibbs. He fell sick and d at Roxbury; was bur 20 (4) 1662. Will not dated, prob at Hampton 10/14/1662. beq to wife and minor ch. Isaac, Abraham, Jacob, Sarah, Moses and Lydia. The widow conveyed 1 (9) 1665, to Thomnas Bradbury and her bro. Job Clement certain property in trust for her dau. Hephzibah who was b. after the father's death.

WILL OF ABRAHAM MORRILL OF FIRST GENERATION. I being weake in body yet having the perfect use of my memory doe make this as my last will and testament. My will is that what ever debts I owe to any man be first payd out of my estate and the residue of my estate I doe dispose of as followeth. 1 ly I give unto my deare and loving wife the one hälfe of my whole estate whether in housing, lands, cattle, debts due to me from any or moveables or what ever els is mine and this to be hers to dispose of as she shall see cause either in her life time or at her death. 2 ly I give to my eldest sonne Isaack Morrill a double portion of the other hälfe of my estate to be payd to him at the age of one and twenty yeares or day of marriage. 3 ly The rest of the sayd hälfe of my estate I give unto my other five children Abraham, Jacob, Sarah, Moses, and Lidda Morrill to be equally divided betweene them and to be enjoyed by them as they come to the age of one and twenty yeares or at the day of marriage. 4 ly My will is if any of my foresayd six children die before they come of age to enjoy their portion that then their portion be divided between the remaining children equally. 5 ly My will is my whole estate be kept and improved together and noe division made until my eldest sonne Isaack come to age to receive his portion and afterwards as much as may be with any conveniency. 6 ly My will is that my deare and loving wife and my eldest sonne Isaack Morrill shall be the executors of this my will. 7 ly My request is that my loving friend Mr Thomas Bradburry and my loving brother Job Clement be the overseers of this my last will and testament. June the 18th 62 ABRAHAM MORRILL his marke.

Will of Jacob Morrill. Item I recomend my spirit to God that gave it & my body to the dust to be buried in a plane & Christian manner as those people in scorn called Quakers shall see meet and as to that estate wherewith it has pleased the Lord to bless me in this world do dispose of it as follows. 8th I give unto friends belonging unto our meeting the Buring place at ye Eastwardly end or Eastwardly part of ray land adjoining John Tomson's land to be four rod wide & six rod long & I also give unto Friends five pounds to be payed out in finishing of our meeting house to be paid unto them by my son Aaron Morrill.  

Morrill Kindred in America: The first mention of ABRAHAM MORRILL from whom our line descends is found in the History of Cambridge 1630 1877 with a Genealogical Register by Lucius R Paige. From it is given herewith a plan of Cambridge in 1635 showing the first plotting of homestead allotments Lot number 28 some ten acres is given as belonging to Abraham Morrill he being ordered to pale in three rods. He is listed as proprietor in Cambridge in 1636. He probably went to Salisbury in company with one Anthony Colby as proprietor there sometime during 1634 or 1635. He was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston 1638, was fined in 1641 for seling his servant his time, was a planter, millwright, and iron founder. The town records state 1644 ye 25th day of ye first month at a General Meeting of the Freemen here Salisbury was granted unto Abraham Morrill ten acres of upland to be at the end of his twenty acres formerly granted at the Isammans Hill in exchange of his ten acres upon Merrimack River etc. In 1652 Feb 12th Abraham Morrill and Samuel Winslow were chosen to divide the Neck near the Ferry. There was a general removal at this time from what was then called New Town the larger part going to Connecticut under Mr Hooker pastor of the church of New Town some fifty families went to Hartford and others elsewhere. The incoming minister Mr Shepard in connection with his friends from England purchased most of the lands of those leaving that year. Abraham sold his ten acres on the westerly side of Brighton Street near the spot occupied by the old Porter Tavern to Widow Hancock and migrated to Salisbury. The statement that Abraham died in Salisbury we now know to be incorrect he died in Roxbury while on a visit to his brother Isaac on June 20 1662. Salisbury is the oldest town in Massachusetts north of the Merrimac River having been incorporated in 1640 and Abraham Morrill was among the number of those who received land in the first division of Salisbury in 1640 and in 1644 and 1645. In 1650 he was a commoner and taxed only four men being rated higher. Abraham Morrill resided in the lower part of Salisbury near the salt marsh for several years and then removed about three miles back into the country to a part of the town called the plains and then after some years he again moved to a tract of land on the southeasterly side of Powow Hill so called and near to Powow River. The Morrill homestead was located on the Green at East Salisbury now Salisbury and within a year after his death the town bargained with his widow for its purchase for the use of the ministry and it has been a parsonage from that day to this. In 1642 land was granted to Abraham Morrill and Henry Saywood to build a corn mill on the Powow River which changed to some extent his business in after years although he never gave up his farm but like some of his descendants who now occupy the same premises retained his love for cattle, horses, and live stock generally. ... ABRAHAM MORRIIL married SARAH CLEMENT whose family were of the first party of settlers in 1640 41 of the region which later became Haverhill. Of these twelve persone soon increased by others only three names have been preserved namely Job Clement, John Favor and Hugh Sherratt. The deed for Haverhill lands was obtained from the Indians and is preserved giving the name of Robert Clement the father of Sarah as a witness following that of Rev John Ward and four others the town being named in compliment to Mr Ward who was born in Haverhill England. This Job Clement came over from England probably from Warwickshire in 1640 to spye out the land as is stated in the old record. The father Robert Clement senior came in 1642 landing at Salisbury the near by port to Haverhill where he later settled and lived with his wife and four children. Robert, John, Lydia, and Sarah who later married our Abraham Morrill. The youngest daughter Mary Clement remained in England at Coventry Warwickshire until about 1652 when she came to Haverhill and married John Osgood of Andover Mass. Robert Clement senior was a man of distinction, the first Deputy of the town to the General Court and continued so till 1654, was Associate Judge County Commissioner appointed and empowered by the General Court May 22 1650 to give the oath of fidelity to the inhabitants of Haverhill appointed to set off the public lands and fix their limits. He was a man of rare integrity and superior talent. He died Sept Я9 1658 on the spot where he first built. The records say he was about 68 when he died. His son Robert who married Elizabeth Fane in 1052 and by whom he had eleven children was the first cooper in the town. Elizabeth died in 1715. Job the one who came to spye out the land was the first tanner in the town. He married Margaret Dummer and theirs was the first marriage to take place in the new town recorded on Dec15 1644. On January 30 1647 he was made freeman at Ipswich Court and sworn as Constable for Haverhill being the first of the town to hold this office. Took Oath of Fidelity in company with Abraham Morrill in 1650. A third son of Robert senior one John Clement together with Thomas Hale and John Davis were appointed to meet the men from Salisbury to consult about the boundary between the towns .John Clement was a farmer and married Sarah Osgood daughter of John Osgood of Andover and they had four daughters. Some time during the year 1659 John Clement sailed for England and on the outward voyage was cast away and drowned and at the September 1659 term of the General Court his brother Robert applied for and was appointed administrator of his estate. This is the first notice we have of an administratorship in the town. Truly a time of beginnings. In the following year Robert brought in an accompt to this Court 1660 of his charges expended in his voiage to England and Ireland his brother John his wife and children and Sisters the Court confirmed the administration unto Robert Clement upon the request of his brother Job of the estate of his brother John Clement. Thus we learn that the widow Sarah and her four daughters returned to England .Mr Chase in his History of Haverhill states that the Clement family long occupied a prominent position in the town and county and their descendants were among the best citi zens. Several generations living on the same place which in 1860 was owned by Jessee Clement in North Parish he being a lineal descendant from Robert senior. From the same source we find that in 1650 there were 48 freemen in the town of whom 19 had taken the Oath of Fidelity among them Job Clement and Abraham Morrill. ... SECOND GENERATION. There were born in Salisbury nine children to ABRAHAM MORRILL and SARAH CLEMENT his wife of whom the first was ISAAC. For the first four generations I have followed dates as given by Hoyt in his work The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury in two volumes published by the author at Providence RI. His work is most accurate and painstaking and gives the generations up to our Revolutionary ancestor Rev Isaac Morrill from this point what is here given is the first to be published as far as our line is concerned. Except in a few instances I have stopped with my generation that is the eighth ISAAC born July 10 1646 married PHEBE GILL on Nov 14 1670 she was a daughter of John Gill and Phebe Buswell Gill of Salisbury a planter or husbandman was born Jan 6 1649 50 and outlived her husband as the will which I was able to obtain through the courtesy of Mr Alan A Morrill of Chicago evidences. She died May 6 1714 It will be noted that the signature to the will gives still another variation in spelling namely Moil. It is their second son Isaac the second of the name who continues our line. See main chart. Jacob born Aug 24 1648 married Susannah Whittier daughter of Thomas Whittier of Salisbury and Haverhill and Ruth Green. Susannah Whittier was a sister of the greatgrandfather of the poet Whittier. Jacob Morrill was a householder of Salisbury took Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity 1677, signed the Norfolk County Petition of 1680, made freeman 1690. Jacob Morall's garrison mentioned 1691 was a Representative 1692 3 and 1696 7, a soldier at Wells 1696. Jacob and Susannah signed the Bradbury Petition of 1692. For an account of this episode see Bradbury Memorial Portland 1890. Jacob was a Friend as early as 1701 and gave land for a Friend's burial ground. He died April 24 1718. His will is dated March 20 and proved May 26 1718. His widow died Feb 15 1726 7. Jacob lived on Round Hill near Congress Street Salisbury and in his will he bequeathed one third of his homestead on both sides of the way to his son Aaron and two thirds to his son Israel.  Jacob and Susannah had five sons and three daughters. For this paragraph I am indebted to Mr Horace Edwin Morrill of Dayton Ohio as given in American Ancestry of Benjamin Morrill and his wife Miriam Pecker Morrill of Salisbury Mass and their Descendants to 1901. See Hoyt pages 252 258 for children of Jacob and Susannah. Sarah born Oct 14 1650 married first Philip Rowell Jan 5 1670, he was killed by Indians July 7 1690, married second Onesiphorus Page July 31 1695, he died June 28 1706, and third married Daniel Merrill May 29 1708, he died June 27 1717, Sarah surviving him though date of death is not given. Abraham born Nov 14 1652 took Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity 1677 he married about 1688 Sarah Bradbury daughter of Wymond Bradbury eldest son of Capt Thomas Bradbury one of the most prominent citizens of Salisbury holding many public offices among them County Recorder most of the ancient record of Salisbury and many of the county being written by him. His wife Mary Perkins was tried for witchcraft in 1692 and though she was ably and courageously defended by Maj Robert Pike was convicted but not executed. The Petition of 1692 related to this event. There were two children born to Abraham Morrill and Sarah Bradbury his wife namely Bradbury born March 22 1693 4 died Aug 16 1696 and Sarah born Dec 18 1696. Moses born Dec 28 1655 is put down as husbandman or yeoman of Amesbury. He married first Rebecca Barnes who died April 3 1727, they had two children Rachel born Aug 12 1686 and William Barnes Morrill born March 19 1687 8. Of this son Savage remarks so named before the custom of double names so common and uncomfortable was introduced to preserve memory of his grandfather Moses, married second Mary surname unknown. Aaron born Aug 9 1658 died Jan 31 1658 9. Richard born Feb 6 1659 60 died Feb 17 1659 60. Lydia born March 8 1660 1 married Ephraim Severance Nov 9 1682. Hepzibah born Jan 1662 8 after her father's death married Capt John Dibbs about 1689.

Essex Institute Historical Collections: Richard Dole of Nubery merchant agent and attorney for John Sanders of Weeks in the parish of Dounton in the county of Wilts in Old England yeoman for two and twenty pounds of currant New England money conveys to Jacob Morrill of Salisbury, shipwright, the whole township and comon right of Mr Tho Dumer in Salisbury with four acre lott of salt marsh belonging to ye cowe comons bounded between ye lots of Isaac Morrill and Richard Goodale etc. Sept 2 1677 Wit Heury Short and Richard his R marke Woolery Ack at Nuberie by Richard Dole March 11 1678 before John Woodbridg commissioner.

New England Families by Cutter: Abraham Morrill the immigrant ancestor came to Cambridge Massachusetts from England before 1636 when he appears on the list of proprietors of that town. He was in Cambridge in 1632 according to some authorities and may have come on the same ship or at the same time with his brother Isaac Morrill. We know that the latter embarked on the ship Lion June 22 1632 and arrived at Boston September 16 1632. Isaac was a blacksmith by trade He settled at Roxbury and was admitted a freeman March 4 1632 33. He was a member of the Roxbury church and of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. He was constable and one of the four richest men in the town. He died December 18 1661 aged seventy four years. Abraham was fined in 1641 for selling his time to a servant, one of the peculiar offences under the Puritan code. Possibly this servant was a prisoner of war. Abraham Morrill removed to Salisbury and was a proprietor there in 1640. He owned land in Haverhill in 1649. He was also a blacksmith and iron founder as well as a planter. He had grants of land in the first division at Salisbury in 1640 44 54 was a commoner and taxed in 1650. He signed a petition of the inhabitants of Salisbury in 1658. He married June 10 1645 Sarah Clement. He fell sick while on a visit to his brother in Roxbury and died there June 20 1662. His will was dated June 18 and proved October 14 1662. The widow conveyed to Thomas Bradbury and her brother Job Clement certain property in trust for her daughter Hepsibah born after her father's death by deed dated November 1 1665. The widow married second October 8 1665 Thomas Mudgett. Children Isaac mentioned below, Jacob born August 24 1649, Sarah October 14 1650, Abraham November 14 1652, Moses December 28 1655, Aaron August 9 1658 died January 31 1659, Richard February 6 1659 60, Lydia March 8 1660 61, Hepsibah January 1663

Genealogical & Family History of the State of NH:  Abraham Morrill the earliest ancestor in America of many descendants scattered throughout the United States came from England with his brother Isaac in the ship Lion arriving in Massachusetts Bay September 16 1632. He settled first in Cambridge where he was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1638. He moved with the original proprietors to Salisbury Massachusetts where in 1650 only four men were taxed more than himself. He married June 10 1645 Sarah daughter of Robert Clement of Haverhill. He died June 20 1662 at Roxbury while on a visit to his brother Isaac, and his widow subsequently married Thomas Mudgett. The children of Abraham and Sarah Clement Morrill were Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Richard, Lydia, and Hepzibah.  II Isaac eldest child of Abraham and Sarah Clement Morrill was born July 10 1646 in Salisbury and was in his sixteenth year when his father died William Osgood was chosen his guardian in April 1666 probably in order to settle his father's estate. He was married November 14 1670 to Phebe Gill and both were members of the Salisbury Church in 1687 and signed the Bradbury petition in 1692. Mr Morrill was deputized to conduct soldiers to Wells Maine in 1696, and the Salisbury records mention Isaac Morrill's garrison in 1702. He died October 17 1713 and his wife May 6 1714. They had children named Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, Jacob, John, Rachel died eleven days old, Daniel, Jemima, Mary, and Rachel. ... Jacob second son of Abraham and Sarah Clement Morrill was born in Salisbury August 24 1648 and resided in that town. He was a member of the military company in Salisbury in 1677, was representative from that town in 1689, and made freeman in 1690. He married July 15 1674 Susanna Whittier daughter of Thomas and they had the following named children: Ezekiel mentioned below, Hannah, Ruth, Jacob, Susannah, Israel, Thomas, and Aaron  III Ezekiel eldest child of Jacob and Susanna Whittier Morrill was born September 29 1675 and died October 11 1732. He was married January 22 1705 to Abigail daughter of John Wadleigh. She died May 29 1728, and he married second March 25 1730 Sarah widow of Samuel Clough. His children all born of the first wife were Jonathan, Ezekiel, Abner, Hannah, John, Thomas, Ephraim, Abigail, Ruth, Susannah, David, and Sarah. Several of these were prominent citizens of Canterbury New Hampshire i

White Swirled Line

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