Jane Newton from Axminster, Devon, ENG, died Hull 8/25/1672, "she was a woman of lively spirit...skilled in the practice of physick" will dated 7/10/1672 proved 10/24/1672

Spouse: Thomas Loring born circa 1600, came from Axminster, Devon, ENG 12/23/1634. Resided short time in Dorchester and removed to Hingham. Freeman 3/3/1635-6. Died intestate Hull 4/4/1661, administration of estate granted 4/18/1661, innkeeper, allowed to sell wine & strong water in Hingham 3/12/1637-8, admitted to Hingham church, married by circa 1625

Children: Thomas born Axminster, Devon 3/27/1625, buried there 3/30/1625; Thomas baptized Axminster 3/5/1625-6, married Hingham 12/16/1657 Hannah Jacob daughter of Nicholas;  John born 12/22/1630;  Josiah born circa 16367/25/1712 married by 1663 Elizabeth Prince daughter of John; Isaac baptized Hingham 1/20/1638-9, died 2/9/1638-9; Isaac baptized Hingham 1/9/1641-42  died 3/2/1644-5  from a scald; Benjamin baptized 11/24/1644 married Hingham 12/8/1670 to Mary Hawke daughter of Matthew & Margaret


Loring Genealogy: 1 DEACON THOMAS LORING founder of the American family was born at Axminster Devonshire England. So much his grandson Rev Israel Loring learned from his father and left on record. But neither the name of his father mother or any ancestor has come down to us. As we have seen on previous pages the parish registers of Axminster are sadly defective and wills thus far examined fail to show the origin of the pioneer. It is matter of great satisfaction that the fragmentary records exhibit the man as one of the wardens of the parish and so dispel any notion that he came here in any quarrel with the mother church as so many of the colonists did from a life of fellowship with the congregation where he had lived he came to a new country and joined with the Congregational church, the only organization of Christian people here so continuing in brotherly love with good people everywhere. Thomas Loring married in England Jane Newton her grandson already quoted from says she was a woman of a lively spirit skilled in the practise of physick which shows that she was above the average in the community and useful to her neighbors. Her ancestry is thus far unknown to her descendants. There were other persons of the name in Axminster as the registers show but no token of relationship. Mr Loring came here Rev Israel affirms December 23 1634 and joined the church colony at Hingham which had come from Hingham Norfolkshire under the lead of an Independent minister Rev Robert Peck. Admitted freeman or citizen of the colony March 3 1635 6 he was already established on a home lot near what is now the corner of Town and Ship Streets. He became the proprietor of other lots at later times. He was a farmer. As the fish that abounded along the shore furnished a large part of the food of the inhabitants and were also set with the corn to enrich the soil. Deacon Loring and his neighbors by permission of the town in 1637 built a weir to catch this floating wealth and the stream is called today Weir River. He was an innkeeper too perhaps the first in the plantation licensed by the General Court along with some from other towns in March 1637.

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