Mott, Mote

Nathaniel MOTT, Scituate 1643; removed to Braintree; served against the Narragansetts in 1645; killed by the Indians 2/23/1675

Spouse: Hannah / Anna (_____) SHORTER / Shooter married at Braintree 12/25/1656  by William Allis, Hannah married 1) Peter Shooter died 5/15/1654

Children: Nathaniel born 10/28/1657, died 3/13/1660, married Hebzabah Winsley & Sarah Tosh; John born 6/19/1659 married Marcy Tosh; Nathaniel born 8/30/1661; Mary born 10/15/ 1664; Lydia born 7/12/1666 possibly married Caleb Littlefield; Samuel born 1/25/1668-9, married Mary __ & Margaret __; Experience died 10/24/ 1672; Elizabeth born 3/17/1671 died 1726-32 married Edmund Littlefield 12/30/1691 Wells ME;  Edward born 3/11/1673 married Penelope Tosh; Ebenezer born 10/7/ 1675 married Grace Vinall


Elizabeth MOTT born 5/17/1671 died 1726-32

Spouse: Edmund LITTLEFIELD married 12/30/1690 Wells ME

Children: Elizabeth; Sarah; Anna; Abigail born 11/17/1700 Braintree MA, died circa 1760, married John SMITH 6/9/1720; Lydia; Levi; Deborah; Hepzibah; Ruth; Dorcas; Nathaniel ; children of Edmund's 1st wife ? Mary, John, Edmund, Samuel

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE pg 201: MOTT, NATHANIEL, Braintree, married Hannah Shooter 1656. His son Nathaniel b 1657.

Pioneers of MA pg 321: MOTT, MOTE, Nathaniel, Scituate, atba 1643, served against the Narragansetts in 1645. He m at Braintree 25(10)1656, Hannah widow of Peter Shooter; ch Nathaniel b 28(10)1657 d 13(1)1660; John b 19(6)1659; Mary b 15(10)1664; a dau b 5(12)1666; Elizabeth b 17(3)1671; Experience d 24(10)1672; Edward b 11(3)1663; Ebenezer b 7(10)1675. He was killed by the Indians Feb 23, 1675.

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE addition back of book: MOTT, NATHANIEL, a 19, or thereabouts, in 1681.

The New England historical and genealogical register: NATHANIEL MOTT OF SCITUATE AND HIS SONS.  NATHANIEL MOTT one of the pioneers of Scituate Mass left a large and interesting family which scattered into various parts of New England some of them attaining eminence in various walks of life previous to the War of the Revolution, but curiously enough nothing about him except the meagre and imperfect account to be found in Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island and a brief and incomplete statement in Harris's James Mott of Dutchess County NY and his Descendants p 7 has ever appeared in print. The present article will deal with Nathaniel Mott and his sons showing where they settled giving their children and tracing a few of his more distinguished descendants. 1 NATHANIEL MOTT of Scituate Plymouth Colony and Braintree Mass is first mentioned as an inhabitant of Scituate in the list of men able to bear arms in Plymouth Colony in 1643. In 1645 he was one of the eight Scituate men sent out in the expedition of Plymouth Colony against the Narragansett Indians, and he served thirteen days. He is next found in 1656 in the neighboring town of Braintree where he married. The Middlesex court records mention him as living at Mr Parker's farm 22 Dec 1663. The births of his children are all recorded in the Braintree records and the same records state that he was one of the four Braintree men killed by the Indians 23 Feb 1675-6 when they made their incursion into that town. Nathaniel Mott seems to have been a man of humble position for he nowhere appears in the Suffolk land evidence, and he left no will. He married at Braintree 25 Dec 1656 HANNAH SHOOTER widow of Peter of Scituate. Children born at Braintree i NATHANIEL b 28 Dec 1657 d 13 Mar 1660-1, ii JOHN b 19 Aug 1659 , iii NATHANIEL b 30 Aug 1661, iv MARY b 15 Dec 1664, v LYDIA b 12 July 1666 possibly m CALEB IJTTLEFIELD of Brain tree Mass and of Kingstown and New Shorehain RI ancestor of the Rhode Island Littlefields, vi SAMUEL b 25 Jan 1668 9, vil ELIZABETH b 17 May 1671 m 30 Dec 1690 EDMUND LITTLEFIELD of Wells Me and Braintree Mass ancestor of the Littlefields of Norfolk and Bristol counties, viii EXPERIENCE d 24 Dec 1672, ix EDWARD b 11 May 1673 6, x EBENEZER b 16 Sept 1675. 2 JOHN2 MOTT Nathaniel1 of New Shoreham RI and Lyme Conn born at Braintree 19 Aug 1659 removed to New Shoreham or Block Island with his brother Nathaniel about the year 1680 His name appears in the list of freemen there in 1684. He sold land at Block Island 19 Dee 1689 and again 27 Mar 1693 when he is described as formerly of this Island but now of Lyme Connecticut This is all that has been gleaned concerning his career He married 16 Oct 1683 MARCY TOSH daughter of William and Jael Sullivan of Block Island.

A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: K-R Mott Adam Hingham a tailor from Cambridge Eng came in the Defence 1635 aged 39 with w Sarah 31 and ch John 14, Adam 12, Jonathan 9, Eliz 6, and Mary 4 was first of Roxbury, freem 25 May 1636 perhaps dissatisf as a friend of Hutchinson went 1638 to Rh Island with fam there had perhaps more ch and was with Adam jr, John and Jonathan perhaps his s liv at Portsmouth as freem 1655. Adam Portsmouth RI s of the preced m Oct 1647 Mary Lott had Adam b Sept 1650, Mary 1 Jan 1656, Sarah 11 Oct 1657, Eliz 9 Aug 1659, Phebe 20 Aug 1661, Bethia 1 Apr 1664, Abigail 3 May 1666, and John 1 Jan 1671. Jacob Newport perhaps s of the first Adam by w Joanna had Hannah b Nov 1663, Mercy 8 Jan 1666, Sarah 3 Feb 1670, Eliz 12 Sept 1672, and Samuel 4 Sept 1678. John Newport perhaps br of the first Adam sign the compact at the same time with him. July 1638 was of Block isl or one of the same name 1684. Nathaniel Scituate able to bear arms 1643 rem to Braintree m 1656 Hannah Shooter had Nathaniel b 28 Dec 1657. A Margaret M came in the Speedwell 1656 aged 12.

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