William NANSEGLOS of Redefan Manor Shaldeford co Essex, Gent, the testator of 3 Feb 1476

Spouse: ___

Children: Mary


Mary NANSEGLOS daughter of William

Spouse: Roger GIFFORD of Middle Claydon, co. Bucks born circa 1463, died 1/23/1543-4

Children: John of Hillsden co Bucks born circa 1493 died 1545-7 married Dorothy Dannett; Nicholas / Nycholas; Sir George of Middle Claydon co Bucks, Knight, married Constance Dyke & Margaret Bradfield & Philippa Trappes; Rauffe / Ralph of Steeple Claydon married Mary Chamberlain; William died young; William of Thorpe Mandeville married Alice Freebody; Joan / Jane married Thomas Cartwright, William Lambourne & Ambrose Dancy; Agnes married Thomas Carroll


Nicholas GIFFORD, Gent, of St. James near Northampton born circa 1506 died 5/19/1546

Spouse: Agnes / Anne MAISTER / MASTER died circa 1581 & 1584 daughter of John of Sandwich Co. Kent mayor of Sandwich, member of Parliament

Children: Roger married Amy Samwell; Barbara married Thomas Calwell; George married Ann Prestland; Anne married Gervaise Morton; Marie married Thomas Waldram

The compendium of American Genealogy disk 1: William Sargent baptized 1602-82 son of Roger, from ENG to Charlestown MA 1638, mem of church 1639, freeman 1639, resident of Malden where he was lay preacher 1648-50, rem to Barnstable 1656, freeman Plymouth colony 1658, m Hannah __ d 1688-9, m Marie __ d 1637, m Sarah __ d 1688-9 widow of William Minshall. Vol 1 pg 770: Sgt Henry Feltch bap 1610-1699, selectman, surveyor, m 1649 Hannah bap 1629-1717 dau of Rev. Wlm Sargent of Northampton Eng. Vol 1 Wlm Sargent 1602-82, son of Roger, from ENG ca 1638 settled at Charlestown MA (Mystic Side) at Malden 1649, at Everett 1670 m 3d Sarah __ widow of Wlm Minshall; son John 1639-1716 m (1) Deborah 1643-1669 dau7 Hugh Hillier (2) Lydia Chipman; son of John, Joseph 1663-1717 Barnstable m in 1685 Mary 1668-1759, dau John Green; son of Joseph, Joseph 1690-1760 m 1713 Hannah 1694-1782 dau J. Bulknam

Who Beget Thee? William Sargent 1602 1682 Son of Roger Sargent who was son of Hugh the mayor of Northampton Eng in 1626 Hugh Sargent married Margaret daughter of Nicholas Gifford of the ancient and distinguished family of Gifford seated at Honfleur Normandy in the eighth century William Sargent was baptized June 20 1602 Married 1 Hannah who died in Sept 1632 Married 2 Marie who died about 1637 Married 3 in 1638 Sarah widow of William Minshull of Whitchurch co of Salop gentleman and formerly of Bunbury in Cheshire William Sargent came to America from Northampton Eng in 1638 with his newly married wife Sarah and two daughters by his first wife He settled at Charlestown in that part which afterwards became the town of Maiden where he was lay preacher in 1648 50 He was also deacon and an active citizen He removed to Barnstable about 1656 where he was again lay preacher Died at Barnetable Dec 16 1682 His widow died Jan 12 1689 Hannah Sargent 1629 1717 Daughter of William Born in England Baptized July 13 1629 Married in 1649 Henry Felch Died Dec 15 1717 Her sister Ruth married 1 Jonathan Winslow 2 Richard Bourne 3 John Chipman whose first wife was Hope Howland daughter of John Howland who came in the Mayflower John Chipman died April 7 1708 Ruth Chipman died at Sandwich in 1713 In her will she left bequest to the daughters of my sister Felch at Reading 

New England Genealogical & Historical Record: Contributed by G ANDREWS MORIARTY JR AM LL B of Newport RI and communicated by the Committee on English Research FROM A GENEALOGICAL CHART IN THE PARISH REGISTERS OF COURTEENHALL CO NORTHAMPTON EXPLANATORY NOTE The parish registers of Courteenhall co Northampton begin in 1538 In the back of the first volume a parchment chart has been pasted on which the pedigrees of many Courteenhall families including the Sargent family have been written These pedigrees were probably entered by the vicar of the parish the handwriting and ink showing that the work was done about 1590 The vicar evidently asked the various families in the parish for information about events in their histories that had occurred outside of the parish of Courteen hall and thus he secured for the chart the records of the older children of Hugh Sargent who were born probably before the Sargent family moved to Courteen hall The first Sargent entry in the Courteenhall registers is the record of the baptism of George son of Mr Hugh Sargent Gent 2 Apr 1573 Later the vicar added records of some of the children of Roger Sargent son of Hugh which show that Roger Sargent of Courteenhall was identical with the Roger Sargent whose family records are found in the registers of the parish of All Saints Northampton Below are given the statements about the Sargent family found on the parchment chart and discrepancies between the statements of the chart and the entries in the parish registers proper are indicated in footnotes Elizabeth 30 Januarij 1555 esp to Nichas Edwards 16 Septeb 1576 Anne Nicholas baptised 1 August 1559 esp Elizabeth Clarke 27 Novebr 1593 vid JohrClarcke Daniel 18 Septbr 1590 died an prdict Sara 4 Octob 1591 Anna 16 1593 Samuel dead Hugh Sargent gent & Margaret Gyfforcl he died 28 februar 1595 T esp Ellenr Macharnes KOQ Roger j xhyjMton 3 Junij 1589 Octob 1595 Joseph Dorothie Marye 30 May 1565 esp to W Osb 5 May 1602 John 25 Apr 1566 f Spuria 4 Januarij 1 esp Joes Church 1602 buried 5 vid Tho church 20 Noveb 1602 I Januarij 1602 J Jane esp to Arthur Clarcke alias BoterellU 28 Octob 1606 Aloe esp to George Coles of Northampton Richarde Thomas George 2 Aprilis 1573 Magdalen 9 Julij 1574 Robert 30 Octob 1575 Michaell 27 Dec 1576 Dorothey 8 Febr 1578 died 4 Octob 1602 being delivered of a bd 9 daies before In the Sargent Genealogy published in 1895 by the late Aaron Sargent of Somerville Mass the ancestry of William Sargent one of the early settlers of Maiden Mass is carried back to his grandfather Hugh Sargent of Courteenhall co Northampton England Vide mpra vol 74 pp 281 283 tAccording to the pariah registers Elizabeth Sargent married 25 June 1576 Thorns Flynte Probably the date of birth as he was baptized 20 September 1590 tid mpra vol 74 p 281 Probably the date of birth as she was baptized 21 Oct 1593 if According to the pariah registers John Sargent was buried 10 December 1G14. His wife U recorded as daughter of Henry Church and Marie his wife and she was baptized us such 21 December 1574. As Joyce Sargent a poore woman she was buried 14 May 1643 The children of John and Joyce Sargent were 1 Spuria baptized 4 January 1602 3 buried 9 5 according to the chart January 1602 3 2 Marie baptized 7 December 1604 3 Jane baptized 5 September 1606 married 4 November 1633 John Locky 4 Alice baptized 19 May 1009 5 Henry baptized 23 March 1611 11611 12 6 Edward baptized 4 March 1613 1613 14 he and his wife Alice had John baptized 7 January 1641 2 and Anne baptized 26 March 1643 Edward Sargent son of John and Joyce seems to have been the only male Sargent who remained in the parish tllr was of Stony Stratford but the statements about the English Sargents printed in this book contain several errors the documentary evidence on which these statements are based is omitted and comparatively little information is given about the ancestry of Margaret Gifford wife of Hugh Sargent and grandmother of the New England immigrant The following pedigree based on the records already given in this article and on other records and authorities cited below shows the descent of William Sargent of Maiden Mass from John Gifford le Boef of Twyford co Bucks in 1277 and traces the probable ancestry of John Gifford le Boef to Osbern de Bolebec a Norman lord whose sons settled in England in the time of William the Conqueror It corrects in some important particulars the account of the family of the Giffards of Twyford contained in the late Maj Gen the Hon George Wrottesley's Giffards from the Conquest to the Present Time published in 1902 in the Colkctions of The William Salt Archaeological Society New Series vol 5 as well as certain errors in the printed Visitations of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire and in the pedigree entered in the Heralds College in the reign of Queen Elizabeth by Thomas Gifford son of Sir George It supplies also some corrections and additions to the Gifford pedigree published in the REGISTER vol 71 pages 174 175 and includes the corrections which as is found by an examination of the registers of the parishes of All Saints Northampton and of Courteen hall should be made in the statements about the English Sargents in the early part of the Sargent Genealogy The Giffard Gifford family is one of the most ancient and distinguished families of England Planche in his work entitled The Conqueror and his Companions describes Walter Giffard the Elder vide infra 1 i as the progenitor of a race from which the noblest families in England may be proud to trace their descent The Gifford family of Twyford co Bucks which sprang from a cadet of the great house of Brimsfield co Gloucester was one of the most ancient families of the Buckinghamshire gentry During the Middle Ages members of this family held lands in capite and served as high sheriffs knights of the shire commissioners of the peace and arrayers for the French wars They also did their part in the Scottish Welsh and French wars In the Wars of the Roses they appear to have adhered to the House of York In Tudor times George Gifford of the younger branch settled at Middle Claydon co Bucks was the right hand man of Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex in the dissolution of the monasteries and saw to it that his family profited by his activities and that his brothers were well provided for out of the monastic spoils In the early history of the Twyford family its fortunes were greatly increased by the marriage of Sir John Gifford le Boef vide infra 11 about the year 1300 with Alexandra de Gardinis heiress of the De Gardinis family which brought to it part of the lands of the ancient Norman house of De Arsic one of whose coheiresses was the great grandmother of Alexandra and a descendant of William de Arsic one of the eight knights appointed by William de Fiennes in the reign of William the Conqueror to the custody or guard of Dover Castle By the marriage of Thomas Gifford of Twyford vide infra 15 with Alianora Vaux the family became connected with the great Lancastrian family of Vaux of Harrowden co Northampton one of whose members was raised to the peerage by Henry VIII In the reign of Elizabeth the younger branches sank into the ranks of the minor gentry and merchant class one of the daughters marrying into the mercantile family of the Sargents of Courteenhall and Northampton from which sprang William Sargent the settler in Maiden Mass 1 OSBERN DE BOLEBEC a noble Norman Lord of Lpngueville in Normandy living in the time of Duke Robert the Magnificent or the Devil 1028 1035 who was the father of William the Conqueror married probably in the last years of the tenth or the early years of the eleventh century AVELINA third sister of Gunnora who was the second wife of Richard the Fearless Duke of Normandy from 942 to 996 Children i WALTER Count of Longueville who assumed the surname of GYFFARDE cf Ordericus Vitalis m a dau of Girard Flatel or Fleitel He is called Walter Giffard the Elder in the histories of Ordericus Vitalis and William of Jumieges In 1035 he was a companion of his brother in law Hugh de Gournay in the abortive attempt of Edward s of King Ethelred to recover the crown of England He gained renown m the armies of Duke William the Conqueror in the war between Normandy and France and in 1053 he was left by Duke William in command of the forces blockading the castle of Argues When Duke William invaded England 1066 Walter Gyffarde then well advanced in years furnished 30 vessels and 100 men at arms Children 1 Waller d in 1102 Ordericus Vitalis he was one of the commissioners appointed for the compilation of Domesday and in 1086 he held 107 lordships in England he was succeeded by his son Walter who m Ermengarde is styled Marshal of England was one of the three earls who supported Henry I in his quarrel with his brother Robert was present at the Battle of Brenneville in 1119 and was dead in 1165 Pipe Roll 11 Henry II his earldom becoming extinct although there is some evidence that he left a son William who d soon after his father and before his investiture as earl 2 William Bishop of Winchester and Chancellor to William the Conqueror William II and Henry I 3 Rohais m Richard s of Earl Gilbert de Brionne Also other daughters 2 ii OSBERNE 2 OSBERNE OSBERT GIFFARD Osbem de Bolebec died about 1086 With his brother Walter he assumed the name of Gyffarde fought with Duke William in the invasion of England and received vast grants of land in co Gloucester where he held the manors of Brimesfield Rochemterne Alderberie and Stoche He settled at Brimesfield and subsequently in the time of King Stephen a great castle was built there which continued to be the residence of the family until it was destroyed by the army of Edward II in 1322 Child 3 i EIJAB HELIAS 3 ELIAS HELIAS GIFFARD Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Brims field was dead in 1130 when his son Elyas paid 100 marks for his relief Pipe Roll 31 Henry I He married ALA Helias Giffard is named in 1090 in the chartulary of St Peter of Gloucester and with his wife Ala and his son Helias appears in 1121 in the same chartulary Children 4 i EUAS HELIAS 5 ii A SON 4 ELIAS HELIAS GIFFARD Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Brimsfield succeeded his father in 1130 He married BERTA DE CLIFFORD He was called the Boy probably to distinguish him from his father and as such he is named with his wife Berta and his son Walter in the time of Abbot Hamelin who was abbot from 1148 to 1179 He granted the church of Boyton to the monks for the soul of Berta his wife and this grant was afterwards confirmed by his son Walter A later Helias Gifford tried to reclaim the grant of the church of Boyton which had been made by his father Helias and his uncle Walter but the gift was confirmed by Bishop Josceline of Sarum and afterwards by Bishop John who was acting during the vacancy of that see 1184 1189 Children 6 i ELIAS HELIAS ii WALTER of Boyton whose name with that of his brother Gilbert appears in 1177 iii GILBERT whose name with that of his brother Walter appear in 1177 5 GIFFARD Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec Child 7 i RICHARD the Justiciary living in 1175 t 6 ELIAS HELIAS GIFFARD Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Brimsfield died about 1190 Pipe Roll He is mentioned with his mother Berta in 1167 Children 8 i I1 1 1 1 under age at his father's death about 1190 ii GILBERT who had a son Gilbert iii BERTA m CAILWEY Child 1 Elias grandfather of the John Cailwey who petitioned for the barony in 3 Edward III 9 iv OSBERT 7 RICHARD GIFFARD Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec was high in favor with Henry II and appears in 1172 as one of the justiciaries appointed under the Constitutions of Clarendon In 1166 he held lands in Lodeston co Kent of Walter de Meduana Liber Rubeus In 19 Henry II 1173 he was excused 15s for scutage as one of the knights holding under the Honor of Buckingham Pipe Roll 19 Henry II and appears to be holding then one of the knight's fees held of that Honor by Elias Giffard in 1166 Because he held lands in Lodeston where the Giffards of Twyford afterwards held General Wrottesley assumes that he was their ancestor but the lands in Kent held by the Twyford Giffards came to them from the De Arsic family through the marriage of John Gifford of Twyford vide infra 11 with Alexandra de Gardinis Children i OSBERT dead on 2 Sept 1229 when Isabel his widow and Matilda Giffard his sister are mentioned Calendar of Close Rolls 1227 1231 p 204 m ISABEL DE FREVILLE to whom letters of safe conduct were granted in 17 John Patent Rolls ii MABILJA m ADAM DE KAILLT In the Note Book of Henry de Bracton of cases heard by the King's judges in Easter Term 1232 in co Kent is a suit of Warine de Mountchensy to recover the manor of Luddendon in co Kent The action is against Adam de Kailly and Mabilia his wife Matilda Giffard and Isabel de Friville the last mentioned holding a third The defendants Elead that the Countess Cecilia gave the land to Richard Giffard ither of Mabilia and Isabel sic and they offered the charter Osbert son of Richard did homage to Cecilia for it and so did Richard and Richard and Osbert are dead Farther on Richard is called the father of Mabilia and Matilda iii MATILDA living in 1232 She paid scutage on Helidon in co Northampton in 1199 8 ELIAS GIFFARD Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Brimsfield was under age at his father's death about 1190 and was entrusted to the custody of William Marshall Earl of Pembroke He is mentioned in 1221 and died in 1249 Inquisition post Mortem 33 Henry III He married first ISABEL MUSARD and secondly ALICE MANTRAVERS Children by first wife i MATILDA m GODFREY SCUDAMORE Child 1 Peter ii ISABEL m THOMAS LE TABLER Child 1 Guy iii MABEL m RICHARD DANSY Child 1 Richard Child by second wife iv JOHN aged 16 years at his father's death in 1249 m 1 MARGARET NEVILL m 2 MATILDA DE LONQESPEYB 9 OSBERT GIFFARD Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec died about 1237 He married ISABEL DE BORLAND daughter of Alan and Alice Murdac She recovered custody of lands in Gillingham co Dorset that had belonged to her deceased husband Osbert Giffard and she died before 8 July 1242 when Alice Murdac her mother was next of kin to Osbert's heir then not of age Calendar of Close Rolls 1237 1242 page 448 Elias Giffard brother of Osbert granted to him lands in the manor of Winterburn co Dorset on 11 May 1229 Calendar of Charter Rolls 1226 1257 vol 1 page 95 and Osbert received from the King a grant from the forest at Selewood on 10 June 1232 Calendar of Close Rolls 1231 1234 page 71 Children i OSBERT b in 1233 or 1234 t d before 1291 m SARA who brought suit in 1291 for her widow's thirds in his lands at Artwell co Northampton Dc Banco Roll 19 Edward I Children 1 Osbert b before 1270 living in 1301 m and had daughters but no son he was summoned for service in Gascony in 1294 and in Scotland in 1296 and he was summoned to Parliament in 1297 he was summoned from Devonshire in 1301 as holding 40 and upward Parliamentary Writs 2 John of age in 1302 on 7 Aug 1321 he acknowledged a debt to be paid out of his lands in co Dorset Calendar of Close Rolls 1318 1323 p 483 In 1327 he petitioned the King in Council for the restoration of Winterburne I nit mi which he formerly held for life and was compelled to relinquish by Sir Hugh Despencer who is now forfeit and he stated that his brother Osbert had only daughters Calendar of Ancient Deeds vol 1 A p 27 nos 249 250 John had a son Edward who was living in 1330 10 ii JOHN b about 1235 He is probably identical with the first John Giffard le Boef of Twyford
SIR JOHN GIFFARD LE BOEF Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Twyford co Bucks Knight born about 1235 died probably about 1300 He married  He was enfeoffed of two parts of a knight's fee in Twyford by Robert FitzNicholas steward of Henry III prior to 1272 On 12 Mar 1276 he was mentioned as of Twyford in the Close Rolls and in 1277 as John Giffard le Boef he petitioned that the service of Ralph Pipard should be performed in West Wales Parliamentary Writs vol 1 page 632 In 1282 the said John Giffard was performing in Wales the service due from John Giffard of Brimsfield ib In 1284 he was summoned by a writ of quo warranto to show his right of frank pledge in Twyford when he pleaded the feoffment by Robert FitzNicholas and called upon Robert's nephew Ralph Pipard to warrant but was adjudged to be in mercy Pipard sought in 1289 90 that he be restored Parliamentary Rolls vol 1 In the Feudal Aid of 1284 1286 John Giffard le Boef held 15J virgates of land in Charndon co Bucks of the King and 40 librates in Twyford of Ralph Pipard Feudal Aids vol 1 page 181 On 3 May 1296 he was knight of the shire for co Bucks in a Parliament at Westminster one of the earliest Parliaments Parliamentary Writs vol 1 page 632 In the roll of arms in the time of Edward I known as the Planche Roll the arms of John Giffard le Boef of Twyford are given as Gules three lions passant in pale argent and a label for difference These are the arms of the Brimsfield Giffards with the mark of cadency In the roll of arms printed with the parliamentary writs the arms of Sir John Giffard le Boef of Twyford are set down as Sire Johann Gyffard le boef De goules a in lions passant de argent e un label de azur Child 11 i JOHN b about 1270 
SIR JOHN GIFFARD LE BOEF Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Twyford co Bucks Knight born about 1270 was living 30 Mar 1328 when his son was called John Giffard the Younger of Twyford in the inquisition post mortem of Sir Thomas de Gardinis but appears to have died shortly thereafter Calendar of Inquisitions post Mortem vol 7 Edward III page 107 He married about 1300 1 ALEXANDRA DE GARDINIS daughter of Sir Thomas of Oxfordshire a descendant of the baronial house of Arsic She was dead in 1328 when her son John was the heir of his grandfather Sir Thomas de Gardinis On 24 June 1301 John son of John Giffard le Boef was summoned from Devonshire to the muster at Berwick on Tweed to perform military service against the Scots Parliamentary Writs vol 1 page 632 His lands at Helidon are mentioned 23 Aug 1312 Calendar of Close Rolls 1307 1313 page 548 He was imprisoned at Aylesbury 7 June 1314 for a trespass of vert and venison in the Royal Forest ib 1313 1318 page 58 On 28 Sept 1315 he was knight of the shire for co Bucks Parliamentary Writs vol 2 page 918 and in 1316 he was certified as lord of the vills of Twyford Charndon and Pounden in co Bucks ib He held the Twyford lands ie two parts of Ralph Pipard Feudal Aids vol 1 page 109 In Oxfordshire he held lands in Begbrooke ib vol 4 page 164 and in Northamptonshire he held half of the manor of Helidon ib vol 4 page 30 and also lands in Astwell On 26 Mar 1316 he appears as commissioner to raise soldiers for the Scojtch War Parliamentary Writs vol 2 page 918 and on 5 Aug 1316 his orders to select footmen in co Bucks for the Scotch War were countermanded Calendar of Fine Rolls vol 2 page 297 On 30 May 1322 John Giffard of Twyford Knight was summoned from Oxfordshire to the Great Council at Westminster Parliamentary Writs vol 2 page 918 On 20 June 1322 John Gifford a knight or banneret of co Beds and co Bucks was returned as ill and unable to serve in person against the Scots ib and on 24 June 1322 John Gifford le Boef man at arms was summoned from Northamptonshire to serve against the Scots ib On 31 Oct 1322 he was returned as a man at arms between the ages of 16 and 60 years and was called a knight accustomed to arms but gouty and incapable of acting ib In 1325 John son of Osbert Giffard 9 i sued him to recover lands in Accott Devonshire which Osbert formerly held Children 12 i JOHN b in 1301 Calendar of Inquisitions post Mortem vol 6 ii EDMUND a knight who with John Giffard of Twyford committed trespass at Grendon 4 Nov 1347 Calendar of Patent Rolls 1345 1348 and was probably of Stanlak in Oxfordshire in 1361 Calendar of Close Rolls 1360 1364 p 194 
1361 Calendar of Close Rolls 1360 1364 p 194 SIR JOHN GIFFARD Sir John le Boef Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Twyford co Bucks Knight born in 1301 died on the Sunday next after the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul 43 Edward III 1368 9 REGISTER vol 74 page 232 He married first LUCY DE MORTETN who was living 8 Mar 1361 daughter of Sir John and sister of Master Edmund de Morteyn DCL the King's escheator for Ireland canon of York and King's clerk and secondly ALICE who was living 30 July 1379 Calendar of Patent Rolls 1377 1381 page 323 From his maternal grandfather Sir Thomas de Gardinis he inherited large estates namely the manorial estates at Somerton and Fringsford and the Coggs lands in Oxfordshire which with the messuage at Leisdon co Kent came down from the Arsic family and the manor of Ixning which came from the De la Haye family His father died about 1330 and he inherited the Giffard lands On 22 July 1334 he was styled Sir John Giffard when he witnessed an enrollment grant Calendar of Close Rolls 1333 1337 page 326 On 26 Mar 1338 he was to array in co Bucks 10 men at arms 20 armed men and 40 archers for the French War ib 1334 1341 p 55 In 1340 he had licence to build an oratory in his house at Twyford Lipscombe's History of Buckinghamshire in the same year he was assessor of taxes in Oxfordshire Calendar of Patent Rolls 1340 1343 page 25 and he served frequently on commissions of oyer and terminer with William de Shares hull the famous judge ib 1340 1343 pages 87 554 582 583 He was one of the knights who accompanied Edward III to France and he was in the King's division at the Battle of Cre cy 1346 Wrottesley's Cre cy and Calais He appears to have had a brother Edmund with whom he committed a trespass at Grendon 4 Nov 1347 Calendar of Patent Rolls 1345 1348 In 1349 1351 and 1361 he was commissioner of the peace in co Bucks Calendar of Patent Rolls 1350 1354 on 14 Mar 1360 he was one of the commissioners of array in 00 Bucks for the French War and in 1368 with Reynold de Grey of Ruthyn he was again a commissioner of array ib 1364 1367 page 431 Children by first wife 1 JOHN living 23 Dec 1360 dsp before 11 Mar 1368 9 Vide infra 13 ii THOMAS b about 1345 REGISTER vol 74 p 232 in RICHARD probably son of No 12 m JOAN and with her levied a fine on the manor of Helldon 7 Richard II 1383 4 SIR THOMAS GIFFARD Sir John Sir John le Boef Sir John le 
SIR THOMAS GIFFARD Sir John Sir John le Boef Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bokbec of Twyford co Bucks Knight born about 1345 died 25 Sept 1394 REGISTER vol 74 page 233 He married first about 1361 ELIZABETH DE MISSENDEN who died about 1367 secondly before 4 Jan 1367 8 MARGERY ib vol 74 page 231 who was living 22 Aug 1374 and thirdly before 6 July 1383 SYBIL who married again had a daughter Eleanor born about 1406 by her second husband and died 26 Feb 1428 9 From an inquisition taken at Oxford 23 Dec 34 Edward III 1360 ib it appears that Thomas Giffard had an elder brother John who was living at that date but who must have died sp before 11 Mar 43 Edward III 1368 9 as Thomas Giffard aged twenty five years and more was then found to be the heir of his father ib vol 74 page 232 On 23 Dec 1360 Thomas's father John settled upon himself and his wife Lucy for the term of their lives his manors of Somerton and Feringford in Oxfordshire with 30s rent in Cogges Oxfordshire with remainder to their son Thomas and his issue and the rent to Thomas and Elizabeth de Missenden and their issue which otherwise ought to revert to John eldest son of the said John ib vol 74 page 231 On 22 Aug 1374 Sir Thomas Giffard with his wife Margery enfeoffed Nicholas Twyford of London goldsmith with a moiety of the manor of Ixning co Suffolk Calendar of Patent Rolls 1370 1374 page 477 Two inquisitions post mortem show holdings of Sir Thomas Giffard Knight at the time of his death in Kent and in Oxfordshire respectively and give Roger Giffard aged twenty six or twenty seven years and more as his son and heir REGISTER vol 74 page 232 Child by first wife 14 i ROGER b about 1367 Children by second or third wife ii JOHN d iii THOMAS dsp ir WILLIAM dsp 
WILLIAM ROGER GIFFARD Sir Thomas Sir John Sir John le Boef Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Twyford co Bucks Esq born about 1367 died 14 Apr 1409 He married first before 6 July 1383 JOAN DE HEREFORD who died sp daughter of Sir Baldwin Knight secondly not later than 1399 ELIZABETH and thirdly not later than 1407 ISABEL STRETELE apparently of the family of Stretley of Creslow co Bucks REGISTER vol 74 pages 233 234 She married secondly John Stokes of Twyford On 21 July 1395 a licence was given to Roger Giffard to grant the manor of Somerton in Oxfordshire to Sybil late wife of Thomas Giffard for life with remainder to the said Roger in fee Calendar of Patent Rolls 1391 1396 page 608 cf REGISTER vol 74 page 234 The inquisitions post mortem given in REGISTER vol 74 pages 233 234 show that Roger Giffard at his death held lands at Leisdon co Kent at Twyford co Bucks at Cogges Bekbroke and Newynton co Oxford and at Helydon co Northampton and that Thomas Giffard aged one year and more in 1409 was his son and heir The inquisition taken at Northampton in 1409 shows that the manor of Helydon had been settled on Roger Giffard and his second wife Elizabeth and their issue and that the heir of Roger and Elizabeth was Katherine aged ten years and more in 1409 Child by second wife i KATHERINE b about 1399 m SIR THOMAS BILLING Knight Lord Chief Justice of England Child by third wife 15 ii THOMAS b at Fringford co Oxford in 1408 
THOMAS GIFFARD Roger Sir Thomas Sir John Sir John le Boef Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Twyford co Bucks Esq born at Fringford co Oxford in 1408 died 29 May 1469 He married ELEANOR VAUX daughter of William Esq ancestor of the Lords Vaux of Harrowden co Northampton He was aged one year and more in 1409 after his father's death and on 21 October of the same year the King's kinsman William Lord Roos of Hamlak was granted custody of the young heir Calendar of Patent Rolls 1408 1413 page 114 cf REGISTER vol 74 page 234 Lord de Roos died in 1414 and on 3 May 1415 custody of the heir was granted to Thomas Duke of Clarence Calendar of Patent Rolls 1413 1416 p 321 who was killed in the Battle of Beauge in 1420 In Trinity Term 1415 Thomas Giffard by William Rokes burgh his guardian brought suit against John Stokes and Isabel his wife who was Thomas Giffard's mother to recover the manor of Helydon under the settlement made 8 Mar 1361 by Sir John Giffard Knight great grandfather of Thomas ib 1358 1361 page 571 and it was agreed that Thomas should recover his seisin of this manor Cf REGISTER vol 74 page 267 In 1429 Thomas was holding the manor of Helydon and also the Somerton lands He proved his age on 14 Jan 1429 30 Sybil the widow of his grandfather Sir Thomas Giffard having died 26 Feb 1428 9 and it was shown that he was born and baptized at Fringford and was aged twenty one years on 29 Dec 1429 The manor of Fringford came to him after the death of Sybil 76 vol 74 pages 234 235 On 5 Feb 1429 30 he and his stepfather John Stokes gave a bond for 200 to Thomas Chaumbre Esq William Vaux Esq and Thomas Tresham to permit Eleanor daughter of William Vaux Esq deceased to have sufficient estate for her life in the manors of Astwell and Helydon in Northamptonshire and in certain lands etc in Astwell and Helydon and in Water Stratford co Bucks apparently a marriage settlement 76 vol 74 pages 267 268 In 1434 Thomas Giffard was one of those who were required to take oath not to maintain lawbreakers Calendar of Patent Rolls 1429 1436 page 397 and in 1439 he was commissioned to investigate the escapes of felons in co Bucks ib 1436 1441 page 269 He appears to have been a Yorkist as he began to hold local offices in Bucks upon the victory of Edward IV at Towton in 1461 He was a commissioner of peace and array in Bucks in 1460 1464 and 1466 ib 1461 1467 page 560 At his death he held Twyford John Gifford Esq aged thirty eight years and more was found by an inquisition taken at Dadyngton co Oxford in Oct 1469 to be his son and heir REGISTER vol 74 page 235 Children 16 i JOHN born about 1431 ii ELIZABETH m MOORE Esq according to a Visitation pedigree 
JOHN GIFFOBD Thomas Roger Sir Thomas Sir John Sir John le Boef Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Twyford co Bucks Esq born about about 1431 died before 23 Sept 1506 He married according to the pedigree in the Heralds College entered by his great grandson Thomas Gifford of Middle Claydon co Bucks first ALLES and secondly AGNES WINSLOWE daughter of Thomas of Begbroke co Oxford In 1479 and 1483 he was a commissioner of the peace He appears to have adhered to Richard III He was high sheriff of co Bucks in 1497 Lipscombe's History of Buckinghamshire vol 1 page xvi On 24 Nov 1487 he granted his lands in Fringford co Oxford to his son Thomas and his Thomas's wife Joan and their heirs REGISTER vol 74 page 235f and on 23 Sept 22 Henry VII 1506 his son Thomas received licence to enter without proof of age upon the lands of his father John Gifford of Twyford a tenant in chief Calendar of Patent Rolls Children by first wife i ELEANOR in ROGER SAMWELL ii ISABEL m JOHN ARDEHNE of Cottisford co Oxford Gent iii ALLES m THOMAS PERWICKE of co Leicester iv MARGARET m WILLIAM PORTER of Compton Children by second wife 17 v THOMAS living in 12 Edward IV 1472 3 18 vi ROGER b about 1463 vii WILLIAM m VACHELL Child 1 Anna heiress m 1 Vincent Curzon of Waterperry co Oxford m 2 Edward Windsor brother of Lord Windsor viii JOHN ix EDMUND x ROBERT mentioned 2 Dec 1542 in a codicil to the will of his brother Roger 
THOMAS GIFFORD John Thomas Roger Sir Thomas Sir John Sir John le Boef Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bolebec of Twyford co Bucks the testator of 1511 REGISTER vol 74 page 268 living in 12 Edward IV 1472 3 died 10 Oct 1511 ib vol 74 page 235 He mar ried JANE or JOAN LANGSTON who survived him daughter and heiress of John of Caversfield co Bucks Children i THOMAS of Twyford Esq the testator of 1550 ib vol 74 page 270 b about 1481 he is described on 10 Nov 1511 as aged thirty years and more d 25 Nov 1550 m MARY STAVELET dau and heiress of William of Bignell co Oxford Esq whose wife was a daughter of Sir John Francis Knight Children 1 John the testator of 1572 ib vol 74 p 272 utter barrister of the Middle Temple London under twenty two on 2 Nov 1550 d between 8 Aug and 23 Oct 1572 2 Ursula d at Twyford 7 Dec 1558 m Thomas Wayneman or Wenman of Carswefl and Witney co Oxford s of Richard Esq of Carswell and Anna Bushe for issue see Publications of the Harleian Society vol 5 p 179 they were ancestors of the Viscounts Wenman 3 Mary not mentioned in her father's will but see PCC Fettiplace 4 ii ANNA m RICHARD SAMWELL of Edgecote co Northampton who is mentioned in the will of his father in law Thomas Gmord in 1511 iii MART living in 1511 m WILLIAM BECKE of Stow Stowe o Bucks Genealogical Research in England April 
ROGEH GIFFORD John Thomas Roger Sir Thomas Sir John Sir John le Boef Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bokbec of Middle Claydon co Bucks Esq the testator of 1538 REGISTER vol 74 page 269 born about 1463 died 23 Jan 1542 3 ib vol 74 page 235 He married about 1490 MART NANSEGLOS who was living 8 Feb 1543 4 daughter of William t On 24 Feb 1524 1523 4 he was commissioner of the peace in co Bucks and on 1 Apr 1524 he was a collector of the subsidy for the French War Letters Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII In 1495 he leased the manor of Middle Claydon of the Verney family for ninety nine years In his will dated 24 Sept 1538 he mentions his wife Mary his sons John eldest son George second son Rauffe third son William fourth son and Nycholas youngest son and provides for the occupation of the manor of Middle Claydon by his sons Children i JOHN of Hillesden co Bucks Esq the testator of 1545 REGISTER vol 74 p 269 born about 1493 d between 3 Dec 1545 and 19 Nov 1547 m DOROTHY DANNBTT who survived him dau of Sir John of Dannett's Hall Knight Children J 1 WiUiam of Stenes co Northampton m Ursula Cole of co Gloucester 2 Roger m 1 Dorothy Bentley dau of Doctor Bentfey m 2 Anna Parker Clinton dau of Parker of Willington co Norfolk and widow of Clinton 3 John presbyter m Wyat 4 Thomas dsp before 3 Dec 1545 5 Jer rard living unm in 1545 6 Anne living unrn 3 Dec 1545 7 Mary m after 3 Dec 1545 Richard Greville ii SIR GEORGE of Middle Claydon co Bucks Knight the testator of 1556 ib vol 74 page 271 d between 24 Dec 1557 and 19 Jan 1557 8 m 1 CONSTANCE DYKE dau and coheiress of Henry of co Sussex m 2 MABGABET BRADFIELD who d about 19 May 1539 when her husband wrote to Thomas Cromwell that she was considered to be beyond hope of recovery dau and coheiress of BradfielJ m 3 PHILIPPA TRAPPM SHAA dau of Robert Trappes of London goldsmith and widow of Edmund Shaa of London haberdasher f She m 3 Richard Norton Esq whom she survived made her will 1 Nov 1593 i6 vol 74 p 274 and died between I and 14 Nov 1593 Sir George Gifford was very active as an assistant to Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex in the dissolution of the monasteries In a codicil to his will dated 24 Dec 1557 he bequeathed to my sister Frysewide Strelley widow gentlewoman of the Queen's Privy Chamber a tankard of silver parcel gilt Children 1 Thomas under age on 20 Nov 1556 living 1 Nov 1593 m Margaret Penne dau of David of Penne co Bucks 2 A daughter d before 20 Nov 1556 m Thomas Gedge who was living 20 Nov 1556 3 A daughter m James Gedge both d before 20 Nov 1556 4 Prudence under eighteen on 20 Nov 1566 living 1 Nov 1593 m before 1 Nov 1593 Francis Poore or Powers of Blechingdon co Oxford Esq who was living 1 NOT 1593 5 Lett ice under eighteen on 20 Nov 1556 living 1 Nov 1593 m before 1 Nov 1593 Urien Verney of Window o Bucks iii RALPH of Steeple CIaydon co Bucks living 20 Nov 1560 m MARY CHAMBERLAIN dau of Sir Edward of Woodstock co Oxford Knight Children 1 George of Claydon 2 Roger physician to Queen Elizabeth IT WILLIAM probably d young T WILLIAM of Thorpe Mandeville co Northampton d between 2 Nov 1550 and 20 Nov 1556 m ALICE FREEBODT who is mentioned in the will of Sir George Gifford 20 Nov 1556 dau and heiress of Hugh 19 TJ NICHOLAS b about 1508 rii JOAN or JANE living 24 Dec 1557 m 1 THOMAS CAKTWRIGHT m 2 WILLIAM LAMBOURNE m 3 before 2 Dec 1542 AMBROSE DAUNTESEY DANCY yiii ALICE m after 20 Nov 1556 THOUAS CAKKOLL of Raunds co Northampton Gent
Northampton NICHOLAS GIFFORD Roger John Thomas Roger Sir Thomas Sir John Sir John le Boef Sir John le Boef Osbert Elias Elias Elias Osberne Osbern de Bokbec of St James near Northampton Gent the testator of 1546 REGISTER vol 74 page 270 born about 1508 died at Duston co Northampton 19 May 1546 ib vol 74 page 236 He married before 1528 AGNES MAISTER or MASTER who died between 18 Aug 1581 and 28 Mar 1584 daughter of John of Sandwich co Kent the testator of 1558 ib vol 74 page 279 mayor of Sandwich a warden of the Cinque Ports and a member of Parliament cf REGISTER vol 71 page 175 She is called Anne in the will of her husband and in his inquisition post mortem and sister Anne Gyffard in the will of her brother in law Sir George Gifford in 1556 She is called Agnea in the will of her father 24 Aug 1558 and in her own will 18 Aug 1581 but in that part of her will relating to her lands  she states that she is commonly called Anne Gyfford REGISTER vol 74 page 272 On 20 Oct 1530 Nicholas Gifford was recommended to Thomas Cromwell by John Plauden late clerk of the lands of Woolsey's College Oxford Letters Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII In 1538 he was one of the gentlemen to attend upon the King's household when required ib In that year he was called of Brynon Northants He was active hi the work of dissolving the monasteries and by letters patent dated 12 Sept 1545 the house and lands of the dissolved monastery of St James in the parish of Duston near Northampton with the annual fair held there were granted to him and his heirs and he died seised thereof Roger Gyfford a minor aged eighteen years and three months being his son and heir REGISTER vol 74 page 236 Children i ROGER of St James near Northampton Gent the testator of 1591 ib vol 74 p 274 b probably about Feb 1527 8 d at St James 20 Oct 1591 ib vol 74 p 237 m AMT SAMWELL the testatrix of 1618 vol 74 p 275 who d between 28 May and 11 July 1618 dau of Francis Esq and Mary of Northampton Children 1 Francis of St James near Northampton Esq the testator of 1625 ib vol 74 p 277 b about 1568 d before 20 June 1625 m before 28 May 1618 Jane Throughton dau of Richard of Hanslope co Bucks Esq she was the testatrix of 1632 ib and d between 30 Aug and 15 Dec 1632 they had issue 2 Thomas of Ashley co Northampton m before 28 May 1618 Elizabeth Gate 3 Nicholas living in 1581 probably d before 28 May 1618 4 Marie m before 28 May 1618 Alexander Mores of St James End co Northampton 5 George living mini in 1618 6 Elizabeth living unm in 1618 ii MARGARET b about 1535 m about 1554 HUGH SARGENT of Cour teenhall co Northampton Gent b probably about 1530 d at Courteenhall 28 Feb 1595 6 Fifteen children iii BARBARA m THOMAS COLWELL who is named in the will of his mother in law Agnes Gifford 18 Aug 1581 and in the nuncupative will of his brother in law Roger Gifford 26 Sept 1591 Children named in the will of their grandmother Agnes Gifford 18 Aug 1581 1 Richard 2 John 3 Thomas 4 Lucy 5 Teda 6 Marie 7 Agnes iv GEORGE living 26 Sept 1591 m before 18 Aug 1581 ANNB PREST LAND living in 1581 dau of John Children 1 Richard living in 1581 2 Roger living in 1581 3 Edward living in 1581 4 Valentine 5 Elizabeth 6 Ann T ANNE d before 18 Aug 1581 m GERVAISE MORTON who was living 18 Aug 1581 There were children of this marriage who were living and under twenty one on 18 Aug 1581 vi MARIE m 1 THOMAS WALDHAM both were living 18 Aug 1581 perhaps she m 2 JOHN WILSON Genealogical England April 
This is evidently William Nanseglos of Redefan Manor Shaldeford co Essex Gent the testator of 3 Feb 1476 (?1476 7 REGISTER vol 74 p 279) whose daughter Mary was then under age. The statement that Roger Gifford's wife was Mary Nanseglos or Nanaicles was made by Roger's grandson in the Heralds pedigree of 1575.

White Swirled Line

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