Moses, Moyses, Moysis, Mosses

John MOSES, born circa 1616 England (age 70 in 1686), migration 1631, first residence Casco, Portsmouth NH by 1639, Sergeant by 1672, Scott ancestry, still living 1693-4

Spouse: (1) Alice _____ probably died before 1664/5, married by 1642 (2) Anne widow of John Jones married by 9/17/1667

Children: By (1) Aaron, Lt., born circa 1650 married Ruth Sherburne & Mary born 1660 married1677, she 2nd married Henry Sherburne; Joanna born c. 1649 married Timothy Davis; Daughter born circa 1642, married Thomas Creber; Mary born 1645 married Ferdinando Huff; Elizabeth born circa 1640 married Joseph Walker; Sarah born c. 1653 married Timothy Waterhouse


Lt. Aaron MOSES born Sagamore Creek in Portsmouth about 1650; died by 1713

Spouse: (1) Ruth Sherburne/Sherborn married 6/1/1676 (2)  Mary LEACH? married by 1690, she married 2d John Sherburne 10/20/1720; 

Children:  (by 1st wife) Ruth married Timothy Waterhouse, Joseph Mead, and Thomas Skinner; Elizabeth died without issue married Joseph Smith; Aaron died without issue.  (by 2nd wife) Sarah; James born circa 1690 married Martha Jackson; Josiah tanner, born circa 1698 married Abigail Nelson; Joseph house joiner born circa 1690, soldier at Fort William and Mary 1708, married Rebecca Ayers, Hannah ? and Eleanor Jackson Lang; Mark farmer & cordwainer, born circa 1703 married Martha Williams 1724 and Jane Wallace Samuel died young; Martha; Hannah; Abigail; James farmer & cordwainer married Martha Jaxon 1713


Sarah MOSES born about 1688

Spouse: Sylvanus SCOTT Englishman & weaver, of Portsmouth, married 10/21/1714 Portsmouth NH; 1732 removed to Scarborough ME; removed to Machias ME

Children: Samuel baptized 6/23/1723 Portsmouth removed to Machias ME 1763, Revolutionary War Vet Patriot married Susannah PERRY 12/29/1743 Scarborough; Sylvanus; Ruth married George Tompson; Sarah baptized 1716 married Joseph Seavey in Scarborough resided Machias; Elizabeth married Col. Benjamin Foster, jr.; Frances baptized 1720 married Wooden Foster brother to Benjamin; Amos baptized 1718

ACHS 2/90: Sylvannus Scott Sr. of Portsmouth NH married Sarah Moses of Portsmouth; daughter Sarah Scott married Joseph Seavey in Scarborough ME; they resided Machias ME.

Gen Dic. of ME & NH: Scott, Sylvanus, Portsmouth, m 10/21/1714 Sarah Moses(1). Will 1754-1756 names w Sarah, sons Samuel, Sylvanus; daus. Ruth wid of GeorgeTompson; Sarah w of Joseph Seavey; Elizabeth w of Benj Foster (2 jr.); Frances w of Wooden Foster (2). Members of his fam went to Scarb and to Machias.
Pg 495 Moses, Moyses, Aaron, Portsmouth, liv. in the homestead at Sagamore creek, which was a garrison in 1692. As marshal of NH, he was sometimes called by the grandiloquent title "Field Marshal." Jury 1696. Lists 52, 57, 63, 330df, 335a, 339b. In the second and altered form of the Sloper fam. rec. (see Brewster3) he is said to have m. 1 June 1676 Ruth Sherburne, whose birth is rec. in the original ms. All circumstantial ev., age, propinquity and the practical certainty that A.M. made an early first mar. are in favor of its truth, and there is no negative ev. By 1690 he had m. Mary (see Leach2) who m. 2nd 20 Oct 1720 John Sherburne. Adm. 21 Nov 1713 to wid. Mary, John Abbot and John Leach bondsmen, but the est. was not settled until after her death. Her will, 9 Oct 1732, not proved, left small legacies to sons James, Josiah, Joseph and Mark, dau. Sarah Scott and three daus. (wives of three of her sons). Adm. d.b.n. on his fa.'s est. was gr. to James in 1733, Geo. Walker and John Jackson bondsmen, and div. into 8 shares contemplated, but in the account, 1734, div. into 7 shares is ordered. Giving James his double share leaves five other ch. to be identified, three being the kn. brothers, one the kn. sis. Sarah Scott. The fifth was undoubtedly Ruth, w. of Timothy Waterhouse, and, as she was liv. and not mentioned in Mary Sherburne's will, a dau. of A.M. by an earlier w. Mr. C. W. Brewster (Rambles about Portsm.) a gr.grs. of three of Ruth Waterhouse's daus., states that she was a "Miss Moses." She m. 2d Joseph Mead (2) and 3d Thomas Skinner. Other ch., poss. by 1st w. are Elizabeth, m. at Ipswich 25, 10. 1708 Joseph Smith and d.s.p. 7 May 1725, and Aaron, surv. his fa., but d.s.p. bef. the div. of the est. in 1734. By w. Mary: James had the homestead, m. 10 Sept 1713 Martha Jackson (14 jr.) who renewed bap. cov. 1715 and joined So. Ch. 1724-5; he joined 7 Jan 1728; will 1772 - 1779. Ch. bp. in So. Ch: Mary 4 Aug 1715, John 4 Nov 1716, Aaron 14 June 1719, Sarah 10 Sept 1721, George 31 May 1724, Martha 14 Aug 1726, Ruth 3 May 1730, Dorothy 30 June 1734, Abigail 3 Jan 1736. Sarah, bp. and rec. into cov. 4 July 1708, m. 21 Oct 1714 Sylvanus Scott. Josiah tanner, m. 12 Nov 1719 Abigail Nelson (2) Ch. bp. in So. Ch: Abigail 4 Dec 1720, George 5 July 1722, Mary 9 Apr 1724, Nathaniel 15 May 1726, Daniel 31 Mar 1728. Joseph, b. 1690, joiner, soldier at Fort William and Mary in 1708, m. 1st 17 Aug. 1712, Rebecca Ayers, m. 2d bef. 1725 one Hannah, m. 3d 10 Aug 1759 Eleanor (Jackson) Lang; d. Sept 1773, ag. 83. ch. by 1st w: Joseph b. 9 Sept 1713; prob. Robert, bp. 17 June 1716; prob. Mary, bp. 1 Sept 1718. By 2d w: Peletiah, bp 6 Mar 1725-6; Theodore, bp. 4 Feb 1728; Hannah, bp. 26 Oct 1729; Hunking; Samuel , bp. 31 Aug 1735; Katherine, Love and Elizabeth, bp. 19 Mar 1737-8. Mark, Greenland, Arundel in 1732, Epsom; m. 1st 29 Oct 1724 Martha Williams, m. 2d 12 Mar 1735 Jane Wallace; d. 2 Feb 1789, ag. 86. Ch. by 1st w: Samuel bp 26 Mar 1726-7; Elizabeth bp. 1 June 1729. By 2d w: Samuel, Jane, Aaron, Sylvanus, William, James. A place must also be found in the 4th gen. for Ruth, an infant, bp. in Portsm. by the Kittery minister 6 Feb 1731-2. Samuel, bp. 26 Sept 1708; d.s.p. bef. 1732.
Pg 496: Moses, John, Portsm., 70 in 1686 (not 1696), an Tucker who gr. him 100 a. at Casco Bay in 1646, and prob. came over with them in 1630. The first settler at Sagamore Creek, he had a deed from Ambrose Lane in 1651 and grants in 1652 and 1660. Sued John Lewis for unjust seizure of land and lost, in 1662. O.A. 2 Oct 1666; sergt. by 1672; j. 1651; gr.j. 1651, 1655, 1657, 1659, 1664, 1674, 1681. Deeded prop. to s. Aaron, who was to pay his sis. Sarah, in 1679. Deposed about Richard Tucker's tenure of his house in 1686. Seated in the seat "under the pulpit" in meeting-ho. in 1693-4, the last record. His w. Alice was slandered in 1648 by Elizabeth Roe whom he sued, winning the case. One Anne Crunther, poss. a relative, testif. with him. His 2d w. was Anne, wid. of John Jones (23). Lists 49, 312c, 313a, 323, 326ac, 330b, 356L, 52, 331b, 335a, 322, 330c, 337. Ch. by 1st w: Aaron. Joanna, m. Timothy Davis (61). A Dau, m. Thomas Creber (2) by 1668 when her fa. deeded to them. Mary, m. Ferdinando Huff (1). Elizabeth, m. Joseph Walker by 1664 when her fa. deeded to them. Sarah, liv. in 1679. 

Historic Homes & Places & Genealogical & Personal Memories Vol. 4 by Wlm Cutter: I Sergeant John Moses was born in England about 1615 though there is a tradition in the family that he was of Scotch ancestry. He settled in Portsmouth New Hampshire, received his first grant of land in 1639, had other grants; one of fifteen acres January 13 1652, one of five acres December 5 1653, and he shared in the general division of 1660 having finally received eighty three acres. He signed the petition favoring the jurisdiction of Massachusetts over New Hampshire in 1665. He was sergeant in the militia company. He made a contract with his son Aaron January 6 1679 providing for his support for the rest of his life in consideration of property deeded. Children i Aaron mentioned below 2 Elizabeth married 1662 Joseph Walker 3 Daughter married 1665 Thomas Creber 4 Sarah married Timothy Waterhouse, II Aaron Moses son of John Moses i born in Portsmouth about 1650 married June I 1676 Ruth born 1660 daughter of Henry Sherburne (see sketch). He married second Mary who married second October 20 1720 John Sherburne. Moses built a ship for the British government during the war in 1749. He had a homestead on the south side of Sagamore creek, and his descendants still own and occupy the premises having preserved all the wills and deeds relating to the ownership of the property. Children I James farmer and cordwainer died on homestead married September 10 1713 Martha Jackson 2 Joseph born at Sagamore Creek housewright by trade married August 17 1712 Rebecca Ayers 3 Josiah tanner constable 1736 married Abigail 4 Mark mentioned below 5 Sarah married 1714 Sylvanus Scott 

A-CHS Sylvanus Scott will dtd 1754 m 10/21/1714 Portsmouth NH Sarah Moses bp 7/4/1708 d/o Aaron Moses and (2) Mary Leach; ch: Amos, Elizabeth, Frances, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Sylvanus. Samuel2 bp 6/23/1723 Portsmouth  m 12/29/1743 Scarborough Susan Perry, rem to Machias ME 1763, Rev. War; ch: Sarah, John, George, Susan, Samuel, Simeon, Ruth, Mark, Jesse, Daniel, Theodore. John3 b 1747 m Fanny Thompson b 5/20/1749 d/o George Thompson and Ruth Scott, Lt Rev. War ch: Ruth, Fanny, William P., John Thompson, Betsy.  Note from Rebecca Hobart, Dennysville. Children of Sylvanus & Sarah Moses Scott; Elizabeth married Col. Benj. Foster their son Samuel Foster married daughter of Sylvanus Scott Jr. m. Sarah Andrews, Comfort. Samuel and Comfort Foster had a son Benjamin Foster. Sylvanus and Sarah Scott's daughter Frances married Wooden Foster, their son Moses Foster married Drucilla West, their daughter Joanna Foster married Benjamin Foster, their daughter Drucilla Foster married Charles C. Hobart. Col. Benjamin & Wooden Foster were brothers. Notes unknown source: Samuel Scott married Susan Perry, son Wallace Scott married ?, son Mark Scott married Sally Elsmore daughter of Moses Elsmore & Lydia Andrews, daughter Sally Scott married Mark Fenlason in Machias 1812, daughter Sally Fenlason married Roland Dudley from Winslow.

History of Machias ME: "An association of 16 persons was accordingly formed during the winter of 1763, for the purpose of building a double saw mill at Machias, to be owned in as many shares--and it was decided to commence operations the ensuing spring. /P/ Smiths' Centennial records the names of the Associates in this undertaking, to commence the first English settlement at Machias as follows: Samuel Scott, Sylvanus Scott (brothers), Timothy Libby, George Libby, David Libby (brothers), Solomon Stone, John Stone (brothers), Daniel Hill, Japhet Hill (brothers), Isaiah Foster, Westrook Berry, Isaac Larrabee, Daniel Fogg. The above 13 were all residents of Scarborough and all lived at a District in the town known as Black Point. The remaining 3 were Thomas Buck of Plymouth, Captain of a coaster; Jonathan Carlton of Sheepscot; William Jones of Portsmouth NH. .... The women and children who had remained at Scarborough were removed to Machias in August. .... During the year 1764 the Inhabitants made nearly one million six hundred thousand feet  of lumber, which was no doubt an extraordinary season's work.....In 1769 a company of militia of nearly 100 men was formed; Stephen Jones was chosen Captain; Benjamin Foster (afterwards Colonel) Lieutenant and Sylvanus Scott Ensign.

MA & ME Families Volumn II.  John Moses: He was a boy of 14 in 1630 when George Cleeve and Richard Tucker, to whom he was apprentices, came to Maine, and it would seem certain that he was with them at that time. In that case he spent his first three years in the New World at the mouth of the Spurwink River, saw the arrival of the Trelawny colony, heard the first thunderous arguments between its leader, John Winter, and the surprised and indignant Cleeve over the title to the land on which Cleeve and Tucker had settled, was expelled with his masters and went with them to begin anew at the little cove on the southern shore of the peninsula in Casco Bay where now stands the city of Portland. /P/ Soon after obtaining hsi freedom from his indenture of apprenticeship John Moses left Casco Bay, married his wife Alice and settled at Sagamore Creek, not far from Strawberry Bank, in the Province of NH. ... "Goodman Moses was the first in Sagamore Creek." ..By 1672 Moses had become sergeant of the Portsmouth train-band, and thereafter he is called Sergt. Moses... There is no record of the death of Sergt. John Moses or of Ann.

MA & ME Families Volumn II. Aaron Moses: Moses took an active part in local military life. His house was a garrison in 1690 when the NH settlements were in grave danger from the French and Indians, and on May 23, 1691/2, five pounds of powder were delivered to him for its defense. ... Administration on the estate of Aaron Moses w as granted to his widow, Mary Moses on 11/21/1713, John Abbot and John Leach going on her bond, and an inventory amounting to 327:17:04, taken by Tobias Langdon and Hugh Banfield was entered on 2/5/1713/4.

Genealogical History of ME: Sergeant John Moses, a Scotchman, of Portsmouth, or Piscataqua as it was then called, received his first historical mention in a deed dated 4/6/1646, the introductory lines of which are as follows: "Witness these present that We Geo. Cleeve and Richard Tucker of Cascoe Bay in New England gentlem for and in consideration of Seaven yeares Service as an apprentice pformed unto us by John Moses now of Puchatag River we have granted & confirmed unto him the Sd John Moses his heyres and assigns one handred acres of land. In Cascoe bay." &c. The statement above indicates that he was in New England and entered the service of Cleeve and Tucker as early as 1639. 1/13/1652 John Moysis was granted 15 acres; 12/5/1636 5 acres. In the distribution in 1660 of lands to "All such as were reputed inhabitants and free comyners unto the year 167." John Moses received 83 acres. In the list of subscrib ers 1658 to 1666 given by Brewster to "Maintenance of ye Minister," the first name on the list is that of John Moses who subscribed 1 pound. He was a deacon in the first church in the town. John Moses appears in 1665 as one of the signers of a petition favoring the jurisdiction of MA over NH. He is mentioned several times in early histories as Sergeant Moses and he may have been sent to America as a soldier by Sir Ferdinando Gorges. His settlement was on the south side of Sagamore creek, where he had 42 acres of land running back toward Bellahac brook, to which 43 acres more were added by the grant of 2/3/1660. This old homestead of the Moses family is situated in the suburbs of Portsmouth NH and in 1906 could be reached only by private roads. At the time mentioned it had been continuously in the family name and been occupied by direct descendants of the first proprietor for 260 years. The family then had every deed and will touching the title to this land, even the certificate of the first survey. The house then standing was the third over the original cellar. 1/6/1679 John Moses conveyed to his son Aaron one-half of his plantation with certain live stock, to be managed by said Aaron who was to pay to his father one-half of the profits or increase of the land and cattle. In a deposition made 10/16/1696, John Moses stated he was 70 years old. John Moses married about 1667 Ann Jones widow of John Jones; who his first wife was does not appear. His children by his first wife were: Aaron, a daughter, Elizabeth, and Sarah. //Aaron, son of John Moses, was born at Sagamore creed; there is no record of his death. The town and provincial papers furnish evidence of his being a public man who held various civil affairs in town and state and that he was a lieutenant in Captain Tobias Langdon's company, and was one of the members of a court martial called by Governor Usher at Newcastle 9/29/1696. He married in 1677 Ruth, born 6/3/1660 daughter of Henry Sherborn. It is assumed that he married 2nd Mary, whose family name is unknown. After his death in 1713 his widow Mary was appointed administratrix of his estate. In 1733 his son James was appointed to complete its settlement. The children of Aaron Moses were: James, Joseph, Josiah, Mark, Martha, Hannah, Abigail, and Sarah. A son Aaron and a daughter Elizabeth (Moses)

Historical sketches of John Moses, of Plymouth: a settler of 1632 to 1640 ... By Zebina Moses: FIRST GENERATION Among the first planters that came to the Piscataqua was John Moysis or Mosses a Scotchman by birth he settled on the south side of Sagamore Creek taking up 42 acres of land running back towards Bellahac Brook to which was added by vote of the town Feb 3 1660 43 acres more on the town record of March 30 1664. Land laid out to John Mosses four skore and five acres by Sherburn and Cotton Surveyors. He was a Deacon in the first church in the town. On the town record of 1658 at a meeting called to raise subscriptions for the maintaining of the ministry, he heads the paper with one pound. He had the title of Sergeant from whence he derived it we know not. From old papers we find that his wife's name was Ann that they had two children Aaron and Sarah. In the agreement made between John Moses and his son Aaron, Aaron is to pay to his sister Sarah on her marriage five pounds/ This we presume was to be her marriage portion. SECOND GENERATION Aaron Moses son of John was b at Sagamore Creek. Brewster in his Rambles says he was m in 1677 to Ruth daughter of Henry Sherburn she was b June 3 1660. His widow's given name written in her will is Mary. We believe the Ruth to be an error. ADM There is no record of his death. The Town Tax book of the year 1713 shows that the Old Homestead was taxed to the Widow Moses and her son James. From town and provincial papers it appears that he was a public man having held a number of offices in the town and State. He was Lieutenant in Capt Tobias Langdon's company and was one of the members of a court martial called by Gov Usher at New Castle Sept 29 1696. Children were James, Joseph, Josiah, Mark, Martha, Hannah, Abigail, and Sarah. Sarah Moses daughter of John was b at Sagamore Creek. Brewster in his Rambles says, About a third of a mile north of the Old Ham Mansion house on the Point Freeman's Point North Portsmouth between the great elm and the shore in a grove is the cellar of the house of Timothy Waterhouse the tanner. His wife was Miss Moses. From tradition and what I heard from my Grandmother this Miss Moses was Sarah of Sagamore Creek, she being the only Miss Moses in or at Portsmouth at that time. AD Moses. Sarah Moses daughter of Aaron m 1714 Sylvanus Scott an Englishman and a weaver. The house in which they lived was situated in what is known as Scott's Orchard then a part of the Moses homestead, and later belonged to Michael W Tucker, then his heirs, and now 1889 to John W Johnson who purchased the same from the Tucker heirs. March 9 1732 they conveyed to James Moses her brother all the title they had to her father's effects and removed to Scarborough from thence to Machias in Maine. Children from Ch Rec of baptisms Sarah 1716, Amos 1718, Frances 1720, Samuel 1723.
 Copy of the Will of Mary Sherburn who was the widow of Aaron Moses Son of John Mosses or John Moysis and married John Sherburn Oct 20th 1720. In the name of God Amen I Mary Sherburn of Portsmouth in the Province of New Hampshire in New England, Widow being aged and infirm though of a sound disposing mind and memory and not knowing how soon God in his providence may call me from hence do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament. Impromise I heartily and sincerely recommend my soul into the hands of the Almighty God that gave it me hoping through the merits and intercession of Jesus Christ my Savior and Redeemer he will be graciously pleased to accept of it and my body to be decently buried at the charge of my Executors hereafter. mentioned Item 1 I give and bequeath to my sons James Moses, Joseph Moses, and Josiah Moses to each of them a sheep to be delivered them by my Executors. Item 2 I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Mary Moses the daughter of my son Joseph Moses my feather bed and bedding belonging to it and my biggest Iron pot. Item 3 I give and bequeath to my three Grand daughters Mary Moses the daughter of my son Joseph, Abigail the daughter of my son Josiah, and Mary the daughter of my son James all my silver either wrought into plate or in money to be equally divided amongst them. Item 4 I give and bequeath to my four daughters namely Martha Moses, Hannah Moses, Abigail Moses, and Sarah Scott all my wearing apparel to be equally divided amongst them. Item 5 I give and bequeath to my son Mark Moses all my household goods of what kind soever not heretofore in this my last will disposed of and also my oldest cow and one Steer and three hogs, he paying a small debt that I owe to Joshua Pierce, Mrs Priest, and Mr Thomas Sibron. Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my sons James Moses and Joseph Moses to be my Executors to this my last will and testament. Dated this 9th October 1732. Signed sealed and delivered by Mary Sherburn to be her last will and testament before us Theodore Atkinson, Mary Sherburn, Saml Sherburn, Margaret X Hickett.

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