Henry NEALE born in England 1607, died 10/16/1688, had 21 children per gravestone, in Braintree by 1640; possibly had brother John of Salem

Spouse: (1) Martha died 3/5/1655; (2)  Hannah PRAY married 2/14/1655-6  by Capt. Tory of Waymouth

Children: By wife (1) Martha born 11/16/1642 died 1/25/1679;  Samuel born 5/31/1647 married Abigail; Henry b 1/19/1649; Hannah born 2/2/1651 buried 9/20/1657; Sarah died 1653 having married Merrifield/Mansfield; by wife (2) Abigail born 12/14/1656 married Peter Scott;  Joseph born 8/6/1660; Sarah b 10/20/1661; Mary born 11/1/1664 married John Thayer; Rachel born 1/12/1665 died 10/15/1675; Deborah born 1/7/1667;  Benjamin born 1/7/1668-9 married Lydia Pain; Ruth b 10/25/1670 married Thomas Thayer; Lydia born 10/8/1672 married Joseph Jones; Elizabeth born 4/28/1675 married John Bass; Joanna born 5/27/1680 m Shadrac Wilbor; Rebecca; Rachel married 1/24/1697-8 Ralph Pope; Hannah married Nehemiah Heiden 1678; Nehemiah


Lydia NEALE born 10/8/1672

Spouse: Joseph JONES died 1726

Children: Benjamin, Nathan, Elnathan, Submit married Partridge; Sarah, Lidia married Bosworth, Rebecca born circa 1712 Taunton Bristol MA  died 8/20/1738; Mary;


Rebecca JONES born circa 1712 Taunton Bristol MA  died 8/20/1738 married 8/15/1734

Spouse: John DYER, Captain, born circa 1688 died 9/6/1748 Bristol Bristol RI; Jones other wives (1) Sarah Bowerman died circa 1729 married 12/1718 Bristol Bristol RI daughter of Tristram Bowerman  (3) Mary Wheeler Reed born 1719 married 4/17/1739 daughter of John Reed and Mary Whitmarsh; Rebecca was wife (2)

Children: of Sarah Bowerman (1): Ebenezer born 4/19/1720 Bristol Bristol RI; Mary born 5/21/1722 Bristol; John born 9/10/1724 Bristol; Sarah born 8/28/1726 Bristol married Benjamin Boyce 5/17/1744 Bristol; Jonathan born 6/28/1729 Bristol married (1) Neila Button 11/13/1783 N. Stonington CT (2) Penelope Button 1/8/1785 Stonington. Children of Rebecca Jones (3) Mary Jones married Joseph Reed 12/29/1744; Rebecca born 10/31/1731 Bristol; Lydia born 5/16/1733 Bristol; Abigail born 2/25/1734-5 Bristol; Jones born 3/13/1736-7 Bristol died between 1810 and 1819 Calais Washington ME married Hannah Herenden

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE: NEAL, ALEXANDER, Braintree m. Mary Belcher in 1655. EDWARD, Weymouth 1662, perhaps of Westfield in 1686. FRANCIS, Falmouth 1658, representative 1670. FRANCIS, Salem, was admitted freeman in 1675. HENRY, Braintree 1642, had sons, Samuel b 1647; Henry b 1649; Joseph, by 2d wife, b 1660. JOHN, Massachusetts, was admitted freeman in 1642. WALTER, Pascataqua 1631, one of the stewards of Captain John Mason, was a captain, and was styled the governour of Pascataqua in 1631. He left N.E. in August, 1633. See Belknap, i. Hist. N.H. and Savage, ii. Winthrop, Index. Walter Neal, perhaps his son, was of N.H. in 1660, and in 1673 was appointed a lieutenant under James Pendleton. He had a son Samuel, by Mary, his wife, born 14 June 1661.

History of Bristol Co. MA: First generation Joseph Jones who settled in part of Taunton now Raynham. Bу Probate Records book 5 pages 324 and 325, it appears that he died in 1726. He must have lived to a great age his son Abraham was then sixty seven years old. Joseph Jones his son will proved Dec 18 1740 vol xp 6 shows his children were Benjamin, Nathan, Elnathan, Submit (married Partridge), Sarah, Lidia (married Bosworth) Rebeccah (Dyer) and Mary Jones. Their posterity have scattered over the country we know not where.

The ancestry of Katharine Choate Paul: NEALE -  HENRY NEALE, a carpenter by trade and a sergeant, resided at Braintree Mass and temporarily between the years 1657 and 1661 at Providence RI married first Martha who died 3d 5mo 1655 and afterward Feb 11 1655-6 Hannah Pray  and died at Braintree Oct 16 1688 aged seventy one years having been the father of twenty one children according to his gravestone. His will made Aug 11 1688 and Sep 12 1688 and proved Feb 27 1690 1 mentions his daughters Abigail and Hannah. The births of his children so far as ascertained are recorded at Braintree. They were 1 Martha b 16d 11mo 1642 d Jan 25 1679 2 Samuel b 31d 5mo 1647 m Abigail 3 Henry b I9d 1mo 1649 4 Hannah b 2d 2mo 1651 who was buried 2od 9m0 1657 5 Sarah d 1653 having m Merrifield 6 Abigail b 14d 12mo 1656 m Peter Scott 7 Joseph b 6d 8mo 1660 m Mar 8 Sarah b 2od lomo 1661 9 Mary b 1d 11mo 1664 m Thayer 10 Rachel b 12d 1mo 1665 d 15d lomo 1675 n Deborah b 7d 1mo 1667 12 Benjamin b 7d 1mo 1668 9 m Lydia Pain 13 Ruth b 25d lomo 1670 m Thayer 14 Lydia b 8d lomo 1672 m Joseph Jones 15 Elizabeth b 286 41x10 1675 m John Bass 16 Joanna b May 27 1680 m Shadrac Wilbor 17 Rebecca 18 Rachel m 24d 1mo 1697 8 Ralph Pope 19 Hannah m Nehemiah Heiden 1678.

The Vinton memorial, comprising a genealogy of the descendants of John ... By John Adams Vinton: HENRY NEALE,i of Braintree, (now Quincy,) b. in Eng., 1607; d.Oct. 16.1678, [1688, see Will,] a. 71, had two wives and twenty-one children. [Grave-stune.J. He may have been brother of John Neale of Salem, freeman, May 18, 1612. 12 acres of land at Mr. Wollaston were granted Feb. 24, 1639-10, by the town of Boston, to Henry Neale, for three persons in his family. His will, dated Aug. 11, 1688; proved Feb. 27,1690-1 ; recorded Suff Prob., 8 : 35, mentions wife Hannah, sons Samuel, Joseph. Benjamin; daus. Abigail Stott, Hannah Haiden, wife of Nehemiah, son Henry; daus. Sarah Mansfield, Mary Thayer, Ruth Thayer, Deborah, Lydia, Rebecca, Rachel, Elizabeth, Joanna.

White Swirled Line

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